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Bumble Bee CEO Indicted on Charge He Fixed Canned Tuna Price

Bumble Bee CEO Indicted on Charge He Fixed Canned Tuna Price


U.S. prosecutors filed a criminal charge Wednesday against the CEO of Bumble Bee Foods as part of an ongoing investigation into price fixing in the packaged seafood industry.

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15 minutes ago

San Francisco Giants

BCraw 💣 ...


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Chitcago fans are so classy, Crawford hits a homerun to left, and the Chitcago fan throws it back., silly

The play he made in the field was even better. A thing of beauty.

Yep and then the pitcher turns around and blows it the next half inning

Good going BCraw! Gorkys is on again today!!

Get more, go Giants!

1 hour ago

San Francisco Giants

Memorial Day Weekend threads. 🇺🇸 #SFGiants ...

Memorial Day Weekend threads. 🇺🇸 #SFGiantsImage attachmentImage attachment


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Gorkys and MAC getting hits and on base, the rest are worthless, no pop, do the Giants hitters know what a baseball looks like, just asking, because they are not seeing it, wow.

What happened to bum pitching?

Walks are the Giants pitchers downfall.

Crawdaddy to the rescue! 2-2
Plus, an unbelievable stop and throw for an out
But....3-2 now, a HR by Chi

Crawford for the tie!!! His May stats are killing!

Get memes all season at SF Giants Meme Park

Oh he is pitching at triple aa game

2 hours ago


San Francisco Chronicle is LIVE Talking to Jacob Banks before his BottleRock Napa Valley debut!

San Francisco Chronicle
Talking to Jacob Banks before his BottleRock Napa Valley debut! ...


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Why is the video flipped so that the word Nike on his shirt is backward? I see this all the time now in videos but I don't know why it happens. The same video below has been corrected.

4 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Saturday night lineup in the Windy City. #SFGiants ...

Saturday night lineup in the Windy City. #SFGiants


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What channel is the game on?

McCutcheon isn’t worthy of the two spot. He is an automatic out on this trip. 0-11, six Ks, nothing hard on his limited contact. Bochy keeps plugging him in that spot.

William Ridgway, Margaret Gomez, John Zielinski, John Tippit, Jacqueline Milne Bucholz, Shannon Montecino & Kip Byars- Looking to snap the losing streak today, Go Giants!

Another day off for Posey. Now we give him night games after day games off.

here comes cubs first 2 on, san fran are a mockery

They really need to start turning this season around. Don't wait for Bumgarner.

Back to stranding RISP again, geez

seen better 5 year old hitters

0 out man on 2nd scores 0 wat a disgrace

Bum in sac town tonight

I wonder how few runs we will score tonight?

Go Astros

Win win win win

Good luck tonight

Let's go Giants...we can win this!

Come on guys, win one!!!

No Posey of course.

Go Giants!!


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1 day ago

San Francisco Giants

Gorkys Hernández extended his hitting streak to seven games (.385/10-for-26) and has three homers in his last six games.

Gorkys está en FUEGO. ...


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OK guys I have been a loyal fan since 69' and believe me I feel very blessed for the 3 series rings, more than you will ever know. These last few years have been more than frustrating seeing some of Bruce's moves. He irritates the H out of me and this division is there for the taking this year. If we go on a 6 or 7 game losing streak, I feel he needs to go. Personally I would have loved to see him gone before last year. Just my thoughts on how things are going.~~~~this is my husbands views....we don't share the same view on this. = )

The rest of the team es Frio!❄☃️🌨

Shame that the bullpen isn’t.

Congrats Gorkey, knew you could get there! I can see your determination! Also, HOLLAND, you were great today. Keep up the good work!!!

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So glad to see Gorky s coming into his own. Always knew it was in you. Derek Holland, just keep on getting better!

All that doesn't Matter if we keep Losing !

5 runs total during 3 game losing streak is absolutely terrible

Way to go Gorkys!!! Keep those hits coming!⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

Outhomering Posey by a lot with same batting average. Hmm...

