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Flash Sale: Southwest rolls out deals with one-way fares starting at $49

Flash Sale: Southwest rolls out deals with one-way fares starting at $49


WANNA GET AWAY? Southwest rolls out 96-hour flash sale with one-way tickets starting as low as $49 on select routes.

Just in time for your summer travel plans, Southwest Airlines on Tuesday launched a flash sale with domestic flights starting as low as $49 one-way to select destinations.

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How do you want to spend SF's transportation sales tax dollars?
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The #Dodgers are holding $1 Dodger Dog Night -- so naturally, we had a hot dog eating contest. (w/ @Megancolarossi @Elex_Michaelson @mariasearth @Dodgers)

Mama Curry is reportedly happy with her son's performance during the #Warriors' rout of the #Rockets, but not with his mouth. And Stephen Curry agrees. He told #ESPN, "She's right. I gotta do better. I can't talk like that."

Stephen Curry, amid breakout rally, fails to hold tongue: 'I blacked out'

Steph Curry's emotions erupted in step with his offense as he scored 18 of his game-high 35 points in a pivotal third quarter in which the Warriors pu...

Stephen Curry came alive scoring 35 points with five 3-pointers, shooting over James Harden and the rest is history. Once the two-time MVP got his groove back, Houston was helpless. #warriors #dubnation #dubs

Stephen Curry comes alive to score 35, Warriors rout Rockets by 41

Stephen Curry shook, shimmied and screamed, letting his adoring Warriors fans and the Rockets know that Oracle Arena was his house.

LOOK at what’s hidden in this bougainvillea! Two tiny hummingbird babies; they hatched from eggs the size of jelly bellies. Sometimes when you look around, there’s magic right in front of you.

What did your weekend look like? #abc7now #sandiego #weekendvibes #MondayMotivaton

#breaking this just happened at #SFO. we'll have more on @abc7newsbayarea 11am.

Did you know that it takes almost 3,000 poll workers to conduct an election in #SanFrancisco? That's right, and @SFElections still need poll workers! We're accepting applicants at @SFCity_Hall, Room 48, SEVEN DAYS a WEEK, 10am-4pm. Tell your friends too!

#NEW: Big news from @netflix! #BarackObama and #MichelleObama have entered into an agreement to produce films and series for the #BayArea #LosGatos-based company.

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3 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

It was the week of the Brandons: The home crowd enjoyed big offensive performances by Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford ...


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Where are all the people who kept saying trade Belt all last season or simply when hes in a slump? NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.

Go GIANTS Brandon's are great. Glad to see the Panda playing multiple positions and hitting the golf ball pitches, he can do it!

Belt is hot right now, wow

This is a team! They are feeding off of one another!

In this past week:
Belt batted .444 with 5 HRs and 11 RBIs
Crawford batted .520 with 1 HR and 6 RBIs
Gorkys batted .294 with 2 HRs and 4 RBIs
Longo batted .345 with a couple of RBIs
Posey, Gomey, and AJax all batted over .300 this week as well.

In the pen:
Smith has 6 Ks with 0 ER in 3.1 IP
Watson has 5 Ks with 0 ER in 4 IP

So poor Starting Pitching aside there has definitely been some highlights (especially offensively)

Love the Brandons! Wish they could have done this while they were in Philly! Wish I could see them in SF!

Brandons!!!!!!!! #Giants4life

Brand⚾️ns belt h⚾️mers🔥✔️

Love the Brandons! Great job guys! Stay hot Guys!

Let's Go Giant's

Kelby was Clutch!

My Man Crawford & Belt !

Good for the Brandon's and Posey......bad for Blanco


What a great game. We got to see this one live.

Travis Allen all the way!


What can I say, Brandon's do it best 😏


🧡B & B🖤

Krista Rovella watch the very beginning of this video.

Bernardo Machain todo esta marchando bien 👍🏼


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4 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

#11 for Brandon Belt & #5 for our #5

#ByeByeBaby | #SFGiants ...


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He's going to have a great year if he stays healthy then maybe all the Belt haters will realize he is a very good player and shut up

Belt is making a case! Arnold Hodge Jr Christian Davila

Comebacks abound. In-game and after losing the first two games of the series. I'm back east and was listening to WFAN sports talk radio and a caller asked the show host about 'the guy in San Francisco' to trade for or Madison Bumgarner. 🤣 Yeah, that'll happen. Fans, everywhere. Hopefully, Belt will be named to the all-star roster. SF fans won't vote for him, or will they?

