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Mayor Garcetti declares, "We are here to end homelessness"

Mayor Garcetti declares, "We are here to end homelessness"


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called homelessness a humanitarian crisis, and his new budget includes $430 million to deal with it. Some of that will go toward long-term housing, while some of the money will go toward immediate shelters.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti declared, "we are here to end homelessness" during his State of the City address Monday.

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"Lock your homes, there's a prowler in the neighborhood." In 1979, Walnut Creek residents locked their doors and closed their windows afraid that the "East Area Rapist" would make them his next victims. #GoldenStateKiller

FROM THE ARCHIVE: 'Golden State Killer' investigation moves to Walnut Creek in 1979

The 'Golden State Killer' case may have just been solved in 2018, but if these videos from our archive show any indication of the terror he inflicted ...

Someone on Reddit started a thread critical of having to pay for @sacbee_news. After two days of our team working dawn to dusk on the #EastAreaRapist story, I responded.

Sacramento is getting a lot of nation wide news... • r/Sacramento

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Pretty sure the temp inside @sfballet rose significantly tonight during Bjork Ballet! 🔥🔥🔥 Wanted it to last forever! Standing ovation! Wild!

Thanks for joining us eastern and central fans!

West coast get ready for a wild ride!


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3 hours ago

The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert talks about the circumstances and arrest of East Area Rape suspect Joseph James DeAngelo ...


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Michelle Cruz 🙏

5 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

The Cardinals select Josh Rosen. ...

The Cardinals select Josh Rosen.


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U C L A !!!!!!!

Go Bruins!! Glad the Browns didn’t draft you! Good luck in AZ!!

Donald and Suh bout to eat him up

Mark Hanks #TheFuture

Raimundo Orozco

Ryan Yamauchi

6 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

The Jets select Sam Darnold. ...

The Jets select Sam Darnold.


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Very good pick. Cleveland screwed up by giving the best QB in the draft to the Jets. It's been a long time since the Jets have had a real QB

John Mattison

Let's hope jets bring you up right rip mark Sanchez and that Gino quarter back

Sorry Sam....

Congrats Sam. I’m rooting for you in gang Green. Fight on ✌️.

Pats will ruin you !!!

Should've gone 1st

8 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

Marcellus is goin' with his gut. ...

Marcellus is goin with his gut.

10 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

Keyshawn's final mock draft is here! ...

Keyshawns final mock draft is here!


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He doesn't have Nick Chubbs in the top 10? What a joke. He'll be gone way before the Niners draft at 9 or they'll jump on that immediately.

I love Key
But he’s not on point

Wow both Socal QBs in New York. I like that draft!

Its Bradley Chubb

Probably did better than mel

1 day ago

ESPN Los Angeles

Should the Lakers trade Kuzma for Kawhi Leonard? 🤔 ...


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How about not trading anyone for Leonard?

Hell no. Trade Lonzo better. Lonzo is boring!!! 😴😴😴😴

You don't want LeBron to come as a FA (LAL would lose no assets to acquire the best player in the world) and now you're saying you won't trade Kuzma for Kawhi Leonard (an offer the Spurs would laugh at btw).

Are you people insane?!

It's going to take a lot more than Kuzma

"I want to win now..." htat's why he's not coaching...

Nah I’m a Bulls fan from LA
I’ll take Kuz plus he still needs to develop to be a super star

How about not trading the younger players at all.

Why would the Spurs do anything to make the Lakers better?? I'm a huge Lakers fan and that move is a pipe dream. I love the sound of it. But it's not happening.

George no
Randle yes!
Keep the young guys! No Labron, pick up Clay and Boogie!

What he said reminds of the trade for Pau Gasol to the rights of Marc Gasol.

I would trade Zo for Leonard.

Can the NBA just trade players for money? No Laker fan would like to see Kuz leave.

Trade Ball and get rid of dad is a added bonus! 💪😎

Nope. Too much upside and Kawhi is always hurt.

The problem is that it’s not going to be a straight up trade... ur gunna have to include at least one more ur your young core plus other assets... if it was straight up then of course u have to make that trade but that would never be the scenario

Buddy, I would because Leonard is a super star.

Hell no they shouldn’t trade Kuhn’s for Leonard

Hell no, don’t trade the young core. Let them grow and develop their games and chemistry together.

I'd trade Ingram n Hart for Kawhi.

Trade Ingram for Leonard.. Not Kuzma!!! I see idiots saying trade Ball.. Hell No !!!

Why does anyone think the trade would simply be Leonard for Kuzma+spare parts? lol

No! Kuzma will be a special player soon.

You guys are idiotic saying trade lonzo LOL. Ingram would be best to trade, but kuzna wouldnt be a bad option either... you realize we trade for kawhi, that opens doors for superstars to want to actually come to LA and still be left with young talent. Lonzo’s the future facilitator point blank.

WTF The Lakers better not.

Spencer Mark Jakemer kuzma and who else for Kawhi?

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1 day ago

ESPN Los Angeles

Byron Scott explains why Paul George shouldn’t be the Lakers’ first move in free agency. ...


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Paul George would be perfect for getta by us over this playoff jump. And who knows how good he will be playing in our system

Paul George is a bum. We need The Greek Freak Antetokoumpo!!!

Signing free agents? Yes. Trading the Lakers' young core for Kawhi? Absolutely nuts.

Did you say Boogie is a tier 1 guy, who can carry the load? Since when? Great numbers on bad to mediocre teams. Cousins has a terrible attitude that you dont want around young players, he is never in great shape, and he is a big man coming off the most debilitating injury a basketball player can sustain. Hard pass there Byron, I'd take PG over Cousins every day of the week.

Paul George is good, but not someone that's going to put you over, he's not a priority in my book

Hes right. Pg cant carry indiana by himself

Byron is right

I agree

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