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Inspired by his son, man opens school designed for children with autism

Inspired by his son, man opens school designed for children with autism


His goal is to give children with autism a place to learn in a positive environment, and to inspire their families to never give up.

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My book has been released, and I couldn't be more excited to share my story. (We all have one, you know) Big signing/talk is coming up Saturday, May 12, 4:00 PM at Book Passage SF Ferry Building. Events are listed on my website, More events to come!

After Hoarder's Home Cleared, Rodents Seek Refuge In Neighboring Homes

6-Year-Old Goes Over The Top With Arm Wrestling Wish

A mail mystery! A SF woman receives strange packages from countries all over the world. The reason companies might be sending them at 11p!

"I found these three packages that have my name and my cell phone number on them and they're items that I never ordered or looked at in my life." Here's why unwanted packages are more than just a pain to residents:

Nicely done Cody Bellinger.... just hit the ball and get a run in. Dodgers take the lead 2-1 in the 8th.

"Seeing his personality come to life and seeing that, you could see his good heart in the way he spoke and seeing that definitely changed my opinion of him a little bit." Many with mixed feelings left Comey's SF event with a different opinion of him.

Former FBI Director James Comey gets standing ovation at SF event

Former FBI Director James Comey will speak at the Curran in San Francisco Monday night at a sold-out engagement highlighting his book, "A Higher Loyal...

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5 hours ago

Los Angeles Rams

‪2018 #RamsDraft Preview: Linebackers‬

‪Read 📰 » ...

‪2018 #RamsDraft Preview: Linebackers‬

‪Read 📰 »


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Rams are going to have to be creative in this years draft (*however, talent can be found in the late rounds). I see a lot of free agent try-outs this summer and other team's scrubs getting a second look.

You guys may want to double check that link.

9 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Who’s ready to be back on #WarriorsGround? Secure your seats now for Game 5, presented by Chase » #StrengthInNumbers ...


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Beat spurs

Finish them up pls


The end💪💪👌💪💪☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️👊👊👊👊👊👊


My idol



its a game tonight or tomorrow?

#LetsGoWarriors #StrengthinNumbers 💙💛💯🌉🏀🔥👌💪👊

Goooo warriors 🏀🏀🏀🏆🏆

Looking cool there. Klay go warriors


Blessings Warriors

go Dubs!

Ano oras po ang game?

Lets go warriors👏finish it that you can rest and prepare for the 2nd round😻

Go warriors

Go go go Warriors at 7:30 pm Oracle🙏👍

Help KD fior Game 5 . Go Warriors. Play like champions. GO GO

God bless you warriors 🙏💪

go Dubs

Go warriors for the win lord please help my team gsw godbless all the players

Let’s win !!

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11 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Hear from Steve Kerr as he talks learning from previous performances & more after today’s practice. ...


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Izzy - Kerr ✓

Very diplomatic!!!! the players did not play well!!! If they continue with this attitude, they better go home until the next season. 😬😤

Gotta fix the turnovers. Dumb passes into a crowd gave the Spurs too many free points.

more ball rotation guys

Love this man!

good luck GSW

keep it up!

go Dubnation

We are behind you Sir Steve 🏀

good luck Steve

go Steve kerr

let's get it on

come on steve you can do it

Idiot Kerr always says "you got to bring it" to his players but he freaking benched a healthy Zaza and Bell on a close out game. This queer needed to be fired.

good luck Steve

Father ❤️

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12 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

“You gotta bring it. You gotta play hard and smart, and tough.” - Steve Kerr

See more in the latest Warriors Shorts, presented by Rakuten Arena. #WarriorsRakuten ...


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You see Naaman this is how I be getting my "news & updates" a day late and a dolla' behind, but thannnnk goodness for my friend for keepin me caught⬆️

We need someone in every game to initiate the spark for the team

Manu was never losing what could be his final game inside the At n t

First round pa lang tinalo na kayo ng #2 seeded team

Mali yan # 7 pala

they've got to outsmart Manu this Game 5

play smart guys

they will win this Game 5

go go GSW


play hard guys

Dubs please win this time

God bless you warriors 🙏💪

Play smart and hard!Warriors Go

Finish them in your homecourt! #GSW #DubNation 🏀

Dubs will win

Lets go DUBS....

