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Federal Official: Fatal Aliso Viejo Blast May Have Been Caused By Package

Federal Official: Fatal Aliso Viejo Blast May Have Been Caused By Package


LATEST: According to a federal official, authorities are investigating whether Tuesday's fatal explosion in Aliso Viejo was intentional and caused by a package. However, sheriff’s officials countered the report, stating that they have not yet “conclusively identified” the cause or source. Meanwhile, USPS told CBS2 Wednesday that it did not deliver the package in question.

“And (I) saw two women come out, full of blood, hair singed, just glass stuck to their hair, glass stuck to their bodies,”

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Biking is a great way to exercise, run errands around town, save money, explore new parts of the community, and commute to work and school without contributing to congestion. Learn more about SaMo bike culture:

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The June 17 event assembles more than 100 collector cars at one of the country’s most exclusive addresses.

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All City of San Diego Administrative Offices will be closed this coming Monday, May 28, for #MemorialDay. Visit for more details.

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55 minutes ago

Golden State Warriors

Welcome back to the court, Pat 💛 #DubNation ...

Welcome back to the court, Pat 💛 #DubNation


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i love this

Not gonna lie: I’m a little nervous about tomorrow night’s game. Gotta bring the A game.

Nice to see you back Pat

welcome back kid!ready for g7???lets go

Happy that you’re OK.

Glory To God!
I've been praying for this brother since it happened. PRAISE THE LORD! \0/ #PrayingForPatrick


Welcome back

welcome back pat😍

glad to see you again on court Pat ..!goodluck and Godbless for game 7 Warriors 🙏

Welcome back Patrick McCaw !! SO happy to see you back on the court with the team! ❤️😁


gooo warriors 😍kayang kaya niya niyo yan para sa game 7💪🔥

Amen 🙏🏼

alot rides on tomorrows game. If the warriors win they will have cemented their place as the team of the decade with 3 titles since they will probably win the Finals against the east but if they lose they will have tied the Heat with two titles and left room for doubt as to their place in basketball history. Go warriors.

Missed you MCCaw!! So happy to see you out there!


Welcome back #DabNation😚👏🙌🙌

Warriors. MVP

I love to watch NBA because of WARRIORS.. 💗💗💗💗💗



Welcome home Pat MCCaw! 🙏🏽💯👊🏽

Praise the Lord! God is good! Welcome Back!

Great season for the Celtics. CAVS is waiting for the Finals for GSW vs Rockets.💪

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2 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

"When we're locked in & we take care of the ball, then we have a great chance of catching fire...we have to be dialed in." 🔒

Hear more from Steve Kerr on emotions heading into Game 7 on Monday. ...


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Go Warriors ❤️❤️❤️

Monday? Is the Game 7? Well, Good To know.. Have some Rest.. My Favorite Team 😘

Go warriors

Go Cleveland Cavaliers :3

GO WARRIORS! #SplashBrothers #curry30 #thompson11 #green23 #champion2018

Let's gooooooo dubs,..

Go warriors Go make a win and good luck to tomorrow let’s go warriors 👍😍🏀🏀🏀warriors all day 🏀🏀🏀


James 🤗😘


Go Warriors! ❤❤❤

I wish Klay would turn into another Scoring Machine!

Go warriors😍go klay😘

Why the golden state are not using pachulia or javel magee as big man ?

Go Warriors go klay

Joseph Keith Hamilton

Lets go Warriors! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Go Warriors!!!!

I hope KD will play the best game he has ever played in NBA then we should be okay.

Good luck guys!

good luck GSW


Don't lets us down Warriors
Defend your title 🏆

Lets go dubs..,lets get this game 7

Warriors will defeat Rockets tomorrow. That´s all,

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2 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

24 hours... #StrengthInNumbers ...


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24 hrs and we are back in the Finals. :)

Pleaseeee win this game😭😭😭

Let's go rockets ! Let's go rockets

Don't worry warriors fans cp3 isn't playing
NBA will
Make sure you guys win

Lets go warriors..,


Lets go warriors

We're going to win this. there is no reason not to. We win this game we the chip this year. Let's go, Warriors.

Finals!!!! Go DUBS!!!!!!! Waaarrriiiooorrrssss ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Warriors vs celtics, who isnt pumped for this, the best 2 teams in the league!! Go dubs!!


Fight till d end warriors team....

Let's go warriors

Have faith and always believe in God team. We'll support youuuu until the end. Rain it down with three's!!! You can do it. Heads up Dubs!!! 🔥🔥 🔥

Go warriors !!👏👏👏

Let's go Warriors! Finals for sure!! We will be screaming in my house!!!!


This game will be on fire



Ngayon ba laban o bukas ba?

Wat tym po?



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4 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

"When your back's against the wall, if your shot's not falling, you can always control your passion & how hard you play. Usually when I do that, it trickles over to other aspects of my game." - Klay Thompson #WarriorsRakuten ...


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chát xiếc

Kerr needs to watch out for Durant’s iso and don’t let the warriors mistakes again like not calling timeout, etc

I'll watch every game...and my whole day was perfect.❤🏀😘😘😘

Good job, one more.

