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Candidates spending millions to win a job that gets no respect

Candidates spending millions to win a job that gets no respect


In 2012, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said his job as currently structured should be “dissolved.”

The lieutenant governor’s position is so disrespected in California that its current occupant famously said California should “get rid of the position” if it wasn’t made more effective.

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I thought that was Dean from supernatural

Ryan Foster

Christine Hodge

23 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Warriors fans -- Join the conversation with Drew Shiller and Grant Liffmann as they answer all your questions from the Game 6 win! ...


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I dont think CP3 will be playing in game 7.. cant force a hamstring injury.. as much as i would love to see both teams play it out 100% .. its not the warriors fault

Game 7 is the most awaited moment. Defense, rebounds, and shoot the ball. Let's go dubs,!! We believed in you.

Man the 1st quarter and most of the 2nd looked hopeless......Then Klay caught fire...."Said we not going home yet" I'm sop grateful for him.

Once again, Golden State Warriors, The Western Conference Champions!!! yeah!!! wOoHoOo!!! 🏀🏆🎉 sending our much love and support for the team all the way from Pampanga, PHILIPPINES!!! 😍😘💙💛💙💛💙💛💙

C’mon! If Iggy played in games 4 & 5, there won’t be a game tonight! This series is done! So CP3 got hurt and now they have all these excuses?! Gimme a break 😏

Offense should go through Steph come game 7...with KD and Klay finding their spots through cuts, motion offense rather than going with iso ball. Iso Ball with KD will get him to gas out come game 7.

Curry will be Curry, he’s performing on a high level, and at this moment performance level is better then Durant, Durant is great but needs to step up his game

So in your guys opinion, did warriors win this game because CP3 didn’t play? I mean Rockets did play well without him in the first half 🤷🏼‍♀️

Please Please Please tell the Warriors not to wear their black jerseys during their final game. They lose when they wear those.

Lisa, Chuck hates the Warriors that’s why he said that lol. I remember Chuck would always favor Leonard over Curry..SMH Chuck lol

KD didn't shoot real well but loved his mentality coming into the game... and his block shot on Harden was awesome

I would like to see a Warriors Outsiders behind the scenes where you are arguing over what highlights to show

Went right from the game to the airport .. even the Delta sky lounge is LIT ! Klay always shines in these moments . Still impressed with Loon too and gotta give it to Swaggy !

Give my baby some love..he just had emergency surgery and we watched quietly in pediatric ward...jordan Taelman

Jordan Bell had some great offensive rebounds tonight when the warriors really needed it!!! Good job Bell!!!

Hey...they don't have CP3, and we don't have Andre. So we want to beat them full strength, but same goes with us.

They FINALLY played the D n got the ball movement were all accustom to. Js throw that in a suitcase n bring it to houston. 👏👏👏

What happened to Ryan Anderson; he played well for the Rockets early, another 3-pt threat, why is he out of the rotation? Do you expect him to play meaningful minutes Monday if Paul can't go?

Nick Young and his dreams :P Nick: “Dennis Rodman came to my dreams last night… he told me: ‘Tomorrow you’re going to play a little defense’” :P

Key in winning game 7; Warriors should start raining 3 pts. early in the game, also fast breaks, steals and dunks/alley oops!

I'm glad Klay went off I have Klay Thompson Warriors Jersey I must be a lucky Warriors fan even thou Steph is my favorite player

Who has the most pressure? This is why we play the game. Houston needs to play better. Are you channeling Shaq?

The Warriors have to be focused on defense and no stupid turnovers. We let 2 games slip away, no more. 💙💛💙💛💙💛

Delicia, NIck Young played great during Houston in the regular season. Also game 2 and 3 he did decent. was off in Game 5

True story wearing my Klay slate jersey first quarter, changed into my Klay white home jersey, the rest is greatness by my Klay!!!

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Born for this moment. ...

Born for this moment.


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The NBA is fixed the warriors threw game 5 at Houston so they could play 7 games. All about the money

It's not just the Splash Brothers red hot and sizzling.

Draymond Green completed one-half of the guarantee with a near double-double in rebounds and assists and had four steals and five blocks.

The Warriors need to complete the other half of the comeback on Monday.

Truth. You can tell by the blowout score that the refs played their role. It's all good, it's the Warriors last hurrah... it's their last winning game of the season, let them go out with a big blowout.

I'm hard on this guy but man, he come through at the right time. And I'm getting use to eating crow.

They said they play their best when they are feeling defeated or opposed. 🤷🏻‍♂️

A heart of a Champion never give up and continue to fight to the end. #GoWarriors

Kd is weakness haha lol

Just like Green said.You're a fool if you don't believe him they're going back to Houston . Go Warriors

The sleeper has awaken!!! Woo hoo Klay!!!

