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Fremont Lyft driver arrested on suspicion of raping unconscious passenger

Fremont Lyft driver arrested on suspicion of raping unconscious passenger


DRIVER CHARGED: A Fremont Lyft driver has been charged with three counts of sexual assault after police say he raped a passenger he picked up in Oakland.

A ride share driver was charged with three counts of sexually assaulting an intoxicated passenger.

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Satellite imagery from two different space agencies shows the extent of #Kilauea’s sprawling lava flows:

[email protected] says several people detained in connection with a reported stabbing in Dolores Park. Police say a man had injuries that were likely made with a sharp object. The victim's injuries are not life-threatening. #BreakingNews

Ahhhh yes yes yes yes yes come to Papa!!
On our way to a #HotHoliday tomorrow!!

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8 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Starting at second base: 🐼 #SFGiants ...

Starting at second base: 🐼 #SFGiantsImage attachmentImage attachment


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ESPN - Your coverage of this game is awful. We want the play by play of the baseball game from your people not “feel” good stories about players that last the entire 1/2 inning. Let’s talk and report on the game which is what we baseball fans tune in for and no fluff!

Typical giants bases loaded no outs with 3 4 5 hitters and no runs back to back Ks and a fly out to left. This is why the giants will go nowhere because they do this way too often.

Ok here we go again. Ground hog day of first inning however they have now retired the bad pitcher. You have to utterly be on your toes now. Try and get something in to get rid of the tie and if you have a better pitcher warm him up. Blach is an equal to that other guy and he was terrible. Was hoping you would take it as you should be able to! Argh! Ok give up. Prepare to go down. Rosario can pitch.

Softest batting averages in baseball. You can get hits all day long but timely hitting they go cold. Starting pitching 3 innings and a cloud of dust. Bum will help but I think the Giants brass lied to themseleves. Over estimated again. Its still early but pitching on this team has always been whats its about.

Agree...the ESPN announcers are horrible!!! This game started out as a cakewalk....Now, it's a disaster!!!! the Giants LOB stat is pretty bad...and let's face it, McCutcheon is a huge liability in the outfield. Really disappointing game tonight.

then, bring him in to relieve...:D

Nice HIDP prior to the 3 run bomb. What a JOKE this team is.

The man of many talents.hit the ball tonite👍🏻Go Panda

Blach just messed up in the bottom of the 1st

Waiting for ANYONE on the Giants to get a hit with men on base. Sad situation for at least two years now. See Cutch and Longo. SOMEBODY get a big hit.

Not Who is on 2nd. Not What is on 2nd.More like Why is on 2nd

Thank you Pandita for doing your best at whatever position you’re placed in, even as pitcher!! ❤️⚾️

Can you do anything about the terrible announcers on the ESPN2 channel?? And their inane interviews when the Giants are up to bat?

ESPN - Maybe let Arod know “killage” is not a word😐

I’m getting real tired of the ESPN announcers and love fest with the cubs
I want our guys all the time

Pablo pays good baseball at any position.

So my count we should be at about 8 runs scored with a few timely hits but no tied at 3.

I cannot believe these giants! Bases loaded !, no outs! Guess what? NADA!!!!😣

Yah, good for you Panda. Hold on to second base and don't let the streaker have it. Panik comes back and then we can get you another base because you need to be in there, hitting those homers!!!

Will he play all nine spots this season? Looks like it's headed that way...

Top of the 2 nd and Giants have the bases loaded, and we f**ked it up

Seems strange, even though we are getting pulverized pretty much Every game now, we are STILL holding on to 2nd place, How strange

Tonight’s Cub uniforms are ugly!

Bases loaded in the 2nd...and the 3rd...come on guys...lets score...👋⚾️

Idgaf who starts at long as they can drive some runs in!! Go Giants

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11 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Peep that second baseman 👀

Tonight’s lineup in CHI. #SFGiants ...

Peep that second baseman 👀

Tonight’s lineup in CHI. #SFGiants


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If Pablo plays catcher at some point this season you know there's a bet on in Vegas for him to play every position once haha

William Ridgway, Margaret Gomez, John Zielinski, John Tippit, Jacqueline Milne Bucholz, Shannon Montecino & Kip Byars- Time to start a bonafide win streak. Bum was excellent yesterday, Panik is going to start his rehab and Johnny apparently went on a shopping spree in Vegas. LOL. Stars are lining up. 🙏🏼

I like seeing Sandoval playing period , they need to keep his bat tuned up. He needs some consistency at the plate. He’s one of two or three in that lineup that makes you think home run when he comes up when he’s on.

