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Bodies of parents, daughter pulled from Mendocino County river; boy still missing

Bodies of parents, daughter pulled from Mendocino County river; boy still missing


The effort — which included 21 search-and-rescue workers, two jet ski teams, two boat teams and several kayaks — reportedly found a vehicle about 6-feet beneath the water covered in sediment.

The bodies of a man and his 9-year-old daughter were found Sunday in a vehicle submerged in the Eel River in Mendocino County, authorities said, leaving just one child unaccounted for after a Southern California family of four went missing earlier this month. Sandeep Thottapilly,...

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3 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Hey #DubNation, keep the conversation going with Grant & Drew!

NBC Sports Bay Area / California
Warriors fans -- Join the conversation with Drew Shiller and Grant Liffmann as they answer your questions after the team's Game 4 loss vs. the Spurs. ...


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<3 ᴄʜ ʙᴏᴛ ᴛᴇᴀᴍ ᴏɴ ғɪʀᴇ <3 Golden State Warriors <3
👈👀👉 ONLY-AWAN .TK 👈👀👉 <3 [ Nᴏᴍᴀɴ Sʜᴀғɪǫ Aᴡᴀɴ ] <3

talk about the pacers

warrior for the win

they lost to the ref :(

Let's wrap up the series on tuesday @ the BAY...

I wonder did any other Warrior have at least 12 points ? besides KD..

They lost in purpose so Curry will get back next round :)

Yeahhhh right

Someone please get Durant off this team. The endless 'dribble,dribble,dribble, shoot without passing to anyone' is killing the Warrior chemistry. It's painful to watch, and it's not Warrior basketball.

They lost the game on purpose. 😞

KD's constant team-stagnating isos prove there is a huge difference between being a SCORER and being a WINNER.

All player could make a mistake even SC,LBJ or MJ!!! So don't blame him if they didn't make it. Beside they're still up 3.
Do u think if they didn't have KD they can make it this far!? Specially on this situation right now SC still recovering!
Stop blaming

3 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Hear from Coach Kerr following tonight's game as the Dubs head back to the Bay for Game 5 🗣 ...


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Game 5 gonna be lit, go GSW

I love this game

I knew we would lose today so we can win at home. It's so much sweeter to win at #ROARACLE!!! And I just bought tickets!!! Happy birthday to me! 😁

We will have our time at the oracle.. go warriors strength in numbers 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Back 2 da Bay with it

Need Curry Back.

What da fuq??

Must be respect for Pop....

Update for Steph Curry please?

that game is for coach pop


No needDto beEin hurry..curry is still in progress so theyll gonna wait atleast delay of 1 game so that curry will be there in the 2nd.round

Kerr: "Game plan was simple. Come out and miss shots so we can play at home and give Curry some extra days rest. Anyone catch the no-hitter last night?"

Steve kerr is the best coach fellows

Score please

Draymond missing layups turnovers klay bricks i hate that come on its time to grind, when i saw Nick young in i knew we were desperate and doomed

Clay Thompson should goes to D-league for defense lessons, F&@@ lazy guy

OK silver lining: Streching it out so Stephan can return to the floor.

😂😂😂 kerr is so obvious

Have you noticed, after a game , how the 2 teams go shake hands with the other team or hug? Usually, right? No matter what --- Not once in the last 4 games has this happened.

Let’s win it at Oracle because we need the sales from tickets, mercy, food, and parking to help us with our taxes on salaries 😜

KD single-handedly lost this game with his repeated selfish iso's. It's painful to watch and it's not Warriors basketball.

Referee # 25 Tony Brothers won the game for the Spurs.

they need time Curry to heal.

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4 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Bad news, we took the L today. Good news, we have a chance to finish it on #WarriorsGround. Game 5, presented by Chase goes down Tuesday night. #StrengthInNumbers ...

Bad news, we took the L today. Good news, we have a chance to finish it on #WarriorsGround. Game 5, presented by Chase goes down Tuesday night. #StrengthInNumbers


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KD 👑

Go KD Klay and Green and the dubs. We need more shooting 3s.

Next week headlines: warriors blew a 3-0 lead 😂

Klay Thompson acabou com o time, o cara tava um cone.


Hmmm..I can smell money is behind this lost today.

‪Time for #DubNation to hop on their bikes and head back to the Bay Area for Game 5 against the Spurs. 🚲

Giving time for curry to come back in the second round maybe? huh

How sad it is that no one knows that it was planned for the series to get extended for the re-evaluation next week.

Spurs is a big franchise so there's no shame they beat us. Let's finish it in five 💪🏿.
Dubs Nation 💛💙

Yes we will Dubnation 💛💙💛💙💛💙💛🔥🏆🏀⛹🏾‍♂️💪🏾

should’ve been a sweep but close it out tuesday so everyone can rest! play smart & play together! 💙💛💙💛

If Kawhi showed up from game one, it would have done 4 0 spurs

And Curry gets a couple more days to heal...

