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Footnote in Trump report lists Cohen payment

Footnote in Trump report lists Cohen payment


A footnote on page 45 of the 92 page document says the president "fully reimbursed" Cohen for "expenses" ranging from $100,001 to $250,000. The report says Trump did not have to disclose the payment but is doing so "in the interest of transparency."

President Donald Trump's disclosure that he "reimbursed" personal attorney Michael Cohen for as much as $250,000 last year comes in a footnote to his financial disclosure report.

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It's a sight no one with small children or pets wants to see: a group of bobcats strolling through a residential neighborhood. Bobcats were recently spotted in a 4S Ranch neighborhood and Sunday morning one resident captured video of them. ...


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Please don't bring them any harm, keep pets and kids away & safe. (Sorry, but I can picture someone trying to shoot at them). 😞

❤ 4S Ranch is their home too. Keep your pets inside and keep track of your children. They're not going to bother them. Beautiful cats. :-)

It has been there home long before 4S. Keep your pets inside. BTW, Bobcats are a sign of good luck.

Stop destroying their homes with all the new development then

Not new they’ve been there...

Mama and babies out for a stroll 🐾❤️

Margarita Perez you live by here

Beautiful animals

They must be dealt with aggressively. Sez Me.

A bobcat was seen this afternoon in the Las Flores neighborhood of Rancho Bernardo (Bernardo Heights).



That's their home too.

Erma Mc Intyre. That’s not too far from here...

Shocker! 🤣

Jay Young

Somer Gates

Brian Robison🐯

Emilie Proteau

Dustin Woods

Caitlin Odiorne Cody Odi

Melissa Belanger

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"I want them to understand it takes hard work to be great."

Oakland native Gary Payton stopped by to give our rookies some advice. ...


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Gary Payton was great? News to me.

Someone please show me GP saying he’s a 49er fan

MAN! Bring in Romanoski!!!

Whatever he's a niner fan. Who did this?

Old Skyline classmate dropping knowledge to the up and coming stars of tomorrow. It's good to see, and I hope it has a lasting impact.

It doesn't matter who you are or what profession you are in, starting the right way means listening and paying attention to what you're told. It's good to see the rookies showing that they want to learn and get better from the start.

GP!!!! #TheGlove #Respek!!!!

Oakland native but a niner fan. go figure

Hated him as a sonic but like him now for support, even if he was a 9er fan...

GP, The Glove, The Great guy he is, met him in LA n he's hilarious!

The Glove is from Oakland.

He's a niners fan though

Good for him. As sounds like a great guy

Town bizz

Jordan JayDee this is hella cool 👌👌


Erica Pease

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2 days ago

The Oakland Raiders

"I pride myself on being able to do everything."

Get to know CB Leon Hall. ...


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He was nice 8-9 years ago hopefully he has something left in the tank

Oakland raiders 4 life

He just turned 58 years old

Having guys like this on the roster is awesome. He knows he can ill afford to slack or fail. Younger players think they are untouchable. This raiders team is a perfect mix of vets and young players.

Idk care bout age it's bout Can You Still Play!

Picked off ! I wanna hear those words more

Just do “everything” you can in improving the secondary, that’d be a nice start.

⚾🏈🏀BAY AREA fans rep your TEAMS @ALL WE TALK IS SPORTS...Facebooks up and coming sports page.

Love that Leon Hall and Mo Hurst get to play on the same defense.

I forgot we signed this guy too! We solid.

#DreamTeam! As I knock on wood 😂😂🤷‍♂️

Go Gruden

This is the guy I was talking about Emmanuel Rios

Micah Seabrook


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2 days ago

The Oakland Raiders

“We got all we need.”

#RaiderNation ...


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Chucky is building A TEAM. One of the strongest attributes of any SUCCESSFUL franchise is cohesiveness and trust.
John Gruden understands the game and NFL like no other coach in the league.
I am EXTREMELY OPTIMISTIC about our season and future!

If Paul Gunther can get this defense to be decent ... We will do some damage this year

Actually not really. We need a real shut down corner

#RaiderNation out here in VA. Already have front row seats on the 50 behind my Raider's bench. Can't wait when we play the #Ravens on November 25th. I'm pumped already!

90's in Las Vegas. Break out the water bottles and shade.

I'm praying that Conley has been taking notes from his boy and former OSU team Lattimore. I want Joseph to have a break out season. Last but not least Obi needs to show up this season. Other than that I believe in our front 7. Did we resign Bowman tho? I haven't heard anything

Way different from last year! No crazy music in the back ground. Felt like we were watching exhibitions last year! This year it sounds and feels like practice!!

I love you Derek Carr you the best QUARTERBACK

hated when he was let go he show them good, he is back to do what he really wanted to do not tampa bay raiders he is always been one

So far Coach Gruden is doing and saying all the right things to keep a healthy team chemistry.

Having played football I'd run through a wall for teammates but I'd run through traffic for gruden.lets gooooooooo!!!!

Wow Chucky is building a team to be on top and I really believe in him and I really believe Carr will be up to par the Raiders will be good I'm saying this now I say we will be a 12-4 team

Gruden is making the mental and changes to attitude that need to be made!! You can see how different this team is already

loving my nation. We are the best and only REAL nation. Can't wait until Kickoff

We got all we need right here.
....all we need to do some real damage.
Just do damage, baby.

I'm going crazy here!!! 😬 They need to have some televised pre-pre season scrimmages. I can't wait!!!!

I'm ready for some real Raider football!

I hear shutdown corner this and shutdown corner that, but what you don't realize, is if we can get a dominant D-line dialed in, all we would need are some mediocre backs out there to handle business.

We got good coach now so wacth out I think we will make it to super bowl this year my freind got me a new RAIDER hat in ready go RAIDERS get er done😎🌠💰🏈

I won’t be surprised if all eyes 👀 are on us we are the team to watch out Gooo!!! Raiderssss!!!

together as a team, my boys !! Raider Nation!!

And here comes all the complaints in 3 2 1 haha😂😂😂😂😂😂 im super stoked for this season lets get it Oakland Raiders!!!!! RN4LIFE #returntogreatness CHUCKY the coach GOAT 🏈 just win baby!!!!

That’s what’s up... leadership like this has been extinct for a long time, it’s time to step up fellas.

You don't have to be the best of the best....but when you do it as a be surprised as what you can accomplish!! Go Raaaiiddddderss !!

Hey Thomas J. Kerr, in Dallas do they just take each other’s handcuffs off? 🤣🤣

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2 weeks ago

California Cryobank


4 weeks ago

California Cryobank

Our company was started to help those that couldn't conceive on their own. Here are just a few photos of our staff showing their support during National Infertility Awareness Week. #NIAW #FlipTheScript ...

Our company was started to help those that couldnt conceive on their own. Here are just a few photos of our staff showing their support during National Infertility Awareness Week. #NIAW #FlipTheScriptImage attachmentImage attachment


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That's a big ass glory hole, but a cumshot is a cumshot

1 month ago

California Cryobank

For those who might feel overwhelmed on the journey to parenthood #TalkAboutTrying #NIAW #FlipTheScript ...

For those who might feel overwhelmed on the journey to parenthood #TalkAboutTrying #NIAW #FlipTheScript
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