Tell it “bye bye baby” ⚾️🔥✔️

Yes yes yes !!! Those was some big Bomb by Belt# 9 and #5 !!! Let's keep the hot bats going Giants!

Stay hot Brandon belt

Got a tough road trip with Houston, Chicago and then the Colorado. Keep that fire burning Giants.

I for one am ecstatic with Brandon Belts good fortune. I remember him crying when he made the club. This is a game of averages.......and Belts time has come. Hurrrrrrrrrrray!

Two in a row. Keep the good times going.

Belt is on 🔥⚾️

Belt prove me wrong he deserve to be a all star. Hoping!!!!

Let's Go Giant's

Have a year!!!!

Travis Allen all the way!

Keep em comin

Giants babeeee !!!!!!!!

Get it! get it! Brandon's!!!

Great game!

Yes yes yes !!!


Shy Enn

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17 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

RECAP: Series split. Back to .500. Next series begins Tuesday in Houston. #SFGiants ...


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Our offense is solid

I’ll take it! With MadBum MM and Big Mac comin’ soon we will be in great shape!!

Best game so far. Very exciting

Meanwhile in D.C.

I’ll be at both games representing! Gonna be a very tough two games.

I need a new World Series Champion T!😂Attn: #SFGiants

Giants are on fire! Just 2 out. And I'll keep saying it. This is a good team!

Well, if the Giants go 2-6 on this upcoming road trip, it will have to be considered a success. They could very easily end up 0-8, but I see them taking two out of three in Denver.

Let's Go Giant's

Houston we have a problem...Giants are gonna win...Go Giants!!

Only 2 games out of 1st, we are still in this race

Gorkys got himself some of whatever Belt is having for breakfast, lol.

See you guys in Houston!

So long as we score 9 vs the Rockies, we'll be okay

I'll take it from a tough team... 👍👍

Love our Giants!

Is madbum near clear to play tuesday

Travis Allen all the way!

Go Giants again from now on !!!

Colin Lauman series split so we don’t have to fight about it! 😆🧡🖤💜

Me gusta estos tipos de resúmenes (y)

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19 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

The Giants concluded their homestand with a power display as they hit three home runs in the win over the Rockies. ...


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I think this shows the importance buster has defensively on the team. We’re spoiled with him

I actually like fb does both teams highlights I enjoy the other teams announcers getting pumped just to lose to my boys. Lol

That's one heck of a last play. Also, stop sliding. Remember Jason Kendall and that sliding into first is slower.

Can't wait to watch my Gmen here in Colorado on the 30th!!!

It's hard to see Buster he's a blur on the base paths😁

Glad they got that win and hoping it carries on to Houston but with the dual combo of Cole and Verlander it'll be a real challenge

Yes but we still have a slight lead over you in standings .. but good game yesterday and today you guys beat us

Our offense is carrying us for a change. Just try and hold on till Bum and Cueto come back boys.

That play by Posey on that last out was 🔥

Did anyone else think Jackson gave up on Story's ball off the wall?

Getting thrown out at 3rd for final out of game is always bad for your clubhouse 😂😂 Story gonna hear that one tonight on the plane. Good job G let's get a jump on this road trip. Back at .500

Glad Specks is getting some playing time and hitting well.

Never ever ever want to make the 3rd out at 3rd sad...

Our bullpen is lucky we have great defensive players. Seriously, I’ve never seen a throw like that to end a game before. Strickland, Dyson and the rest better be buying shots for that.

Great game yesterday! Love my Giants!

Nice comeback victory. Is all forgiven because Giants fans (moi) become irritated with three game-losing streaks? Howls of derisive laughter...😊

Hey! third place! Madbum is coming back soon! Even year!

Travis Allen all the way!

Loved that game, keep it up!

When Posey hits a triple, things are good, and we know once again we have a great ballpark!

Good win for the orange and black. It makes it so much easier when you get timely hitting.

Morgan Witwer when anyone but Posey could’ve made it a homer haha

Keep it going. Keep the pitching up in Houston.

When McGee came in I said to my wife, 8-5, just watch. And boom!

Can’t wait to see my Gmen in Houston this week!!!!

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19 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

The outcome is mighty fine when we score 9️⃣ #SFGiants ...


