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Dreaming of You: Why we STILL love Selena

Dreaming of You: Why we STILL love Selena


ICONIC: Driven, talented, boundary-breaking, musically gifted, stunning, inspirational, beautiful, unforgettable -- these are just some of the words that describe the late Tejano star, Selena.

Selena's talent, style and personality still resonate with fans nearly 25 years after her untimely death.

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#MoffatFire [update] off Highway 395 and Moffat Ranch Road, north of Lone Pine is now 1,265 acres and 90% contained. Unified Command: @CALFIREBDU, @Caltrans9, and @InyoSheriff.

#EARTHQUAKE: 3.9 magnitude quake shakes the Thousand Palms area near Palm Springs. Did you feel it?

The Sacramento Central Library celebrated its 100th anniversary today. Rita Gibson (in blue) donated a copy of the Ladybird script signed by #gretagerwig and #saoirseronan in honor of @cecilyhastings1.

#EARTHQUAKE: 3.1 quake shakes community of Aguanga in Riverside County, according to @USGS .

Did you feel it?

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Some San Diego iPhone users say Apple Inc. is limiting their repair options. Rina Nakano 10News explains how an update is affecting some phones. ...


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Ask any iPhone user why they choose iPhone over Android and the answer is always the same: "Because it's an iPhone"

The I stands for idiots. Use more droid.

All android too

All android users know that i-anything sucks i-anything USERS suck as well... it is a mental illness issue.. These are well known facts :)

CalJet abruptly canceled flights out of North County this week. Matt Boone 10News talked with passengers who are upset about the sudden switch. ...


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5 hours ago

The Oakland Raiders

On this date in 1995, we drafted Napoleon Kaufman in the first round.

He took us back in time to one of his favorite Silver & Black memories. #OnceARaiderAlwaysARaider ...


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Awesome RB,2nd behind Bo. I still wear 2 of his jerseys today. His dad was a great veteran who served our military. Honor to have met his father before in Lompoc..

Man, I remember watching that game when Ken Norton Jr. destroyed his knee. Still one of the worst sports injuries I've ever seen.

My second favorite Rb

My 3rd favorite RB ever behind Payton a Bo Jackson

I was at that game Nap!

I saw him in KC during the Y2K at the teams hotel, he was a dick..a team official tried to get him to stop and say hi to us and he just rushed by

The Lord gave him a gift in more then one way. I loved the way you played sir and respect your decision to follow the Lord

A Bench pressing machine!

One of my all time favorites. Pastor Kaufman

I always thought he could have been one of the greatest ever, but he cut it way to short. Should of given him the ball more too.

Probably my favorite Raider growing up, outside of Bo Jackson. He was smooth.

I still have his signed jersey I thought he was going to be next Barry sanders

Bless You, Pastor.


Mike Sneesby Rod Dibona Brian Hill. He will always be one of my fav’s and I remember that game like it was yesterday

The origional Beast mode, killed it at Washington and wish he played longer in the NFL

Him and Wheatley were a good 1 and 2 punch.

Thank you for beating the Bronc-hoes on that day😁😁

Never made sense to me how Harvey Williams kept starting over him.

He was a beast!

Went to his last game at the Apple cup when he was senior!

Great guy and coach. He was my son Drake’s coach.

Wow, riveting.


Love Kaufman! Sacramento man!

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Happy Earth Day! Viral video shows CHP officers escorting geese and brood over the Bay Bridge Saturday. ...


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Patricia M Arvizu-Perez

8 hours ago

The Oakland Raiders

It's the Beast's birthday.

Join us in wishing Marshawn a happy 32nd, #RaiderNation. ...


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All these so called "raiders fans" hating on Lynch, that's fine you're entitled to your opinion, so in my opinion y'all should go root for another team


Go back to Seattle, loser.

Don't need him...!!! .he does nothing but disrupt the team...we need players not a bunch of LIberal polictal.protesters...

Like him as a player. Love him as a person. Happy Birthday from the Raider Nation.

Happy Birthday Beast Mode... Bring the SB trophy back to your home town Oakland...


Im not a Gruden fan but if Marshawn was a cancer, he wouldnt be still on the team.

Happy C-Day Beast mode!!! Let's get it done b4 our Raiders dip to sin city, get 1 more for the Town!!! From Long beach to Oakland get em cuzz!!!

Happy Level Up Day Marshawn!!! Celebrate your journey!!! May each day overflow with PEACE, JOY, LOVE & BLESSINGS!!! KEEP GIVIN THEM BEASTMODE!!! #ELEVATEHIGH

Happy Birthday from across the pond and the UK Raider Nation!

Marshawn ~
☆•**•¸¸•**•☆•**• Happy 😎Birthday •**•☆•**•¸¸•**•☆

From 303/720 Colorado 🤘🏼

Happy birthday Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode

Happy Birthday Marshawn have a Blessed Life Young Man

Happy birthday marshawn we share birthday today is also my birthday

Happy Birthday Marshawn From South Central L.A Raiders Nation

Act right with Gruden's this Raider Nation over. Earn it.

Happy Birthday Marshawn. Have a great day!

Happy BDay Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch‼️
Today Is A Good Day‼️
Go Raaaiiidddeerrsss‼️
Just Win 👶🏽 ‼️ Waaa‼️

Happy Birthday Marshawn! Best of wishes and hope you are the best RB in the NFL.

Have a blessed bday,,, beast mode all day everyday #onlyonenation

Happy birthday Marshawn! Glad to have you in Oakland!

Happy Birthday to you Marshawn enjoy your bless day. Go Raiders. 😘❤️🏈🎉🎂🎈🍺🍺

Happy birthday Marshawn nothing but love and respect from me

Happy Birthday Marshawn - keep keepin it real

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Just Announced: 49ers alumnus Dennis Brown is coaching the 49ers PREP High School Skills Camp on May 12th!

Sign up here: ...

Just Announced: 49ers alumnus Dennis Brown is coaching the 49ers PREP High School Skills Camp on May 12th!

Sign up here:
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