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Entire California ghost town for sale for just under $1 million

Entire California ghost town for sale for just under $1 million


Actual ghosts not included.

For the price of a small San Francisco apartment, you can buy 300 acres and a small town.

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"It was the first time that I had really felt what it was like to walk again."

The first time stroke survivor Jess McNair wore a robotic exoskeleton that Richmond's @EksoBionics is developing, she felt a renewed sense of hope.

Robotic exoskelton helps stroke, spinal cord patients regain mobility

For stroke survivor Jess McNair, each step remains slow and laborious. But the first time the 32-year-old former bartender wore a robotic exoskeleton ...

If border separations have you down, volunteering is a great way to channel that heartbreak — especially if you're cash-strapped or hungry for more involvement. Here's who you can help locally

‘Doodler’ Back in Limelight Despite No Updates to Case

TMT movie columnist Diane Pershing discusses two much-awaited summer releases: "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" and "Ocean's 8."

Movies - Oceans 8.jpg

Reviews & More: New Perspectives

‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’

Bay Area Couple Raises Millions to Reunite Migrant Children With Parents

Crowd gathered at Embarcadero Plaza to protest immigrant detentions, some where Mylar blankets despite the heat

When a magic trick is too good, the audience doesn't have time to see it.

The great @AliBouzari explores @RaviKapur's sleight of hand at @Liholihoclub, which appears casual—but is anything but.

New edition of #Housemade. Original art by @christinaillos

Muni’s Twin Peaks Tunnel is getting a much-needed makeover, and the heavy work starts Monday. But it will require a two-month shutdown of the tunnel. Here's how that will affect your commute:

Supervisors Could Fast-Track Affordable Housing Projects

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