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Hey Giants fans! Rockies fan here, your team outsmarted the Rockies! I know the playoffs are almost 5 months away from now, but there is a lot of baseball left to play, so keep fighting and know that your team might make it to the playoffs this October!! Best of luck this year San Francisco Giants! We Rockies WILL see you soon!!!

CONGRATULATIONS G-MEN!!!! Another GREAT win!!! Brandon Belt and Gorkys Hernandez... AWESOME!!!! Get ready for MadBum soon. We need those bats to stay 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!

See... Hitting is very important!!
Btw, Gearrin needs to go..

Now that the Giants took care of the Rockies the Warriors will bury the Rockets. Bring 'em on!

The last out ...Posey is the best thinking player in baseball.

Can’t wait until Gigantes are in Seattle! #SFGiants

Only two games out of first place in the NL West. Fantastic. They are getting some big names ready to come back and make a push for first place. Go Giants!

Gosh we need to start catching up in the standings. Lets catch fire and get going San Francisco Giants!!!!

Back to .500. Let's get MadBum back and then go on a tear. We can win this division!

Linden Moore why isn’t Crawford high fiving everyone?! He doesn’t high five like two of the guys and it’s bugging me.

It’s early but just sayin...

Houston, Cubs, and Rockies next on the road. Giants had better find some starting pitching real soon.

Respect the specs, way to go Tomlinson🙏🙏🙏

Buster got DIR-TY!

Awesome come back!!

We just need to get our starting pitchers back from the injuries

Let's Go Giant's

Giants Won ! That’s awesome !

Will never give up on my GIANTS ❤️❤️⚾️⚾️

GO GIANTS!!!!! Great game to watch on a Sunday afternoon. :-)

Great game guys great win go. Giants

Nice job boys! #LetsGoGiants

Travis Allen all the way!

YES YES YES 🤦‍♂️24 & 24 2 games behind D Backs for 1st

Don't get cocky! Lots to prove before that boys!

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20 hours ago

Yosemite National Park

Let your eyes gaze even higher and enjoy the clouds as they decorate the sky above Yosemite Valley. ...

Let your eyes gaze even higher and enjoy the clouds as they decorate the sky above Yosemite Valley.Image attachment


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Is it going to be a downpour all week?

Woooow that's awesome 😍

Another poetic description of Yosemite: not surprised though, God’s creation inspires many !!😍😍

Ali someday...

I live in southern Utah and we have spectacular clouds

Rhys BentleyJasmine AmyMichael Keen So Pretty!! Can't believe you guys will be there soon!!!


Quee hermoso

20 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Gorkys 💣
Distance: 375 feet
Exit velocity: 101 MPH
Launch angle: 35 degrees


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It’s 399 to center. If it went 375 feet he would have caught it...

Who measured it, Joe West? 😂

Exit Velocity? Launch Angle? WGAF. This is the death of baseball.

Hmmmm...375ft. to fly over a fence 399 feet away? No wonder the U.S. does so poorly on math tests compared to the rest of the world.

So he hits it to the right of 399 and they say 375? closer to 410 I'm guessing.

🤔 375? 399 on the wall.

....and twice as many Home runs as Buster btw...,

Statcast does not include the wind or humidity.

Lol hits a 375ft over the 399 ft fence

How is that 375 feet?

Yeah, but what about Belt! #GiraffeWatch

Wow that play by Buster was all time!

375 feet? It just passed the 399 sign. Pretty sure that distance estimation is a bit short...

You got the distance wrong it’s three it’s 399 to the fence not 375

Will Pence ever be called back up or should we consider his days of a San Francisco Giant gone?

Gorkys is on FIRE! They really need this WIN⚾Lets GO GIANTS!

Fire whoever posted this. 399+ does not equal 375 feet. Explain Lucy...explain.

Most improved player on the team. Hands down. No discussion.

Gorkys is Having a good season, and is more and more reliable. Surprised

How is it 375 when the Wall where it went out says 399???

Got people talking about technacalities...Go Big Bad Giants

Someone needs to recalibrate their magical "numbers that don't matter" machine. Or walk the fence off again, either way.

OK, I will quit calling him Dorky.

Don't trust stats. Watch the game. The reason Billy Ball will never win a world series. #PLAYERSPLAY #NUMBERSLIE

Statcast operator should be canned, fence 399, but hr ball traveled 375?

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1 day ago

San Francisco City Impact

School of Ministry graduation ...


