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Kilauea blows! Insane photos from Thursday's explosive eruption

Kilauea blows! Insane photos from Thursday's explosive eruption


The long-sputtering Kilauea volcano has erupted.

In an explosive eruption, Kilauea launched a massive ash plume into the air early Thursday, prompting officials to advise people in its path of the ash to take shelter.

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What happens when LAPD Officers get flagged down for a lost pot bellied pig? @LAPDHollywood put it on Twitter & helped friendly neighbors feed it. Within hours the word spread on social media & “Paul” was reunited with its owner. Smiles all around on this #MemorialDayWeekend2018

Gift shopping for a Grad this holiday weekend? Need inspiration? Visit the new online small business directory & concierge service to find the perfect gift. Remember to Shop #Oakland & snap a pic for the shopping selfie contest. #OAKMomsGradsDads

Who wants to score a special @warriors library card? We've teamed up with the superstars to offer you a slam dunk deal. It's FREE! Stop by your branch beginning tomorrow + sign up for #SummerStride. 🏀💙💛📚
Thanks for the article, @SFGate

San Francisco, Oakland release Golden State Warriors library cards

What's blue and gold and opens doors to untold worlds? The new Golden State Warriors-themed library cards for the cities of San Fran...

Yes we know #NationalWineDay is trending, and if you’re going to say “more wine”, then make sure you’re not driving

CORE Tip of the Week:TRAVEL SAFETY Prepare for emergencies whether planning
a road trip or traveling abroad

35 parole/probation compliance checks
9 gang members arrested
6 firearms & one explosive device recovered
The results of @LAPDHollenbeck working together with LA County Sheriff's Department to address and reduce gang violence. Great job!

Good morning LA! We have that #FridayFeeling thanks to our smallest little guys and gals who always have the biggest hearts.
📷 credit: IG @Harbor_SLO1

The 2nd Annual "Move Over" Tweet-Along is underway!

Follow #MoveOver18 today to better understand the Move Over law and its impact. Agencies nationwide will be sharing facts and perspective on this lifesaving law.

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6 minutes ago

Sacramento Kings

From ATL ➡️ Durham ➡️ the Association ...

2 hours ago

San Diego Padres

‪Game ✌️ vs. Dodgers at 7:10pm tonight with Jordan Lyles on the mound!

Here’s the full lineup: ‬ ...

‪Game ✌️ vs. Dodgers at 7:10pm tonight with Jordan Lyles on the mound! 

Here’s the full lineup: ‬


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Theres something off about this team. It has a weird attitude and no motivation. Something has to be going on from a management stand point.

F the Dodgers

That lineup is SCARY🤤

Let's go Padres NUMERO uno !!!!❤😇

Hit Kemp with a nice fast ball or pitch LOW. No more stupid easy HRs for him!

Just even the series.

3 hours ago

San Diego Padres

‪A glimpse at our uniforms for Memorial Day Weekend 🇺🇸‬ ...

‪A glimpse at our uniforms for Memorial Day Weekend 🇺🇸‬Image attachmentImage attachment


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I Like Orange and Violet Purple, The US Army Colors Are Nice but, Our City, Town is Navy and Marine Hellooo 🤔🙃😲 Memorial Day Colors Are Red White & Blue 😉👌🇺🇲️🇺🇸️🇺🇲️🇺🇸️ Blessings to All The USA Military That has Left us, AMEN 😇🙏❤️✝️

should change our colors, these look way better than trying to copy the Dodgers!

LOVE !!!! 😍😍

Respect the reason but not a fan of these. The blue camos are my military favorite.

Nice... The girlfriend and myself will be there memorial day ....looking forward to a great day at the park and honoring all those who served😎

W, get the W! And no weak pitches to Kemp

I'm wearing this hat now.. love it!

Cue the #BringBackTheBrown comments..

Way cool! I need one of those hats!

very nice!!

Jesse Rios I still hate the weird San Diego font, but I love that green.

I like

Robert I like these ones

ALexandra Sánchez 😊


Jared West🇺🇸👌
Jon West

Jorge Navarro

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3 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

Could Wendell Carter Jr. be like Al Horford? Deuce and MO catch up with Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman for a breakdown of the prospect out of Duke. ���

🔊Full episode » ...

21 hours ago

San Diego Padres

You can #HangAStar — and an exclamation mark — on this incredible play by Christian Villanueva! 🌟 ...


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Dodger fans booing because they can’t buy a championship.

Tell me why are we afraid of Matt kemp and where was this Matt kemp when he played for us?

I'm still pretty new to this social media thing. Is it normal for the official fb page of a major league baseball team to show one highlight and completely leave out all other aspects of the game, including the loss itself?

This team has not learned anything. They should be called the San Diego Whiffs!

He should be a first baseman, I bet Hosmer could play a better third lol

Hey Padres, swinging and missing is not a good strategy to win.

HRs make up for throw

listen HATER NATION...this team is 6 games back...they are young and will very possibly compete if we can be close at break...power house? no...but baseball is hardest game on never know...we are not playing bad...wait for it!

Good bat, weak arm, decent glove

He's getting there. Love his bat though. Headley who???

Reminded me of Cami! Of Doctor!

He can play defense 🤗🥇🌟

Thems were the days ❤️⚾️

Can’t make the routine play though, show his error in the first inning, good power hitter, not so good in the field.

