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Judge orders Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to reveal secret client: Sean Hannity

Judge orders Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to reveal secret client: Sean Hannity


Sean Hannity is Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's mysterious third client.

Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer and hard-nosed fixer, Michael Cohen, appears in federal court in Manhattan on Monday for a hearing with huge stakes for him and his No. 1 client.

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#EastAreaRapist case: Detectives used genealogical site to track down suspect:

The #SanFrancisco Planning Commission postponed a decision on whether a #WholeFoods 365 store will be allowed to open at Polk and Jackson streets, but in it was a desire for #housing that drove the discussion.

via @sfjkdineen:

SF planners delay Polk Street Whole Foods project, seek housing component

The San Francisco Planning Commission postponed a decision on whether a Whole Foods 365 store will be allowed to open at Polk and Jackson streets Thur...

Detective Paul Holes, a Contra Costa County cold case investigator, was part of a multi-agency team that narrowed down the suspect list in the case of the East Area Rapist. A month after retirement, he recounts the investigation.

Detective nearly confronted alleged East Area Rapist on last day before retirement

The day before his retirement, Paul Holes parked a white Ford Taurus outside the Citrus Heights home of James Joseph DeAngelo. At tha...

On April 30, greet Peter, Heather, Larry Baer & Lou Seal before they embark on the historic F-train to complete their mission of riding all Muni lines in one day. The first 20 readers to stop by will get a free limited-edition #TotalMuni2018 t-shirt.

Tons of debris have been cleared following the devastation of October’s wildfires, mostly the remnants of lost homes, cars and other possessions. But also found in the wreckage have been several long-buried American Indian #artifacts.

via @SophieHaigney:

American Indian artifacts found in North Bay fire debris — and quickly reburied

Millions of tons of debris have been cleared in Sonoma, Napa, Lake and Mendocino counties following the devastation of October's wildfires, mostly the...

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39 minutes ago

CBS 8 - San Diego News

A disabled Marine veteran on Thursday drove home with a very special gift. ...

A one of its kind daycare center for people with Alzheimer's disease, as well as other types of dementia, will soon be open to the public.


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Yes I saw this on the news. We may have to check it out

Amazing ❤️

Susan Riemer Joanna Abbott BobMo Casanova how cool is this?!


Natalia Cabanas❤️


Cathy Marin Ramirez

Ingrid Ebert

7 hours ago

Los Angeles Lakers

Lonzo Ball puts it down over a 7️⃣-footer in Top Play #7 ...


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Not even top 10 rookie

Just wait til Lavar pulls him out of the team coz he doesn’t like the coach... He’ll move him to Lithuania. Oh wait... he’s pulling his kids out of Lithuania coz he doesn’t like the coach.
Hmmm, I heard Zimbabwe has a great professional basketball league.

It seems like I'm watching the G league.

I know those with PHD's ( Player hater degrees ) are burning up their keyboards right now to criticize, but don't listen Lonzo. Do your thing and keep representing our proud franchise like you have. Props!!

If he only could be aggressive like that all the time.. Dude is really a special talent!

I wish they had a thumbs down on Facebook...👎...Lonzo plays and acts like a girl...he is soft no matter how many plays you put together to make him look great...bottom line he is a below average player in the NBA.

He really needs to learn to attack the basket... he clearly has the athleticism to do it... just need to get better at finishing

Wow one good play the whole year

trade this bbbust already

No fear! That was a veteran play for a rookie right there..

Next year he will be top 10 players

Lonzo is a BBBITCH.

Should've been an And-1!! 💯

Hate if you must. I rather draft Fox, Smith Jr., or Mitchell and keep the core.

K, trade him.

And 1
Its sad lakers fans are against this kid. He'll prove you wrong. Wait and see

one of the most promising point guard in the NBA today.


Get rid of this a..hole and his father!

But the 7 footer didn’t even defend the play

Who cares

Super insightful commentay

They must’ve forgot!

Kijk Fred zo deden we dat vroeger


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1 day ago

Los Angeles Lakers

Top Play 8️⃣: "This was a little bit risky..."

Caruso ➡️ Zubac ➡️ 🔨 ...


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Is paul george make a decision to come to LA?

Can we develop him please he has too much potential to be on the outside looking in

Mike Leighton you see this?

I Got made prop's and respect for Caruso being on the Lakers "

i guess its safe to say paul george is coming



David alex to zubat 🔥 hahahahah

Scottie 🤣

Chills Kiisto

Adrián J Ortiz Colón y eso?

Mateo Antonac

Harry Parkinson trail


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1 day ago

Los Angeles Lakers

Do you have to clear the ball in a game of 3 on 3?

See what Kyle Kuzma and Mark Madsen have to say about it in the final showdown of the Wish Cup!

Who ya got? #TeamKuz or #TeamMadDog.
#LakeShowWish ...


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How do you run an offense without clearing the ball?? It would literally be layup city if you didn't have to clear

Always unless it misses the rim

Kids welcome to KUZversity of Lakers basketball..😊😊For Madsen he's more on the side of dance..."Carlton" ... 😎

Always! Any kinda change of possession 🏀🏀🏀


These kids shoot better than our boy Lonzo... Good to see the Dancing Machine Mark still with the Purple and Gold.

Y’all couldn’t get them to the 2nd level at least

Yes. No cherry picking off missed shots.

Didn't hit rim. No clear.

This was right. It was supposed to be taken back by team yellow after the blocked long shot, but then it was re stolen immediately before the yellow team could take it back. Reclaiming the ball after a steal and failed backcourt attempt still means purple has the privilege of not having to take it back.

Why you put the kids in the nosebleed seats? 😂

Lonzo losses again! lol not surprised.

Not having to clear is not actual basketball... plain n simple


Is this Lavar's JBA tryouts?

Jeremiah Johnson

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