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Adorable 'puppy' found on roadside turns out to be coyote

Adorable 'puppy' found on roadside turns out to be coyote


A concerned resident found it alone on the side of a busy road, police said.

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A fire near Yosemite has grown to 4,000 acres and is only 2% contained. A firefighter lost his life fighting it yesterday. See satellite hot spots for #FergusonFire here: via @sfchronicle

People packing pistols on the streets of San Francisco. Unobtainable and unaffordable healthcare. Air with higher concentrations of methane gas.

These are all potential effects of a rightward shift in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Guns to marriage to the environment: What a new Supreme Court could mean to Calif.

Imagine civilians legally packing pistols as they stroll the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Or health care that is harder for Californians ...

Happy Birthday, Linda Ronstadt. Joel Selvin spoke to her recently about being back in the public eye and her on-going battle with Parkinson’s disease.

The Dogpatch used to be an industrial area, with freight trains rumbling down the middle of the streets, factories, an active shipyard, and run-down old houses where the rent was cheap.

But it’s gone now, replaced by a new San Francisco.

Nostalgic stroll through Dogpatch, onetime ‘no-man’s land’ in SF

A completely different San Francisco is the centerpiece of a modest exhibition of photographs on the fourth floor at the main branch of the public lib...

Demo of former Ace Gallery building starts July 16. Part of Reeves park closed during demo. Get construction schedule here:

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