I can't help but think the June Swoon is a little early this year. Hopefully they will get it over with a little early as well!

He is our heroe today

Another junk player

Travis Allen all the way!

Ohhh now I get it.what a bunch of no nothing on

Gorkys está caliente! ;-)

English please...

Suey Ciotta DeGuzman LOOK IT'S MVP GORKYS AGAIN!!!!


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First baseman get no credit. Belt made that pick look alot easier than it was..

That's all Good! But we have to start Hitting the Ball! Let's go Giants !

As expected another 2 hit garbage game. Can we please start our rebuild already

Ahhh there it is. That’s the Giants bullpen I remember

Still lost. Plays like that are nice. But if we can’t score runs, those plays become overshadowed.

Yup that’s Longoria with another erro

All of B-Craw's gloves are gold. That's why he doesn't need one so many times.

You do realize this whole division is weak and no one is running away with it

Gorkys is on fire. Playing good d hitting .295 and with 5 bombs. Hitting .400 since middle of last year. I just wish we were getting more from Smardzjia, and Andrew Suarez. Blach and Stratton pitching decent just bring the E.R.A. down. We in the thick of it. #Go Giants.

People saying wait till Bumgarner comes back then we'll win if he gives up two runs maybe three he'lll lose because our offense stinks

That was an awesome play! Oh by the way, we lost to another team that is better than we are.

If it wasn't for the Brandon's & Pablo's abilities, the team would be a bust right now! There are a couple of pitchers they should dump or send back to AA, they are not helping the team as they are

Fittingly it was Crawford and Belt on either end of that play, the only highlight from yesterday. They have been carrying this team, and are the only reason they're close to .500. Obviously the starting pitching without Bum and Cueto is subpar, but there's also the floundering of Cutch and Longoria around the .240 mark, and Buster's total lack of offensive punch. His power numbers have dramatically declined the last few years, and now Gorkys is out-homering him 5 to 2 despite having way fewer plate appearances. And of course his backup, Hundley, also has 5 jacks and has driven in a bunch of runs although not in the lineup nearly as much. It's interesting how the media has largely ignored the fact that Buster is now a glorified singles hitter (although still a great defensive catcher) who drives in far fewer runs than he used to, although he comes up with guys on base a lot. This has been a big problem that the Giants seem reluctant to address.

When Sabean let Omar Vizquel go, I thought I would never forgive him for it--and then I saw Crawford perform...

Love it when Baez has to go sit back down on the bench. 😀

Baez diving into first base what a flog

Lici your boy Baez is good, but I think BCraw has him beat.

No glove needed for the Human Highlight Reel. And nice dig Belt! He needs a gold glove to match the rest of the infield.

Belt you very seldom, if ever, fumble the ball and drop it at first base. You should be the one to wear the Golden Glove.

This gold glover doesn’t even needs a glove. Great play!

Love the Crawford-Belt combination, but those catches Crawford makes would not be good if BELT was not there to catch them. Belt makes a lot of Crawfords catches and throws look good. Belt just quietly does his job and keeps setting records that nobody looks up.

The best ever! Makes the most ridiculous plays look easy & not flinch because he does this daily. Not like most players who make difficult plays look harder than they really are & then celebrate like they’re amazed they pulled it off.

That's 5-6-3 if you're scoring at home.

Giants need to get a much better song played after a win. Something to get revved up about. Something about winning and celebrating. The dirge they have used for so many years is tired and boring.......come on, guys, enough is enough. Just hearing the Cubs' fight song after their win today, has prompted me to write this.

No wonder his jersey is always sold out smh

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Not even close!

Cubs score a run but Williamson prevents a run with this throw to Posey. ...


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That was so funny when Crawford missed the short hop and fell down and did a couple of flip flops on the ground. Yet, you didn't show it but once. But that magnificent throw to first base you played about three or four times. Don't you know that we have seen the guy throw to first base many times and that's his job. Boy you have that camera on him all the time ...#35..even with his back to us and pointing his finger. Is he that much better than the others!!!