Stepping up during the most crucial games. Hats off to you, Klay 🔥

He is the most dangerous hand from goldenstate

just don't remind KD about the situation on the left.

Baller, Shot Caller and smooth as silk.

Go play. Go Steph. Go drammond. Go Kevin. Go,warriors.,you can,do this.

yahhhh... born only for this moment and die at game 7.....

All these players on the DUBS are an intrical part of a GREAT team...GOOOOO WARRIORS...!!!

Once a warriors is always a warriors..#game7

Congrats GSWarriors!!!
Strength In Numbers...🏆

So many bitter..!just watch and enjoy...

Klayton was the man of the hour.
Do it one more time in Houston, our dear boy !!!!!

and they blew again a 3-1 record in the finals... de ja vuu

Now let's destroy them rockets on Monday in Game 7 of the 2018 Western Conference Finals!!!!!!

whenever Klay starts to get hot, he can never know how to miss anymore..

Only 9 pts in 4th tho rockets?

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Magic is in the air at #WizardingWorldHollywood. ...

Magic is in the air at #WizardingWorldHollywood.


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You are so going to have fun son

The "real" happiest place on earth:)

I miss this place Dina

Kimberly Ik kan nog steeds niet geloven dat ik toen dit hele kasteel niet had gezien eerst

Going up this week and then the following for the opening of the DW theatre :).

Jacklyn Jonathan this is the kinda pic I wanted to take.

I love this place I want to go back again 😉

My favorite place to be, I remain a huge HP fan forever and I will never forget the franchise.

The real happiness but the waiting is more the 2 ahours

Shana Herlihy I can buy my pass now.... I'm craving some butterbeer lol

We need to go to the Hollywood one! 💜

Joshua Forbes you’ll be seeing this shortly

Jenny Diveley it is amazing to walk through while waiting in line! The pictures are worth getting while at the park too! HP world was so incredible! Make sure to catch the stunt shows too.


Te veo pronto...🙈😁😂

Mathieu : « vomit is in the air » ouais

Paty, me llevas :D

Please pass the Butterbeer.

Increible experiencia con Nicole Alejandra

En octubre regreso.. Chingon lugar, Cheers

Andrea Gariepy this is where we should be everyday

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See the hottest summer blockbusters at Universal Cinema at CityWalk - L.A.'s ultimate movie experience! ...


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Never been to CityWalk or the Universal Cinema, it's all very new to me. I'll have to check it out.

3 days ago

Los Angeles Lakers

🙌 Can't wait to see you in LA, Neymar Jr.!!

Neymar Jr.
Thanks to my friends Wish. I love Lonzo Ball. See you soon in LA to watch the Los Angeles Lakers. ...


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Hopefully, Ball will be traded in the off season.

The best one is Kuzma... Ball will be something like Sam Bowie or Darco Milicic, Just a wasted 1st round pick

He should be holding a Kobe Bryant jersey, not Ball. Neymar is the black mamba of soccer.

Ball can’t shoot and Ball can’t score!

Why dont we sign Neymar! I think the dude is athletic and quick enough to get by guards like Jordan Clarkson. Just saying.

You think talented players would support other talented players, I guess not

Again we are expecting so much ..then..another awfull season...then we look for next year again and again...Magic and Pelinca go for reality pls...we fans are already feed-up of next next season.....

Respect to you my dude 💯👌🏽besides my team 🇮🇷 I’m going for yours 🇧🇷 to win it all, obrigado!!

Idnt want that jersey if it was for free. Ill take a kuzma jersey thoe

(Hiring Manager) - how about your english?
(Candidate) -fluent.

Dégage gros tocard. Va supporter ton équipe déjà. Même la plus pourrie des équipes NBA vaut 100 fois plus que ton club de merde

Just stay away from China 😆 9’9 walking around in stores where avg height is 5’1 and don’t think your not being looked at? 😂 Go Lakers 😂


Lmao Neymar is twice the athlete lonzo ball will ever be. Im surprised he looks up to that guy.

Finally he holds a jersey WORTH holding

Yoav Gabbay תראה איזה יופי שאגדה בתחומו ושחקן פשוט ברמה של ניימאר התחברו ככה

Mais casse toi de la neymar range ta serpillière et reste dans ton sport ça t'évitera de dire des conneries

Won’t be soon. lakers aren’t playing for awhile

Steven Goreski David Ristevski tenks Zo.. what a sk best player in the world now

Real recognize the realest!

Mario Radić tijekom cijelog procesa rehabilitacije se mucio nauciti ove 3 recenice. Mega talent

Manuel Attanasio mo è ufficiale. IO ODIO I LAKERS.
che fin i merd
kobe, ti prego, torna puniscili e poi sterminali


Pedro Girondi Lopes Neymar ganhando a camisa do futuro melhor do mundo

Neymar knows how to support a great team. Ryan Brad

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