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Jamie Foxx Explains The Origin Of 'Jamie Foxx'

Jamie Foxx Explains The Origin Of 'Jamie Foxx'


Stephen finds out the benefits of his stage name, Jamie Foxx, versus his birth name, Eric Marlon Bishop.


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What's your favorite slow cooker dessert recipe? ...


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Why couldn't you just bake that for 30 min instead of 3 hours in the crockpot?!? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Let's wish him good luck! Kevin from Carmel Valley is headed to the Scripps National Spelling Bee near Washington, D.C. this weekend. He'll compete against students from around the world. ...


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Good luck Kevin!

Californians may have to pay a tax on tap water. Do you think it would be money well spent - or just going down the drain? ...


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OMG! Every single way they can tax us and take money from us!

For what? So rich democratic liberals can live behind walled and gated communities in San Francisco living off multiple pension plans at the expense of tax payers?


Haha. They are going to figure out the amount of air the average person in California breathes and start taxing that soon. Glad I moved a few months ago.

I think this is in the upcoming elections we can vote it out. I havent read mine completely but I think I saw it. Go out and vote on it and while you are there vote to replace everyone that is running CAand running our taxes up

Water polluters should be the ones paying for water treatment!!

Well I am a Liberal, but I can also say the White House does the same to me by taxing the unions.

That’s why you should vote Republican

Stay out of our pockets Moonbeam! Let's find the money in the state's pension none of our representatives vote for that one!

gas tax, car tax, state tax, tax on phone bills, tax, tax, tax, and they wonder why people are bailing out of California.

Isn't water considered a necessity and not a luxury? Therefore un-taxable like basic foodstuffs including fruits and vegetables etc...

Ya tax something that is required for life. Talk about taxing the poor.

Get your hands out of my pocket !!!
Water is vital for existing not a luxury.

No taxation without proper representation. This is insane and illegal. Water is food and cannot be taxed.

Tap Water...before it was free, then you have to pay for it...soon it’ll be taxable like bottled water.
In the future, it will only be for people who can afford it.

So glad we are moving out of California soon! ✌🏻 our Cali 👋🏻

And where is this tax going, free medical, they keep taking from us but hard working Americans/Californians don't get anything but smaller pay checks and higher cost of living

Californians (even we Native Californians) are being taxed right out of our home state! Enough is enough already! I'm happy to read that we reportedly have an $8B budget surplus now, but it's time to ease off so ANY of us can still afford to live here. It's ridiculous! I've already been evaluating which state I'm relocating to soon... Good job Officials...You're chasing your very tax base out of state!

Well its the same when the rich get rich and the poor have to work long hours and won't be home till the day they die. So I say hell no. It should go back to the poor and We should live good lives and make.

This is ridiculous they are taking us right out of California and am 80 years old born and raised here.

Keep voting these communists. Next time they are going to confiscate our houses as it belongs to the Rodina. That ugly-face Bloomberg already said, “it is good to tax the poor”.

Dow the drain. We pay enough for water. It is already 3x more expensive to do anything (live, fuel up, buy necessities, etc) than anywhere else. So as usual the wonderful lie-brals in Sacramento and San Fran want to make it even harder! Guess they’ll have to turn mine off when I don’t pay the extra amount!

Moonbeam wanting more funds to support illegal immigration

Rodriguez AbranyAdri you better add this to your bills

Going towards government retirement

California - highest taxed State in the Union. What are they going to tax next?

Can't wait to Leave California before we get taxed to leave.

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1 day ago

Audubon California

Marcos Trinidad, director of the Audubon Center at Debs Park in Los Angeles, gets a lot of birds outside his office. Like this Hutton's Vireo. ...


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I have one or two in my yard. They are sweet.

1 day ago

Audubon California

What's the first bird you saw today? If you were lucky, it was a Western Kingbird. (photo by Ken Slade) ...

Whats the first bird you saw today? If you were lucky, it was a Western Kingbird. (photo by Ken Slade)


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Seller's Jay.

3 fledgling Eastern Phoebes

Anna's hummer in the rain.

Female mallard!

I rarely see a bird. When I do, it's usually an Egret.

Western Bluebird

Heard Mourning Doves this AM, but yesterday encountered a robin! Rare for this part of the world in May!

A matter of fact it was. Went out 5:30am there she was shakinh the rain off. I heard many local bird in the bush tryin to cherp tha rain away. They were so wet. I worry about an finch setting on four egg on the evergreen next to the house.