Bad news we lose ya ok but the good news is the game 5 is at home so more money for the team that’s why we lost today.

Let's Go!

Lost on purpose so that the owner can earn more. Warriors does this every season

The only good thing about this “L” it gives Curry more time because if you all go against The Pelicans with that mediocre play you all will be in Cancun by May, calling it like I see it.

Next game will gonna win 101% it's ours and we filipino fans are waiting for that game, because it will be live here...

tuesday it is


Win at home

Haha lost city warriors will blew 3-0 lead

What channel here in philippines?

Ok lang yan sa home court nalang kayu tataposin

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4 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Dubs fall short in Game 4. Look to close it out on Tuesday. #StrengthInNumbers ...


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Comeback is just begun 3-4


Win it at home Dubs!

They're just stalling for Steph, no prob.

When you really just want to win on your court. Spurs got a sympathy win.

End them at home🤷🏾‍♂️😂

Comeback iz ril

Nick young useless

要繼續賺錢啦 別生氣

Can someone get rid of nick young please.

Blow another 3-1 lead. I dare ya

Extra rest for Steph. No big deal at all.

I predicted 5. Not changing my mind. Go Warriors.

nakaisa..good performances...

We’ll get the next one, Dubs.

This win is for Coach Pop and his family. Go Spurs Go!

Bummer they lost but I can’t help but feel happy for manu going out with a W in what is most likely his last home game.

Puting to much on KD

Kevin Durant MVP

Close it out at home 💙💛


Gat Mizael Moses-Israel Jason olats, hahaha

It's ok we taking the next game 4-1

Klay Thompson disappears again.

They'll get them next time. #DubNation

Well I guess we’ll close it out Tuesday night

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1 week ago


It’s time to get back to being Incredible! 💥 Watch the new trailer for #Incredibles2 now and learn about the new sneak peek and the Incredicoaster coming soon to Disneyland Resort this summer: ...


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“Why would they change math? Math is math!” I love this❤️💙💚

I’m so excited for this!

Look Sis.... you’ll be here we can take the kids.
Annie Garcia

Disney...... The pixar parade is really boring..... Bring back Soundsational 🙏

No lie, this look good. So I am really looking forward to see it .

Luis Ceceña vamos a ir a verla o que?

Jeff, we are soo going to see this babes!

Tricia Lechuga we HAVE to go and see this! #girlsnight

Jesse Kellaway I am beyond excited for this haha

I cant wait for this movie Jack Jack in good health lol

Brittney I won't lie, this looks good. But I do wish they would have done one that went along with the time jump they made from the first movie. The political issues they are trying to address in this sequel don't fit with the times when it first came out so it seems like such a cultural jump from the family they were and the issues they were dealing with to the issues they are dealing with now. I wish this film was about the issues they faced as grown up's to hoping they make that version. I wanna see Jack Jack grown into his powers!

Morgan Goodfellow OMG it you in Boomer in the first 10 seconds!!!

Kylie Haux Elastigirl is the Stretchy!!! 🙂

Ryan Klempin take me to this! 😀😀😀

Rhodri Garland they bribe jack jack with cookies like we do with Wyatt 😂😂😂😂

I am really looking forward to this movie.

Sydnie Ann we’ve got to see this!!!

Phillip Men a new Incredicoaster!!!

Can't wait to see the movie.

Natalie Padilla we should see this when it comes out

Emanuel Arias can’t wait for this!!!

Matthew Hopkins have you seen this yet?

Juancarlos Sanchezramires ahora le tocara a diana a ver ella como se pone con la pelicula siiii

Judy MattiasRay Mattias all of the kiddos will wanna go see this!

Melissa Fox (Just in case you haven’t looked up a trailer yet. 😘)

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1 week ago


Time to gather your friends and get together with ours because Pixar Fest has started! It’s a celebration so grand all of Disneyland Resort will be joining the festivities. #PixarFest #FriendshipAndBeyond ...


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Get ready to re-finance the House, or Max those credit cards for a day at Disneyland.

Unfortunately I cannot afford the prices at Disneyland. I understand that, over time, prices for goods and services increase, BUT $200+ for a 3 day hopper pass . . .

When I was growing up Disneyland was free, BUT you had to purchase tickets for the rides. My mom MAY have some tickets in the family bible from back then . . . (1970's)

Has anyone been? I watched an entire 20min long YouTube video and I never saw the Pixar lamp (Luxo Jr.). My 6 year old daughter has autism and one of her obsessions is PIXAR and and Luxo Jr. (the lamp in the Pixar movie intros). She is so excited to go to Pixar Fest for her birthday in July to see the Luxo Jr. but I don’t want to take her if there is no Pixar lamp, she’d be crushed. I assumed that Pixar meant Luxo Jr. would be there because that’s what Pixar means in our house.
#pixar #luxojr #sofieloveslamps

i NEVER THOUGHT IT WAS A BIG DEAL GROWING UP IN ANAHEIM, SEEING THE DISNEYLAND FIREWORKS EVERY NIGHT AND GOING TO DISNEYLAND ANYTIME I WANTED, but now that i am in Wash, I miss it a lot!! I would never move back there but I do miss Disneyland, Knotts berry farm and the beaches.So many wonderful memories!!

