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2 men arrested after attempted kidnapping in Mountain View

2 men arrested after attempted kidnapping in Mountain View


Police said the two men tried to push the woman into a vehicle before she fought back.

MOUNTAIN VIEW (BCN) Mountain View police arrested two men after an attempted kidnapping in the city's downtown area early Saturday morning. Police said the men approached a woman who was walking behind a business in the 200 block of Castro Street at 2 a.m. The men allegedly tried to push...

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6 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

Dave Roberts’ postgame press conference LIVE from Dodger Stadium. ...


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Something is wrong with this team it doesn't feel right this year

Bad managing by ROBERTS when Kershaw had walked his 6th batter of the game he should have been pulled but Roberts opted to let him pitch and he gave up a 3 run Homer to the next batter

It is only April...this is a long season, but tough to have to lose 2 out of 3 to Mattingly

Wow a pitcher coming in with an era 6+. Found a way to shut us down, and the best pitcher in baseball is now 1-4. That’s just horrible.

Kershaw' s velocity down this year. Can't believe I'm saying this,but hope he opts out and we don't re-sign him.

And I know it was a 430 game but that stadium was empty today I wonder why

Been on board for Toles from the start. Right now he is out due to a hamstring.

6+ era, took a full point off against us

Teams figured out Kershaw

Light a freaking fuse under these underachieving players...Get Mad Roberts! It's your job on the line..Can't be "buddies" and the leader.

Kershaw didn't have it, after back to back walks with 2 outs in the 5th, pull him.....time for the bats to wake up! Stop being the players friend and start being a coach!

Now on the road for one of the longest road trips of the year good luck dodgers you really are disappointing me right now

Someone needs to can this guy...they don’t play the right way. Don’t move runners over always looking for the homerun which caused them to lose game 7

The Dodgers just aren't doing good at all this year. It's hard to watch. Everyone is out is sync. The whole team...

Just no heart, maybe Justin Turner will be the answer, but right now they are playing like all they have to do is show up. Get some heart, come out and perform!


We're not a championship team this year you can feel it

We should beat the bad teams no excuses especially with you ace on the mound

Please get rid of Joc, Farmer, and bring up Toles and wait for Turner

Next time Kershaw starts start Barnes as catcher. Grandal is awesome with the bat, but it seems him and Kershaw don't see eye to eye.

Keep the same lineup day after day quit switching it up daaa

We need pitching dodgers. Lets go out for some starters. To dodgers brass

Last week we can’t hit a curve, this week the fastball, I’m not sure they are watching the ball, to many swinging for the fences

Playing terrible baseball right offense

We can’t hit-not just this game. We haven’t had good hitting many games this season

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7 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

#Dodgers get on the board in the sixth on an RBI single from Joc Pederson. They trail the Marlins, 4-1. ...

#Dodgers get on the board in the sixth on an RBI single from Joc Pederson. They trail the Marlins, 4-1.


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I told my buddy when it got to 2 & 1 that Kemp was going to hit one out. I am telling you people the guy is swinging a good bat. The Marlins announcers even said he looks as good as he did 5 years ago.


We need relief pitching, Justin turner, and a trade for manny machado

Who is the Dodger pitcher wearing # 22? Because it isn’t Kershaw. What is Dodger problem?

Anyone watching how Kershaw pitches should have noticed he was trying to hard to be precise because he knows he has to be perfect due to no run support. Dodger fans should not be surprised if he gets out of his contract as soon as possible to go to a team that scores runs. If Kershaw could have gotten another couple of runs whenever he pitches, I’d love to see how many more wins he could have.

Could be worse, you could be a Giants fan 😂 15-2

Kershaw for Bryce Harper straight up.
Make it happen

What a joke, is there anyone on this team that wants to win or even knows how, the worst team in baseball, and u lose 2 of 3, WOW

But the dodgers still lost because of kershaw and no hitting its the same song and dance everytime the dodgers keep using the horrible lineups.

Could be worse, Baez could be pitching.

For the people saying the season is young, yes I agree with you, for those saying losing to the Marlins like this is embarrassing, I also agree that it’s at least a Yellow flag for analysis... but we all can agree that Jansen is a massive ?

The season is still young, but getting shut down by the Marlins should raise some red flags. Wish we traded for Braun by now

Not good getting beat by a triple A team!!!