Hmmm very interesting Eric...Sounding just like an owner of a team..That's what they always

Pretty funny watching the third-base coach. That moment when he suddenly stops windmilling and you can imagine him thinking, "Oh...I may have f--ked up here just a little bit." 🤣

Man, I sure don't want to see Buster get hurt, but that give up by the runner is just embarrassing.

Time to trade pence for some pitching

5 years ago today, we got married during a San Francisco Giants game in the Tonny Bennet suite

June Swoon in late May?? Can't wait for MadBum, Johnny C, Little Joe and the Hunter to come back, ready to rock. We still have a shot at the Western crown!!

Poor base running

Nice arm Mac!

Welcome back, Mac!!

Grab some pine, meat!

Unwatchable starting pitching rotation, all minor leaguers, shame on the Giants, $10 Beers, $40 to Park, with not much of a chance to compete with this rotation

Pretty bad when a base running blooper becomes our game highlight

HOL:LAND, you pitched a real good game!! Gorky good to see you at the plate with the HR and good hits!. I have been on vacation last week and missed three games, but good to see the improvement!!

"Don't hurt me..."

How long will it take Posey to get to 20 RBI'S? Number 3 in the batting order needs to be more productive.

Bad coaching. Look at 3B coach.

Travis Allen all the way!

That was fantastic

Williamson is a ray of hope, but it doesn't appear we can beat any of the teams that have hope for the season.

Garin is in now coughing up more runs for the Sox

Don’t slide or anything. Lolligagger

Destroyed the cubs and helped the cardinals

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2 days ago

California Labradors, Retrievers & More Rescue

Forever families wanted! Meet some of the available puppies from Labs and More!

The puppies pictured here are our single pups, pairs of pups, or remaining puppies from larger litters. If you asked them, they'd say we saved the best for last! These puppies range in age from 9 weeks to 4 months. Like all puppies they are looking for families who understand the time and commitment needed to raise, train, socialize, and exercise a young pup. Adopting a puppy isn't the right fit for every family, but it can be a very rewarding experience if you have the time and energy to give a young pup what they need. If you are interested in adopting through Labs and More, the first step in being approved to adopt is applying online at Our dogs are located in Southern California. Please share to help these puppies find their forever homes! #savedthebestforlast ...


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Kat Meckler omg 😭

Meghan Mitchell Tudor !!!!

How long is the adoption process?

Marycarmen Blanco quiero otro!

Cat Zizzo

Jenna Sanders

3 days ago

California Labradors, Retrievers & More Rescue

Check out these pictures of just some of the dogs and puppies who attended last weekend's adoption event and are still looking for their forever homes. Interested in adopting from Labs and More? The first step in being approved to adopt is submitting an online application at Processing time for applications takes around 7 days, at which point an adoption coach will contact you to request photos of your home yard, lease agreement (if applicable), and to complete a phone interview. Our dogs are located in Southern California. Please SHARE to help these pups find their forever homes! #AdoptDontShop ...


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You forgot Astrid pups Dragon and Hiccup.

All beautiful looking dogs.

4 days ago

California Labradors, Retrievers & More Rescue

Forever families wanted! Meet the Flapper Pups!

Eight weeks old and now ready to find their forever families, the Flapper Pups are adorable shepherd mixes. Their 45-lb. momma Flapper did a great job raising these puppies in an experienced foster home. Alice, Coco, Ivy, Josie, Plumette, and Zanya are each looking for a family that understands the time, patience, and energy needed to raise a young pup. Ready to add a puppy to your family? The first step in being approved to adopt is applying online at

Processing time for applications takes around 7 days. You will be contacted to submit photos of your home and yard, a copy of your lease agreement if you rent, and to complete a phone interview. Our dogs are located in Southern California. Please share to help the Flapper Pups find their forever homes! ...