Taking our granddaughter in July, her first time 💞 The last time I was at Disneyland was 45 years ago when I was pregnant with her mother 😳 Mr. Walt Disney was still alive the last time my husband was there 😳 We are very excited to see all the changes and are prepared for the craziness!! Just seeing the joy on our granddaughter’s face will be worth it 💞

We went to the inauguración , it was good 😃

Used to love Disney/Pixar movies. Still do, in fact. But I will no longer support Disney financially in any way, after what they did to the Star Wars franchise. I know, some of you disagree; whatever, I don't effing care what you think. Disney RUINED Star Wars.

The important question is... Will there be a Photopass Cast Member with Joy & Sadness?

I’m excited for the paint the night parade and the Pixar firework show, it looks like their fireworks upgraded to Disneyworld fireworks 😍 going next month!!! Can’t wait!

I loved the frozen play it was spectacular and with fast pass the kids can get autographs and pictures from cast.dont miss the car ride ((cars) both on the cal adventure side

Honestly, i was a little disappointed with the PIXAR FEST...The firework show was alright...couple highlighted best parts but nothing real out the ordinary that happens all year round...i don't know i guess i was just expecting it to be more exciting.

Okay Cherisse Anderson, I need you to be Joy. Suzi Neuerburg Gambalie you’ve gotta be sadness, Georgia Cardenas you are Anger, Derek Gonzales Fear, Crystal Caballero disgust!

Okay y’all we’ve only got 6 months until Halloween!

Went opening day of Pixar Fest. Was not disappointed. Disney, ya done it again!! Love you Disneyland ♥️♥️♥️✨✨✨

Echo Lacey... I’m serious, I’m going! I might need to take out a loan 😜 but I’m going! Julie...can we stay with you!? Can you get discounted tickets cause you’re a resident? Hook it up for us, cuz 😘😘

MY theory classes are screwing me up! I looked at this and my immediate response was "Why is Joy thin and tall and Sadness short and plump? That's so degrading. I know so many people that are".....*stops herself here*. See what I mean. Lit theory classes guys, they change your perception.

I was there at the opening. I played there in a school band. The last time I was there I hardly heard english being spoken, and ended up waiting for extended periods of time in line. It was fun when I was younger. Not any more.

If you looking to make the magic come alive pm .new disney agent love to help your disney dreams happen . Also who would fill out a travel survay for me .

So far it's just a bunch of Pixar food and merchandise. Save your $ if you're not a passholder. Wait until everything's been completed and opened.

Have you seen any of the trailers for Incredibles 2? There is one where they are interviewing all the judges from Project Runway and Heidi regarding the greatest designer in the world - Edna. It's hysterical.

Watched a special preview of the Pixar fireworks on Wednesday and it was simply amazing! Sad I had to leave today.

i went in the late 70's,and was reasonable but now it's just way to expensive for eeven a small family,better have lots of money and credit card.

We need to go to getaway today and make payments to go. Love Disneyland!! All your worries are gone when you go in they disappear!! 💕❤️

I'm going yeeey I can't wait to see the pixar fest the fireworks show 😍

Caeden Johnson-Green Allison Warren remember when all the kids said i looked like sadness? mmm they're shady as hell

Kinsey you’re gonna have to look up all the things we can do for this when we go so we don’t miss anything! They made a bunch of special food items too!

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1 week ago




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Is it October yet can’t wait !

Mauricio Castro Vanessa Elena Malena Iniguez el show de cohetes 🚀 está bien suave lo cambiaron y cambiaron el splash todo esta renovado casi jaja

Where do we find these and when?

Why at first did I see this as a map of the California coastline near Los Angeles / Long Beach area? 😂

We just left for home. The park was looking great last night 👍

Cody Moss why aren’t we in Disneyland for this????

We are going next week! So excited!!! <3 <3

Octavio Avalos tal vez sea momento de llevar a la bb de nuevo 👀



Jess Kimball let’s go back to Disneyland!


Michelle mira😍

Can’t wait!!

Jose Carlos Gomez vamosh 🙊😍

Miguel Vargas vamooos... 💚💙

Yesenia Roberts Jessica Espinosa 🤗

April Dawn... ?

Juan Alaniz 😭😭😭😭


Helga Christina Peitz

MiKe Zak

Sheena German Rene German

Yvonne Reyes

Danielle Marie

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