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Injured, Homeless Horses Returning to San Luis Downs

Injured, Homeless Horses Returning to San Luis Downs


More than four months after the Lilac Fire burned the San Luis Rey Downs, the horses left homeless and injured are finally coming home.

After the fire, hundreds of horses recovered at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

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He Swore To Protect And Serve.

Instead, Police Say #EastAreaRapist Suspect Preyed On Community

Spanish woman bears uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump

The #EastAreaRapist mystery unraveled through DNA and Joseph DeAngelo's arrest.

COMING UP AT 10: More on the #EastAreaRapist.

A Save Mart spokeswoman told CBS13 he worked at the company's Roseville distribution center for 27 years. Joseph James DeAngelo retired just last year.

[email protected] releases sketch of man who tried to kidnap 11-year-old girl in Jamul

⚡️ “Suspect Arrested In East Area Rapist Case”

Investigators closer to closure with arrest of former cop in #EastAreaRapist case, also known as the #GoldenStateKiller case

COMING UP AT 10: More on the #EastAreaRapist.

A Save Mart spokeswoman told CBS13 he worked at the company's Roseville distribution center for 27 years. Joseph James DeAngelo retired just last year.

"Both of our cases remain active but hearing an arrest has been made brings great relief to our victims," - #Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said about #GoldenStateKiller #EastAreaRapist

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Little Dragon at Post-Modern Party!! #ModernBall ...


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6 hours ago

San Francisco 49ers

Christmas isn't for another 8 months, but Joe Staley surprised us with this gift today.

Kick back, relax and enjoy the return of "The Joe Show" 🤣 ...


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Get Sherman on the next episode

I miss the days of Joe Staley and Shaun Hill joking around and harassing Alex Smith. Good times.

“Gonna ask some stupid questions to some teammaaaaaaates”

Finally the Joe Show is back!!! Love the Joe show!! Can't wait for the season to start

I might be wrong but I think joe has been with the 49ers since the Alex Smith era! He has had several teammates come and go. Not to mention coaches! Glad he's still around!

Christmas came early!! Ruben Foster will be able to play this year!!! #Faithful

Please tell me the Itsy Bitsy Spider becomes one of our offensive plays.

We want moore of Joe the man! I’m laughing my Brain out!!! 👊🏻👊🏻

lol too short we need more

I love the Joe Show!!!

Joe Show, it’s the Joe Show. Gonna ask stupid questions to some teammates

Hahahaha I love Joe and this team! Let’s get it this year!!! ❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛

How long ago was the last Joe Show Episode? 6 years?

Omg I'm so excited!!!! Stay healthy. Protect Jimmy. I cannot wait.

🤣 Joe Show is back!! Funny stuff!

This is amazing.

😂😂😂 that was great 😂😂😂

This is awesome. Love that guy!

Patrick. Alt for grinern type

Glad joe’s show is back

Great start

Douglas Kelly first episode of the Joe Show in forever

Blanca Marquez can we please get Staley jerseys already?!?! 😍

Justin Kapur Parth Dholakia the greatest show in the history of life

Veronica Flores baby this is hilarious

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Le1f performing at The #ModernBall ✨ ...


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Modern Ball has begun with Le1f performance at Supper Club

8 hours ago

San Francisco 49ers

The date was April 28th, 2016. Da location was Da Crawfish and Crab Shack, Kapolei, Hawaii

DeFo describes his #NFLDraft day story ...


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is kapernick homeless yet I hope so

A day we will never forget! #FOE

Draft OL when the Niners where good they had a great OL, that is where the battle is won !

lets go niners




Shoots brah.

9 hours ago

San Francisco 49ers

"It's a day I'll never forget."

The 2x Pro Bowl fullback describes the moment when his name was announced during the NFL Draft. ...


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So glad we got this guy last offseason

Good-luck this yr.!!!!!!!😎

9 hours ago

San Francisco 49ers

Sweating now so we can succeed later. ...


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Get it boys!!! Let's earn that winning season!!!


10 hours ago

San Francisco 49ers

We out here!

📷:Perry Knotts/NFL ...

We out here!

📷:Perry Knotts/NFLImage attachment


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Foster is semi out of trouble, now it’s time to focus on the draft n lets get some wall for Jimmy G.

I'll be there at the NFL Draft... Niners Nation

What time is the first pick?


Can I have the chair's when your done with them 😀

Can I have the logo after the draft? Ihave the perfect place for it.

wonder if you can buy the chairs afterwards for cheap....LOl

See you in the morning

I'll be there tomorrow! Hope to win tickets to the draft!

We now need a top LB!

six werds...tremaine edmunds marcus davenport arden key.....cmon mayne

“We out here!” ? Please. Geez, I’m old. Gag.