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Sean Inacio

Evey Carleen Garner

Cathleene Vandiver McGee ugh

Sherie Burg

Leslie MacPhee

Jakki Weddle

Matthew Livermore

Jenna Sanders

Nick Rooyakkers

Anna Fuerstenau

Camille Mixter

It's time again for #MyFosterMonday! Fosters, thank you for posting here in the comments about the Labs and More dogs you are fostering who are currently available for adoption. Our bio team will add this information to their bios, plus you never know who will see your post here and fall in love! Thank you so much for all you do as fosters. #FosteringSavesLives ...


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Guinevere (The Beautiful) is ready for her forever home. She is one special dog, rescued from the streets in terrible condition, nearly lost her life, she has now recovered 💯 and has become the sweetest dog ever! Guinevere is looking for a family as special as she is. She is not adventurous and prefers to comfort of her home over the thrill of the world. She is satisfied with a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood and few minutes of play in the backyard. She gives the best hugs and will lean into for them. Guinevere is house trained, doesn't need a crate, likes toys, loves her food and her people best of all. She is fostered with several dogs and cats and does well with them all.

Jessop is a sweet 4-5 year old Labrador who is the definition of a good boy! He does very well uncrated for 8 hours when we are at work. While we are at home he follows us around or snuggles with us on the couch. On walks, he walks nicely and likes to greet other doggies. We brought him to fiesta dog park this weekend and he loved getting to roam free but is still very easy to call back. He isn’t the running type (it’s ok I’m not either) but I think he would be great on hikes!

Meet the amazingly awesome Astrid pups Dragon and Hiccup, about three months old and 12+ pounds each. These two growing girls are medium energy on the puppy scale and have just put their puppy paws on the path to doghood. They are learning their names, leash skills, house manners, and spend the night in a shared crate without incident. You can read about moma Astrid on our website, and we expect these pups to be on the smaller side and just as amiable as mom. Dragon has a beautiful brindle coat and looks like she might be part whippet. Dragon and Hiccup are willing, wanting, and waiting to become your furever friends.

Joy is about six years old and had a difficult life before she came to labsandmore. Now she’s living the puppyhood that she was robbed of. It usually takes her a day or two to accept new canine friends, so she’s not a dog park kind of girl. She is 100% house and crate trained and very well behaved either by herself or with other dogs she has accepted as friends.

Nora is a self confident, playful pup. She hasn't met a squeak toy that she doesn't like! She loves a good game of chase and also a calming belly rub which concludes with plenty of doggie kisses. Are you ready to welcome this regal looking girl into your home?

Saffron is an 8 month old lab mix. She is a playful and sweet girl! She absolutely loves her toys as well as getting tons of belly rubs and pets and giving kisses in return. She does great in the car and for baths. She is a very quick learner and has already mastered sit and down. She is crate trained and sleeps quietly through the night in her crate. She is house trained as long as she gets potty breaks. Does good with other dogs - loves to play. She is good on a leash and wants to say “hi” to everyone.

Oh-My-God-Becky, Look at her Mutt! Her Mutt is so big!
I like big Mutts and I cannot lie. Do you like big Mutts too? Then you might want to meet Giant. We think he is about 5 years old and probably a shepherd/Leonberger mix. He is tall but lanky under all that fur. He weighs about 90 lbs but is almost 5 feet long from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.
He is house trained and can use the dog door to let himself outside. He will “sit” for treats and has learned to “wait” at the door before we go out for a walk. Because of his long legs he has a fast pace. When I am at a full run, he is only trotting. He is very playful with his best dog friend at home, but at the dog park he spends his time exploring the perimeter. Giant behaves when left home alone with another dog for company but he loves his family time. He can use a dog ramp to get into the car, or into a raised tub at the DIY dog wash, so you don’t have to worry about lifting him. He sleeps quietly through the night in his dog bed.

