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'I Blacked Out': Family Thankful But Wary After Boy Escapes Serious Injury In Bounce House Blown Onto Highway

'I Blacked Out': Family Thankful But Wary After Boy Escapes Serious Injury In Bounce House Blown Onto Highway


Seth had been at a Mother’s Day party at his neighbor’s house when a strong wind gust picked up the inflatable and blew it over the fence.

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Stickers find a way. Download free Jurassic World stickers and send a roar to your friends and family: ...


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I thought that was Dean from supernatural

Ryan Foster

Christine Hodge

Magic is in the air at #WizardingWorldHollywood. ...

Magic is in the air at #WizardingWorldHollywood.


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You are so going to have fun son

The "real" happiest place on earth:)

I miss this place Dina

Kimberly Ik kan nog steeds niet geloven dat ik toen dit hele kasteel niet had gezien eerst

Going up this week and then the following for the opening of the DW theatre :).

Jacklyn Jonathan this is the kinda pic I wanted to take.

I love this place I want to go back again 😉

My favorite place to be, I remain a huge HP fan forever and I will never forget the franchise.

The real happiness but the waiting is more the 2 ahours

Shana Herlihy I can buy my pass now.... I'm craving some butterbeer lol

We need to go to the Hollywood one! 💜

Joshua Forbes you’ll be seeing this shortly

Jenny Diveley it is amazing to walk through while waiting in line! The pictures are worth getting while at the park too! HP world was so incredible! Make sure to catch the stunt shows too.


Te veo pronto...🙈😁😂

Mathieu : « vomit is in the air » ouais

Paty, me llevas :D

Please pass the Butterbeer.

Increible experiencia con Nicole Alejandra

En octubre regreso.. Chingon lugar, Cheers

Andrea Gariepy this is where we should be everyday

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2 days ago


Take a look at this sneak peak of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge — Coming Summer 2019! ...


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What will become of Star Tours?

I desperately need an alien popcorn bucket 😩😩😩 please tell me they’ll be re-stocked this weekend, because I’m here and won’t have a chance to come back for a while 😪

If it was Naboo, Mos Eisley, and Courasant I’d be more on board with it.

And then Marvel land opens up at California Adventure the following year. Gonna be an interesting couple of years at the resort. :)

Jeff Carter Lesley Carter if that’s not your next trip, there’s something seriously wrong with you both

I got a good feeling about this...

i can't wait for star wars galaxy edge next year

And the price to get into the park keeps going higher and higher!!!!!

A 2019 Disneyland trip is now officially in the cards for me

And the annual passes will just keep going up even more 😪

Daniel como que vas ahorrando no? Sería muy especial ver esto por primera vez contigo 😁

I can’t wait to see this open , so excited!!

Sean, Mary ....welp looks like I'll be renewing my pass after all lol

Camila olha o parque que vai abrir na disney do star wars

Ayesha 😁 our home’s getting bigger!

But when in summer lol

Can't wait for this to open in 2019, it will be so incredible and amazing.

Chris Neal We DEFINITELY need to get passes so we can go!!!!

Kelsey Myers opening Summer 2019. maybe people will for this lol

Aimee Loomis Justin Loomis just plan for another Disneyland trip for Atticus 2nd Birthday next year😉

Neal Payne Shelby Woida remember when you said you’ll take me but I’ll have to bring a friend?????

Shannon Fennell marvel land opens up the year after this 😱😱 we may have to wait a little longer again 😫😢

Mercedez Rae the real reason we’re coming back to San Diego!

Ross, LA opens before Florida.

Kaeleigh Viola looks like well have to go next year too👌

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2 days ago


Enjoy the award-winning Paint the Night Parade and the amazing new "Together Forever — A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular" fireworks show that brings your favorite Pixar stories to life. All part of Pixar Fest, now through September 3rd! ...


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Anybody knows how much are the tickets right now for Disneyland for adults or kids

We will be there from Montana in one week...☺

the pixar parade on main street is just whatever, the firesworks and light show are phenomenal, paint the night parade in dca is fantastic!!

We were at Disneyland for Mother’s Day. The Paint the Night Parade was fantastic and beautiful. My grandkids were sooo happy to see it and the dining was great. Had front row sitting. Bought tickets in advance for the dinning area

Nicole I think the fireworks would be a good alternative since world of color is down

Samia We better make sure not to miss it!

Marisa Wohlschlaeger - think of you when I see this. Very special events happening!

Let someone you know in Cali buy your tickets, much cheaper that way. Buying them out of state is very high.

Erik Orozco es tiempo de volver no nos podemos perder esto

i heard tick. are $149 adults $94 for children. people are flocking in.

Lily we have to go one way or the other sweetheart!!

Looks beautiful looks like you can have a lot of fun I haven't been there in years I need a pocket full of money

Gerardo Gutierrez porfis porfis!!! Checa lo de CARS!!!! Imagina la emoción en Elías 😍😱

Bethany I wanna watch it 😬 corn dog & parade this weekend?

