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LeBron James scouting report: world-class traveler, actor — with a mean forearm | Scott Ostler

LeBron James scouting report: world-class traveler, actor — with a mean forearm | Scott Ostler


LeBron James is basketball’s best player, and because there is a high likelihood of him going to the Lakers and becoming a Bay Area regular, let’s take a look at some of the laws he breaks on a routine basis.

The wonder of LeBron James is that he has achieved such widespread popularity while being a chronic lawbreaker.

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[email protected]: "If I got up here today and said, 'We want everybody to come. We want to take care of everybody'... we will have millions and millions of people pouring through our country."

East L.A. street shut down for World Cup celebration

[email protected]: "You just can't let Wacky Jacky do it. Remember a vote for her is a vote for @NancyPelosi and @SenSchumer."

[email protected] calls U.S. Senate candidate from Nevada Jacky Rosen as "Wacky Jacky." Says she's campaigning with "Pocahontas" Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

[email protected] speaking at NV GOP Convention. "The fact is we need more Republicans. The Democrats are obstructionists they won’t vote...Their issue is open borders and letting MS-13 into this country."

[email protected]: "I don't believe any administration, any president, has come even close to doing what we've done in the first 500 days."

[email protected] on North Korea: "You haven't had a rocket or tests in 7 months, 8 months, long time now. It used to be every week another nuclear test, a rocket test."

President @realDonaldTrump delivers remarks at the Nevada Republican Party Convention in Las Vegas.


We are leaving the area. LASD seems to have broken it up. Sorry some of my tweets are out of order. Cell service fell out with so many people in one spot. @FOXLA

BREAKING: This street takeover in Huntington Park is starting to get really dangerous. These cars are getting really close to hitting people. #Mexico fans continue to celebrate. @FOXLA

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