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Magnitude 3.9 Earthquake Rattles South Bay

Magnitude 3.9 Earthquake Rattles South Bay


Magnitude 3.9 earthquake strikes 5 miles NNE of Alum Rock area of San Jose. People across the South Bay and as far as Menlo Park reported feeling shaking. Did you feel it if you were in the area?

A preliminary magnitude 3.9 earthquake struck near the Alum Rock area of San Jose Monday morning, according to the USGS.

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2 minutes ago

San Diego Padres

This day in Padres history: April 22, 1988

Tony Gwynn singled in the bottom of the first off Nolan Ryan for the 1,000th hit of his career. 👏 ...


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Section 50 Row 3 Seat 9!!!🙌🏽

🌲 ᴄʜ ʙᴏᴛ ᴛᴇᴀᴍ ᴏɴ ғɪʀᴇ <3 San Diego Padres 🌲
👈💚👉 ONLY-AWAN .TK 👈💚👉 <3 [ Nᴏᴍᴀɴ Sʜᴀғɪǫ Aᴡᴀɴ ] <3

3 hours ago

San Diego Padres

Villa does it again! 💪 ...


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Where are the fans who laughed at me and argued with me in 2016 and 2017 when I said Villanueva is the best kept secret in MLB. It's astonishing how you people fall off the planet all the time when you are wrong.

Don’t buy into the padres!

Worst franchise ever! In the record books for all the wrong reasons spread the word! Management is laughing at you!

If only the rest of the team could hit. Hedges is horrible. Hosmer striking out 35% of the time. Margot, Asuaje.... Give Spangenburg some at bats. Trade Headley again.

In 1995 Tony Gwynn struck out 15 times the whole season. What's with the Pads there swinging and missing way to much.

Another highlight of a loss. They need to do something quick or were gonna stay in last

He’s now tied for 2nd in all of baseball in Homers, 10th overall in OBP, and leads all of baseball in slugging percentage.

Go Villa!!! So far that Chase Headley trade is looking to be a bust. GM do not have much trust in his own farm system when he made that trade.

Does this really matter if we end up losing again?

Way to go Villa but 14 strikeouts? Eh not good

Only dude that actually plays like he didnt skip batting practice. Hosmer probably spent too much time talking to his agent and not enough time on his craft

Padres will most likely trade him for "prospects", and he'll go on to play for a winning team.

Rookie of the year

We have many new players and starting pitchers and some new coaches but the results are still the same as the last 3 or 4 years. We only can win 1 out of every 3 games! The only position that we have not changed for a long time is the pitching coach. Maybe it's time to try that. Thank god Perdomo is finally gone!

Padres are doing fine. I would love more wins and less fans of our opponents in our stands during home games but we are fine. Look at the dreaded dodgers they aren’t doing that much better than us and they spend a billion dollars more. Can’t we all just get along and love the padres as fans and hate everyone else like regular humans? Also Villanueva has two less homers than MLB leader Trout. I think. I could be wrong. I think it’s 9 homers. Go padres.

Does everybody expect first place it's called Rebuilding!!!

The Jr. Brew crew lose another one, blue friars, pfft.

This guy is on fire!

Rookie of the year for sure. Cordero 2nd place!

The rest of the team is garbage

Villa has got himself on a good trajectory. Hope he can sustain it and keep building. If he does, he could be a star. Follow TG’s example and study, study, study.

Another one straight from the BFD file

Viva Villa!

Viva Mexico y Viva Villanueva

Opposite field jack with a very easy fluent swing thru the zone.

Its the only.......😢

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6 hours ago

San Diego Padres

‪All smiles from our Platinum #PadresMembers during the VIP Brewery Crawl yesterday 🍻‬

‪Sign up for a Padres Membership today 👉‬ ...


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I would of gone if They let Gold go

I want in on this 👌🏼

I think drinking is a prerequisite for being a padres fan. The wife and I looked at becoming members this last weekend but we are gonna wait till we end up moving to San Diego. Love the city and the padres.

So... You buy season tickets and Padres apologize and take you on bus to a brewery? I thought only Brewers fans did this.

If the San Diego Padres spent the same energy they use to sell beer to actually build a great baseball team, I bet the beer would sell itself!

all 2 of them?

"It suddenly struck me that one of the themes of all narratives of emergency is to shatter continuity."-John Akomfrah

John Akomfrah's three-channel video installation Vertigo Sea (2015) is a visual odyssey that explores, among other topics, the greed and cruelty of the whaling industry. #EarthDay #VertigoSea🌎First seen at the 2015 Venice Biennale, the three-screen film work is a sensual, poetic, meditation on man's relationship with the sea and an exploration of… ...

