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California Rejects Border Duties for National Guard Troops

California Rejects Border Duties for National Guard Troops


#Breaking: California has rejected the federal government's initial plans to send the state's National Guard troops to the border because the work is considered too closely tied to immigration enforcement, officials say.

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3 hours ago

10News – ABC San Diego KGTV

#BREAKING San Diego police giving more information about a homicide investigation with crime scenes in both Southcrest and Coronado.

Lindsey Peña 10News
San Diego police giving more information about a homicide investigation with crime scenes in both Mountain View and Coronado. ...


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Jonatan Jaimes look brother!

Armandizzle Pg Kit Becasen

Belle Atienza

Angie Castañeda

"If you didn't join, they would kill you."

17-year-old Merlin and his family fled Honduras to escape gang violence and threats, but it hasn't been an easy road. On #10NewsAt11, Anthony Pura 10News explains the caravan traveling from Central America to Mexico, seeking asylum and refuge in both Mexico and the United States.



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Thats sad and all, but its not the U.S. job to take care of other countries people. We have our own problems and people that need help. For example, all the homeless veterans!!! We have enough people in this country

He should stay on Mexico. We got limit who to let in. You everyone has a sad story & hes not the only one? Theres a million like him.

Change your country instead. Or why not stay in Mexico? Because they enforce their immigration laws. Using kids for sympathy

Why is US suppose to accept other countries mess? Because we have a surplus in our budget? I wanna know

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

We are full....

maybe he should stay in Honduras and be an element of change in his own country.

We as a Nation helped grow Asia’s economy. We need to do the same with our Neighbors South of the Border, they are close and in more need...

I feel sorry for this young man but he needs to fight and take back his country, the lifeboat is over filled here!

You people are dumb. How can you change a country when the Government is corrupted?? How can you fight back when the government is colluded with the gangs?? My cousin for example was killed with a machete simply because he didn't obey the orders to stop using a road. They killed him and left him disfigured. I live in one part of a town but cannot visit the family on my mom's side because I live in area controlled by the opposite gang. Kids for my part of town cannot attend the only school available because is controlled by the opposite gang and they harrassed the children. Yes, they killed them also if they don't join. The gangs have acquired people houses by force. If they like your house, they simply go and take it from you. If you go and file with the police the next day you and your family are found dead on a ditch. Do you really think people just wake up one day thinking "WTH I am going to the United States just because?" I guess I can say so much but unfortunately for me, it doesn't matter to you unless you go through that yourself. You have to live it to understand in order for you to feel compassion. We live in a sad world when for certain people a paper is more important than the well being of a person. Good luck with taking all your possessions, and that paper inside your casket when you die!!

I feel badly for these people but they really need to head back to their homeland and make a change there. They solve nothing by running away.

And the article is about a child, a design intent of the article to imbue a sense of sympathy. But the fact is that the parents are with them. Those parents are part of the problem they are fleeing.

I wish you people well and hope you can make a positive change in your homeland.

He saying the MS-13 gangs force you to join


You all wanna know a secret? America created these problems. MS-13 which has festered unchecked for over 30 years because nobody care until they moved and branched out of the hood. MS-13 got started because of 18 punking these cats back in the day, and they clicked up to form their own gang. Then being the geniuses that we are, they deported them back, where they started more clicks. MS-13 didn't start in South America, it started right here in the US of A. And before you get your panties in a bunch 18th street is a generational gang that started the same way.

All you who say stay in Mexico. Stay there. Same people who would take a million dollars even if it meant a little child getting murdered. And then you will justify it. But we all know where you are going in the end. Selfish disgusting non compassionate non emotion people you are

Hay ombe

Pobre gente 😪

Norma Rodriguez Steph Garcia 🤔😟

Jessica Ramirez 💔

Tere Antonio

Katherine Elsener

Very sad.

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Border Patrol is searching for whoever was onboard a Panga boat that washed ashore at Sunset Cliffs. ...


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Yep the wall is gonna do just great!

They should build a wall in the sea too

Great job Coast Guard, Navy, Harbor Police. Keep them eyes peeled.

I lived on the border pre current barrier in the 90s and crime was terrible.
They would come across the border just to commit crime then go back across knowing they couldn't be chased.
Border field park was so bad that nobody could go during the day..its pretty quiet down there now because of the high 3 layer well lit heavily patrolled barrier

Can I have that motor though?

Dora, the explorer would say: We did it! We did it! Yay! 🎉

Build that wall!!! Build that wall!!! Build that wa.........

Do they have auctions for these boats? I need a fishing boat.

This is probably someone playing a Joke hahah

Great fishing boat.

