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#SanDiego, Bike to Work Day is Thursday expect a gloomy start to the day with a chance of patchy drizzle especially along the coast & afternoon sunshine with comfortable temps for riding. #SanDiegowx #BiketoWorkDay FRANCELLA PEREZ @KUSI_GMSD

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3 hours ago

FOX 5 San Diego

Elderly people are fighting loneliness in an amazing way. ATTN: ...


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Awesome. Better than sitting and watching Tv.

theres nothing i want more than to be and live alone,,cant wait,,people suck at any age!,,lol

Alan Pilon for active seniors

4 hours ago

FOX 5 San Diego

These little guys are hungry -- and helpful! The city had them hard at work in Encanto yesterday, clearing overgrown grass and shrubs that pose a fire hazard ahead of another dry summer. #SoSanDiego ...


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I don't know about goats, but here they use sheep to cut down on the weeds, which gets to be a fire hazard if not thinned out.

Fabian Velazquez shoutout to tekashi

Saw the rerun of Shark Tank that had the guys who started the Rent A Goat company just last week

Amanda Bones you need a herd!!!

Camp Pendleton has used sheep for years to help control vegetation.

Lol I saw them today

In Perris, they use sheeps.

Justin Fertig something to do with our goats

Yordi Rodriguez no sales tú en el
Video? Lol

this is what we saw the other day! Lorena Ramos-Nieblas

Adan Velasco I think if your dads goats lol

Gregory Silva Mary Silva

Brittany Shoup

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Thanks to everybody who attended our audition in Cape Town.

It was a very large crowd and so with the people from Joburg, we are going to have a BIG team coming to Hollywood very soon!

Thank You...... Dankie Almal .........Ngiyabonga ...


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what about Johannesburg guys

So when are the callbacks?

biggest Las Vegas attractions fan

😢😢😢i didn't late😢😢


we are also grateful for the opportunity

Gostaria que um dia foce uma estrela na hoolywood

Yuricah Ernesto Mas outras pessoas amigos do facebook

when are u coming back to jamaica>?



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Dancers - this is the standard if you want to come to Hollywood !!

Andreas Knudsen

love the post


So you think you can dance ? ...


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Andreas Knudsen

loving the page

1 years ago

Hollywood Dreams California

Thank You to the People of Johannesburg !!

Thanks to all the wonderful people who attended our audition in Johannesburg. It was a huge crowd. Here are just a few of the great performers who attended ....

Special thanks to the 9.00am group for being so patient with the roadworks out the front of the hotel - but luckily for us all everything was finished before the noon and groups arrived. ...


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When are you coming back again

Its too early to say for sure but it will probably be a similar time in 2018

When u in cape town?

did people succeed in auditions

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