Hooded Oriole. What a brilliant yellow when I opened my blinds this morning. He is a shy bird and quickly flew off.

i believe a kestrel flew overhead this morning as i walked to the office. but of course at home i saw my regulars customers - house finches, gold finches, mourning doves, dark-eyed's, white-capped finches and sometimes, the oriole couple, not to mention the rufous hummies that can't seem to understand there's enough food to go around. :)

I see these every day. I didn’t know what they were

Wild turkey. I’ve never seen the Western Kingbird. Will look for it. Thanks for the post.

Stellar's Jay in Julian.

Say's Phoebe Flycatcher!

Mocking bird.

Male Eastern bluebird at my window.

Black Phoebe

Strawberry finch. Why are they suddenly in Novato?

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2 days ago

Audubon California

California is best experienced outdoors! Tell us you're a YES on Proposition 68: ...

California is best experienced outdoors! Tell us youre a YES on Proposition 68:


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I have lived in California since the 70s, Love California & its climate.

California on West Slope Northern Sierras, Paradise here. Wild life and birds abound, they are my constant companions. We must preserve our state for future generations & Ourselves !

On going dismantling of steel facade.

Dismantling is necessary as it poses danger and safety issues.

There will be temporary closure of some parts of our sidewalk.

Please bear with us. ...

On going dismantling of steel facade.

Dismantling is necessary as it poses danger and safety issues.

There will be temporary closure of some parts of our sidewalk. 

Please bear with us.Image attachment


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Dianne Cielo


Thel Mendoza

On going Hallway (Including ceiling and common area doors) Repainting Works at Anaheim Towers 1 and 2.

Project is set to repaint ALL hallways of ALL towers. ...


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Hi, kailan ninyo po gawin sa Glenhaven 14F po. Im waiting ulmost 3yrs. Na po that will fix it. Thank you

Nice! Hope they change the vinyl tiles also para malinis na tingnan!

Very good!!! Kelan ang schedule ng fairfax? Pati ang flooring isama nyo na dahil tanggal na rin ang mga Vinyl ....

Wow about time 😎🙌🏼👍👏🏻

Good news!

Good. About time

how about Henessy???

good job, hope you will continue repairing,repainting hallways of all Towers. Please consider also of repainting all of our roofs and tower buildings itself. most of the paints are already faded.keep it up and again, good job.

Dianne Cielo

Lahat po ng towers ay nkaplan na irepaint.nkaprogram na po yan. Ung vinyl per floor is also under repairs.also lobby upgrade.with your support magagawa po yan.

Finally! The hallways are no longer presentable and good on the eyesight. It’s about time it has to be done. 🤗

Kelan kaya ang schedule ng Fairfax 1? Mag replace din ba ng vinyl tiles?

Yey! Thanks! The doors are include also ?

Hope you will also do el dorado. Saka i think its time to change the vinyl tiles. Thanks!

Wow.. nice keep it up 👍🏻👍🏻

Suggest ko lang mas maganda tingnan pag ang hallway walang nakikitang doormat.

Great! I hope they'll also do that with Fairfax. Pansin ko lang, sa lahat ng Towers, parang Fairfax ang napabayaan. Lobby palang, jusko.

How about FairFax 1,2 and 3?

Admin- base on residents input, assess nyo ano dapat unahin..

Not sure kung feasible para mas presentable naman - tiles and a modern designed walls. And for transparency, please include the project cost on all future projects

Its about time. Sana tuloy-tuloy na.

Pati yung ilaw papalitan po ?

Hi Engr. Jeff! Glad to know that you are undertaking a facelift for the common areas of all the towers.
Since Glenhaven Tower 1 is the very first tower I noticed it is the one that needs the most renovation eapecially the lobby and the hallways. The furniture and the layout of our lobby was most neglected and overlooked. Hope you give all tower lobbies a presentable look befitting the image of CGS. Thank you very much.

assn dues are working 😜😛

This is great!

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Annual General Assemby 2018 ...

Annual General Assemby 2018


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Moro moro na naman. May update ba kayo sa boom ng parking? Kailan ba ma activate ang “white elephant” na ito? Sayang lang pera. Haisst

CGS supports Earth Hour
MARCH 24,2018 ,
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

CGS supports Earth Hour
MARCH 24,2018 ,
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
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