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“If you put these things before the brothers, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus, being trained in the words of the faith and of the good doctrine that you have followed. Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths. Rather train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance. For to this end we toil and strive, because we have our hope set on the living God, who is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe.”
‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭4:6-10‬

“Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”
‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:12-17‬

Great group of students!!!! Hi from Lakewood Church Internship Department

Praise god

Pastor ryannnnnnnnnnn




Thanks be to God


Congrats Alex! Alex Wienecke

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2 days ago

Yosemite National Park

The Environmental Living & Learning Community is a group of Yosemite Hospitality employees finding ways to make Yosemite housing more sustainable. Last year they donated over one hundred pounds of organic waste in the form of compost to the Yosemite Valley School, supporting the park's Zero Landfill Initiative and the school's native plant garden. ...

The Environmental Living & Learning Community is a group of Yosemite Hospitality employees finding ways to make Yosemite housing more sustainable. Last year they donated over one hundred pounds of organic waste in the form of compost to the Yosemite Valley School, supporting the parks Zero Landfill Initiative and the schools native plant garden.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Yosemite could do a MUCH better job with recycling and make fewer one use utensils and straws available. I was pretty disappointed.

Are those plants then reintroduced to the natural settings?

That is GREAT! I worked on hotel desks and sang in the bars in 1975.

thats amazing

3 days ago

Yosemite National Park

We know it's hard to find a place to park on busy days, but please park in designated parking areas and turnouts. Doing so protects sensitive areas, allows traffic to flow unobstructed, and helps you avoid fines and/or towing bills. The best way to find parking is to arrive early—by midmorning. ...


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Did they all get tickets? Unfortunately it is time for the National Park Service and state parks to start raising fees. I would rather pay $80 a pop and find reasonable numbers of people in the parks. If the price doubles and half the people stop coming, the parks still make what they are today. I highly doubt national parks would lose that many people so not only would it cut down on numbers, but the parks would be making more money. Yeah it would suck for people like me, but that is where budgeting comes in handy. People learn how to budget and they can afford elite costs. It took my little family over a year to save up for Yellowstone. Everything possible went wrong with the trip, but it will be a forever memory that we laugh at less than a year later. Raise the costs of the parks to balance the supply and demand. It will help "preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations." I just hope one day we can make it out there in March one year.

They need to not let so many people in the park at once! I've been there when it was busy and there was no way we could even get out of our car. The traffic was so bad it was like being in LA. It just ruins it for everyone there for it to be that crowded.

When we go to European attractions, they always charge non residents more! And, rangers need to give big fat tickets to those who break parking rules, and trespass in protected areas.

We camp in the valley at least twice a year. We had reservations to go up to Yosemite for a week in May of last year. We entered the park on a Sunday morning. The traffic was so bad, it took us “2 hours” to get from the tunnel view to Upper Pines (I’m not exaggerating). Ridiculous!!! All the way down, there were signs saying “no parking available in the valley”. Yet the cars were still pouring in. They definitely need to restrict the numbers entering the park.

We tried to get to Glacier Point yesterday and there was alot of traffic backed up the switchbacks waiting to get a parking space. We turned around and went back to the other overlook. There was also alot of cars parked along the road between the Sentinal Dome and Mono Meadows trailheads. I would like to see the NPS extend shuttlebus service to Glacier point as an alt transport. It would also be useful for hikers going up or down "4 mile" and "Panorama" trails. as well as the former mentioned.

I have to say...what the hell has happened up there? I lived in Merced about 10 years ago. I would drive up once a week just to enjoy. Parking was never an issue.

Sounds like maybe the park should only allow a certain number of vehicles in and that's it. Maybe time to start selling advanced passes.

The Park Service is decades in remiss for addressing the increasing visitation and demand on the park.

I know that just this year additional parking was created in the Merced plan, but it is far too little. A greater scale of shuttles and outside the park facilities need to be created.

Penalizing visitors that are allowed to enter the park for the simple reason of not being able to find adequate parking to get out of their cars, is simply wrong. Bordering on negligent administrative behavior.

Solve the problem, not the symptoms, please.

I have been coming to the park regularly for 30 years. This was a problem on my first visit 30 years ago, and now is a crisis.

Time to build a parking structure outside the valley! Either that or raise entry fees on overseas tourists that will visit anyways, in order to fund projects to protect Yosemite's nature.

