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Former First Lady Barbara Bush In Failing Health, Decides To Refuse Further Treatment

Former First Lady Barbara Bush In Failing Health, Decides To Refuse Further Treatment


Bush is the only living wife of one former President and the mother of another former President.

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Today is the 41st anniversary of Rick Monday rescuing the American flag at Dodger Stadium in 1976. It's also the anniversary of Herald-Examiner photographer James Roark snapping an indelible image of the incident: @laplphotos @LAPublicLibrary

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8 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

Rain or shine, it's Poncho time!

Fans at Angel Stadium on May 3rd will receive an Angels Poncho courtesy of WaBa Grill, while supplies last: ...

Rain or shine, its Poncho time!

Fans at Angel Stadium on May 3rd will receive an Angels Poncho courtesy of WaBa Grill, while supplies last:


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Saw an example last weekend. Cheap and ugly. Pass.

Tony Doc Delfin, Sylvia Hurtado Delfin , Teresa Avalos Ramirez I would like a poncho.,

Gary R. Hanley cmon man I know you want one of these haha

Brian, do you want one of these??

Will be there

Just send me one. I’m from Texas

I know! I want one too!

I mean i don’t know. Patrick hadn’t said nuthin yet.

Ashley Stuart I think we missed the blanket day “/



Angela Rivas

Phil Genova

La Leona

Donald Hoover

Lucy Mendoza ❤❤❤

Rob Smith....

We going ?

Ruben Flores

Shawn Fremlin Bermudez pls

Janet Amaya

Rodrigo Leon

Franklin Tse

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9 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

‪When we get benched, we drink wine! Enjoy this lineup at San Antonio Winery. #WineWednesday 🍷‬ ...

‪When we get benched, we drink wine! Enjoy this lineup at San Antonio Winery. #WineWednesday 🍷‬


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Fani Bernabe N Joe Tafolla pa el next game

#shamelessplug #keepadvertisershappy #oneglassatthestadiumismorethanabottleinthestore

Is there a minor league game playing tonight ?


Cory Jugas 😮🤣👍💋❤️

Jennifer Rose Roland

13 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels


Albert Pujols inches closer to 3,000 hits as he collects his fifth home run of the year in the final game against Houston. ...


Albert Pujols inches closer to 3,000 hits as he collects his fifth home run of the year in the final game against Houston.


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Why don't other batter help Albert??? He made amazing chasing home run but others sit idle... But it's okay. I love Albert who will make 700HR 2000RBI 3000hits and beyond. And those will prove the contract with Pujols is great!!!!

Where's all the Houston nerds from earlier in the week saying they would sweep?

Send Calhoun down to get his head right or trade him for whatever you can get. Dude has been on the massive decline the last couple years and I’d rather get attacked by west African hornets than watch him at the plate.

Remove one bad inning and this may have been a sweep but I'll gladly take two of three against an opponent like the Astros.

2 our of 3 in Houston? I’ll take that in a heartbeat! Go Halos!

After hitting to all fields in spring training thought it might carry over to the regular season looks like he has gone back to the big swing pulling off pitches trying to pull everything instead of going with the pitch

Just here waiting for the fire Scioscia comments.

One bad inning did them in today. Even so, our Halos did keep fighting and at least avoided being shut out. Verlander is one tough pitcher and he seems reinvigorated since joining the Astros late last season. We’re only a half game out of first place. That being said, it is still early in the season and we still have 16 games left against the Astros as the season moves on. Enjoy the off day tomorrow and let’s get some wins against the Yankees this weekend. Go Angels!

Great series. Verlander is tough to win off of. But hey, we have won every series within our division so far. I can deal with that. We're 1/2 game behind the 'stros, I can deal with that too. Now come on home guys and beat the snot out of the yanks.

Good try guys! You still came home after winning the series 2 games to 1 with the World Champion Astros! Great team effort the last few days!

Verlander is tough ... I'm satisfied with 2 out of 3 though

Win or lose for ever in my hearts ! 2 out of 3 you guys did amazing work , let’s get back in action Friday @home 💪🏻❤️❤️💯💯 Los Angeles Angels

2 out of 3 I’ll take it. Now recharge and get ready to take on the Yanks! 😇

We lost to one of the top Pitchers in Baseball...took 2 of 3 from Astros! We will get better too! Positive

Hey Halos! Thanks for matching up with our Astros this week and running a great series! Best of luck this season!

Yo guys, keep your heads held high! Half a game behind the World Champs when everyone had us pegged as losers to start the season? I’d say we’re right on schedule, especially taking 2/3 from these guys

That’s awesome even though! You can’t win them all go Angels

Sweep Yankees plz

Great series for the Halos! Tropeano pitched a pretty solid game today with the exception of 1 inning. Greatest thing about this series was the pitching performance of Skaggs in game 1! Let’s get ready for the Yankees.

Only one team took a series in Houston last year....we already did it again this year...great series #goangels

Good try boys, took the series though. Time to move on for the NY Yankees... #Angels #AtTheBigÅ #GetYourREDon #AngelsBaseBall #TheHaloWay #Halos

2 out of 3 against the world champs is a big win for this team


Go Angels!!!

We will overcome!!!!!!!!I love you Angels

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13 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

Power on. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ ...


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Fat Mike needs to go.

Whaaa .. Whaaa .. Whaaa .... you people can't be happy for a series WIN give me a freaking break .... go root for some other team like the Dodgers or the Rangers

This year Pujols looks much flexible and relaxed at swinging, getting back himself in St Louis.
Weight loss, fielding and Shohei fever work in a positive way. #GoHalos

Not bad for a 40-year-old.

Some defending champions lol.

