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Billionaire Spending Big Money in Sacramento County DA Race

Billionaire Spending Big Money in Sacramento County DA Race


Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has plunked $1.5 million into several California district attorney campaigns

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Limited space available! Join us for a special lecture on the buildings featured in #Hitchcock films, 6 p.m. on Sat 6/16, right before our #LastRemainingSeats screening of #TheBirds!

Get ready to paint the town white as the Parisian-style, community pop-up gathering Le Dîner en Blanc returns to the capital city for the third consecutive year. If you missed the last two dinners, here's how you can get on this year's waiting list—>

Green Valley Theatre is still raising funds to renovate the new location they found in West Sacramento. They hope to be set up by the end of the summer.

Hope all artists in the #Sacramento area are able to attend this event!! SHARE! SHARE! TAG PEOPLE!

Wind Advisory in effect for the SBA South Coast tonight, with locally strong north winds blowing through canyons west of Goleta. Use caution driving due to the potential for strong cross winds on Hwy 101! #CAwx #SoCal

Come play and donate this First Friday, June 1! @ATLASLab's TopoSHARE is a temporary art installation that engages the community while tasking them to give back to those in need.

Save the date! The Sacramento Donut Festival 2018 returns to the California Automobile Museum on September 9!

We’re getting ready @PCCLancer for WeatherFest Rally with Dallas Raines & @NWSOwlieSkywarn. Come see us between 11am to 5pm. 1570 E Colorado Blvd. Free & open to all. #CAwx #SoCal

A stubborn marine layer is holding low clouds over some coastal areas this afternoon. Meanwhile cumulus clouds bubbling up over the mountains will bring a slight chance of showers inland. #CAwx #SoCal #MayGray

2018 the Year of Colombians? @AmgenTOC champion Egan Bernal claimed both mountain stages, sprinter @FndoGaviria marked a clean sweep of the sprints.

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47 minutes ago

Fox 11 Los Angeles

NAVAL ACADEMY CLIMB: The U.S. Naval Academy's plebe class is attempting to cap the Herndon Monument in their annual climb that dates back to 1940. ...


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Hi Laura Roberts how are you?

Cathy here

No sound




Hi cutiee cathy


Thanx Hello

Looks like they will leave a huge trash mess when they are gone probably tearing down the memorial...

What is dis,hvat is going on her?

How fun!!

Hello 👋🏼 🦊 what’s going on thanks for the information you been out for a while miss you 😘 guys 😇🚛

Watching from my toilet, 👌


This is as exciting as watching grass grow...

World war z

First Homosapien to have a seat-fist on this great monument wins a trip to sanctuary’s LGBTQ Pride in California..

What is wrong with people these days 😂

And what is the purpose of this climb??? 🤔🤔🤔

That would be tradition, perseverance, struggle, pride...

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2 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

‪Important Dodger Dog happenings on the set of Good Day L.A. this morning. ‬

‪Tonight is $1 Dodger Dog Night at Dodger Stadium! Get tickets at‬ ...

‪Important Dodger Dog happenings on the set of Good Day L.A. this morning. ‬

‪Tonight is $1 Dodger Dog Night at Dodger Stadium! Get tickets at‬


Comment on Facebook these guys get bobble heads and I don’t because I’m like 3 minutes in before game starts?

Why, that's cheap at half the price!

Are the veggie dogs $1?

See you at the game!

Annette Banuelos Stephanie Fuentes Najera Debbie Fuentes

Jerry Golden

2 hours ago

Fox 11 Los Angeles

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. T! The actor known for his roles in The A-Team and Rocky turns 66 today! 🎈🎉 ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. T! The actor known for his roles in The A-Team and Rocky turns 66 today! 🎈🎉


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Youre lookin mighty cute in dem jeans...

Mr t was best known to being hulk hongan partner happy birthday MR T

The tip of the spear in real news
USA!!!!Spread the link!!!

I completely agree MrT. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday B.A. Baracus😊😎 Southwest Airlines is offering discounted fares😁

Hi Mr. T Happy Birthday with your friends family friend your
Brother from Oxnard C. A.

Happy Birthday Mr T You are the best.

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Mr. T!

<3 Mr. T

Happy Birthday 🎂👏👏👏👏

Happy birthday Mr T

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Mr T!

Happy Birthday, Mr.T

I pity the fool

Happy Birthday 🤗

Happy birthday,

Hbd Mr T

Elyse McSorley you and Mr T share a birthday

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3 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

#Dodgers win four in a row and sweep the Nationals! #LADetermined ...


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Amazing how the fan base turns around when they win a few games. I am sure a lot of these “supporters” are the same ones that were calling for management to be fired last week. They were on hiatus all of last year and probably got burned out during the playoffs. Maybe it was in their plans to start off slow so it doesn’t happen again.

