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Facing ICE in the Mission District - July 12, 2018 - SF Weekly

Facing ICE in the Mission District - July 12, 2018 - SF Weekly


With the expiration of temporary protected status, one Salvadoran family may be split apart.

Fredy Ochoa, 42, was poring over the multitude of ice-cream flavors before him. Just as he was going to ask his son James what to order, he noticed something wrong: James’ face was crimson. “I can’t breathe, I’m dying,” James pleaded.  Ochoa rushed him to the ER, where doctors discovered ...

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#HumphreyBogart brings #DashiellHammett's Sam Spade and #RaymondChandler's Philip Marlowe to life in a classic gumshoe double bill!

Beware the fat man in THE MALTESE FALCON (1941) and blackmail is all the rage in THE BIG SLEEP (1946), July 27 at the Aero Theatre.

In addition to increased wages as of July 1st, we wanted to remind y'all who work in Santa Monica that you have a paid sick leave policy that is more generous than state law. For more info visit - @santamonicacity

Besides @CountyofLA & @CAgovernment , the #MinimumWage has also increased in @LACity @santamonicacity @PasadenaGov & @CityMalibu. Some cities have additional regulations such as paid #sickleave. We can help you find out which wage schedule applies to your employees. #WageChat

Be prepared for some good old-fashioned fun for all at the Annual Community Picnic! Thursday, July 19 from 6 - 8:30pm. RSVP at @santamonicacity

Thank you, @santamonicacity for the 'Most Loved Nonprofit in Santa Monica' Award. We are grateful to collaborate with our local partners to create change in our community.

You can help make the Los Angeles Times a landmark! Send an email or join us at City Hall on Thursday, 7/19 to ask the Cultural Heritage Commission to ensure three great mid-century buildings are protected from demolition or insensitive redevelopment.

Thursday July 19 come down to the annual #smbeachhousepicnic for epic tug of war and so much more! @santamonicacity

@WendySharpie @santamonicacity Actually, based on at least 50 conversations I've had to inform people about rules they were violating, many are simply uninformed. There are those who could not care less (they've made that clear to me emphatically) but they are a minority.

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