Won the series...just keep winning series

I’m so Proud of my Angels they came to Houston and took two games from the Astros after losing at home to the Red Sox’s. Great to watch them pull together to get a couple of wins. Now let’s get the Yankees. 😊

At least it won't be a shutout now.

Let's go Angels!!!!!

This should've been a win for the Angels but Tropeano was afraid to give up hits to Correa and Reddick.

AP handling business in the afternoon!

Congrats Albert

Robert McMahon
Jose Angel

Jo Maria Enriquez

Onel Melo Villalona

Jim Fench is an idiot he can't help himself

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18 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

Albert Pujols aims to get closer to 3,000 hits today vs. Justin Verlander and the Astros as the Angels eye a series sweep.

Game Preview: ...

Albert Pujols aims to get closer to 3,000 hits today vs. Justin Verlander and the Astros as the Angels eye a series sweep.

Game Preview:


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Why are Valbuena and Ice Koled hitting back to back? Shouldn't Ice Koled hit 9th? His BA is .180 now. LOL. Waiting for the where's Ohtani comments. LOL.

Need to DFA Shempf or Jim Johnson and call up EYJ or Revere. To get a fourth outfielder who can hit.

Go Angels, Go Albert. Prove your contract was excellent as you did yesterday!!

RJ Morgan if you don't agree with Michael Douglar Gibby he's going to block you. I know he did it to me long ago. But to tell you the truth it was a good thing 😃

Why Ohtani not in lineup . he not pitching today 😡

Nice job Tropeano in giving up free passes instead of pitching and throwing strikes

Can we please send Calhoun down to AAA till he learns to hit. Jeez

Nick Tropeano Give up 3 walks than give up a hit than 3 run in the one inning Nick guy his a idiot!!!

Go Angels

Let’s get a win 😇 and hopefully a sweep hehe Go Halos!!

#5TheMachine ! His focus is extremely admirable. Not too many ppl have that level of self control within the mind, to have such a high level of hand eye coordination. The way he hits is like watching magic. So fun to watch !! His defense is great. So smooth to be so big ! Like a Short Stop.. He's on is way to his 3,000th hit under the Halo... We are so lucky to have him here !!! Thanks Jerry Depoto ! If someone said Albert Pujols was the best to ever play, I'd agree, even if I didn't agree.. -wink

How about Simmons going yard twice! Love me some 😇⚾️!

Go Mike trout and angels win today

Go Angels...stay hot!! Let's get it done today!

Go Angels. Way to hang tough and bring that late inning magic. Again.

Today Match dawn game in Korean time, but I will cheer up angels. We want to win the game today too and have a good rest tomorrow.

I know we are going up against a HOF SP, but we got a couple of HOF hitters!! Let’s sweep em!!!

Another series won, gonna be a tough one today.

I still think Cozart should bat leadoff. He doesn't seem comfortable this low in the order.

Let's go Angels!!! ❤️❤️❤️⚾⚾⚾

Go ANGELS. ❤️⚾️🅰️👍

Ohtani needs some Dit Dat Joe, he didn't look sharp yesterday.

Valbuena and Calhoun are garbage

Get your brooms out boys!


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19 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

Like a rock. ...


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My blood pressure went up the roof this game 😂 lets get the sweep today boys.

LOL @ like a rock.

Well at the very least, one Los Angeles team can beat the Astros.

Ooooooooooh yeah the battle is on.... Who will have the better record. Let's go Angels.... Let's goooooo!!!

Way to go Cam

This game was awesome from the start!

Sit um down!!!!

2 days ago

California Highway Patrol

As law enforcement officers, we took an oath to protect and serve the people of California, and retired Sergeant Kevin Briggs is a shining example of taking that oath and putting it to action. For 18 years he patrolled the Golden Gate Bridge and prevented over 200 people from committing suicide. He said it best, “All it takes is one person to change another person’s life. Listen to understand.”

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 (24 hours a day) or

Muse Storytelling
He was a highway patrol officer. The area he was asked to patrol included the Golden Gate Bridge.

It turns out, the Golden Gate is one of the world’s leading spots for loss of life to suicide.

But as highway patrol, Kevin received no training on how to handle such complex situations. Imagine countless people leaping off the bridge and being totally powerless to make any difference.

One day, after losing somebody after a long attempt to try and talk them back over the rail, he’d had enough.

This is the story of what Kevin decided to do about that problem. And what he learned about helping those with suicide and depression.

Produced by a global team of filmmakers as part of Muse Film School ( for the original web-series The Remarkable Ones ( ...


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God bless you Kevin Briggs

Thank you and God bless you!🕆🕆💖💖

A true hero

Thank you for all that you did 👮🏻‍♂️

Well done Sir

I saw the original Yahoo News story. Kevin Briggs is an awesome guy and he was a credit to the CHP!!

Have his book on the way from Amazon!!

Thanks for sharing!

3 days ago

California Highway Patrol

Congratulations CTC III-2017!

CHP - Academy
Congratulations CTC III-2017! I know that I speak for the entire California Highway Patrol Academy staff when I say how proud I am of you. You have truly earned the right to call yourselves Officers of the California Highway Patrol. Savor this moment and celebrate your success with the family and friends who have supported you to this point. Always remember where you have been and never forget the excitement you felt today. Earn the right to wear your new badge each day by serving the people of California selflessly and honorably.

~ Captain Mann ...


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Congratulations class!!

Congratulations and may God protect/watch over you and the families. Thank you for serving.

Welcome to the family. Be Safe out there.

Congratulations!!! Be safe!!!

congratulations to you all. Be safe and take care.

Congrats class. Be safe.

Congratulations All !!! We've got your six!!!!

Congratulations to all the new officers! Be safe out there and thank you for your dedication! 💞

Congrats and thank you all!!

Without the CHP Officers patrolling our highways, it would be much more unsafe to drive compared to what it is now.

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