Go Niners!!!!!


i like that

Can't wait. Go Niners

good luck in the draft! GO 49ers!

I wanna be there so bad

Ya boi! 49er empire!

GM fo get dez !!!!!!

Let's go

Time to shine!!!


Kirby Hand

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12 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

☀️⚾️ ...

☀️⚾️Image attachmentImage attachment


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Now that’s the Jeff S. we all remember from the past. Don’t know why people were so anxious to get him back. Mr. Inconsistent, usually leaning toward bad.

Don’t forget about the great bullpen today as well. Osich, Okert, Guerrin lol

To all the people complaining, just enjoy the game of baseball, we cant win them all

Series win 2 of 3, take it every day of the week.

These Dodger fans only showing up every 3rd day and Kershaw rocked again tonight.

Great job today Giants, wonderful error in center to get it all started. Games like this just make fans remember last year. How does last place sound?

I don’t know why they bother with that waste of 91 million, suckmardjiza. He’s a joke.

Not a good day all around, oh well. I'll take another series win though, but then I'm an optimist. Continue complaining, didn't mean to interrupt anyone.

The Shark strikes again...Just like last season. Don't understand why this guy is still here? #theharkisaflounder

There’s the trash-Mardjia that I know

Oh this is not a game to watch. They look over matched again the reigning cy award winner. The Shark and the rest of the bullpen giving it up.

Better get rid Josh Oh-Sheesh when Smith comes back next week. 4 ER in 1 2/3 is terrible and nothing good has come from him, EVER!

Embarassing. Football score and you’re posting this?

I LOVE Crawford❣️
His defensive plays are amazing!

So the Jeff gave up 6 runs okay your not going to pitch great in every start but the bullpen gives up 9 runs these are the guys that don't pitch if it's a close game .

The Giants for the first thirty games this year have the toughest schedule in the majors. Everybody loved Shark after the first game. Now you want to get rid of him. They went up against a great team and a great pitcher. The Nats were due to break out as they have not been playing well. One game only. Let's get over one bad loss. We still won the series and it's time to move to the next. Love my Giants!

Why in the world is his picture up there. He finally hit the ball enough to come over the plate and you make him out to be the big winner. NOT! He is repeating his last season and it looks like there is no room for repair. Especially as long as Kuiper mumbles around bragging or making excuses for him. At least his buddy Belt is making some sunshine. Not impressive at all Mr. CRaw, because you are not consistent, and that is what pays off.

It's a bad game, but even with this bad game our team pitching staff still has the 6th best ERA in all of MLB as of the time of this post (3.28). We've honestly exceeded expectations considering Bumgarner's long absence.

Message to the SF Giants (what Billy Heywood said in this scene of Little Big League) after today’s huge blowout loss: “Maybe the problem is you guys forgot about how much fun this is. You’re major leaguers, you’re on baseball cards. What could be better? You guys get to play baseball every day. From now on, let’s stop worrying about winning & losing, just go out and play and have fun. If you make an error, forget it. If you strike out, who cares. Just as long as you hustle. Tomorrow’s an off day. The season starts Friday. We’re going to try some things. We’re going to have a little fun.”

That's ok, everybody needed two days off anyway.

Well, that was ugly. Just a bad day. I think Shark has a lingering injury.
The team needs a day off then bring on the smurfs!

Yup no one can give up 6 runs in 3 innings like The Shark. Well maybe Peavy

Boy, we got waxed today!! It's like no one showed up to play!! Nats got the best of us. Let's win the next one!

Ay oh well sometimes you get beat really bad and today was our day for the buzzsaw.

Still a good series win against a potential NL East winner. Gotta look at the bright side.

Let's get back to winning ways

You know.. I'm actually glad I missed this game.. WTH happened.. Nats were out for revenge.. and they got it

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19 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Mac HR ...


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hate to say this, but Pence won't be a Giant next year because of this guy.

Pence may be out of a job

Big Mac is on fire.He is just the spark the Giants offense needed to get them rolling.Hunter,enjoy your seat on the bench when you come back.Go Giants.

Beat Walgreens!

Actually Pence won’t be a Giant next year because he’s a free agent.

William Ridgway, Margaret Gomez, John Zielinski, John Tippit, Jacqueline Milne Bucholz, Shannon Montecito and Kip Byars - Shark vs. Scherzer today. We gotta dig deep to sweep this series!

Emily O'Mara go giants

MacAttack!!! Hopefully he can become the power this lineup is lacking.

Too bad mac is 27

He needs to stay healthy. Every year, just when it seems like he's putting it together, he gets hurt and misses substantial time. That fall on the mound last night had me freaking out. PLEASE stay healthy Mac!

this guy has so much power it's ridiculous, just keep him playing

THE MIGHTY GIANTS on a roll, LOVE IT !!! ⚾️⚾️👍👍

Watch out for that bullpen mound

Who is running the live page?! It has been messed up for a while,no bases showing and it flickers in and out about what team is up.