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14 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Coming to #WarriorsGround tomorrow? Don’t forget to bring your camera! Chase has the ultimate photo ops set up all over the arena 📷 #StrengthInNumbers ...


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Gizelle! Looks like its in Oracle! Sana kahit makapasok lang to take pics haha

Yes this game will be finish at home 💪💪 go warriors go ✌️

I am excited for this game to start on Tuesday excited to one day go watch the game with my new baby boy one of these days :)

😭😭😭im like at the other side of the coast

Piolo Dolores Germelina Dolores huhu 😭😭😭



Airel Alberto Jeffrey Duka

Wish they were outside the arena for all to enjoy.

Luv them all...!!!

Its look like curry is comeback at game 5😂💖

Go Go Go warriors for the win good luck go Stephen Curry, hope you will play today godbless all the players please


Sana ako dn😢😂😂


Go dubnation

go Dubnation

May i ask.?When stephen curry comeback again in Game?

we have to bring back Curry ASAP!

kelan yung game?



Go go gsw

Gogogo Warrios💯💯💯👏👏👏

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16 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Catch all the best moments from last night's game. 🔊 #JBLxNBA ...


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There were good moments in this match? xD

^what he said. This was as blatant a giveaway as I've ever seen.

Stalling? Im not stalling are you stalling?

It's better this way, prolong the inevitable as curry gets better

That's alright they'll finish at home !!!!

KD has to pass the ball more.. this isolation ball cause Klay and everyone else to stand around too much ... hurry back steph

That will be finish in the Bay Area

Better wrap it up, Dubbies. The Pelicans are rested and want you.

The only good thing to come out of this match was the house they built with all those bricks for one homeless San Antonio resident


oh my gosh what happen?

Didn't lose on purpose, our Warriors just got outplayed last game, stop the non-sense excuses!
We know that Spurs would never give up easily!
Regardless, our Warriors will bounceback! Go Warriors #DubNation!!!!!!

God bless you warriors 🙏💪

Love the warriors and live in the bay , but am I the only one that thinks they just are not hungry ? Time to be a leader KD . Stop taking quarters and games off and pass the ball .
Everyone is saying they were outplayed . Na, they were out hustled and were sloppy . Get it together and play like champs

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17 hours ago

Los Angeles Rams

One Monday closer! 🙌

#LARams ...

One Monday closer! 🙌



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Does anyone else think that this is the path they're going to with the uniforms in 2019?

52-0 again!!

Oh s*** guy playing Rams put your head down look up

One our two first round picks we took a chance with with a big pay off, by takeing a chance...

Go Gurley go...

Horns Up!

2 days ago

San Francisco City Impact

‪Thank you @healthfellowship for letting our Health Clinic share, inspire, and be inspired to intervene on behalf of others! ##cchf2018 #cchf ‬ ...

2 days ago

San Francisco City Impact

Super Saturday! We love our community and making memories with Jesus through music, games, food, and sometimes stacking cups as high as possible! @ San Francisco City Impact ...

Super Saturday! We love our community and making memories with Jesus through music, games, food, and sometimes stacking cups as high as possible!  @ San Francisco City ImpactImage attachmentImage attachment

1 week ago

San Francisco City Impact

We are so grateful for amazing partners like Munchery who intervene on behalf of others and take ownership of their city! Thank you for serving with us!Change starts with the connection that is made through sharing a meal and starting a friendly conversation—big thanks to San Francisco City Impact SF City Impact for partnering with us and letting us come help out this week! ...

We are so grateful for amazing partners like Munchery who intervene on behalf of others and take ownership of their city! Thank you for serving with us!

Get the Chasing God ebook today for only $0.99! Offer ends by 4/10/18! See the full book trailer and get your ebook at! ...


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This is an awesome book. Pastor Roger thank you for writing this book. It has helped me grow in my relationship with Christ. May the Lord bless you, your family, and all the amazing people at City Impact.

Excellent book! Amazing testimony.

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