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Florida deputy who failed to confront school shooter gets pension

Florida deputy who failed to confront school shooter gets pension


A Florida sheriff's deputy who failed to confront a gunman during a Feb. 14 school massacre is receiving a monthly state pension of $8,702.35.

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6 hours ago


It’s a busy Memorial Day weekend at #LAX. Remember, security bollard installation continues this week on Departures level 10 PM – 4:30 AM and Arrivals Level 12 AM – 8 AM. Construction signs will be posted. Please see map for more details. #safety #flylax ...

It’s a busy Memorial Day weekend at #LAX. Remember, security bollard installation continues this week on Departures level 10 PM – 4:30 AM and Arrivals Level 12 AM – 8 AM. Construction signs will be posted. Please see map for more details. #safety #flylaxImage attachmentImage attachment

2 days ago


This weekend, we turned the iconic pylons at #LAX red, white and blue in honor of the men and women who have lost their lives protecting our great country. We will never forget their valiant service. #MemorialDay #military #service ...

This weekend, we turned the iconic pylons at #LAX red, white and blue in honor of the men and women who have lost their lives protecting our great country. We will never forget their valiant service. #MemorialDay #military #service


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Love that City. Love those pillars...I feel home every time I see them

Can you maybe replace the missing panels so it at least looks nice.

Ah....those panels.....wish I could bottle that feeling i get every time I see them <3 :)

Anita Bolton Liam Bolton Tayla Bolton Phil Angel remember these?

So I guess National holidays wherein the LAX pylons display THESE wonderful colors (red, white, and blue!) are: Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), and Patriot Day (September 11th)? :)

Stella Dora

Adrad Thompson

3 days ago


Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer season of travel for many families. This weekend, due to expected high volumes of guests traveling through #LAX, we prepared a video guide with helpful tips to make sure your guest experience at our airport is safe, enjoyable and efficient. #flyLAX #memorialday #travel Day weekend kicks off the summer season of travel for many families. This weekend, due to expected high volumes of guests traveling through #LAX, we... ...

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Awesome ..... Thanks #LAX

Grant Armstrong

Your always right🤪

4 days ago


Today, #LAX celebrated the 5th Anniversary of the Pets Unstressing Passengers Program with more than 30 pups and volunteers in attendance. The event was streamed live on our Facebook Page. Each PUP and their handler was introduced and interviewed on our “grass” carpet.

LAX Board of Airport Commissioners Vice-President Val Velasco, Keith Wilschetz, LAWA Executive Director of Emergency Management and Operations, Barbara Yamamoto, LAWA Chief Experience Officer and Heidi Huebner, PUPs Program Director, shared remarks during today’s anniversary event.

We thank these dedicated volunteers for their unwavering dedication and service to the program that ensures our guests are calm and stress-free before they depart from LAX. We know that PUPs will continue to enhance our guest experience and bring continuous joy to everyone throughout our terminals. #PUPsTurnsFive #flylax #therapydogs ...


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Hello 👋 there Charlie!

I must be going thru at all the wrong times, as I've never seen them working!


5 days ago


Welcome to the Live Celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the Pets Unstressing Passengers Program. We are proud to honor our amazing pups and volunteers for five years of service. #pupsturnsfive #flylax #therapydogs #airport ...


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Heidi Huebner is Director of the LAX PUPs program. She has loved animals her entire life and has led the program at LAX since 2013.

Joining us now at the podium is Keith Wilschetz, the Los Angeles World Airports Executive Director of Operations and Emergency Management.

Commissioner Val Velasco is at the podium right now. She is the Vice-President of the Board of Airport Commissioners.

Yes, the PUPS program has trading cards. How exciting! You have to make sure you get one.

This Make a Wish letter that Keith is reading is so heartfelt and sentimental. We are so grateful that the PUPs program is touching so many lives!

Thank you for joining us! We will be starting our official program very soon!!!

"Thank you for how you make our guests feel," said Barbara Yamamoto.

We have PUPs that are all different sizes, breeds and personalities!

We are very grateful for the service that our therapy dogs provide. They are awesome!

Hunter is beautiful with those blue eyes!

She has also helped 57 airports nationwide and internationally start similar programs as the PUPs program.

Heidi Huebner is the Director of the PUPs Program.

Welcome to the Post Show!

We are very grateful that all of you joined us today!

We are very happy that she is with us today!

Hello Ryan! We will tell Keith that you said hello!

Keith oversees the PUPs program at LAX!

We're back!

How cute!

Hello Kat!!! Your uncle is awesome!!!!

Hi Jamie!!! We hope you enjoyed your shout out!

Cali is a quiet star!!! Everyone loves Cali!

Alison, yes, Serjio is amazing!

We have more than 30 of our PUPs at the celebration today!

Alison, thanks for joining us!

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Ghana-born British artist John Akomfrah sits down with SFMOMA Curator of Media Arts Rudolf Frieling to discuss the intersections of race, history, and the evocative power of Romanticism in Akomfrah’s three-channel video installation Vertigo Sea (2015) ...

