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Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN’ wins Pulitzer Prize for music

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN’ wins Pulitzer Prize for music


He's the first rapper to win a Pulitzer Prize.

The Pulitzer board on Monday called the album a work that captures the complexity of African-American life.

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Congratulations to the City of @Oakland on their new (and far, far better) web site

Glad to see go to a nice retirement in the @waybackmachine.

(Before / After)

Nicely done Cody Bellinger.... just hit the ball and get a run in. Dodgers take the lead 2-1 in the 8th.

#MoreDays #MoreWays Learn how @VotersChoiceCA Act makes it easier to choose when-where & how you vote in Sacramento County. Join @ Urban League 3725 Marysville Bl Apr 24 6-7pm 4 community discussion on changes &opportunities to vote early! @gsul1968

Thief steals thousands of dollars worth of irreplaceable items from Northridge church: via @YouTube

Local Armenians rally in solidarity with anti-government protesters in Armenia: via @YouTube

#PURSUIT: Police approaching vehicle in standoff on the 10 freeway near Orange County.


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3 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

Take a bow, Kike Hernandez. #LADetermined ...


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Wow. That was amazing and I hate baseball.

Dodger fans before the game: guy is garbage. Fire Roberts!

Dodger fans after the game: He should play every day, or my favorite: trade Seager

Kikeeeeee!!! I want another happy dance video!!!!😍🤣

Tommy Lasorda once said of a player he plays baseball like my wife shops all day long!

Should be starting at 2 bag !

Defense, true passion for the game. Gotta love it!

Anthony Cortes Brandon Bilby Alex Valdez bruh....

outstanding performance tonight!

Edward Marinas 2 plays

薛志穎 教一下

Check out that second play thO Nic Andrew Bradley

Guess who picked him 😊😊😊3-4 Bobby Rinard

Jerry Hernandez 😱

Loraine Santana Tania Liz Sánchez Calderón❤️🇵🇷❤️

Brian Mercado


Robert Chute

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3 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

#Dodgers win 7 of 8 after Buehler's scoreless five. #LADetermined ...


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Where are the crybaby bandwagon fake dodger fans from 2 weeks ago saying
“ It’s not our year, WS hangover, Fire Roberts”
Now that we’re winning again, get off the Wagon and stay off

Atta boy Walker... If Kenta can keep it up and Wood / Kershaw find their stride we are making a run boys hold on!

Good win. Great pitching on his part. Too bad the Dodgers couldn’t give him more run support.

Mira Zadot López que tal el juego de anoche, Hernadez se la rifó ⚾️.

Awesome game! So exciting!

Looking good guys.

Go Dodgers,,,,

I need to wear my Dodgers blue I got starting tomorrow! Go Dodgers!!!!

He was great.

Kid did good

Glenn Nettlefold here we come!

Wish I was there

Go Blue.

Good job kid


Jonathan Martinez uh oh!

Ryan Sunjun Kim 와 숏 수비 ㅁㅊ다...

Jarrod Cunningham Hernandez ground fielding! Wow 😮

Daniel Pinedo

Mark Ontiveros


Ryan Deviney

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3 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Giants fans -- Join the conversation with Therese Vinal and Grant Brisbee as they break down the 4-2 win over the Nationals ...


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Pence could fill the Mark DeRosa role of cheerleader.

Fair or foul Brandon Belt will win a gold glove this year? I know it's early in the season but last season before injury he was for sure gonna win one.

All the love in the clubhouse are BEST. The joy is back in San Francisco!!!! Teamwork.... still torture but teamwork. Any given day somebody will end the torture.

Posey is 1 guy on team that can figure out god swing in a 4 for 33 he's going to be hot for awhile again he's a career 308 hitter with a track record come September his numbers will be what they normally are.

Foul. Pence is at the end of his career and besides Wiliamson, Slater and Duggar are doing well in AAA. Pence may get the Rueter treatment.

At the game, I was looking down during Williamson’s swing and only heard it. I immediately just looked to the outfielders to try and find where it was heading, knowing it was gone

Best: Stratton and Mac best. WORST: Brandon losing his streak. But those are both positives besides the win. Even though we did have errors.