Good, but it’s not like Ken Caminiti throwing out a runner from a seated position 10 feet outside the third base line.

Cimber? More like Tiiiiiiiimmmbeeerrr..
Knockin down batters

Cristian, vas para grande. Sigue así deportivamente hablando, y como persona, se sencillo y así la afición te va a tener en la nubes.

Justin Turner's beard is comprised mainly of doritos crumbs

And chalk up another loss! Will we ever see the Day when you draft quality pitching? Where are all the top draft picks over the last 20 years?

Was this before or after he dropped a routine ground out?

Oh Doctor!!

Ken Caminiti would have thrown it from the ground.

Its about time we seen some leather at 3rd

Just need wins! They have opportunities they just don’t take advantage. Completely winnable game.


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23 hours ago

San Diego Padres

It’s a good day to #BeatLA 😎 ...

It’s a good day to #BeatLA 😎


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Let's be honest. We're San Diego. We beat L.A. every single day. Perhaps not at sportsing but as a city we're always superior.

Every day is a good day to beat LA!

Let’s go Dodgers!

Oh man. Two walks one after the other and no outs in the first inning. Hope they don't make us pay for that as usual.

What was it somebody said the other day. We're playing in Chavez Latrine. Go Padres.

Villanueva is garbage. Any 13yr old makes that play.

Everyday is a Great Day to BEAT LA.

Whatever the Padres do don't EVER aquire Yasiel Pig!

Beat LA! Sweep the series!!!

Or a good day to let Matt Kemp torment us AGAIN with a 3 run shot. 😤

Go Padres beat la

Pirella you shoulda tried to steal home against this shaky catcher

Beat the Dogturds

Doesn't look like you're beating LA.

Richard doing again 😞 why why give opportunity a pitcher AAA

Do your best!

Easy series sweep for the Dodgers.

Beat LA!!!

They own us, we know who are daddy is.


Get on it! 👍🏼

Get it done!!!!

Beat LA

Beat LA!!

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🎤 "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" with Joe Staley and Jimmy G?

The Joe Show is back and we love it. 😂 ...


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None of this will matter to me if they don’t stand for the flag. Will be just another year with the TV OFF.

He will always be remembered as Tom Brady's back-up

Mannnn I can't wait until he gets on one of these football shows after he retires, funny dude.

My new favorite thing is The Joe Show. 👏🏼👏🏼

I'ma miss Joe when he retires.

I love this so much. #74 is my sons number. Hope he gets it next year at SRJC😁

Joe need to ask Mike about that horrendous facemask he wears. Didnt know that things was still legal in the NFL. Haha

I wish Netflix would sign up for 12 episodes of The Joe Show, I could watch a full season

Foster's cannabis charges in AL have been #DROPPED

Joe show. The greatest show on YouTube.
Jimmy Garoppolo and the Niners will be the greatest show on turf

Man I’d love to hang out with these guys for a bit! That was fun to watch on this Friday at work with time slowly ticking by... 😂🤣

The last legacy on the team we going to miss you when you retired joe.

Max Stelzer Tom Schmidt gebt euch bitte diese 11 Minuten! Joe Staley ist genauso Matsch im Kopf wie ich 😍

Oh Jimmy G 🤤🤤🤤 so cute when you’re embarrassed

Richard Nips Mcglinchey is giving you a run for your money!

James Jake the joe show is back guys!!!!

If you would have watch Jordan play trust me you would change your mind!

You guys had me laughing. Cannot wait for the season to start.

Joe has a future on sportstalk radio.

Love the Joe Show! He is talented on and off the field. Sure going to miss him when he retires!! 😥

Holly Mays show this to grandma at the 6 minute mark. She will be happy! lol

At the 32 second mark Bam bam Bigelow cam out of nowhere

Travis Craven fast forward to around 6:00...Jimmy G showing his vocal range! 😂 He actually sang! haha I love it!

I want more Joe Show please!

Gina Guerrero Girl would u jus look at our gorgeous QB
Just over here lookin forward ta this season

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The 49ers rookie class got the chance to work with students from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley on their skills at a 49ers PREP youth football clinic 🏈

Watch 👇 ...


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Can someone answer this for me? Particularly your the Commissioner, Roger Goddell?

When Tim Tebow shared that he couldn't stand for a flag that allowed abortion, He was hailed as a patriot for his silent act of protest for the unborn. It was shared that he had EVERY RIGHT to protest in this non disruptive fashion, because of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Why then, is Kaepernick and the others who kneeled in silent protest to the unnecessary violent acts against, as well as the disparagement of African Americans in these United States an affront to, and a disrespect to the flag and the United States? What is the difference? Is it because one is concerning a Caucasian, Conservative, Evangelical belief? And the other an African American, Liberal, Secular one? Abortion is a civil rights violation against the unborn...right? And the violence, murders de facto, institutional and systemic racism, as well as the economic disparagement of African Americans in the United States are a civil rights issue as well...right? Will your team step up and not allow this injustice to continue? Will your team allow the players to continue to protest silently by kneeling (an act of reverence) before the flag?

#nfl #difference #america #45 #belief #kaepernick #abortion #civilrights #blacklivesmatter #kneel #letthemkneel #silent #protest

Watch what?

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