Expand the towing departments in the park and tow them all, fine them for the towing and destruction of protected wilderness.

Yosemite is a treasure, but needs to improve it's approach to the National Parks. Such as Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone. It's time to develop a parking garage system in non-sensitive areas. An improved transportation system beyond the park to see the Park in a Natural setting. A combination or improved parking and transportation throughout the park...The plan to develop this has not been seen to it's completion.

It's called respect, people. Follow the rules or stay home. Oh, and NO ONE cares to see your carvings all over everything. I don't care if YOU and your bf/gf/bff were there or who you 🖤. Knock it off.

The park has been beautiful this week and not super overcrowded, plenty of parking in the valley, but Glacier Point is ridiculous. You shouldn't let people drive up there. Allow shuttles only. We waited over an hour to park, there was no way to turn around and hundreds of car engines are spewing pollution while they wait! RVs taking up spots, a Yosemite bus having trouble making turns. It was an absolute nightmare. Yoy have got to do something about this issue.

I just came back from my first visit to Yosemite and found the park shuttle buses to be a Godsend. I left the rental at Half Dome Village and hopped on the bus. No worries about traffic congestion, no headaches in finding a parking space at the points of interest and no trying to find my way around the park. If the park service had bus service up to Glacier Point, I wouldnt have driven at all.

A fee increase that much will not happen . Zinke already backed off due to overwhelming public pressure. It was too high an increase. So that argument for it is now moot. Many forget or dont know that increases per each park's choice have since been made after the initial proposal So they are getting slightly more $$ now While some here can argue for a huge increase you see what the general outdoors living public does not want. I'm not gonna go back n forth here . It does nothing to debate with each other here... Raise the fines for parking illegally and other traffic offenses. Add an NPS donation line item on the tax return. Streamline the internal NPS system that deals with infrastructure conservation, preservation, and improvements . Its a red tape tar pit right now where any proposals take years to effectivelly see them completed. Theres my suggestions I've written to my congressman / senators.And you all should too insteading of preaching to your own

I feel like we went before the secret got out, mom. Gail Mathes. Of course we usually parked in our camping spot and took the buses around.

I was two times in US National Parks from France and I NEVER park outside from the parking lots, NEVER, even in Yellowstone where it’s very hard to find a place to park. I only wait ... it’s my respect ✊ for nature and Rangers job !

This chaos is nothing but parks inability to manage influx of visitors! Managing a decent parking space as the crowd is increasing during peak season is a must! Or it is not too far when ot will be disastrous for visitors and the park/employees! We have limited our visits thinking of the failed system they have created every year on year!

It hasn't helped that the park has actively been removing parking spaces, especially in the Valley. The installation of curbs has made it impossible to pull over for emergency vehicles.

Instead of banning all private autos and building more parking lots and the other drastic solutions just limit the number of cars allowed in. Yosemite used to stop cars at the gates a few years ago if the Valley was gridlocked but for some reason has stopped doing this the past few years.

We try and stay away from Yosemite in Summer lol! There are many beautiful parks in California that are less of a headache. I guess it depends if you don't mind sitting in gridlock, pressed in by Summer crowds. Defeats the purpose of getting away to the great outdoors though...

Too many people visit the parks and have absolutely no respect for them! Letting too many people in will only lead to ruining our national treasures!

Yosemite Rangers need to control the admission to the park!!! I hate going there during late spring and summer. Always overcrowded everywhere inside the park. I feel so sorry for the animals. Im sorry to say but its disgraceful.

This is what happens when there's So Many people allowed in the park- So crowded that there's no where To park.
I'm not condoning what they did but fault can be applied to the situation created by the way the park is currently run.

Protect the resource! The Organic Act allows us to preserve the park for this generation and the next. Ticketing and removing cars should be a straightforward decision. We do not need to accommodate all people all of the time. Thank you for this difficult work!

I keep telling people the place is dead on weekdays during the off season which is breathtakingly majestic. I've decided decades ago I'll never be able to visit during the summer.

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4 days ago

Yosemite National Park

Tioga Road (continuation of Highway 120 through the park) will open on Monday, May 21, at 9 am! With stormy weather in the forecast, short-term road closures may be possible. Drive cautiously, watching for water, debris, and wildlife along the road. Call 209/372-0200 (then 1,1) to check current road conditions.

