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Ananda Rochita

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Just biked five miles with the group to remember those killed while riding a bicycle. Have you seen this group before in Sac?

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A beloved #BeverlyHills #FathersDay tradition, see more than 100 classic & exotic cars during @RodeoDriveBH's 25th Annual #ConcoursdElegance on Sunday, June 17. Details via @RobbReport: #OnlyonRodeo

Father’s Day Becomes More Festive with Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance

The June 17 event assembles more than 100 collector cars at one of the country’s most exclusive addresses.

Who wants to score a special @warriors library card? We've teamed up with the superstars to offer you a slam dunk deal. It's FREE! Stop by your branch beginning tomorrow + sign up for #SummerStride. 🏀💙💛📚
Thanks for the article, @SFGate

San Francisco, Oakland release Golden State Warriors library cards

What's blue and gold and opens doors to untold worlds? The new Golden State Warriors-themed library cards for the cities of San Fran...

Visiting #BeverlyHills this #MemorialDayWeekend? Read how you can spend the best three days in #LA, which include #GreystoneMansion, @BevHillsHotel, @BeverlyWilshire & @soulcycle, via @ForbesInspector:

The Best Way To Spend Three Days In L.A.

Stay in storied accommodations, explore the city's most famous sites and even dine on top of the world when you stick to our SoCal guide.

Smile, you're #OnTwoRodeo! Share your favorite moments in the city with #lovebevhills.

Photo by Instagram user: @klara_martinsson

Let us entertain you. Join us for Live Piano every Thursday from 5:00-8:00pm at @jeangeorgesbh and Live Harp every Friday & Saturday from 2:00-5:00pm in our Lobby Lounge. #LiveUnforgettable

Tonight! Meet the Mayor at 4pm! Join Mayor Gold and help shape a new and exciting vision for Beverly Hills! 9400 S. Santa Monica Blvd, details below.

Happy #WorldTurtleDay! The turtles basking in the sun at #GreystoneMansion know how to enjoy a day in #BeverlyHills! #lovebevhills #BHrecandparks

Paradise found at the #BeverlyHilton. #traveltuesday #beverlyhills #summervibes #sunnydays

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5 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

Doncic was downright dominant during this past season in the EuroLeague 🏆 ...


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Hope Kings won't take him, as they are known to ruin player carriers because of their LOL development staff. Cousins and Evans are great examples.

Alexy Shved was also dominant in that league this year and he flamed of the NBA after just two seasons. No thanks.

We need a big man. Simple as that. Someone like deandre Ayton. It wouldn’t hurt to make some off season free agent signing while we’re at it if possible

Please Sacramento, don't take him. I don't want to see another player's career ruined thanks to you.

Do not draft this guy. He will not play great in the nba. He is a bust.

Ayton or doncic seems like a great choice to make

Josh Gomez Eddie Navarro

He's a good athlete but not #2 pick worthy

Please Phoenix take him

Tony Kukoc.


6 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

What can Luka Doncic be in the NBA? Devin Williams and Sam Laird
have seen him play in-person and they breakdown his game on All Things Kings.

🔊Full episode » ...


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Once he finds out which team that he may land. He’ll just stay in the euro league

Do not draft this kid

future king

14 hours ago

San Diego Padres

Series finale vs. Dodgers at 1:10pm today with Christian Villanueva batting cleanup!

Here’s the full lineup: ...

Series finale vs. Dodgers at 1:10pm today with Christian Villanueva batting cleanup! 

Here’s the full lineup:


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This is the problem with the padres, the lineup changes like every day, the players need consistency to play more consistent (youd think this would be common sense)... Greene needs to pick with a lineup and just play them.. honestly we are supposed to “compete” by 2020 and we have yet to see our top prospects... also why did we start strahm only for him to go 2 innings?! Lol

Villanueva would make a great DH hitter. I just don’t trust this guy at 3rd base or any position.

Let’s do this Padres!!!

Terrible decision to bring in Webb in 8th. I was at the game. Very disappointing to se him just give up any chance for us to comeback.