Win 60, lose 60, it’s the other 42 that count. Let’s get it done! Last year’s 104 was great. I think this year 92 should win the division. I’d like to see the Dodgers be strong all year, but especially in October.

Starting to come around since the "walking wounded" have returned... now if Kersh comes back, and, BTW: does anyone have a great treatment for BLISTERS? Contact R Hill, care of L.A. Dodgers...

Where are ALL my Dodger hypocrites, bandwagoners and wannabe fans ,now praising the Dodgers, smfh

Is it me or did these bats come to life about the time Turner returned?

Last season the Dynamic Duo was Seager and Bellinger....this season, Kemp and Puig??
Go Dodgers! 💙⚾️

From a long time dodger fan.. I do think we need to make a move of some sort whether it is another bat in the lineup or an ace

Have to win every series now until the all star break our goal should to be within 4 in the division and wild card come trade deadline
And go get Britton, Hand , Hammels or Machado

Now we are getting somewhere!! Let’s Go Blue 💙⚾️

Les hacía falta Turner, Puig, y que Bellinger despertara... hasta Maeda por fin lanza strikes!! 😱😱 y mi Jansen ahora sí puede ser lo que es... cerrador!!
Dodgers are back!! 💪🏻💪🏻

The Galloping Ginger has returned.....

The season is 162 regular season games. This team is quietly only 5 games out of first place right now. Let’s all just take a moment and exhale.

I don’t really know if I am more excited that this team is finally showing some life or that Arizona is sucking so bad! Either way I really am enjoying it.


Cool. Now They have same number of wins as the Padres! It only took a four game win streak to accomplish that goal

Let’s face it guys we need another solid starter because Hill might be done and I’m not sure Wood can do what he did last year. I’m thinking another ace but an actual one not Darvish.

All I had to do was drop Puig from my fantasy team aaaaaand now he's turning it on.

The series against Colorado will prove the true awesomeness of Dodger baseball. The Nats have a lot of injuries. Go Dodgers!

If we get 2 out of every 3 for the next 5 weeks, we'll be in fantastic shape.

We were there for the Saturday night and Sunday games... So proud of the BLUE! 🎉💙⚾️🙌🏽

Turners back... it shows how much of a leader he is on the team. I LOVE THIS TEAM

Win or lose Always a Dodger fan here!!

Go Blue! So glad we’re playing with a healthier roster. 💙⚾️💙

It seems like we are a totally different team Red is healthy. He’s definitely the spark of this team.

Just keep sweeping, just keep sweeping, just keep sweeping, sweeping...

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4 hours ago

Fox 11 Los Angeles

Gina Haspel will become the first woman to serve as director of the CIA as President Donald Trump participates in her swearing-in ceremony. MORE: ...


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Tattoos by DOCTOR INK,Tattoo Consultant for 39 Blockbuster movies including Pirates of the Caribbean 1 2 3.And recently released SHOTCALLER.Est.1980.(760)241-2223.

HEY WAIT!!! Where's her vahina hat? No wonder these people hate her

Yeah a woman who openly admits to trying to cover up the waterboarding and illegal torture she participated in . just what we need

God be the true guide.. Keep our Nation and people safe.. Peace on Earth! A better 🌏 we all need and should want.. Kentucky girl you know what to do.. congratulations on being the 1st female to lead the CIA.. 😎

First woman ever to lead the CIA, congrats ladies

It is a SAD SAD day for the TERRORISTS and TERRORIST LOVERS ... Welcoming Water Boarding to the US <3 🇺🇸️ .. Thank You Mr. President

I actually trust a presidents decisions for once, other then Washington

I bet she upholds her oath, unlike the rest we've had in the CIA etc

Go Gina we’re behind you all the way

Here's the haters... We're winning again, and they hate it

Daniel Sanchez who do you think appointed her. You try to memorize and speak everything with all the President has on his plate.

Congratulations and Thank God we have a strong leader

Hate gets you nowhere. This is an important first.

Erick=powerful leader Monzon=M*On*Z*on= M=Eme=13 jesus the 1st ON=spiritually Z=the last John Baptist .... the first and the last ON=spiritually

I just pray she doesn’t get burnt out & disheveled working under such an incompetent Administration.

Give them a chance please!!!

This is America, speak English

Do your job and dont abuse of your authority and you Will be all you want to be.

I bet donald didnt know anything he just read off that paper

They are doing nothing about school shootings

Have a good day people, don't be a communist or fascist, and god bless America

Delbert Lynn Ammons most of the administration is left overs from the last administration.Don't want to work.We have a working president

I'll bet she'll only serve 1 year or less.she'll either quite or get fired by the president.he loves to fire people

Sun glasses gave him orange racoon eyes it looks like lady

Neil W i thought was just me thinking that lol

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20 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

"My dad, Chase." 😂

Spectrum SportsNet LA
"After my first at-bat my dad Chase told me to use his bat, and I did, and first pitch I hit a homer."

