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Ex-Boyfriend Of Woman Killed In Aliso Viejo Explosion Arrested

Ex-Boyfriend Of Woman Killed In Aliso Viejo Explosion Arrested


BREAKING: Stephen Beal, 59, was arrested on suspicion of having an unregistered destructive device after police and the FBI raided his home in Long Beach, but he has not been charged in connection with the explosion that killed his business partner and ex-girlfriend, 48-year-old Ildiko Krajnyak.

Stephen Beal, 59, of Long Beach, was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of an unregistered destructive device, according to FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.

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My friend Chuck ordered a #RoyalWedding commemorative plate from 🇧🇷Brazil and this is what arrived! 🤪 #fail

Curry making a three from the parking lot... #DubNation

Tonight's Warriors starters:

🏀 #NBAPlayoffs R3G6 vs. @HoustonRockets
📻 @957thegame
📍 @OracleArena

What do you say #DubNation? Are you ready for some basketball!? Game 6 starts now. #WeGotThis #BeastMode

Emerald Plunge waterslide reopens today at The Wave Waterpark Dublin, one year after boy bounced off & injured.

Are you traveling for the holiday weekend? Use this mobile link for local weather, with access to areas outside our forecast area:

#CAwx #SoCal

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Magic is in the air at #WizardingWorldHollywood. ...

Magic is in the air at #WizardingWorldHollywood.


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The "real" happiest place on earth:)

Shana Herlihy I can buy my pass now.... I'm craving some butterbeer lol

Jenny Diveley it is amazing to walk through while waiting in line! The pictures are worth getting while at the park too! HP world was so incredible! Make sure to catch the stunt shows too.

Going up this week and then the following for the opening of the DW theatre :).

My favorite place to be, I remain a huge HP fan forever and I will never forget the franchise.

Jacklyn Jonathan this is the kinda pic I wanted to take.


I wanna go...


Can't wait

Te veo pronto...🙈😁😂

Paty, me llevas :D

En octubre regreso.. Chingon lugar, Cheers

Mathieu : « vomit is in the air » ouais

Please pass the Butterbeer.

No. That’s smog

Harry Potter. I went here

I love to visit there

Fantastico aunque duramos como 2 horas en subir mucha gente

Valeria Vizcaya mira bocol, a ti que te gusta Harry Piuter

I miss this place Dina

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See the hottest summer blockbusters at Universal Cinema at CityWalk - L.A.'s ultimate movie experience! ...


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Never been to CityWalk or the Universal Cinema, it's all very new to me. I'll have to check it out.

2 days ago

Los Angeles Lakers

🙌 Can't wait to see you in LA, Neymar Jr.!!

Neymar Jr.
Thanks to my friends Wish. I love Lonzo Ball. See you soon in LA to watch the Los Angeles Lakers. ...


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He should be holding a Kobe Bryant jersey, not Ball. Neymar is the black mamba of soccer.

Hopefully, Ball will be traded in the off season.

The best one is Kuzma... Ball will be something like Sam Bowie or Darco Milicic, Just a wasted 1st round pick

Ball can’t shoot and Ball can’t score!

You think talented players would support other talented players, I guess not

Why dont we sign Neymar! I think the dude is athletic and quick enough to get by guards like Jordan Clarkson. Just saying.

Again we are expecting so much ..then..another awfull season...then we look for next year again and again...Magic and Pelinca go for reality pls...we fans are already feed-up of next next season.....

Respect to you my dude 💯👌🏽besides my team 🇮🇷 I’m going for yours 🇧🇷 to win it all, obrigado!!

Idnt want that jersey if it was for free. Ill take a kuzma jersey thoe

(Hiring Manager) - how about your english?
(Candidate) -fluent.

Dégage gros tocard. Va supporter ton équipe déjà. Même la plus pourrie des équipes NBA vaut 100 fois plus que ton club de merde

Just stay away from China 😆 9’9 walking around in stores where avg height is 5’1 and don’t think your not being looked at? 😂 Go Lakers 😂


Lmao Neymar is twice the athlete lonzo ball will ever be. Im surprised he looks up to that guy.

Finally he holds a jersey WORTH holding

Yoav Gabbay תראה איזה יופי שאגדה בתחומו ושחקן פשוט ברמה של ניימאר התחברו ככה

Mais casse toi de la neymar range ta serpillière et reste dans ton sport ça t'évitera de dire des conneries

Won’t be soon. lakers aren’t playing for awhile

Steven Goreski David Ristevski tenks Zo.. what a sk best player in the world now

Real recognize the realest!

Mario Radić tijekom cijelog procesa rehabilitacije se mucio nauciti ove 3 recenice. Mega talent

Manuel Attanasio mo è ufficiale. IO ODIO I LAKERS.
che fin i merd
kobe, ti prego, torna puniscili e poi sterminali


Pedro Girondi Lopes Neymar ganhando a camisa do futuro melhor do mundo

Neymar knows how to support a great team. Ryan Brad

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When's your next visit to the park?? 🤔 (📷: @annaknunez) ...

Whens your next visit to the park?? 🤔 (📷: @annaknunez)


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So packed all the time. We have passes and can go almost when ever, but when is a good day to go with fewer people.

It’s gotten a bit expensive and for a good part of the year they close SUPER early so I don’t know when I will be going again.

After the new Jurassic World ride opens up! When does it open?

I've never been but hope to in the next year or so.

Me and my partner have come from Australia and will be visting 29th May we can’t wait 😃

I will be back with my hubby December 26th! And get to spend by bday there for the first time on the 29th! 😍⚡️

Maybe after the new Jurassic park ride opens in Hollywood. Idk I like to go in the off season mid week but you guys close to early. Trying to go to the Orlando park in 4 yrs. No really into all this 3D screen ride stuff.

ASAP !!! ❤️

First time on September 9 from QLD Australia we can’t wait😄
Can we please get some recommendations on what’s worthwhile seeing and best way to get tickets e.g online or at the gate?

I'm thinking about it going in 2019 when the Jurassic world attraction opens Universal Studios Hollywood.


I'm crossing my fingers to be there pretty soon this year

November.. it’s been 22 years since our last visit

When you reduce your prices!!! lol too much money now

The family and I really enjoyed our time, last September. Great place! We will definitely come back again next time we visit the U.S.

want to go, but parks do NOT seem to understand the REAL cost of going there. need to make their prices almost at least half for families to afford it. they are not realistic.

October 2019 for a whole week to the Orlando location!
Can’t wait ❤️

I hope next year. If I get the money for it together. And when I get my fear of flying under control. Me, and a buddy of mine, want to go there. Now it's time to save money. (Translated by Google)

Hopefully sooner than later.🤞🏻
Right Chad😉😜

Maybe next year again 😍

It was last week and was amazing. We were able to take pictures with almost all characters available at the time. Beautiful experience 😍

In June for my 45th birthday

October ! 😍 My favorite park !

I hope one day I will get the chance to visit!

Sunday ☀️

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