Tomlinson just wasn’t getting it done with the bat

Pablo has a great first step for playing third. Does he have the footwork to make the plays around the bag at second? I’d prefer Kelby to this experiment.

Can’t be worse than when Aubrey Huff tried it.

Why is it that half of our line up shouldn’t even be in the MLB. They would not be starters on most MLB teams.

Let Pablo pitch!....or play 1st, 2nd, 3rd, catch!! Lol!!

Let's win this series. Pablo at second? Can he move that quick?

Everyone in this lineup can hit it out of the park.

Johnson just gave the game to the Cubs. Why is Bochey keeping this guy in the game😡?

The “proving to be always versatile” Panda Man! Second base is a very important position, ya gotta be ready for even more situations, we wish him a good game. Go GIANTS !!

Why not?! This has already been a crazy season. This should be fun to watch! Go Panda!

All-Star 2nd base😂

Blach is worthless. Sorry. He’s all used up. The league has caught up. He’s a long guy at best.

Some of my favorite players in baseball are utility players. They'll play anywhere needed and are happy to be able to contribute. YOU GO PANDA!!!

I hate it when the Giants are on espn. I want to watch the game, do these interviews on your own time.

Bases loaded 0 outs and no runs...hard to swallow

If you can play 3rd base everyday, I'm not worried about your ability to defend at 2ND for one game honestly

He was awesome on third base. Not crazy about changes like these

Panda at 4. Glad to see Mac back at 7! Mac's throw to Posey at the plate on Friday was a smoker! GO G-MEN!!

Sabrina Hewell what channel on Direct TV I need to record it. I might miss the very beginning I can’t find it. Help

Travis Allen all the way!

I don’t know if it’s good or bad but I’m definitely watching now!!

This should be interesting.

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It doesn't have to be this way.

#Medicare4All ...

It doesnt have to be this way.


1 day ago

San Francisco Giants

Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt supplied the big hits in the win over the Cubs ...


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The guy who caught BC35 home run is closet Giants fan...Your not fooling anyone with that ball swap.

That guy was rude throwing that ball back. Great home run though!!!!

Watched Mad Bum pitch tonight in Sacramento. He looks GREAT. Bring him home!

The Giants finally won?

Close to the trading deadline,a few games back,and let's see will have panik back,bum back,just wondering about Johnny? And the preacher.they have to be creative with this roster because I think Allen when he gets healthy should be on this team.

Gorky s was a big part of the win. Not just the Brandons!!

Jose Lerma porque es el día en honor a las fuerzas Armadas de Estados Unidos todos los equipos traen cachucha verde, letras y números verdes y calcetas verdes

Belt deserves his Golden Glove this year!!

Finally beat the Cubs at Wrigley thanks to the Brandons tonight

Brandon Crawford = 2018 All-star , Silver Slugger and Gold Glove awards.

Really, really well-executed game by the Giants. Tom Verducci on Fox even said so (and Len Kasper somewhat reluctantly agreed). Hooray for Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt! #VamanosGigantes

Unbelievable throw by Crawford @ the 1:20 mark. Go Giants!!!

Uhem, all you Belt haters??? Where are you now dumbasses, I said from day one, Belt is a great teamate, and he will end up hitting 27Home runs, batting 260, and 88 RBIs, Belt haters...crickets......

First trip to Wrigley and a Giants win. It was a great day.

And the Giants load the bases in back to back innings ( one with zero outs) and come away with zero runs. Giants need to learn how to hit with RISP!!!

so happy to have watched this win today!!! Go Giants!

It's clear the teams that have stocked talent in the minors are coming to the forefront and the Giants are still in the rebuilding mode and have a great chance to trade for that talent to kick-start the next run.

I like how that fan stuck the homerun ball in his pocket and threw back another ball

Good win, considering those trolls said we couldn't.

The Brandons also doubled teamed on the excellent play that was overturned into an OUT call! Keeping Javier Baez’s HR a solo shot. Truly offense and defense at its finest!