5 days ago


Today, students from Inglewood's Crozier Middle School got up close and personal with LAX's new robot, "Star." Prior to their visit, students toured the airfield, met with airport officials and had the opportunity to submit name ideas for the robot. Three winners were chosen and all of the winners included "Star" as part of their submissions.

Star will move into the Tom Bradley International Terminal in June. She will help guests travel through the terminal with wayfinding, suggest restaurant options and provide enhanced customer service. Guests can also interact with Star to obtain flight and gate information, dining and retail options, and Star will even provide information on food pricing and menus.

The robot is an information source, but she also can have fun. Yes, Star dances and she will take selfies and group pictures and then guests can share them on their social media platforms.
#flylax #innovation #technology #laxmodernization ...


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Dear sir copy your. Messages thank you. Sir of. Blessi you.

JeAn finally someone who will answer the 1.5 million questions that are asked at tbit daily

Hey Amy, did you know my sister is the principal of Crozier? I was excited to see them participating in your program.

2 years ago

Disney California Adventure Park



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For the first time ever going to Disney California adventure, I absolutely loved it. We had a blast. Definitely going back soon

California is the best country in the I have not been there though but from the look of things is a really nice place......but i pray i will be there someday and i love Disney land

We visited last week and my daughter left one of her favorite hats somewhere in the park. I reported it to lost and found on our way out and wasn't really expecting to ever see it again. Guess what came in the mail today? Thank you Disney staff!!

We were just there this past Friday. I was quite disappointed though, six times we were in line just about to get on the ride and six times they closed!!! There were 14 of us. So a pretty penny was spent to have this happen so much!!!

Was there 1 years ago with hubby and kids loved it so much it's the only place we went to because of cars land and having 2 boys

We went 2 years ago when there were only rumours of star wars land, now the parks being refurbished. I miss it so much I cant just jump in the car and make a visit. Being all the way over here on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Steven and Gilda - only 4 more months away!!! 🎡🎢🎠🎆

Decided to try Disneyland last year for the 1st time after going to Disney World 5 times & loved California Adventure. Planning on going back next year.

I went twice, both times during the winter. It was good to get away from the cold air and snow. Good vacation spot. I recommend it to anyone with kids.

The most Wonderful view of all the disneyland in the world! Seeing it, you know you're in CA Disney right away!
Must go to visit it next year! Wait for me!!!!!

Tim Parrish you had the choice to swing or stay stationary on the giant ferries wheel, which do you think the boys will prefer?

We can't wait to go in December for our granddaughter 3th birthday . And maybe before that too. Just me and my honey.🙆🏻😄👍

Ah, Mickey's Giant Wheel of Death! To swing or not to swing, that is the question. The answer is don't swing if you know what's good for you. :D

I'm spoiled, some of the perks working 3rd shift is I'm greeted every morning to the most amazing sunrises

One of the best views in any theme park. This view just screams "this place rocks!" DCA may have started small but it's pretty cool now.

We had a wonderful time there with our children and grandchildren a few months ago🤗... Would love to go back there again soon!

I haven't been in a long while! But get control of your crowds! Don't let so many people in the park seems to reach capacity everyday! Fix that then I'll be more than happy to return

I went this weekend and I had a great time!!! Everything was great !!! Took my son for his birthday, he had an amazing time!! I just think there needs to be seat belts on the mickey's wheel , I was super scared I felt I was going to fall out. For kids it's way to much!

It was great beeing there!

Weregoing for our first time for our daughter's third birthday in a week so excited we will be there

What a great shot. Brings back tons of memories. Although when I first saw this it was at night and pouring rain. But still very spectacular.

I'm unable to access your disability access information the page will not load I will be going in a couple weeks and wanted to know what accommodations you have for people with movement issues. Not wheel chairs. I was trying to see if you guys have the same system set up as they do at Disney land where you can check in at the information booth for your next ride and wait the wait time outside of the line. Any help with this information would be appreciated ty

Disney California Adventure Park did you guys officially close down Tower of Terror yesterday?? Because a lot of us are mad at that when you should just not get rid of it. This next ride better be 5x better.! Please reply.

Simon Grace We're Going There In Our 8th Year Anniversary! I'm spoiled Or Should i say Our 2yrs Old Daughter Is so Spoiled to her Daddy!! 😌😅

Deberíamos irnos a California para regalarle a nuestra niña interior un derroche en Disney además de disfrutar de un presente como este a la Marisole y la Mire Marisol López está padre no amiga??

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2 years ago

Disney California Adventure Park



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8:35pm Nov. 14th, Tue. 2017 = I was here yesterday!!! The start-in, has all CHRISTMAS LIGHT's on it!!! I get to go back in 2 week's!!! We have a Disneyland Pass!!!

This is what I remember when I was only 5 back in 1960 except for one thing, Walt Disney Welcomed you here !