Needle in a hay stack.

i suppose the wall is going to solve this issue.. 🙄🤨🤔

Beats the Border Lines!

Who really cares ?????

lol good luck, you wont be able to tell them apart from everyone else... lol

Well..... Atleast theyll prolly be working within the next few days in the back kitchen of some of our favorite restaurants. Maybe picking our fruit & veggies 😋😋😋

Lots of reports of pangas recently, how will the wall we are paying for stop the pangas from coming in??🤔

My guess is that they should be looking for a hispanic person! 👍

Lol !!! Good luck. 🤣🤣

If they really got off that boat did they leave those life jackets nicely set up??

Haha we come from all over the people can't stop fiieerroo cx

Good luck

pfft Free boat

Hope they can find and deport

Awesome 👏 they are long gone

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7 hours ago

The Oakland Raiders

Football's Fabulous Females are here.

#RaiderNation's first full look at the 2018 squad: ...


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No “full figure” women this year ?

Suddenly my pants fit different 😂

No Marquette Queen?

Where's the Latinas?? 😮

Hahah oriental chicks nice 😉

Good luck to those that are on the squad. Best of luck 2018

No red heads?😞


Annabelle is my jam!! 😍

Ontan las gorditas




Where’s Vivian?

Ruben Almanzar Ramses Rios Glenn McBurney Jr.

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11 hours ago

The Oakland Raiders

On this date in 1989, a deal on Day One of the NFL Draft sent us Steve Wisniewski from Dallas.

Wiz logged eight Pro Bowls and two first-team All-Pros in his 13 seasons.

#OnceARaiderAlwaysARaider ...

On this date in 1989, a deal on Day One of the NFL Draft sent us Steve Wisniewski from Dallas.

Wiz logged eight Pro Bowls and two first-team All-Pros in his 13 seasons.



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Wiz was a stud if he didn't retire that year I don't think Barrett flips out

8 pro bowls, 2 all pro teams... 0 rings! 😂👌

My #1 All Time Raider. Even named my dog after him.

Wiz was EVIL!
Just what You want from an NFL Rt. Guard!
He'd smash the End and trap a Linebacker, Jon Richie would hit the outside D.B. and Charley Garner would bust loose for long yards!
Wiz loved to fight...
He was the best Rt Guard The Raiders put on that field since 2000.
A great Raider!

I remember him in a play off game against the Bills he dominated Bruce Smith so bad they had to move him to the other side so Wiz wouldn't hurt him. Great player, never stopped until the play was whistled dead.

Love my Raiders

Should be a Hall of Famer!!!👍

Look who it is lmao #65

The power of the Wis

Y isn’t he in the hall?

need more like him

Wiz was a beast!

Love gruden!

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11 hours ago

The Oakland Raiders

Get fired up for Draft Week.

#MondayMotivation #RaiderNation ...


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This guy sleeps, eats, and breathes football. Gotta love Chucky!!! Pumped!

That part Veronica Naranjo

After that I'm ready to run through my cubicle wall. FIRED UP 💀

Hey I see New York Pete!! Big Mike from Charles Woodson’s Wine is pumped and ready to Just Win Baby !!

Ahhh!!! I'm ready for some football!

Chucky is Back but more mature to lead the Raiders to Las Vegas 2020

#RN4L ❤

Continue to do the right thing you all!

goose bumps. LETS GO!


Samuel Fillion j’ai hâte que ça commence pas de bon sens

Hell yes

Chucky GOAT.

Chaps Avila

Travis Hoopeer

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The latest #CaliforniaEducator is now out! The cover story, True Grit explores the challenges rural schools face. Read article here: ...

The latest #CaliforniaEducator is now out! The cover story, True Grit explores the challenges rural schools face. Read article here:


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Oswaldo Alejandro Naranjo Vicky Lucero Acosta guys lol

18 hours ago

California Highway Patrol

Congratulations CTC III-2017!

CHP - Academy
Congratulations CTC III-2017! I know that I speak for the entire California Highway Patrol Academy staff when I say how proud I am of you. You have truly earned the right to call yourselves Officers of the California Highway Patrol. Savor this moment and celebrate your success with the family and friends who have supported you to this point. Always remember where you have been and never forget the excitement you felt today. Earn the right to wear your new badge each day by serving the people of California selflessly and honorably.

~ Captain Mann ...


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Congratulations class!!

Congratulations and may God protect/watch over you and the families. Thank you for serving.

Welcome to the family. Be Safe out there.

Congratulations!!! Be safe!!!

congratulations to you all. Be safe and take care.

Congrats class. Be safe.

Congratulations All !!! We've got your six!!!!

Congratulations to all the new officers! Be safe out there and thank you for your dedication! 💞

Congrats and thank you all!!

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