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Apple Grows Its Self-Driving Car Fleet To 55 Vehicles

Apple Grows Its Self-Driving Car Fleet To 55 Vehicles


Apple currently has a fleet of 55 vehicles, up from 27 in January, registered for autonomous testing with human safety drivers on public roads.

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47 minutes ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

Mood. #LADetermined ...

Mood. #LADeterminedImage attachment


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Enough with the determined hashtag. How about #getitdone. Is pederson in the lineup?

Kristin Templin

2 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

‪Warming up. #LADetermined ...

‪Warming up. #LADetermined


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Arizona lost again

Wish Turner Ward start doing the job Andrew Friedman hired him for

Honeycutt and Prior are finally doing there's

Let's go Dodgers!! ⚾

Let's have a good ⚾ Dodgers ⚾👊

Let's go!

2 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

Brynn Cartelli, the 15-year-old winner of The Voice, with last night's national anthem. 🇺🇸 #Dodgers ...


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Crazy how many people are just walking around in the stands like the National Anthem isn't playing

Too bad she can’t hit a note and hold it in her upper registers. Not impressed.

Rats, trying to not miss the anthem I accidentally fell and landed on my knees through the entire anthem giving the appearance of me kneeling for the anthem. It’s ok people I gave myself a 15 yard penalty and no beer for the first 5 innings.

Francis scott key: the destroyer of singers.

Would someone please just sing the Anthem without the caterwauling for once!

Sounds just like Fergie!

She doesn't look like 15 years old.

Sounded great to me . She’s 15 !

I need a man

Awesome!! Sounded a Little country like she shoulda been on #TeamBlake!! 😬😬 #BrynnCartelli

Is she in pain?

Well that was pretty bad....

Beautiful rendition. I got the chills

Jorge Daniel your in the back. Watch the whole thing

There you go Brynn! Beautiful😊⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

Wow beautiful

Um, ok

Leticia Medina Roseski

Angie Arguijo

#Ranae Forbes

Denise Kim

Arturo Peña

Toni Burdick

Raquel Arreola

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3 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

Justin Turner
Loved teaming up with Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Vision To Learn Master P Romeo Miller and Kenley Jansen to provide kids in the Compton School district with reading glasses! This program is doing amazing things and this year impacting the entire Compton Unified School District!! Great to help kids see their future.


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Tim Cundiff given your profession you will definitely appreciate this...Go Dodgers!

Ashly Sara Gomez Fleming Michael is in the back ground

3 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

Tonight’s Dodger lineup vs. Padres:
Taylor SS
Muncy 1B
Turner 3B
Kemp RF
Grandal C
Bellinger CF
Forsythe 2B
Pederson LF
Wood P

Tonight’s Dodger lineup vs. Padres:
Taylor SS
Muncy 1B
Turner 3B
Kemp RF
Grandal C
Bellinger CF
Forsythe 2B
Pederson LF
Wood P


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The only problem with not playing Puig is you are stuck with Pederson and Muncy, playing out of position at first base. You also have Kemp in right, which makes another sub par defensive position



Where is Puig? Big mistake

Hopefully Puig is sitting due to his "awww, I missed the ball!" Play yesterday.

Where’s Puig, Our Friend?! 🤷🏻‍♀️⚾️💙

Is there anywhere this game can be watched online?

Is Bellinger really going to be the CF?

Why is Roberts benching Puig?!

So is there going to be a tend that randomly the dodgers find a unknown and he does well for the team. First turner, than Taylor now muncy

We're humans and we're all hve made errors.hi's error didn't hurt the lets go dodgers for the big W.

This is a great lineup. We should beat Padres again.

Missing Puig and Turner from that lineup

3-0 A'S!!

Forsythe going beast mode tonight. Watch!

Through 51 games, the Dbacks are hitting .213 as a team. The record-low since 1900 is.212 by the 1910 White Soxo one has been nearly this bad since the '68 Yankees hit .214. Worse, Goldschmdt (.201) looks helpless. Walking at his usual rate (29), but his 68 strikeouts are more than anyone in baseball not named Joey Gallo. Dbacks fans gotta be dying over what J.D. Martinez is doing for Boston :)

So they're up against a right handed pitcher....nice!!! Go Blue 💙

Go Blue⚾️💙🏆!!

Way home from the game last night Dodger talk was talking about he should have could have would have pulled him but he didn't have that many bench players

Go dodgers go

Belli is due for a big offensive night 💙⚾️

We got the best guys!!! Just win blue!!!!!!

Qué manera!

Let's GO DODGERS ⚾⚾⚾

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4 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

Yasmani Grandal surprised our #DodgersRBI Players at the clinic portion of today’s Dodger Day at Belvedere Park in East Los Angeles! #ThePowerOfBaseball ...

2 days ago

Los Angeles Lakers

🙌 Can't wait to see you in LA, Neymar Jr.!!

Neymar Jr.
Thanks to my friends Wish. I love Lonzo Ball. See you soon in LA to watch the Los Angeles Lakers. ...


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He should be holding a Kobe Bryant jersey, not Ball. Neymar is the black mamba of soccer.

Hopefully, Ball will be traded in the off season.

The best one is Kuzma... Ball will be something like Sam Bowie or Darco Milicic, Just a wasted 1st round pick

Ball can’t shoot and Ball can’t score!

You think talented players would support other talented players, I guess not

Why dont we sign Neymar! I think the dude is athletic and quick enough to get by guards like Jordan Clarkson. Just saying.

Again we are expecting so much ..then..another awfull season...then we look for next year again and again...Magic and Pelinca go for reality pls...we fans are already feed-up of next next season.....

Respect to you my dude 💯👌🏽besides my team 🇮🇷 I’m going for yours 🇧🇷 to win it all, obrigado!!

Idnt want that jersey if it was for free. Ill take a kuzma jersey thoe

(Hiring Manager) - how about your english?
(Candidate) -fluent.

Dégage gros tocard. Va supporter ton équipe déjà. Même la plus pourrie des équipes NBA vaut 100 fois plus que ton club de merde

Just stay away from China 😆 9’9 walking around in stores where avg height is 5’1 and don’t think your not being looked at? 😂 Go Lakers 😂


Lmao Neymar is twice the athlete lonzo ball will ever be. Im surprised he looks up to that guy.

Finally he holds a jersey WORTH holding

Yoav Gabbay תראה איזה יופי שאגדה בתחומו ושחקן פשוט ברמה של ניימאר התחברו ככה

Mais casse toi de la neymar range ta serpillière et reste dans ton sport ça t'évitera de dire des conneries

Won’t be soon. lakers aren’t playing for awhile

Steven Goreski David Ristevski tenks Zo.. what a sk best player in the world now

Real recognize the realest!

Mario Radić tijekom cijelog procesa rehabilitacije se mucio nauciti ove 3 recenice. Mega talent

Manuel Attanasio mo è ufficiale. IO ODIO I LAKERS.
che fin i merd
kobe, ti prego, torna puniscili e poi sterminali


Pedro Girondi Lopes Neymar ganhando a camisa do futuro melhor do mundo

Neymar knows how to support a great team. Ryan Brad

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2 days ago

Los Angeles Lakers

We challenged over 25 UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind schools to tell us how they keep themselves fit & how they keep others around them motivated to be fit, this is what Keeping U on Top Of Your Game is all about! Hundreds of students submitted essays & videos highlighting how they inspire others or who inspires them to stay fit!

Congratulations to the Lions of Thomas Starr King Middle School for winning the #TeamUCLALakers Challenge & joining us on the floor at a game! #ItBeginsWithU ...

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