Go GIANTS, this is our year

Loving my Crawford!!! He is a force to be reckoned with as a short stop!!!

Meanwhile our Ace is looking sharper than ever!

Let's keep the game going guys

Kurt Gary OK who's it gonna be tomorrow?!

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1 day ago

San Francisco Giants

WINdy City. #SFGiants ...


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I live in Chicago and I LOVE it when the Giants beat the Cubs! Let's get another one!

This was probably one of the few times Strickland didn’t have to rely on the defense to bail him out. So, good save. The rest of the staff, though, holy mother of God...

Love My Giants! ⚾💜💜

We get panik and bumgarner next week time to get serious

Congratulations to the Brandons and to the whole Giants organization/family. I was out watching Bummy in Sacramento tonight.... He looked better than ever.... and with run support we are locked and loaded to shoot for #4 in San Francisco for SFG60. Keep up the good work!!! TOGETHER we are GIANT... FOREVER WE ARE FAMILY!!!!

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 a win is a win and we will take it.

Getting it done tonight finally

Happy for all Giants fans around the world!

Please repeat tomorrow - we’ll be there to cheer!

Go Giants !


That figures, I miss a game and they win

This is my face😁. But since I havn't worn my retainers I have a slight gap, until I get money for braces again. 😂 #GreatjobGiants Big Hugs and Kisses to #LouSeal 😘

Stop losing more. Now here we go!!

Thanks for posting the score, minor detail.

Love this quote from BCraw, everyone wants Belt to get a gold glove. He deserves it!

Can’t wait for the game tomorrow !!

Finally a win

Travis Allen all the way!

Yeah!! Good hard win!!!


Go! Giants ❤

Go Giants

Let’s watch the bull pen lose another one

Thank you boys

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Spoiler alert: he was out. #SFGiants ...


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Nah. He was safe. Amazing play by Crawford, but tie goes to the runner.

Tie goes to the runner. He was safe. Still a great throw.

Greatest short stop I've ever seen. He has made many spectacular plays throughout his career.

He is not only doing great in batting, he is also great in his fielding. What a awesome player you are Brandon Crawford.

Another great Brandon-to-Brandon play!

And the guy who caught his home run ball pulled off a!

Belt had that size 15 shoe with nothing but his big to on the bag

Crawford is one great player.

in slo-mo looked like a tie, which goes to the runner

That was extremely close

Crawford is great and I'm a cubs fan but you can't hate a great player and person !!

Memes are at the SF Giants Meme Park all season, and I assure you some of them are better than this. Maybe.

Of course he was out 🧡🖤⚾️

Gorky, you are where you need to be; I knew you would get there. And Stratton, great game you pitched!! You guys worked for that game and it paid off.

Not only BCraw but Gorkys came through for us more than once today!

Love this! I use to throw off my right foot in motion... Too bad im no professional!

Nice defense by Panda 🐼 and Crawford, but more offense from Cubs

defense, favorite part of the game

looks real close glad he had make the call lol

Thats a BB, BC,BB play. (first BB is Bang-Bang)

If this keeps up the Warriors will be playing Memorial Day as well.

Awesome game!! Now let’s string a few wins in a row!!!

Vincent Carmona told you he’s the best 🤷🏼‍♂️

Rylan Enoingt lol don’t even try and run on craw

Israel Soto why getting the ball off quick helps

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1 day ago

San Francisco Giants

BCraw 💣 ...


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Chitcago fans are so classy, Crawford hits a homerun to left, and the Chitcago fan throws it back., silly

Why are the Giants wearing green?

What channel is this on tv?

Loved hearing the Fox announcers give the credit he deserves! Great HR, and plays on Defense. Gorky's is really doing well this year, and it was nice to see Longo and Cutch get hits too!

Why are caps and lettering black today??

Pennant this year?

The play he made in the field was even better. A thing of beauty.

Cathy Pearson..... You're welcome

Every now and then a road win is a nice change of pace come on Giants beat those crummy Cubs two games in a row

Good going BCraw! Gorkys is on again today!!

The Cubs announcers are good. Not as good as SF.

Yep and then the pitcher turns around and blows it the next half inning

🧡 Crawdaddie ⚾️

He s just keeps going, he is the man. Awesome Brandon.

The moment right before...

Probably the most underrated player in all of baseball....