Daniel Andra here!

Stay hot!!!!

Keep it up Big Mac!!!

Mac Attack did it again!!

Mac attack!!!


DAD BOMB Taggart

Trade belt

Justin Vickers

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1 day ago

San Francisco Giants

Mac Williamson and Brandon Belt showcased their power once again in the Giants’ second straight win over the Nationals. ...


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That’s another thing. I can’t stand pence haters. That dude has done so much for the Giants. Motivated the team ! Was consistent. And he’s a good dude outside of baseball.

Eat it all you Belt bashers, go buy an LA Douchers hat, they will accept you

If Boche starts Pence when he comes back and Williamson is healthy, Boche is going too far with the loyalty thing. Everybody has to love Pence, that's not the issue. His game has tailed off in the last couple of years and Williamson is on the rise. Wally Pipp was a very good player for the Yankees and sat out a game with a headache, and Gehrig took over and played 2,130 games in a row, after getting his chance. Wade Boggs got his chance when Carney Lansford injured his ankle in a collision at home plate and Lansford was the A.L. batting champ the year before. Better players deserve to play.

Dodgers lost and Giant won. It's a good night.

SF Giants should sign Panic in a 4 year contract. He will be a star for a long time and a young player that will get better every year. Panic will get on base mostly every time and gives 100% to score. It will be a big mistake if the SF Giants trade a golden glove second base player of Panic caliber.

I don’t see Pence getting his starting role back

GOOD JOB BELT!!! Now if you would just talk to your Buddy Craw and try to help him start hitting the ball it would help. What I like about you Belt is that when you do get down; you work to bring it back again. That's what makes you the best.

Wonder if Pence is starting to feel the pressure?

Love Hunter Pence when he is 100% healthy....the injuries the last few years have taken a huge toll on his game!

Win or lose, I'm a die hard Giant's fan, but it sure is wonderful to watch them play up to their potential.

Belt and Williamson are two guys I’ve been dying to see get 🔥🔥 and I’m loving it!

Get em boys! Make them cringe when they see me in orange and black at the Nats game in DC this weekend.

Don't Forget Panic... if he wasn't on base we wouldn't have Won...twice tonight

Being an eastcoaster, with an intense dislike for the Nats, makes this so sweet! Go Giants!

Always liked Mac since last year, glad to see him gettin it done! And always defended belt! Feels good to see both of them keepin the giants rollin

Three in a row. Let's go for 4 in a row. Great job guys.

Good job Brandon and Mac! You guys have been due for a long time! Keep wearing your lucky socks or whatever you're wearing.... even undies. We are superstitious baseball guys so WEAR IT!!! And after this BEAT LA!!!!!

Love these recaps...keep them coming!!

Mac Williamson's power is just what the Giants desperately needed.

Williamson is here to stay. Gearin and Jackson may be on the way outa town and Pence is right there with them.

Humm baby, just play fundamentally sound baseball, just hang in there and believe and the orange and black will take care if itself, no reason these guys couldn't make a run in the playoffs and beyond....

So, I am seeing some serious power hitting with these guys now. Thinking there might be something up come late Augest early September. Hmmmm! GO GIANTS!!!

Big Mac attack Williamson launching 💣💣💣

This last week has renewed my faith. Go Giants!

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Hunter Strickland: 8 pitch 9th inning. #SFGiants ...

Hunter Strickland: 8 pitch 9th inning. #SFGiants


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Keep at it Strickland. We may not need Mr. $62 Million dollars. When or if he ever comes back.

every time strickland pitches, i get scared and think, great, not this freaking choke king! lol

Torture level was at a cool zero tonight. 💪🏼

I can't believe it was a no sweat 9th

Go San Francisco Giants Championship Yes YES Yes Championship YES

I hope he punches Bryce Harper in the face

About Time!!! Long Overdue!!! He Is Definitely NOT A "Shutdown" Closer!!!

In the books, good game.

Marlins coming back too.
Update, came back.

That was quick. I walked away from Gameday and upon my return three minutes later, it was in the books!

Warriors and Giants both win tonight

Jordan - saw it with my own eyes. Miracle!

Nice win GMen!

What a difference in the lineup with Williamson replacing Pence..just keep him on the DL

What's the big deal, our closers often have 8 pitch 9th innings. Just before the top of the 10th.

Boch,keep Mac Willie in the lineup...let him bat cleanup

As it should be! Keep it up Strickland!

Hey nice win

About time he is so wishy washy you never really know with him

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Brandon. Belt. ...


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I can't wait for the Belt haters to eat their words...he's streaky to be sure. But he's a great Giant!