Clayton doesn't get any offensive help when he's on the mound and for half the game Clayton had the only hit the Marlins gave up

Washington wouldn’t take kershaw for Harper I wouldn’t take kershaw for anyone on Washington’s staff he’s come back to to earth an average pitcher who can’t even beat The mighty marlins

Having watched this game (now in the bot of 9), I swear this team has more problems than any other team in MLB. They are pathetic. Absolutely no offense, and when they do generate any offense it’s too little too late. Kershaw was terrible tonight...just look at the box score. The Marlins are one of the two worst teams in the NL and they come into Dodger Stadium and take two of three...go figure. I am soooooooooooooo disappointed in this team.

Worst team in the league. Worst manager in the league. And we're getting creamed. C'mon.

hey -how are the metrics working? pitchers have figured taylor out and all of the K's our boys probably have more K's than hits

Some sloppy teamwork today like pitching and then Utley’s bad throw to first....two runs score, ugh! 😑
The team finally started to rally and it could have been tied in the 9th...
Anyways looking forward for Friday’s game against the Giants...

Stick a fork in old chokeshaw he's done... When you get took deep by Miguel rojas and lose to a triple A team, it means your done... Just like the season is just about done before it even began. Astro will repeat and dodgers go back to mediocre again. Lol

They are like a Triple A team blame our F.O. For mess they did nothing in the off season to address our weaknesses needed righthanded power in Left number 2 starter and a Legit setup man which we had but they didn't sign him big mistake. This is really a weak hitting team they strike out a ton you can't win with Puig. Peterson. Kemp. Grandel. Utley. Farmer. Barnes and Bellinger who I love but strikes out way to much it's just NOT GOOD enough to many inconsistent hitters don't drive on runs it's like Rolling the dice every time there at bat can't have that you can't be confident with this team you always feel like nothing's gonna happen. Ya Kershaw might want to opt out next year especially if F.O doesn't want to break open the bank and get at least 2 major players along with Seager. Bellinger. Taylor. Turner. Puig. That's about it with what we have needs 2 big bats outfield plus a stud starter. And you know what with the Luxury Tax done they will without a doubt SPEND BIG TIME next year they have to Angels making to much noise they don't like that plus they will need the FANS back because this year is a Bust. Get use to it. For awhile.

this is getting pathetic now. having to rally from behind to a literal minor league team.

Look on the bright side...they keep playing like this and there's going to be a lot of cheap good seats available on aftermarket tickets sites!

He needs to develop a new pitch. Everyone has him figured out. He can’t over power batters at every at bat. He’ll figure it out soon enough.

Pitiful. Can't even win a series at home against a minor league team with the supposedly best starter on your team on the bump.

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10 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

#ITFDB ...



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Harsh reality is for the past two weeks, Kershaw has been the least effective starter of the rotation. And to cough up three in five innings so far against a horrible marlins team is inexcusable for the supposed ace of the staff.

Trevor Richardsw, 0-2 w/ a 5.62 ERA, just struck out the side...Taylor and Belly LOOKING! Maybe we need a new hitting coach?

I hope the fans are booing the Dodgers right out of the stadium!!! 11-12 after 23 games is ridiculous!!! Losers!!

Can kershaw just keep his beard short like in the beginning of the season. I hate how it just continues to get worse as the season progresses...

The team is overrated, besides Turner, do they really have a 300 hitter, no, they have decent players but they all play for themselves for their own personal stats, 500 team this year

Postseason Kershaw is now appearing as regular season Kershaw.

Lmao, blaim Baez now coz he cant even hit agaist the Marlins.
Blaim the pitchers and the fact that w/o them this garbage offence is straight worst in the MLB.

Watching tonight's game and see Hernandez and the Dodgers haven't learned a lesson from their dismal showing in last year's World Series. You take a bat to the plate to swing it at the ball. The DA is still clutching the cocky youngsters. Get a grip boys.

This team is a laughing stock of baseball from upper management all the way down!!!! Kershaw is just decent anymore and not a stud. The bullpen blows and the hitting is the worst in many years!! Sorry folks but Turner isn’t turning this team into a contender. Time to dump some salaries and get some big names in the offseason!!