Ay Ke

Aylab Istipin cyoriii

Curry bigyan mo ako sapatos

Nough said,do it again on game 7 and lets win

It is Klay, just get it done tomorrow night in Houston. You guys have it. Just make it happen, Love it. ...


Mistyblu Congerr

You Guys have it dig down inside and bring it. You are winners and I know you can do it.

Go Warriors Go Warriors

Klay Thompson has depth in his character and NBA talents!

I just want to let all FB I will be heart broken If we lose. If my aunt Peggy had two nuts she would be my uncle.

Be the Warriors who brought back to back champion!! ❤️ We believe!!!

I love how Kevin Durant and Steph laughed with the question. 😂

Go Warriors!!

Tomorrow at 22:00 pm

I luv this young man!! He has such a big a heart for this team !!

Klay Thompson is a factor in game 7 just do itt again OKAY have a great game 7 good luck warriors win

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9 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Do yourself a favor and set aside 8 minutes to watch Draymond Green with Shaq, Chuck, Kenny and Ernie following the Dubs' Game 6 victory in Oakland. ...


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chát xiếc

Love this😊

Nicholas Bhaskaran


Von Fondia

Mixon BowlingBowling.He back stroking

Much respect for all these gentlemen. Some of the BEST players ever. Absolutely LOVE this!!

Giovanny BD Cantave

Davida Rodgers

Carlo Doms

Daly city california u.s.a.
Sapangbato Angeles city p.i.

Shut up chuck

Barkley didn't have nothing smart to say

Green está haciendo una serie horrible...debe ser transpasado

Green did a great job.

Barkley on that unicycle back peddling!

Robert Cruz

Patty Negi-Estrada


Felipe Flor

Barkley has turned into Howard Stern, he don't even believe half the crap he says, it's all about the controversy

Clinton Taj Banjo

Iyan Dyek Carl Carpio nood muna

Joe Devereaux

Rezi Kvirikashvili bolo 20 cams uyure))

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1 day ago

California Waterfowl

We've got a great turnout today for our Junior Waterfowl Day at Kingsburg Gun Club! Volunteers Dennis Grant and Ben Weisert are helping out around 150 kids with shooting stations, archery, games, raffles and more! THANK YOU to all our volunteers and the entire event committee for making this a memorable day for all! ...

Weve got a great turnout today for our Junior Waterfowl Day at Kingsburg Gun Club! Volunteers Dennis Grant and Ben Weisert are helping out around 150 kids with shooting stations, archery, games, raffles and more! THANK YOU to all our volunteers and the entire event committee for making this a memorable day for all!Image attachmentImage attachment

2 days ago

Audubon California

Marcos Trinidad, director of the Audubon Center at Debs Park in Los Angeles, gets a lot of birds outside his office. Like this Hutton's Vireo. ...


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I have one or two in my yard. They are sweet.

2 days ago

Audubon California

What's the first bird you saw today? If you were lucky, it was a Western Kingbird. (photo by Ken Slade) ...

Whats the first bird you saw today? If you were lucky, it was a Western Kingbird. (photo by Ken Slade)


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Seller's Jay.

3 fledgling Eastern Phoebes

Anna's hummer in the rain.

Female mallard!

I rarely see a bird. When I do, it's usually an Egret.

Western Bluebird

Heard Mourning Doves this AM, but yesterday encountered a robin! Rare for this part of the world in May!

A matter of fact it was. Went out 5:30am there she was shakinh the rain off. I heard many local bird in the bush tryin to cherp tha rain away. They were so wet. I worry about an finch setting on four egg on the evergreen next to the house.

Hooded Oriole. What a brilliant yellow when I opened my blinds this morning. He is a shy bird and quickly flew off.

i believe a kestrel flew overhead this morning as i walked to the office. but of course at home i saw my regulars customers - house finches, gold finches, mourning doves, dark-eyed's, white-capped finches and sometimes, the oriole couple, not to mention the rufous hummies that can't seem to understand there's enough food to go around. :)

I see these every day. I didn’t know what they were

Wild turkey. I’ve never seen the Western Kingbird. Will look for it. Thanks for the post.

Stellar's Jay in Julian.

Say's Phoebe Flycatcher!

Mocking bird.

Male Eastern bluebird at my window.

Black Phoebe

Strawberry finch. Why are they suddenly in Novato?

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3 days ago

Audubon California

California is best experienced outdoors! Tell us you're a YES on Proposition 68: ...

California is best experienced outdoors! Tell us youre a YES on Proposition 68:


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I have lived in California since the 70s, Love California & its climate.

California on West Slope Northern Sierras, Paradise here. Wild life and birds abound, they are my constant companions. We must preserve our state for future generations & Ourselves !

4 days ago

California Waterfowl

Check it out - bipartisan turnout on Tuesday for the California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus Shoot at the Cordova Shooting Center in Rancho Cordova! The goal of the event is to show folks from the Capitol that firearms can be used in a safe, responsible and fun manner, and that even recreational shooting supports conservation. Click on the link to see who showed up at this event sponsored by CWA and a host of other hunting/conservation groups. ...


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Good times on the range. The food wasn’t half bad either.

How can anyone not love shooting clay targets? It's a blast!

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