No services or campgrounds are yet available along the road, however, the wilderness center will open on Monday, and will also serve as a temporary visitor center.

Many of the hiking trails at higher elevations remain wet and/or snowy: please remain on trails, even if they have standing water, in order to avoid creating new trails. ...

Tioga Road (continuation of Highway 120 through the park) will open on Monday, May 21, at 9 am! With stormy weather in the forecast, short-term road closures may be possible. Drive cautiously, watching for water, debris, and wildlife along the road. Call 209/372-0200 (then 1,1) to check current road conditions. 

No services or campgrounds are yet available along the road, however, the wilderness center will open on Monday, and will also serve as a temporary visitor center.

Many of the hiking trails at higher elevations remain wet and/or snowy: please remain on trails, even if they have standing water, in order to avoid creating new trails.Image attachmentImage attachment


Comment on Facebook

Nice. It would be even nicer if y'all would enforce the 35mph speed limits on Wawona and Glacier Point Roads... nobody wants to hit a deer... but everyone drives so aggresively... most of them California license plates... I thought Californians were supposed to be chill. The Rangers need to stop shaking down the hippies and start changing the driving culture at Yosemite. If only for the wildlife.... #RunYourParkRight

Will the big oak flat wilderness office open after May 21 so we can pick up wilderness permit there? Thanks.

Is the east side of highway 120 already open all the way up to Tioga pass?

Is the transition system running on Tioga Rd before Monday?

Oh we are coming for a visit from UK in 2 weeks time.... Is the weather going to be better..... I'm very excited... Xx

Will there be any services or lodging available in the first 10 days to two weeks?

Yay!!! Headed there for my first visit on June 1st. Cannot wait! Was so hoping it would be open!

That Black bear has a cinnamon color to its coat.Thought it was a grizzly,at first till I looked closer.And I realize ,Yosemite,is too south for Grizzly!

Are cyclist now allowed prior to Monday?

These are a Few of my FAVORITE THINGS!!!!!!!! (Julie Andrews!) (For anybody who knows what I'm singing!!!!!)

Will any access to mariposa be open even to walk? It's one of the reasons we are coming!

Tioga Pass opening makes it hard to concentrate at work 😁

Can I just say that “liking “ Yosemite National Park on Facebook is one of the best things I have done in the cyber world. I love the serenity of the pictures and the reminder that peace and calm still exist and can be found if we only stop to look for them.☺️

Seems really early this year, is white wolf soon to follow?

if campgrounds are not open, is there any overnight camping allowed? Will Tuolumne meadows campground possibly open any earlier than July 14th?

Hi, does that mean that the trail to El Capitan is accessible as well? Planning the hike for the first weekend in June and hope it’ll work out :)

Lembert dome September 2017. Going back in 2018

Jodi Faust Michaela Tempas this is so exciting!!

Thank you for hearing my hopes!! Will be there sat-thurs and was really hoping it would open during that time!

As a former resident of Mammoth Lakes, California, this is the day we all waited for ... so we could get into Yosemite National Park. I was so fortunate to live in this beautiful area for 2 years. Love the Sierras.

I rode with my dad in 1951 from the west over the Tioga Pass road to Saddlebag Lake. I don’t recall the ride. I was 6 years old. However, my dad told me about the road conditions back then. A piece of cake in this age! Very spectacular!

We have driven Tioga road a number of times since 1981. Ate breakfast at the Tioga Pass Lodge on one trip. Beautiful drive, but sometimes a little scary for someone from Mississippi.

Ohhhh. I wanted to ride it on my bike this weekend but the weather forecast dissuaded me. Maybe next year!

We are headed there in kust less than 2 weeks. Our first time visiting. Can't wait.
Ralph, Brandi, and Logan

Leaving tomorrow for Yosemite.thanks for the update. Very excited.i was there when I was young and they had the firefalls

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These newly emerging leaves are starting to gather the energy to produce the acorns that bears, deer, woodpeckers, squirrels, and many other animals will rely upon for survival at summer's end. ...

These newly emerging leaves are starting to gather the energy to produce the acorns that bears, deer, woodpeckers, squirrels, and many other animals will rely upon for survival at summers end.


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Each year, I so look forward to my time in the Fall at Yosemite !!!

Interesting how the branch in the foreground mimics the line of the mountains. Nice photo.

it's a marvelous system of co-dependency...hats off to the great creator, Mother Nature (whoever the hell she is...)