Another thing to consider is Mattingly in the opponent dugout. He has instructed his hitters to be selective with Kershaw's pitches. He knows CK pretty good.

what a joke of a team...0-0 & 1 hit & that 1 hit belongs to Kershaw who apparently can't even get a guy out thats batting .148...smh a joke of a team

Nomar Garciaparra in the booth...Zzzzzzzzzzzzz😴

Dodgers hitters making Marlins pitching look like the best to ever take the mound. Maybe they need to hit off a tee for awhile.

Does this team even try? I’m ready for Kershaw to opt out and not be resigned and Harper to come to town!

Not sure if I have ever seen the Dodger batters looks so pathetic if they even hit the ball you know it's going to be a pop foul ball or a swing and miss or called strike. I remember as a little kid in the 60s the Dodgers couldn't hit but they had Koufax and Drysdale along with Maury Wills who knew how to get on and steal 2nd base and be sacrificed to third and a fly ball would get him home all without a hit and the Dodgers would win 1 to nothing, yes it was pretty boring but at least we would win! Whoops maybe I'm talking to soon we have 3 hits and one run in the bottom of the 6th wow 😳. Anyway I couldn't watch them anymore tonight, hopefully they will somehow turn this around or it's going to be a a long season. I have also noticed the higher the ERA is for a pitcher the better he does against the Dodgers. These pitchers with high ERAs must lick their chops when it comes to pitching against the Dodgers.

I've been watching the Dodgers since 1975 when I was a teenager. I have never seen a team look this bad or manager manage is bad is Dave Roberts is. From top to bottom we need major changes. That means firing Friedman getting rid of Roberts and signing some players who can actually play Major League Baseball.

Ohhh, I forgot its early, lol..this team does not know how to win, the don't have any consistent hitters let alone pitchers, how embarrassing to lose 2 of 3 and basically held to 3 or 4 runs against the worst team in baseball, guess they didn't need Stanton, haha

Let me know when the Dodgers look Determined. ..Look more like the are waiting for a big trade that brings some actual Determined Hitters. ..Let's make that happen Friedman and genius Oakland analytical guy.

Working my way out of L.A...With a big relief in sight...Working my way out of L.A...Where Houston's offense resides. .I won't let a ring get away...Good bye L.A..New York..Not bad either..But Texas is calling me home. ..Love, Clayton..p.s...Look for me on West World as a Cowboy in love with a horse named Jim.

Robert has this team demoralized with his stupidity.

Kershaw has ben killed by the pathetic hitting by this bunch of overrated players, but he has not been right all year. For some reason he has lost 3-4 miles per hour off his fastball, that usually is a very ominous sign for pitchers!

Season is over folks. Don't be delusional this team is straight garbage.

Dodgers are facing one of the worst pitching staff’s in baseball and apparently forgot how to hit the ball. And Kershaw looks way off.

Let’s score some runs for Kershaw for a change!

Six walks and a home run allowed and making Miami’s pitchers looked like Cy Young’s
New hitting coach
New bullpen coach
New GM
Zaidi and Friedman came from trash teams
Tampa bay and Oakland
Two of the worst teams in baseball

While a no name pitcher with a high ERA has 9 K’s

Turner ward
Mark prior
Both have to go
Honeycutt as well

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11 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

LIVE NOW: Today's in-stadium pregame from Dodger Stadium. #LADetermined ...


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Why do they have a game at 435 pm on a weekday there's going to be a lot of late fans it's a mess out there on our freeways bad choice for tonight

This game is for my cousin Rudy R.I.P a year ago today u went too dodger blue heaven 💙😇

Brooke Was Amazing! One of the best renditions of The National Anthem I’ve ever heard! Yeah Brooke! This was so exciting!❤️

I went to Monday & Tuesday night games, we need JT's bat back in the lineup. When is he coming back?

Honestly, as a teacher, the last thing we want is another coffee mug. 😜


Keep your sportNetLA I can watch the Dodger games online

I loved her on the voice. Amazing personality

Love the way they work in some Public Enemy for the intro!!!

Keys to winning the game. Bunt in critical situations and leave Baez on the bench. 👍🏼

It's time for Dodgers baseball! Let's go Dodgers!!!

Brooke can sing anything!! Sang it hunni

Kershaw on the mound time to win another series! GO DODGERS!!!!