Best part of Disneyland- - love their midnight parades!! ❤️❤️

Matt and Cy, you know both your grand mothers were sisters don't you?

Omg mija I loved the Pixar Parade and Paint the night.

I have never been to Disneyland it looks like fun

Ooh 😮 I love that place my favorite Disneyland 😃

I like it too. Wonder who will take me there? Hehehehe

That looks like it would be fun.

Haven't been to Disneyland in 32 years. I hope to go soon.

Disneyland are guys gonna do the Pixar fest next year ?

I wish I could go to Disneyland again and take my kids one more time my favorite place


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2 days ago

San Francisco City Impact

City Academy 8th Grade Graduation ...


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hello from EFC Irvine! - KC

i see Pastor Roger !






See the hottest summer blockbusters at Universal Cinema at CityWalk - L.A.'s ultimate movie experience! ...


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Never been to CityWalk or the Universal Cinema, it's all very new to me. I'll have to check it out.

3 days ago

San Francisco City Impact

2018 City Academy Kindergarten Graduation ...


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They are so adorable!







1 WEEK until City Impact Conference individual registration goes up! Join us for a one day hands-on ministry conference! 45+ outreaches! 2 sessions! 1 body! Register now through the link in bio! ...

When's your next visit to the park?? 🤔 (📷: @annaknunez) ...

Whens your next visit to the park?? 🤔 (📷: @annaknunez)


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So packed all the time. We have passes and can go almost when ever, but when is a good day to go with fewer people.

It’s gotten a bit expensive and for a good part of the year they close SUPER early so I don’t know when I will be going again.

After the new Jurassic World ride opens up! When does it open?

I've never been but hope to in the next year or so.

Me and my partner have come from Australia and will be visting 29th May we can’t wait 😃

I will be back with my hubby December 26th! And get to spend by bday there for the first time on the 29th! 😍⚡️

Maybe after the new Jurassic park ride opens in Hollywood. Idk I like to go in the off season mid week but you guys close to early. Trying to go to the Orlando park in 4 yrs. No really into all this 3D screen ride stuff.

ASAP !!! ❤️

28 september 2018

First time on September 9 from QLD Australia we can’t wait😄
Can we please get some recommendations on what’s worthwhile seeing and best way to get tickets e.g online or at the gate?


I'm thinking about it going in 2019 when the Jurassic world attraction opens Universal Studios Hollywood.

I'm crossing my fingers to be there pretty soon this year

November.. it’s been 22 years since our last visit

The family and I really enjoyed our time, last September. Great place! We will definitely come back again next time we visit the U.S.

want to go, but parks do NOT seem to understand the REAL cost of going there. need to make their prices almost at least half for families to afford it. they are not realistic.

October 2019 for a whole week to the Orlando location!
Can’t wait ❤️

I hope next year. If I get the money for it together. And when I get my fear of flying under control. Me, and a buddy of mine, want to go there. Now it's time to save money. (Translated by Google)

Hopefully sooner than later.🤞🏻
Right Chad😉😜

Maybe next year again 😍

It was last week and was amazing. We were able to take pictures with almost all characters available at the time. Beautiful experience 😍

In June for my 45th birthday

October ! 😍 My favorite park !

I hope one day I will get the chance to visit!

Sunday ☀️

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4 days ago


Captain Phasma leads the Stormtroopers. Watch the First
Order before they march away! #StarWarsIsHere


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I'll probably see her more there than I did in the movies!

Any hints for WHEN Galaxy's Edge will open? We are trying to nail down our travel dates for next year. We hope to actually get there BEFORE it opens.

Such a fun experience to watch the march. We watched it several times last week and enjoyed it each time!

Hey!!! Wait a minute!!! I saw those guys at WDW in February. Are you saying they taken over....... The whole PLANET? We are in trouble people. We need Jedi here pronto.

Is that right before she gets flippantly disposed of again without meaningfully happening on screen?

I will be meeting Darth Vader in about 43 days!

Going to be there the beginning of October with my family and my son and daughter's first time going. Hope there's going to be cool events going on!

that character was the biggest dud in Star Wars history

Why did Disney cancel their Christian singing event after 34 years?

Anyone else betting that she'll have more character development in Galaxy's Edge than she did in the last two films?

Saw the Storm Troopers and Captain Phasma already

This pointless character that gets killed off without consequence shouldn’t be leading anything.

Glad they are bring ing to CA. This was one of the coolest things we saw at Hollywood Studios in FL.

I am scared of not much, but stormtroopers horrify me 🤣

We’ve seen Phasma in Disney Hollywood studios the last couple times we went.

We’re there last week and got to see the Stromtroopers by the Rocket ride. They were noisy.

Typical Disney. This character was meaningless in the movies. Created solely for the collateral sales.

Is there a schedule for marches on Sundays?

The march is amazing.........

Before they march away? 😩 Madison

We are going to miss it by a day :(

Dallas Brown
Jordan Brown
Stephanie Stone
Anyone want to go with Me?? I’ll hang out with the Star Wars nerds 😉

That was cool saw it Wednesday

Benjo this is what I saw

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