Beautiful back-lit leaves. I never was able to capture that light. You did it. Beautiful!

Gloria Zavala when is your next trip here???

Kara and class are there for the week. What a trip.

Can’t wait for my first time visit in September

I ♥️ Yosemite


I need this in my life!

How pretty

I love this

Can't wait baby!


La mejor época para visitar Yosemite.
Es impresionante.

See you in 4 weeks!! 😊

Very pretty view

Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️




21 days 😍

2 days !!!!! Dwayne Miller

Steph Butler Tanya Borich Graeme Wood Ruben Pettett Donnie Butler

Louis Pollenz Kayla Rose

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6 days ago

Yosemite National Park

Safety railings make it easy to take a #SafePlaceSelfie! Please take a great selfie from the right side of railings. Learn more about how you can keep safety in the picture at ...

Safety railings make it easy to take a #SafePlaceSelfie! Please take a great selfie from the right side of railings. Learn more about how you can keep safety in the picture at attachmentImage attachment


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I was horrified when I saw this but no one else around me seemed concerned. The only reason I didn't scream at this guy is because I thought he might fall!

Took this one last Monday. This is the top of Glacier Point. One misstep and she falls 1000 feet. @Yosemite National Park you might want to keep a few more rangers up there to stop these idiots.

We just came back last week. Yosemite is so much prettier on it's own anyway....

In National Parks we have a no selfie rule. Which means we politely ask another visitor to take our picture as well as offer to take theirs. The pictures come out better and I've had conversations with people from around the world.

Why can't people just take pictures of the beauty and not take up half of the picture with their heads? So stupid.

Pick up the book on deaths in Yosemite....available in all the park gift shops. Pretty graphic but good read before venturing into the backcountry, OR if you plan on doing something stupid. 🤔

Vernal Fall is a good illustration of the importance of safety. Just a short hike upriver from Vernal Fall are signs warning of extreme undertow at Emerald Pool, but it is so very challenging to protect people from their own terminal stupidity.

I've stood in that spot while 2 very small children were just upstream and on the wrong side of the railing! Their parents were fine with it and rolled their eyes at all of us telling (yelling) at them to get their kids. If they slipped in, they'd be over the edge in seconds. Stupid breeders.

Not merely a morbid book but also a good survival guide.

Yes do NOT do what I did in 1990 on top of Vernal Falls.

I watched a lady jump over and over on the cliff edge of half dome trying to get that perfect 'leaping' shot for Instagram, while a half dozen people yelled at her to stop.

At least one fool goes over almost every year.
I avoid the area in the summer.
Always some idiot on the other side of the rail. Can't stand to see it.

One of our favorite memories! We’ll be back this summer!

Saw someone climb out to the jetty at glacier point a few weeks back and take a pic of the Valley while laying on his stomach. I couldn’t look!

To me, the purpose of a photo is to have a remembrance for later. I want to remember the place, the moment, the beauty. I don’t go to National Parks to remember myself, so no need for selfies.

People don't realize how polished the granite is there. Literally slippery in tennis shoes when dry, let alone wet. Add some current pushing, even just a little, and you're gone.

People are to antisocial to just ask a passer by to take a photo nowadays. It blows my mind. “Let’s make sure I get a good photo of my arm and probably miss the whole backdrop behind me”.

And don't try taking one with a bear.

Sad that you have to remind folks to be safe....How many people have said, I just want one LAST selfie....mission accomplished.

Love the "No selfie" rule. I remember "Will you take my picture?" being the most common get acquainted question.

Very true! We saw a man climb over the railing at the top of Upper Yosemite Falls just to get that “perfect shot.”

The state and national parks have to put railings at State and National parks because of idiots who do not have the common sense and die. Then their families sue because their loved ones died...UGH! Maybe the government should send them a bill for search and rescue.

But then, you’ve got stupid people whom climb over the railings to get that so called special picture and it either ends up injurying them or killing them, those railings and warning signs are there for a reason, they are there for safety and to save your life, I know people are excited to be on vacation in a special place like Yosemite but, be responsible while having fun and obey the barriers put up.

Can you imagine all the people who would be over the edge taking "selfies" if the rail wasn't there! :)

Careful, a lone traverler died here cause he went over the rail for a picture. Hotel personal reported him missing when he failed to return to his room. Visitors found his camera back pack on the wrong side of the railing,and rangers found his body days later down river!☹️

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