CrawDaddy would be a way better nickname.

Travis Allen all the way!

Get memes all year at SF Giants Meme Park

Have yourself a DAY!

Get more, go Giants!

Go Giants

Orange and Black proudly worn last night in the friendly confines. Go Giants.

Olivia Kapheim

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2 days ago


Take a look at this sneak peak of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge — Coming Summer 2019! ...


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What will become of Star Tours?

I desperately need an alien popcorn bucket 😩😩😩 please tell me they’ll be re-stocked this weekend, because I’m here and won’t have a chance to come back for a while 😪

And the price to get into the park keeps going higher and higher!!!!!

If it was Naboo, Mos Eisley, and Courasant I’d be more on board with it.

And then Marvel land opens up at California Adventure the following year. Gonna be an interesting couple of years at the resort. :)

Jeff Carter Lesley Carter if that’s not your next trip, there’s something seriously wrong with you both

I got a good feeling about this...

A 2019 Disneyland trip is now officially in the cards for me

And the annual passes will just keep going up even more 😪

I can’t wait to see this open , so excited!!

Daniel como que vas ahorrando no? Sería muy especial ver esto por primera vez contigo 😁

i can't wait for star wars galaxy edge next year

Sean, Mary ....welp looks like I'll be renewing my pass after all lol

Camila olha o parque que vai abrir na disney do star wars

Ayesha 😁 our home’s getting bigger!

But when in summer lol

Can't wait for this to open in 2019, it will be so incredible and amazing.

Chris Neal We DEFINITELY need to get passes so we can go!!!!

Kelsey Myers opening Summer 2019. maybe people will for this lol

Aimee Loomis Justin Loomis just plan for another Disneyland trip for Atticus 2nd Birthday next year😉

Neal Payne Shelby Woida remember when you said you’ll take me but I’ll have to bring a friend?????

Shannon Fennell marvel land opens up the year after this 😱😱 we may have to wait a little longer again 😫😢

Mercedez Rae the real reason we’re coming back to San Diego!

Ross, LA opens before Florida.

Kaeleigh Viola looks like well have to go next year too👌

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2 days ago


Enjoy the award-winning Paint the Night Parade and the amazing new "Together Forever — A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular" fireworks show that brings your favorite Pixar stories to life. All part of Pixar Fest, now through September 3rd! ...


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Anybody knows how much are the tickets right now for Disneyland for adults or kids

We will be there from Montana in one week...☺

the pixar parade on main street is just whatever, the firesworks and light show are phenomenal, paint the night parade in dca is fantastic!!

We were at Disneyland for Mother’s Day. The Paint the Night Parade was fantastic and beautiful. My grandkids were sooo happy to see it and the dining was great. Had front row sitting. Bought tickets in advance for the dinning area

Nicole I think the fireworks would be a good alternative since world of color is down

Samia We better make sure not to miss it!

Marisa Wohlschlaeger - think of you when I see this. Very special events happening!

Let someone you know in Cali buy your tickets, much cheaper that way. Buying them out of state is very high.

Erik Orozco es tiempo de volver no nos podemos perder esto

i heard tick. are $149 adults $94 for children. people are flocking in.

Lily we have to go one way or the other sweetheart!!

Looks beautiful looks like you can have a lot of fun I haven't been there in years I need a pocket full of money

Gerardo Gutierrez porfis porfis!!! Checa lo de CARS!!!! Imagina la emoción en Elías 😍😱

Bethany I wanna watch it 😬 corn dog & parade this weekend?

Best part of Disneyland- - love their midnight parades!! ❤️❤️

Matt and Cy, you know both your grand mothers were sisters don't you?

Omg mija I loved the Pixar Parade and Paint the night.

I have never been to Disneyland it looks like fun

Ooh 😮 I love that place my favorite Disneyland 😃

I like it too. Wonder who will take me there? Hehehehe

That looks like it would be fun.

Haven't been to Disneyland in 32 years. I hope to go soon.

Disneyland are guys gonna do the Pixar fest next year ?

I wish I could go to Disneyland again and take my kids one more time my favorite place


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Throw back Thursday! We've been fighting for single payer since suits had shoulder pads. ...

Throw back Thursday! Weve been fighting for single payer since suits had shoulder pads.


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Loved those suits. Thanks nurses!

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