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The Sacramento Police Department has released body cam video from the day Brandon Smith died in their custody. I just spoke with police about why he was being taken to jail, and why they’re considering policy changes tonight at 11 on ABC10

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One hospitalized in Oceanside rollover crash

Summer is heating up and we love to visit the river to cool down, don't you? While visiting, remember to wear your life jacket! #LifeLooksGoodOnYou

Hundreds of Interfaith leaders to march to detention facility

Good morning! Today's San Diego County Forecast: #SanDiegoWX #SoSanDiego

Car chase suspect arrested, restrained in body wrap

Man critically injured after chasing ball into street

Half-naked man violently attacks woman inside Target: police

Toddler dies after being left in car for 10 hours while mom socialized, officials say

Get involved in the Downtown Riverfront Streetcar project through the online open house! Visit

Heatwaves are two or more consecutive days when the temperature is 100° or more.🌞 After the second day of a heatwave #Sacramento residents are exempt from the 2 day per week watering schedule. Do you know what all the exemptions are? Find out by visiting

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