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WATCH LIVE: City official, NAACP hold press conference on controversial arrests at Starbucks. DETAILS:

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Someone on Reddit started a thread critical of having to pay for @sacbee_news. After two days of our team working dawn to dusk on the #EastAreaRapist story, I responded.

Sacramento is getting a lot of nation wide news... • r/Sacramento

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Not so sure @KoltonMiller is the Raiders' Kolton Miller judging off all the November 3, 2017 happy birthday tweets. The Raiders first-round pick was born Sept. 2. Though it is fun to see Kelechi Osemele and the NFL congratulating who we think might be a Kentucky high schooler.

Today, the Los Angeles City Hall turns 90 years old 💫 Built in 1928 in a quirky mix of styles, the top of the building pays homage to an ancient mausoleum. The rotunda dome is elaborately tiled and is a "must-see" for any trip to L.A. #discoverLA

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40 minutes ago

CBS 8 - San Diego News

A disabled Marine veteran on Thursday drove home with a very special gift. ...

A one of its kind daycare center for people with Alzheimer's disease, as well as other types of dementia, will soon be open to the public.


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Yes I saw this on the news. We may have to check it out

Amazing ❤️

Susan Riemer Joanna Abbott BobMo Casanova how cool is this?!


Natalia Cabanas❤️


Cathy Marin Ramirez

Ingrid Ebert

5 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

The Cardinals select Josh Rosen. ...

The Cardinals select Josh Rosen.


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U C L A !!!!!!!

Go Bruins!! Glad the Browns didn’t draft you! Good luck in AZ!!

Donald and Suh bout to eat him up

Mark Hanks #TheFuture

Raimundo Orozco

Ryan Yamauchi

6 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

The Jets select Sam Darnold. ...

The Jets select Sam Darnold.


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Very good pick. Cleveland screwed up by giving the best QB in the draft to the Jets. It's been a long time since the Jets have had a real QB

John Mattison

Let's hope jets bring you up right rip mark Sanchez and that Gino quarter back

Sorry Sam....

Congrats Sam. I’m rooting for you in gang Green. Fight on ✌️.

Pats will ruin you !!!

Should've gone 1st

7 hours ago

Visit California

Celebrate National Park Week while you still can! Enjoy the beauty of spring at Yosemite National Park.


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Alonzo Hernandez let's go next month

Keila Hernandez Santa

Dena Owen Riddle

Teresa Cook Reynolds

Scott Kirk


Ricardo Salinas

Marcus Triplett

Nui Setobol

Samantha Love

7 hours ago

Los Angeles Lakers

Lonzo Ball puts it down over a 7️⃣-footer in Top Play #7 ...


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Not even top 10 rookie

Just wait til Lavar pulls him out of the team coz he doesn’t like the coach... He’ll move him to Lithuania. Oh wait... he’s pulling his kids out of Lithuania coz he doesn’t like the coach.
Hmmm, I heard Zimbabwe has a great professional basketball league.

It seems like I'm watching the G league.

I know those with PHD's ( Player hater degrees ) are burning up their keyboards right now to criticize, but don't listen Lonzo. Do your thing and keep representing our proud franchise like you have. Props!!

If he only could be aggressive like that all the time.. Dude is really a special talent!

I wish they had a thumbs down on Facebook...👎...Lonzo plays and acts like a girl...he is soft no matter how many plays you put together to make him look great...bottom line he is a below average player in the NBA.

He really needs to learn to attack the basket... he clearly has the athleticism to do it... just need to get better at finishing

Wow one good play the whole year

trade this bbbust already

No fear! That was a veteran play for a rookie right there..

Next year he will be top 10 players

Lonzo is a BBBITCH.

Should've been an And-1!! 💯

Hate if you must. I rather draft Fox, Smith Jr., or Mitchell and keep the core.

K, trade him.

And 1
Its sad lakers fans are against this kid. He'll prove you wrong. Wait and see

one of the most promising point guard in the NBA today.


Get rid of this a..hole and his father!

But the 7 footer didn’t even defend the play

Who cares

Super insightful commentay

They must’ve forgot!

Kijk Fred zo deden we dat vroeger


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8 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

Marcellus is goin' with his gut. ...

Marcellus is goin with his gut.

10 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

Keyshawn's final mock draft is here! ...

Keyshawns final mock draft is here!


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He doesn't have Nick Chubbs in the top 10? What a joke. He'll be gone way before the Niners draft at 9 or they'll jump on that immediately.

I love Key
But he’s not on point

Wow both Socal QBs in New York. I like that draft!

Its Bradley Chubb

Probably did better than mel

12 hours ago

Visit California

Now's the perfect time to take that beach vacation you've always wanted. Catch some waves and rays in Ventura!
📷: @nico.captures ...

Nows the perfect time to take that beach vacation youve always wanted. Catch some waves and rays in Ventura! 
📷: @nico.captures


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I wish!

Angela Lincoln I don't think I've been to the pier. Next time!

17 hours ago

Visit California

Watch as the California Dream Eater goes on an epic foodie road trip through The Napa Valley and Sonoma County, CA! #DreamEats


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My home I miss it!!

Love this!!! 😍

Kate Novinc Antes Omg the best of wine country!

Tiffany Gonzales and James N' Nicole -- there you go!

Garret Bland should we spend a day or 2 there?


I like your job!

Susie Staten McKinniss

Storm Stillman


Kelly Siering

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