Video image


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7 hours ago

San Diego Padres

A very happy birthday to one of the Spanish voices of the Padres! 🎉🎈

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Pedro Gutiérrez! ...

A very happy birthday to one of the Spanish voices of the Padres! 🎉🎈

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Pedro Gutiérrez!


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Feliz cumpleaños, Pedro Gutiérrez! 😀🎂🍰😃

Happy Birthday Pedro


Happy Birthday Pedro!!!! It is going to be an amazing year!!!

Muchas Felicidades!:-)

8 hours ago

San Diego Padres

Rubber match vs. Dbacks at 1:10pm today with Joey Lucchesi on the hill!

Here’s the full lineup: ...

Rubber match vs. Dbacks at 1:10pm today with Joey Lucchesi on the hill! 

Here’s the full lineup:


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You guys all complaining on how Myers was out yesterday.. Franchy also needs a day off or if he plays Myers sits.. take your pick.. plus Franchy didn't exactly have the best defense Friday night.. no ones ever satisfied.. in my opinion.. this is the best lineup Green could throw out there.. plus Lucchesi had been beast lately 🔥

Year in year out THE PADRES ARE PATHETIC !! Always the same story , in three years so and so will be up , these guy's never pan out. There is no sign this team is going up just , just terrible talent at the mlb level. Terrible g.m and manager.

Lol....been waiting all week for a Franchy/Margot/Myers outfield. Forgot about the Andy Green factor

I was thinking Spangy would get the start at 2B today (even though Asuaje had a good night at the plate lastnight) and Pirela would be in LF with Cordero in CF. Pirela at 2B, Szczur in LF and Margot in CF is a 3 part mistake and should cost us the game barring Lucchesi being brilliant again

Annnnnndddd Green does it again.

Asujae and Franchy each with 2 hits yesterday and on the bench today.

But I am sure Green will say all the right things.

No hitter incoming

Once Renfroe is healthy I really think we should Go with this lineup!
1. CF Franchy Cordero
2. 2B José Pirella
3. 1B Eric Hosmer
4. RF Will Myers
5. 3B Christian Villanueva
6. LF Hunter Renfroe
7. SS Freddy Galvis
8. C Austin Hedges
9. Pitcher


Is what i would prefer but whatever, you do you Andy Green.

I really think once Renfroe gets healthy we need him in the lineup everyday. I’d like to see Pirella at 2B more often that way we can have Renfroe, franchy, and Myers in the outfield
More often. We need more offense and Renfroe is a stud at the plate.

Lucchesi would be 4-0 right now if it weren’t for Hands blunders

Margot being Margot yesterday. 4 ab's no hits. But we sit Cordero, smh.

Margot yesterday 0-4 and starting today.

Franchy yesterday 2-3 and on the bench.

Come on Padres you can do this!! Keeping the faith

Come on Diamondbacks...throw some venom !!

3-0 DBACKS are up!!!! Go DBACKS!!!! 😂😂😂

Split series come on let's get the win - LETS GO PADRES!!! ⚾️😍❤️

How about some PT for Spangy.

Get it 👍🏼


Lu “K” esi!!!

Let's go Padres!!!❤😇

Go get them Joey Boy

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Happy #EarthDay from Kenneth Mattingly's Earth, Outbound (1972) ✨🌎✨ ...

Happy #EarthDay from Kenneth Mattinglys Earth, Outbound (1972) ✨🌎✨

2 days ago

L.A. Clippers

It’s National #LookALike Day! 👥 🤣

Vote on the l👀k-a-likes on IG Stories: ...


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Is this what losers in Stockholm syndrome with a narcissist doc do? It's the team formerly known as the clippers so yes. #tragic #payfatpeopletositonthejeromescouch

Is there anything more that people like me who do get results in life and are at the top of our games at what WE do, can do to fund the lifestyles of and try to be converted to narcissistic supply by Stockholm Steve for people like doc and Austin who are straight up evil and who are narcissists therefore never get results but want to hold you hostage, line their pockets, and have you clap for them anyway because they need narcissistic supply? Lolololz. Omg Steve ballmer (having accepted this serving narcissists is his role in life,) took this question seriously. 😂Yeeouch buddy, hire a tumbleweed sweeper for the aisles of staples, it'll be needed again this year.

Oh god no

2 days ago

L.A. Clippers

Tunnel Vision. 🕴️

#LACFridayFits ...


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Did he get injured walking ?

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