Hey everyone!!! That was amazing and Goodnight!!! Lol

Can’t believe it’s been 60 years! Blue heaven on earth still looks brand new!

Go Dodgers all the way from Maryland

She did a great job. It went by so fast...

Go Dodgers!! You rock from MOJOs KRAZY Kitchen!! PEACE!!

We love you Brooke ❤️❤️❤️ #HollisterNC

One love from El Salvador Go Dodgers

you can blame baez , however when you struggle to score 2 runs you won't win many games

Tonight we are young let's set the world on fire tonight we are young

Stop stylizing and just sing the song.

Fish Hano should have been throwing out 1st pitch

Kershaw just passed behind you

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14 hours ago


Actor Luis Ángel Jaramillo, the voice behind the character of Miguel in the Latin American release of the Disney•Pixar film “Coco,” recently visited the Disneyland Resort for the first time and met up with the famed Mariachi Divas for an impromptu performance! ...


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I thought Anthony Gonzalez was the voice of Miguel in Coco.. just wondering..

I still don't understand why the wrong one was on the Oscars. That guy could NOT sing. This one can!

He´s a great Miguel, the spanish version is wonderful.

He has a great voice! I love the Spanish songs of Coco.

Disneyland while I understand that rides have long lines due to the amount of people in the park, something should be done for the families that wait in line for a long period of time and have to leave due to a young child having to use the restroom. Getting back and starting over again shouldn’t happen

Erica White Lauren Andersen soooooo I bet this is what the film crew was doing

Ow my kids absolutely love both the Spanish and English version. The songs are amazing my children watch this movie at least once a day they Have all the songs memorized. 🤗

Stephanie Nicole This is what they were filming on cars!!!

Lizzette Jaramillo the actor that does Miguel in Spanish has your same last name! Your niece was right!

Awe! That's awesome!!
The movie & soundtrack is awesome!!! 😃💛🎶💀🌼

How come we can’t find any coco toys?

Natalie Gonzalez this makes me soooo happyyyyy

Nathan Gob we should’ve been there!!! *cries in Spanish* 😭

I loved the Movie " Coco " , This is Awesome 😊

Aviana Ramos omg he's so adorable!❤️

Susana Espinoza look its miguel and the mariachi girls we saw that one day

ADina Ortiz I guess it’s better than nothing.

We love the Mariachi Divas!!!

Casey Boyle what the heck in the world

OH MY GOOOOSH *cries in spanish* Vanessa Figueroa

Bella he is my fav!!!

Lou Collazo Fotos great song from a great movie, with some great musicians

How awesome! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Diana aww he is such a cutie!

Erica Dittentholer he’s a cutie in real life too!!

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1 day ago


Congratulations to the American Idol Top 10! 🎶You just made it to the Top 10 - what are you doing now? Going to Disneyland, of course! ...

Congratulations to the American Idol Top 10! 🎶


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I do think that Mara Justine should have been there in place of the wannabe "Selena Quintanilla" Michelle Susette

This show is way past its expiration date 🤢

Ava and catie need to go!

This show is still on the air???

Let them go to Disney World. We don’t need them at Disneyland.

Nobody is watching this

Go Ada, Michelle ya she should not have made the top ten. I thought Mara out sang her. Cade he will be a Rock star. I love Catie.

What a talented group of singers, even the ones that didn't make it!

It's a popularity show.

then don't watch....easy

Did not agree with some of the choices. Where's Mara and Marcio?

I gave up watching weeks ago. It's just another political agenda

Some one met Jurnee there 😊😊

Mara should b there too she is a fantastic artist!

Haven't watched this show in years lol

Just stopped watching it's all PC stuff not talent

Oh Brother lol talk about sell out lol

STILL don’t care

When will they be going??


Shannon Katy perry is wearing our ears!


See ya there!

Kelsy Williams Katy and I are twins ❤

Go Journee!

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8 years ago

California Screamin'

When was this opened? ...


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who else gets San Diego ?

Valuable Post

More stuff on California please like if you agree

Awesome very interesting I <3California


Worlds best California fan right here

2003, I went on this in 2003

posts about are why I love facebook

It opened in 2001.

January 8, 2001

It opened February 8, 2001, the same day as California Adventure.

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