Kike Hernández chats with Alanna Rizzo following the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-2 win against the Washington Nationals. ...


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I live in the Philly area. The three jerseys I see most often for individual athletes are Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons of the Sixers...and #26 Chase Utley of the Phillies. Utley is still beloved here (and hated by Mets fans).

Kiké killing another interview. He should be in the booth when he decides to hang them up.

Afterwards, taylor and barnes asked Hernandez' "dad" if he had any spares they could use...

Jennifer Zuniga my dad, chase (Utley 😂) that's why Utley was smiling! He never smiles lol

Is he standing on the box again?

HATS OFF TO Dodger Dad #Utley

Some Dodger fan named Tim Trummell predicted the entire series...Like a psychic. .Trip out.

Are the Dodgers on TV yet?

You've caught a great wave Dodgers...just keep on riding it!!!!!!! I see light at the end of the tunnel but it won't be easy...

Good job POPS!!! (Chase)!!!

FATHER KNOWS BEST. Just got to get them ALL to listen!!!

I watched most of the Dodgers game today.

I love everything about this

Dodgers on the rise and dbags in free fall in the standings 😀

Aweseome!!! You guys are the best!!! LOL!! Always make me chuckle!! :)

Forever the Chase and Dodgers. Go Blue!

Always listen to dad!!! 💙

Yay!! I was the 1000th like!! 😂😂😂


Alicia lmao! My Dad Chase!

Wow that's cool

Hahaha that's awesome

Love it !!! lol 😂💙⚾️💙⚾️😂

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22 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

💣💣💣 ...


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Jason Stevens Yasss



Los dodgers an vuelto cuidado dbcks


Georgie & Raymond
Another W 🏆


Destiny Jones ✋🏼😁

This looks like last years team. A collective effort with the bats with risp today. #GoBlue!

Cody Fingerson

Alex Ortega

Tim Barcellos

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22 hours ago

California State Parks

Happy #SnapshotSunday! Show off your camera and selfie skills and reply with your best weekend photos! We want to see how and where you #InventYourAdventure

Photo: Leo Carrillo State Park ...

Happy #SnapshotSunday! Show off your camera and selfie skills and reply with your best weekend photos! We want to see how and where you #InventYourAdventure

Photo: Leo Carrillo State Park


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Bolsa Chica State Beach 😎

2 days ago

California State Parks

340 miles of coastline.
970 miles of lake and river frontage.
15,000 campsites.
4,500 miles of trails.
& you.

#LiveTheParksLife and choose from over 100 statewide #CAStateParks job openings near you at ...


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I'm so glad the state parks has a K9 unit now. Same with the Coast Guard. K9's are awesome and with the human partners a team that is invincible. I'm a little prejudice because my brother and his K9 sheriff partner worked in California. <3

Love our state parks and the people who maintain, preserve and care for them...our unsung heroes

Hating the new ReserveCalifornia site.

Really like I want to go to a State Park and get attacked by a K9 . That is horrible marketing no wonder ca state parks are looking for a new ceo

They need a new digital director as well.

That is wonderful that they have a K-9 unit!

Hating the police state propaganda as well!

And a migraine trying to reserve a camping spot on the same weekend with my friends.

3 days ago

California State Parks

Happy Friday!

In this week's issue of the #CAStateParks Weekly Digest, you can discover:

- What makes Tule Elk State Natural Reserve so special
- What has Ed Z'Bear from Ed Z'Berg Sugar Pine Point State Park so excited
- Job Opportunities to #LiveTheParksLife with us
...and much more!

to read and to have it delivered every week to your inbox. ...

Happy Friday!

In this weeks issue of the #CAStateParks Weekly Digest, you can discover: 

- What makes Tule Elk State Natural Reserve so special
- What has Ed ZBear from Ed ZBerg Sugar Pine Point State Park  so excited
- Job Opportunities to #LiveTheParksLife with us
...and much more!

to read and to have it delivered every week to your inbox.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Happy Friday

I was stationed at Concord Naval Weapons Station in the 80's. The Tule Elk are magnificent animals.

I loved being able to ride my horse amongst the Tule Elk. Magical!

3 days ago

California State Parks

We are proud to partner with the California Indian Heritage Center Foundation for the 41st Annual Gathering of Annual Elders at the State Indian Museum on Saturday, June 2, from 10-3.

This event and the museum honors Native Americans and their understanding and use of natural resources. Visitors can learn about today’s native people – where they live and how they make California their home in the 21st century. Native Americans are not just part of past history, but they continue to be an important and vital part of what makes California diverse and whole.

Full details on this amazing event can be found at: ...


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