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Mariah Carey Thanks Fans for Their 'Overwhelming' Support After Revealing Bipolar Disorder

Mariah Carey Thanks Fans for Their 'Overwhelming' Support After Revealing Bipolar Disorder


"I've been hard at work, feeling inspired by each of your stories and uplifted by your overwhelming support," Carey wrote on Instagram on Sunday. "Let's continue to encourage each other on our journeys."

Mariah Carey is thanking fans for their "overwhelming" support after she recently revealed that she has been suffering from bipolar disorder for nearly two decades.

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120 students have been out of classrooms since January. They left school on a Friday and by Monday they were locked out - with no access to books, computers or their work. On #10NewsAt11, the principal of King-Chavez High School explains why the problems continue, even though the building was reopened this week.


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Forget the friggen school. I work around the corner, and the 7/11 also closed. Very inconvenient!

What’s up with your school 😂 Andy Garcia

Love San Diego

I went to this high school when it was called Cortez high. Lovely I went to school with this crap.


Addriana Bustamante Angel Bustamante Fabian Bustamante

Ruben Salgado Garcia Crystal Amberly

Mauricio Sanchezz

John Leon Guerrero

Luis Johnathan Zuñiga

Marilu Navarro

Sandra Arellano

Carlos Aguayo

Julian AlfaroArmando AlfaroOscar Meza-PerezMario Meza Jr.

Nick Imhoff


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13 hours ago


Actor Luis Ángel Jaramillo, the voice behind the character of Miguel in the Latin American release of the Disney•Pixar film “Coco,” recently visited the Disneyland Resort for the first time and met up with the famed Mariachi Divas for an impromptu performance! ...


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I thought Anthony Gonzalez was the voice of Miguel in Coco.. just wondering..

I still don't understand why the wrong one was on the Oscars. That guy could NOT sing. This one can!

He´s a great Miguel, the spanish version is wonderful.

He has a great voice! I love the Spanish songs of Coco.

Disneyland while I understand that rides have long lines due to the amount of people in the park, something should be done for the families that wait in line for a long period of time and have to leave due to a young child having to use the restroom. Getting back and starting over again shouldn’t happen

Erica White Lauren Andersen soooooo I bet this is what the film crew was doing

Ow my kids absolutely love both the Spanish and English version. The songs are amazing my children watch this movie at least once a day they Have all the songs memorized. 🤗

Stephanie Nicole This is what they were filming on cars!!!

How come we can’t find any coco toys?

Lizzette Jaramillo the actor that does Miguel in Spanish has your same last name! Your niece was right!

Awe! That's awesome!!
The movie & soundtrack is awesome!!! 😃💛🎶💀🌼

Natalie Gonzalez this makes me soooo happyyyyy

Nathan Gob we should’ve been there!!! *cries in Spanish* 😭

I loved the Movie " Coco " , This is Awesome 😊

ADina Ortiz I guess it’s better than nothing.

Aviana Ramos omg he's so adorable!❤️

Susana Espinoza look its miguel and the mariachi girls we saw that one day

We love the Mariachi Divas!!!

Casey Boyle what the heck in the world

OH MY GOOOOSH *cries in spanish* Vanessa Figueroa

Bella he is my fav!!!

Diana aww he is such a cutie!

Lou Collazo Fotos great song from a great movie, with some great musicians

How awesome! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Erica Dittentholer he’s a cutie in real life too!!

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1 day ago


Congratulations to the American Idol Top 10! 🎶You just made it to the Top 10 - what are you doing now? Going to Disneyland, of course! ...

Congratulations to the American Idol Top 10! 🎶


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I do think that Mara Justine should have been there in place of the wannabe "Selena Quintanilla" Michelle Susette

This show is way past its expiration date 🤢

Ava and catie need to go!

This show is still on the air???

Let them go to Disney World. We don’t need them at Disneyland.

Nobody is watching this

Go Ada, Michelle ya she should not have made the top ten. I thought Mara out sang her. Cade he will be a Rock star. I love Catie.

What a talented group of singers, even the ones that didn't make it!

It's a popularity show.

then don't watch....easy

Did not agree with some of the choices. Where's Mara and Marcio?

I gave up watching weeks ago. It's just another political agenda

Some one met Jurnee there 😊😊

Mara should b there too she is a fantastic artist!

Haven't watched this show in years lol

Just stopped watching it's all PC stuff not talent

Oh Brother lol talk about sell out lol

STILL don’t care

When will they be going??


Shannon Katy perry is wearing our ears!


See ya there!

Kelsy Williams Katy and I are twins ❤

Go Journee!

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2 days ago

California Cryobank

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Check out this Twitter chat tomorrow or share it with a friend. Follow #InfertilityChat to join the conversation.
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