Mac or Longoria should bat 4th. Posey is a weak hitter, should be dropped to 7th or 8th hole in the lineup

TY Bloch always gives up the big hits he's not a very reliable pitcher at ALL

Just hope he can keep a good bat on the ball for the full season. He's known for disappearing at times

I’ll start believing when he hits more than 21 homeruns in a year...

Idk why there's so many belt haters on these threads. A lot of players I would point the finger at over him

Brandon belt starting too heat up...#GoGiants

For those Brandon Belt haters.

They keep showing this video, but got wiped out today, The Shark needs to go back to the tank, more rehab in AAA, HE WAS TERRIBLE, today 15-2, wow

My son’s and I met him when he was with the Grizzlies years ago. He was friendly, down to earth, and a gentleman. So happy to watch his MLB success. Great role model.

My problem with Belt when he falls into monthly droughts. 2 months of the season he'll bat .200 range.

Brandon Belt has come such a LONG way! So proud of and happy for him!

While he can be sporadic at times, he is #33 on the OPS list of active players. You get no complaints from me about his performance. ⚾️

I'd like to see the Belt haters now. This guy was on point tonight

I really hope no random injury happens to him again. Every time he heats up, SOMETHING happens. Go Belt! Go Gs!

STUDLY Brandon major wavos marbles keep it up . Looking forward to seeing everything coming together with Cutch , Evan getting Hunter back be interesting to see what happens.

Glad he remembered how to hit! Looking good!

Snapped this picture right before the pitch

Brandon’s HR jog looks like he has to TAS! 💩Lmao🤣

Remember when Bonds was casting pills into the bay?

Brandon! I'm so glad you are back! Missed you last season, and I'm loving seeing you at your best! Forever Giant!

He and Mickey Mantle have the two best baseball names of all time. Unless someone else can beat those.

i wish my treadmill had a setting for Brandon Belt Home Run Trot, so i could practice it at home. lol

I wish I could've watched the game...but basketball was on. :-(

Trade belt now while he's on a hot streak

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2 days ago

California Highway Patrol

As law enforcement officers, we took an oath to protect and serve the people of California, and retired Sergeant Kevin Briggs is a shining example of taking that oath and putting it to action. For 18 years he patrolled the Golden Gate Bridge and prevented over 200 people from committing suicide. He said it best, “All it takes is one person to change another person’s life. Listen to understand.”

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 (24 hours a day) or

Muse Storytelling
He was a highway patrol officer. The area he was asked to patrol included the Golden Gate Bridge.

It turns out, the Golden Gate is one of the world’s leading spots for loss of life to suicide.

But as highway patrol, Kevin received no training on how to handle such complex situations. Imagine countless people leaping off the bridge and being totally powerless to make any difference.

One day, after losing somebody after a long attempt to try and talk them back over the rail, he’d had enough.

This is the story of what Kevin decided to do about that problem. And what he learned about helping those with suicide and depression.

Produced by a global team of filmmakers as part of Muse Film School ( for the original web-series The Remarkable Ones ( ...


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God bless you Kevin Briggs

Thank you and God bless you!🕆🕆💖💖

A true hero

Thank you for all that you did 👮🏻‍♂️

Well done Sir

I saw the original Yahoo News story. Kevin Briggs is an awesome guy and he was a credit to the CHP!!

Have his book on the way from Amazon!!

Thanks for sharing!

This afternoon, we get to #SFGChat with the big guy, Bruce Bochy. #SFGiants ...

This afternoon, we get to #SFGChat with the big guy, Bruce Bochy. #SFGiants


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We certainly are off to a crummy start. Hope it gets better.

I AM Have Shown You The Light From Fear

2 Timothy 1:7 ESV / 18 helpful votes
For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Psalm 27:1 ESV / 16 helpful votes
Of David. The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Isaiah 41:10 ESV / 13 helpful votes
Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Psalm 34:4 ESV / 12 helpful votes
I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.

Deuteronomy 31:6 ESV / 12 helpful votes
Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

The Boch

William Ridgway, Margaret Gomez, John Zielinski, John Tippit, Jacqueline Milne Bucholz, Shannon Montecito and Kip Byars - Let's get early run support for Blach and help get him a win!

The game is at 7pm. Right?

Hope you guys don't trade Madison Bumgarner.

Well what happened ,giants looked good 1at few games .
Then sliding ever since ,1 win here and there.
I think I know why , Dose any1 smoke ?
Anyway ,stadium looks the same.

A 1more in the books and a loss it was ummm 2bad so sad.
Can you say strike out?
New coach?
Ah 12 pack ?

The best skipper!


12:30 West Coast time.


Giant all the way. How giant

Go get 'em skipper

Great Coach! ⚾

Three rings!

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