Belt will continue to fluctuate, especially when Uranus planet of expect the unexpected goes into Taurus in mid May.....epic at bat though......Taurus will not be rushed :)😊✌️

Belt has been on fire lately! I think it’s because I saw him out to dinner with his family not long ago. Kidding

Worst: It was the the giants were trying to catch basketballs with their gloves, Andrew, Evan, let Klay and Steph handle that.

Mac Williamson is player of the game. Could this be like 2010 when posey came up from minors and they rode all the way to the title

Best: Giants outsiders finally updated their intro, at teh beginning of the year, you had a intro with span still in it.

Foul : don’t think he gets all the playing time . But it’s not a negative thing we can have another seasoned veteran him and panda.

I think the Giants did a great job tonight on there defense and hitting, I hope they could do it again tomorrow night

Player of game Chris stratton he has grit and toughness and had enough guts to pitch through 2 errors he's Matt Cain 2.0

Best: The Giants cheapest aquisition (watson) has been the most effective, 0.84 era and another scoreless outing

I like Strick, but I have to change the channel and just follow At Bat when he’s up in the 9th. Too stressful.

Fair Belt has turned the corner. He'll have his high streaks and slumps but task is to be consistent all year.

Bonus worst: The idea of Harper in a Giants uniform. Don't think they'll be able to afford him at $400 million.

Stratton. Loved seeing Mac hit that homer, but Stratton made the game. Pitching through those errors was straight IMPRESSIVE.

Foul. It's been stated many times he's put in the work and made adjustments. Can't see it being just a high.

Fair at least for a bit to see if he can still be serviceable. If not, probably goes to the bench. They will not DFA him.

Player(s) of the game: Posey/Mcutchen duo, posey finally has a guy to bring in with all of his 2 out hits because Mcutchen can get on base, last year giants couldn't get on for Posey

We have two bests today. The new Big Mac and the Stratton performance. I didn't see a worst tonight!!!!

FAIR: Brandon Belt knows our park .Besides him Mac will put up Barry Bonds numbers. But Belt has been belting them. Proud of him!!!!

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3 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

🔥 #LADetermined ...


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That kid is gonna go places if he keeps that up!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻💙💙🔥🔥🔥

Wow he throws pretty hard hopefully he turns out to be good!

Kid is good, just threw too many pitches. Nice velocity.

We now have a right-handed Ace.

Kid has a cannon Wylie Lowe Osa Adler

hi guys

Ignacio Covarrubias

3 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

Spectrum SportsNet LA
Kike Hernandez goes 3-for-4 including a solo shot, a bunt single, and a pair of dazzling defensive plays. He spoke with Alanna Rizzo about his productive night after the game.


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Was he standing on a bucket again?

Kikeeeeee, I want another happy dance video!!!😍🤣

Kid needs a starting position

Never sleep on this man he will embarrass you on TV!

He is awesome

My boy Lissette Daniela

Ashley Pedroza 😍😍😍😍

Mayra Bastardo

Susie Soto

Cheryl Williams

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Matt Smith is finally speaking out about the news that he was paid more than his The Crown counterpart Claire Foy. | THR News ...

Mac Williamson crushed this ball to Bonds’ territory.

464 ft 😯 ...


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Calm down..its just a home run.

I’m gonna miss Pence.

Donovan Davis are we getting jerseys 😂😂😂

Not bad at all

And he did it without “juicing” !

That was a blast ⚾️

Home run 🖒😜👏👏👏❤



Morgan bae is 🔥🔥 right now

Nicole Bannon

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7 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

John Lynch spoke on Reuben Foster’s future with the Niners. ...


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Thanks Mr Lynch for bringing integrity back to this organization!

As well it should be

What happens if she declines to cooperate?

Chris LibertinoEvan Blake Lynch laying down the law

Klay being Klay 😂 ...

Klay being Klay 😂


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This boy is going to go off tomorrow night he scores 40 guaranteed


Go for the win tomorrow had a lot of missing yestetday but this time you can do it a good shoot again im sure of that..Good luck our team Warriors...

Maribel Sanchez your boy 😂😂😂

You got it Klay. Play great ball. Love my Warriors Go Dubs Go

Go Warriors!!🏆💙💛

You are the bestest!

Mr. Inconsistent!

That's a darn good strategy! Lol!😁

Love it!!!!


Just Win!

Shaun Evans lol

Jhoie Anne Carrelyn Carlos 😂😂

Katie Kowalski

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