We thought was better then Disney land

My family and I loved it here! Great thing was no long lines so we were able to get on all the rides.well worth the drive here😉 we will be back soon.

The best when you do both parks

It's very disappointing to wait more than 3 hours to get on your first ride because they decide to prioritize the fast line and VIP's, so you end up watching how they do not honor or respect everyone else's time. It's a bad system!

Just gonna close my eyes and wish I was there right now.

See you sat for daughter 21st bday for her first drink. 😍

That was so much fun! Carsland is THE best😍

Is there going to be a Disneyland in Australia?! This needs to happen, ASAP!

Anthony Mayne i can't wait to walk through these gates x

This year not much of light and I did not see the electric pared and the rides you have to wait 1hour or two hours the small world my favorite this yr to many people you have to wait more than two hours,not like last yrs the best the lights was so very nice but then still I love Disneyland every yr I'm always goin to Disneyland

It was fun .... just wasn't happy they took my selfie stick and I got in the gate and seen ALOT of selfie sticks !!! That up set me a lot !!

Cant wait until our first ever trip in oct!

I would love to go to Disneyland it's been 30 years I would love to take my Dad he never been there.

I wish I was there in Disney California adventure park.

I Sure Like To Try There Once When I Came To Los Angeles Again After I Been to Disneyland Once With My Parents Last Year When I First Came to America

Will be there this weekend can't wait 😍🤗

I was there today for my birthday had a blast!

Here are some of the characters that live and frequent Buena Vista Street officer blue will write you a ticket so be good but all of these tickets are good:)

Seems like yesterday when I took this picture, do you remember what it use to look like before?

Oh how much i wanna go. I have never been there and dreamed to get in there since my childhood. I might be coming this August if my husband and i save up any money to get there. I would be sooo thrilled!!!

I wonder how packed it will be for the opening of Frozen at the Hyperion Theater tomorrow 🤔🤔

The paperboys right on Buena Vista Street check out them selling you some papers and the music is wonderful too

Claro que me recuerdo de esto.......verdad Mariam Arreaga

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Happy Valentine's Day! ...

Happy Valentines Day!


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Happy valentines day! We're next door enjoying Disneyland today!

In my dreams I'm in Disneyland on Valentines Day! For those of you who are enjoy!❤️

Lucky you. I'm homesick for OC.

Oh my goodness I love this!

John Meyer

.:. <3 <3 <3 .:.

You've gotten the most impressive webpages.

LOVE this ride :)

so funny

Great ride.

Andrew Michael Greenwood


Happy valentine's day DCA & all DCA fans!!

Elias Sierra

I can't wait to visit next year with the American cousins :) soooooo excited!

Jairo Felix Castaneda

Zaks FAaaavorite ride there!!

What are show times for aladdin on Friday 02/21/14?

LOL, he looks like Darren from Bewitched. :D

RJ Weatherby 💛❤️💛

Juanillo ♡ love u(:

I need to contact the groups department could you provide me with the email.

Just got here! First time on valentine's day!

He looks ridiculous!

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We turned 13 years old today! ...

We turned 13 years old today!


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i want to go again sooo baddddd pls take meh Grace Moro

My daughter just came home late last night. Her choir sang there in California Adventure on Wednesday!!!

A 2 meses y medio Ricardo Lomeli ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love working for disney California adventure at the Pacific Wharf Cafe

We were there on opening day...,can't believe it's been 13 years!

Damir Erak !!!!

Ya quiero que llegue la fecha! Tengo emoción! TE AMO!!! ❤️ Gemita Godinez

I always go on the stationary gondolas and last time we went, I got the nerve to go on the swinging gondolas. It was so scary!

Olha como é Disney na Califa, Andrea Branco Gunzburger

I had the privilege to attend the cast preview in 2001 before the gates opened to the general public. I remember thinking at the time that this would be a good park once it matured. Who knew just how good it would become???!!!

I still have my DCA opening cast member memorabilia <3

Chris sooooo can't wait to take the kids!!!!

We will be there soon!

My husband was on team that opened it- managed coaster, bugs life, paradise pier. Find memories for him. We love the park. We also like the new additions too!

* DISLIKE! This is where it happened Aurora.

I wish I could take my family of 4, just too expensive to stay at a Disney Hotel for 3 days.

I remember covering the soft opening for the media when it first opened. I was two-months pregnant and rode Soaring Over California. I like to tell my now 12-year-old that he first rode that ride when he was in my tummy. Happy birthday Disney California Adventure!

Fue alho maravilloso visitar disney california Adventure park, ya q uno disfruta algo maravilloso de la infancia,.fue muy fantastico conoser lo.bonito q uno se dibierte

Cant wait Sof Drummo. What a Beaut view

what a nice view of Disney land

I remember when it used to be a big parking lot!

iloveit <3

I wanna go.

Can't wait to be there in 19 days 😄😄😄😄

i remember how it was before

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