If you’re looking for small, adorable, energetic and silly, then 7 week old Dilbert is your guy! He will be ready for adoption this weekend. He is somewhat housetrained and playful, sleeps through the night in his large vinyl pen. Gets along well with our dog and cat, he likes know what they are up to and to be part of the pack! He’s a funny little fella! 😂

Little Miss Astrid is a small shepard/lab mix and a poster child for rescue dogs since she is such a good dog. We lovingly referred to as "Peaches" in our house because sweet and soft nature. She's cool and collected for a young girl and loves to chill on the couch with you and prefers to sleep by your side. She likes to politely sit patiently by your side waiting for love and attention. But she also has a spunky side and loves to play with toys and other dogs she knows and is gaining confidence at the dog park. She is generally submissive towards people and other dogs, but as a retired momma, she sometimes stands up to misbehaving puppies with some attitude. She is very food driven and adorably tap dances and spins in circles when the food bowl comes out. She would be a great apartment dog because of her small size but also because she rarely barks, she's totally house trained and is usually left alone all day with free reign of the house (with access to the backyard) and has shown no destructive tendencies.

Meet Girl Scout! Scout has been on medical hold for a dislocated hip, but she has fully recovered and ready to find her forever home! She is such a special, loving dog. Scout likes to hang with her people, but her favorite thing is the outdoors. She loves to just lie outside, so a yard is a must for her. She’d be perfect for an outdoorsy family that likes to walk and hike. Scout is house trained, crate trained, and knows her basic commands. She is friendly with the dogs in our house and likes to play with them, but it’s takes her a little while to warm up to them. So she won’t be a dog park kind of gal, but a house with a more mellow dog is fine. She also has a strong prey drive, so no small creatures (cats, bunnies, etc.) for her.

The Bahamas pups Clarence in the blue collar and Harbour in the pink collar... I'll let you guess who's the boy and who's the girl :-) these are two adorable fun-loving happy spirited puppies who also absolutely love to sit in your lap! They ride beautifully in the car without a sound and sleep through the night and do their business on newspapers 99% of the time.

Meet the remaining Flapper pups! These gorgeous pups are ready to find their forever homes. They are looking for a family that’s ready to handle the challenges of raising a young pup, but enjoy the benefits of having an adorable snuggle buddy. Starting from the top left, the order is Coco, Alice, Ivy, Plumette, Josie, and Zayna.

Meet Viveca aka Vive!! This sweet girl is 8 month of love. She has 2 favorite times of the day. Running around playing w her foster sister and chillin watching TV w her foster mom. She loves to give kisses and just wants to find her furever home so she can be their MVD!! She's around 35lbs of muscle. She loves to run and play w toys. She is crate and house trained.

Dora is an easy going puppy. She likes to play with her toys and with other dogs, but she is also content to lie on the dog bed and chew on a stick. She was given the nickname Love Dove by my grandson.

Looking for an independent, semi-high maintenance, goofy (at times), social butterfly?
🌸Talavera🌸 is your girl!!
Her long, soft, brindle coat requires weekly brushing & 4-6 weeks grooming.
She loves attention, is dog & kid friendly (with proper intros).
Enjoys car rides & the beach.
Crates easily with little to no fuss, 4-5 hours/day & overnight.
House trained & uses doggy door.
Medium energy & smart. Definitely needs mental/physical stimulation (ie: food puzzles, trick training, daily walks, etc...)
Improving on leash skills & house manners.
She can be a bit of a handful, but worth it. She’s playful, affectionate and a fun girl!

Meet mama Flapper! This sweet girl is ready to separate from her puppies and start her new life with a loving family. Flapper is extremely affectionate and loves to just hang with her people and snuggle. She does great with our other dogs in the house and loves to play with them at the park. She is house trained and does great when left alone. She has a medium-energy level and a strong prey drive so no small creatures. Also, a house with no kids or older kids would be better for her because younger kids make her nervous.

We are fostering Baylor, who is recovering from distemper. This little man is a survivor! He's a fun medium size at around 30 lbs and shouldn't get too too much bigger. Baylor knows sit for treats, is crate trained, loves to play with other dogs, and rides well in the car. He's still learning how to walk on leash and is totally a mouthy puppy, but both will improve with time and training. Baylor will be available for adoption once he is medically cleared to be neutered. We love this little guy and can't wait to find him his forever home.

Ryan check this little doll out!

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