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Boston marks 5 years since marathon attack with tributes

Boston marks 5 years since marathon attack with tributes


Boston held a solemn ceremony to honor and remember those who were killed and maimed in the marathon bombing five years ago on this date.

Mayor Marty Walsh and Gov. Charlie Baker laid wreaths where two bombs killed three spectators on April 15, 2013.

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VIDEO: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin give hilarious, heartfelt keynote at PBWC

Acting legends and activists Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin gave a hilarious and heartfelt keynote address to a crowd of thousands at the Professional Bus...

The only thing colorful about this #timelapse is #Salesforce Tower in #SanFrancisco tonight. Low clouds in the background & that's what you can expect in the AM. @salesforce #whereyoulive #BayArea

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6 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

You ready, San Jose Sharks fans? ...

You ready, San Jose Sharks fans?


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Go Sharks!

Ouch. 😵 ...


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I guess the count was Ball 2

Umpire doesn’t wear a cup? I feel like that should be mandatory if you are behind the plate lol. The catcher’s embrace made it funnier also

Catchers fault, sorry......He owes the Umpire an apology....

“Just the tip. Just to see how it feels. Ouch ouch...” that’s a baseball!!!! 😂😂😂

Now that's wat u call meant to be ,those nuts we're supposed to get hit and he was supposed to feel pain ,cuz that ball went over a bat and through a glove 😎😎 yup his nuts ,or winky had it coming 😂😂😂

Most people in the stands have no idea what happened because they’re not even paying attention

It hurts when you get hit by one calling high school games. I couldn’t imagine a MLB fastball straight to the fellas. 😢

Catchers fault for not catching it. Crawford missed that ball completely. Haha

back in the day umpires use to use big chest protectors for this reason.

"Momma, that man got hit in the ding-dong!" 😱

Don't let this distract you from the fact that when Paul Walker goes to Vin Diesels house party in Fast and the Furious one, "I got hoes" by Ludacris is playing on the stereo, but in 2 Fast 2 Furious Ludacris appers as a street racer named Tej Parker. So in the Fast and the Furious world who sang "I got hoes"? Was it Tej? Was it Ludacris? Does Ludacris exist? Who has the hoes? Are the hoes okay!?

That was 100% twig and berry contact.

So I'm not the only one that finds this game painful...

Kind of a quick summary of how the Giants fared in today’s session.

Protect your ump. That's the main goal of a catcher. Well other than calling the game but you know where I am going with this.

I saw him tick a pitch right down Broadway. Not crush it. Not drive it with authority anywhere. His swing is off from here to Australia. 2 RBI in 77 plate appearances doesn’t lie. He’s had chances. One sac fly, one solo HR.

Wow, from fast ball to curve ball to slider

Zayne Dodson should’ve did this to that ump

Is that the badda bing or the badda BOOM.

Bet he wishes he had one of those big inflatable chest protectors the AL used to have

That was a package delivered on time.

I think that was a called ball 3!

the catchers instantaneous "feel better" hug is heart warming

That's why you wear a cup

maybe I should wear a cup the next time I work behind the plate

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‪Fill in those blanks 👀‬ ...

‪Fill in those blanks 👀‬


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I called it at the start. Warrior win the whole thing in 20 games

4-1 - Complete
4-0 - Coming Up
4-2 - warriors over Houston
4-1 - Dubs over Philadelphia

Pelicans in 7

brow sarai un osso durissimo insieme a holiday ma guerrieri pronti alla guerra con il sangue agli occhi e il barba ci aspetta per la battaglia finale pistole fumanti in baia fire yesss

Pelicans in 7. Go Kings!

The Warriors sweeps the Pelicans.

Warriors will win in 5 games cuz they're number one go Warriors

The Warriors win in 4 games

Without curry, dubs in 6. With curry, dubs in 5.

4-1 Dubs. 4-0 if Steph is back. World Champs are battle tested.

Warriors in 7. This is going to be a very hard series for our Warriors. We don't even know if Curry will be ready to go on Saturday.

Warriors in 6

Warriors in 4

4Games. Sweep

Last time it is 1st round and this time it is 2nd round.

The warriors will win in 4 games

Dubs in 6

If Curry’s back Warriors in 4 if not Warriors in 5 or 6

Dubs in 5.

The #GSW will win in 4 games.

Gsw will win on their games against pelicans

The Golden State Warriors will win in 6 games over the Pelicans. :D

golden state will advance to the next round in the Nba playoffs

Seem to recall a lot of “spurs will win in _____” last round.

DUBS in 5

The Warriors will win in 4 games

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17 hours ago

Audubon California

We were glad to see the latest attempt to derail California's landmark lead ammunition law fail in committee yesterday. Every day, our state is getting safer for California Condors and other birds threatened with lead poisoning. ...

We were glad to see the latest attempt to derail Californias landmark lead ammunition law fail in committee yesterday. Every day, our state is getting safer for California Condors and other birds threatened with lead poisoning.


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I have yet to see one! I hope someday to.

Go to Pinnacles National Park, we saw lots of them circling overhead as we enjoyed dinner in our campsite!

great !!


I believe the biggest threat to California Condors are Black Vultures and Turkey vultures. They are more economical scavengers and the Condors can't compete. Somehow the Vultures don't seem to be affected as much by lead. I guess they aren't politically correct.

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