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Man Didn't Realize He Won Nearly $2 Million Lottery Until 5 Months Later

Man Didn't Realize He Won Nearly $2 Million Lottery Until 5 Months Later


Better late than never.

One Colorado man didn’t realize he won nearly $2 million after a drawing until he checked his ticket - five months later.

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Women, men and youth activists met on the steps of City Hall to stand in solidarity with victims of sexual violence for #DenimDay with the Commission on the Status of Women, @PeaceOvrViolnce & City Leaders. Everyone shared, "no more"!

Good bye for today, but see you tomorrow! The next #SaMoParksMasterPlan Pop-Up is tomorrow at the Swim Center 3:30 - 5:30. Talk #SaMoParks and win prizes! Can't make it, take the survey online at

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5 hours ago

CBS47 Fresno

Investigators say they've arrested the Golden State Killer - responsible for a string of murders, rapes and burglaries across California. Plus, a film shot here in Fresno premieres tonight. ...

7 hours ago

CBS47 Fresno

WE ARE COOLING DOWN! Chief Meteorologist Marina Jurica, CBS47 is tracking the changes and gusty winds moving in on CBS47 Fresno at 7 & 11pm tonight. Make sure tune in!GOODBYE 90S! Tracking cooler weather & gusty winds as we head towards the weekend. Join me on CBS47 Fresno at 7 & 11pm tonight! ...

WE ARE COOLING DOWN! Chief Meteorologist Marina Jurica, CBS47 is tracking the changes and gusty winds moving in on CBS47 Fresno at 7 & 11pm tonight.  Make sure tune in!

13 hours ago

Los Angeles Chargers

It begins tomorrow. #ChargersDraft ...

It begins tomorrow. #ChargersDraft


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Please tell me WHY do you guys want Lamar Jackson? We need a DT. I’ll take my chances with GREAT old Philip Rivers.

I’ll start a gofundme to draft a new owner

Lamar Jackson that’s all I ask please!!!

1st Round 17th pick
QB>>>1st choice: Lamar J
2nd choice: Mason R

If this Chargers franchise does not pick a quarterback 1st Round don't bother picking one up at all....just beef up your Dline and Oline.....

But if any of those two are available I say get a >>QB...1st Round..<<
Los Angeles Chargers are already stacked and playoff bound💯

1st Round: QB
2nd Round: Safety
3rd Round: LB
4th Round: RB for depth
5th Round: DLine
6th Round: Oline
7th Round: kicker

Needs DT,MLB,OL,FS,QB,RB Pick the best player every round is the Disclaimer.

Any chargers fans going to be at the draft? I’m going to be out there for the nfl experience, but wasn’t lucky enough to get a ticket in 😔

Memphis has 2 players I want for this team Riley Ferguson; Dennard Avery.

I’m not necessarily for or against drafting a QB with the first pick. What I will say about it though is this. If we really are a contender right now (as those against drafting a qb are saying) and will be while Rivers is still playing, then we will wont be in a position to draft one of these caliber qbs (of the top 6 rated) again in that time since we will be drafting in the 20s and this is the best qb class in years. If your qb is in his late 30s and the decision makers think Jackson or Rudolph are franchise qbs you won’t get a chance like this again to get one.

Please draft a difference maker that can start and contribute now. QB and WR do not fall into that category at the moment for this team.

Chargers are in win now mode, it would be shocking to see them take a QB in the first two rounds. Biggest three needs would be DT,S and LB/OT. If Vea or Derwin James are there they jump at the chance or maybe minkah has been linked to falling abit which would be HUGE. If not settle for Payne and go safety second round.

Better work on our line . Both sides. Our run game needs help , protecting rivers , and the defense needs help , we couldn't stop the run for nothing.

Spanos, dez bryant on the market. Whats up?!?! You passed on OBJ, whats the problem now?!?! No money? I will crowd fund you to help you out, but you have to step down from the chargers.

I’ll be at the draft tomorrow in Dallas!!!

I find it funny the Chargers fans think that just because Philip Rivers is playing well that Tom Telesco won’t draft another QB. The time is now to draft the future of the franchise.

I know they need help up the middle on the defense. Concerns about Rivers' future are also valid.

But Rashaad Penny is a Swiss Army knife. He can back up Gordon, replace him if he goes down, and would very likely be the best kick returner they've had in years.

He's also a tremendous blocker, ran the third fastest time for RBs at the Combine, and barbecued a couple of Pac 12 defenses last year while running behind a Mountain West Oline.

We all said "where did this Kareem Hunt come from" last year...well, guess who THIS year's Kareem Hunt is?

No way Vea gets past Washington. The Safety from FSU will be gone as well. We should look at ILB or move down in the draft for more picks this year or next.

If somehow Lamar Jackson falls to us. I wouldn't be mad if they picked him. We need to be proactive while rivers is still good. He could learn behind rivers. But if he's not there, get the best player available.

Give me the OT from Notre Dame. if hes not there get Payne DT from Alabama (Vea will not fall to us). my dream pick would be One of those top 2 LBs

Please...just draft your next bust...and I don’t mean the one LT, Fouts and the like earned.

Thought we had a conditional pick too?

Vita or Derwin would be the best scenario!

My wife and I checked out new prices for the stadium in Playa Vista yesterday SSL for the stadium starts at $10,000. $350 a seat per game f****** outrageous


Perhaps we can steel a future QB. Rivers as long as he wants /can.

Lamar Jackson, let Phillip groom him till he retires!!

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17 hours ago

Los Angeles Chargers

Are you and your friends headed to Dallas for the 2018 NFL Draft? Join fellow Chargers fans at America Gardens-West 7th Fort Worth, your official Draft Bar, and enjoy some ice cold Bud Light, Deep in the Heart of Texas. $3 Bud Light pints! ...


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We need Vita for the middle

I'll be there for the draft!

ill be there in Dallas/Ft Worth all weekend for the draft. Go Bolts ⚡️⚡️⚡️



Donney Cummins

Josue Josh Casillas

Jason Ciano

3 months ago

Disneyland/California Adventure

Feel free to let out a yodel when you spot this mighty peak. #GetMoreHappy

3 months ago

Disneyland/California Adventure


4 months ago

Disneyland/California Adventure


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