Should be our top 3 for the rest of the season. Even when Myers comes back.

#GoPadres #BeatLA

# FireGreen&Stairsnow

is Cordero hurt? why isnt he playing

Myers come on where are you!!!!???

That was pretty bad. My gf and I drive up to LA to watch the game. Pretty sad baseball. Hope Green’s tenure is almost up.

Go Pads, nail the crybabies!

I'll leave this right here... I wonder where we'd be, "W-L record & injury-wise," without our new, overly-highly-touted, $20-million-per-year - first-baseman. Only our second, high-dollar, first-sacker. That $20 mil, woulda bought a bunch of pitching arms. And not a bunch of stress amongst a young talented team. 🙄😉🤨

Let's go Padres NUMERO uno !!!❤😇

Margots off the lineup . Good he hasn't been producing much

Listo Villa otro HR


53 different lineups this season but go Pads beat the Doyers.

Go Padres!!

Go back. Lopez and reyes

Let's go boys take the series!

Uh oh what's wrong with franchy

Go Padres!

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15 hours ago

San Diego Padres

‪This day in Padres history: May 27, 1968

The Major League Padres were born 👉‬ ...

‪This day in Padres history: May 27, 1968

The Major League Padres were born 👉‬


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Watched them with my dad at Westgate when they were in the PCL, farm team for the Reds (?)

And the rest, they say, is history...cheers to the greatest franchise in all of sports. They just get it. It's not always about winning, well it kinda is, but when it comes to food and drinks at the ballpark, I dare you to name a better ballpark/team. I'll wait.

I bleed brown and yellow a fan for life, go Padres.

Born in the Naval Hospital in '63,first game in '70.Does anybody remember when it was San Diego Stadium.


Sal we all been waiting, you been a great patron of the Padres!!!but the Chargers are a different story!!!

Ohhhhhh Docktor

Could the league chosen anywhere but dodger stadium for the padres to play on this historic day?

Fan since 1969

I remember when they played at old Lane field, then Westgate Park.. all when they were still a minor league team in the Pacific Coast League. That was befor Randy Jones and Tony Gwynn. Their Big star was Earl Avrille. And if you hit the ckock with a Homerun you would get A $1,000.00.

Born in San Diego 1944. Mom used to take me to Lane field, that's way back on the way back machine.

Nice you should get a participation trophy for 50
years of futility.

I recognize Padres President Buzzie Bavasi on the left, who is the man on the right?

Played an American Legion baseball game at Lane Field, home of minor league Padres in 1956.

Happy Birthday Padres. Win or lose, I have been a fan since May of 68. I was 7 years old then.

That is a long time without a no hitter.

Still waiting for that 1st WS ring. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Felicidades en su 50 Aniversario!!! Por siempre fan de Los Padres!! En las buenas y en las mejores siempre Padre!!

Happy Birthday San Diego Padres. Go Padres!

I remember the excitement in 68 and 70 very well

And we are still waiting for our Padres to win the World Series. Hopefully in my lifetime.

50 yrs and still no ring, smh when will it be our cities turn to break the curse

Ryan Gordon, so many good things happened on my bday!

Fan since 1992

Win or lose, I love the San Diego Padres and proud to be a Padres fan. My only complaint - baseball season goes by too fast !!!

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2 weeks ago

California Cryobank


4 weeks ago

California Cryobank

Our company was started to help those that couldn't conceive on their own. Here are just a few photos of our staff showing their support during National Infertility Awareness Week. #NIAW #FlipTheScript ...

Our company was started to help those that couldnt conceive on their own. Here are just a few photos of our staff showing their support during National Infertility Awareness Week. #NIAW #FlipTheScriptImage attachmentImage attachment


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That's a big ass glory hole, but a cumshot is a cumshot

1 month ago

California Cryobank

For those who might feel overwhelmed on the journey to parenthood #TalkAboutTrying #NIAW #FlipTheScript ...

For those who might feel overwhelmed on the journey to parenthood #TalkAboutTrying #NIAW #FlipTheScript
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