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Earth Has Near Miss With Asteroid Spotted Just Hours Earlier

Earth Has Near Miss With Asteroid Spotted Just Hours Earlier


An asteroid came alarmingly close to striking the Earth on April 15, just hours after the large space rock was spotted flying through the solar system.

KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area:

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3 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

Another fun season from Sacramento Kings Dancers veteran Megan 🤠 📷 » ...

Another fun season from Sacramento Kings Dancers veteran Megan 🤠 📷 »

3 hours ago

The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert talks about the circumstances and arrest of East Area Rape suspect Joseph James DeAngelo ...


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Michelle Cruz 🙏

3 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

Bogi & Willie combine for an epic Alley-Oopercut 😱 ...


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Shunje Mali to je ta kombinacija što smo diskutovali, samo što ja nemogu da zakucam al’ će se nešto iskombinuje 😏😏..


Matthew Licastro

4 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

Think you’re a diehard Kings fan? Here are 25 signs that will make you 💯 percent sure » ...

Think you’re a diehard Kings fan? Here are 25 signs that will make you 💯 percent sure »

5 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

Jerry Reynolds joins the #AllThingsKings Podcast and you need to hear his assessment of the young Kings 📈

🎥 ...

6 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

No easy layups when Garrett Temple is on the court 🚫 ...


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I hope Temple has a place with the Sacramento Kings even after his playing days are over, the man knows all there is to know about basketball (both the game and the business aspect). I would love to see him work alongside another strong perimeter defender like Mikal Bridges and put a stop to other teams coming into town and thinking they can rain 3s on us.

8 hours ago

California Highway Patrol

Today our traffic safety partners at Caltrans HQ honored the legacies of two of its employees during its 28th Annual Workers Memorial at the State Capitol. There have been a total of 188 Caltrans employees who have lost their lives on the job since 1921.

Drivers can dramatically improve safety in work zones by slowing down, reducing distractions such as talking on the phone or texting, dedicating all attention to the roadway.

Caltrans HQ
The Caltrans workers memorial ceremony honors 188 Caltrans workers killed on the job since 1921. This year, Caltrans will pay special tribute to District 4 Toll Booth Collector Si Si Han and and District 4 Structural Steel Painter Supervisor Annette Brooks. We will live-stream today’s Memorial on this Facebook page at 11 AM. ...


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What’s the laws on using your phone while driving in the us. In the uk if your pulled over it’s a £200 fine straight up.

3 days ago

California Highway Patrol

As law enforcement officers, we took an oath to protect and serve the people of California, and retired Sergeant Kevin Briggs is a shining example of taking that oath and putting it to action. For 18 years he patrolled the Golden Gate Bridge and prevented over 200 people from committing suicide. He said it best, “All it takes is one person to change another person’s life. Listen to understand.”

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 (24 hours a day) or

Muse Storytelling
He was a highway patrol officer. The area he was asked to patrol included the Golden Gate Bridge.

It turns out, the Golden Gate is one of the world’s leading spots for loss of life to suicide.

But as highway patrol, Kevin received no training on how to handle such complex situations. Imagine countless people leaping off the bridge and being totally powerless to make any difference.

One day, after losing somebody after a long attempt to try and talk them back over the rail, he’d had enough.

This is the story of what Kevin decided to do about that problem. And what he learned about helping those with suicide and depression.

Produced by a global team of filmmakers as part of Muse Film School ( for the original web-series The Remarkable Ones ( ...


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God bless you Kevin Briggs

Thank you and God bless you!🕆🕆💖💖

A true hero

Thank you for all that you did 👮🏻‍♂️

Well done Sir

I saw the original Yahoo News story. Kevin Briggs is an awesome guy and he was a credit to the CHP!!

Have his book on the way from Amazon!!

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much 🇺🇸⭐️

Little did I know My son drove hundreds of miles to end his life there. On the way there he was pulled over for “speeding “ and he said that’s what changed his mind. I didn’t find out any of this til months later.

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