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Meteorologist Kari Hall

Meteorologist Kari Hall


Meteorologist Kari Hall is live right now talking about the wild weather impacting the Bay Area.

Crazy weather! Let’s talk about what season this is...

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A gorgeous blue skies 🌞pic from Marin County via @foodguruchannel! (Clearly spring 💐 has sprung!) Thanks for sharing! #ABC7Now

One of those days ya just wanna bottle up and repeat again and again.
Sitting in the 70s & 80s for most this afternoon; your 4pm temps

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2 hours ago

California Almonds

No food waste here! CA almond farmers and processors ensure everything the orchard grows is put to good use. #EarthDay2018 ...

3 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Warriors fans -- Join the conversation with Drew Shiller and Grant Liffmann as they answer your questions after the team's Game 4 loss vs. the Spurs. ...


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Don't know what the deal was today, but I turned it off before 1st quarter was over. I live the Warriors, but 7 turnovers in 1 quarter, is not even trying! I don't watch games like that!! I'm furious!!!

The only thing I am mad about is the turnovers but everything else is okay because the Spurs couldn’t miss a three in the second half.

Mark Jackson is still jealous that he isn’t coaching the Warriors. He helped them get better, but couldn’t get them over the hump. He needs to stop hating on them.

The Spurs have had 4 games to figure out the 8 guys the dubs are utilizing ... players 9- 12 are more than capable of giving a different look n contributing more.

Yeah what's up with a tech foul when West was not even at the bench
Again obviously refs had to help make game 5 happen

Got home from work and Mom was almost crying. Saying GSW won’t make it out of this series. I had to calm her down! Lol

Momma gotta think possible. You win 3 in a row and loose 1 game. Come now give an a break. They are humans too

Thm young bucks out played us from start to finish today. I ain't mad at the. But they should be capable of winning 1 game. They ate pro's right.

It don't matter about the Pelicans name it's all about how they play and the Warriors better step up their game or they won't repeat as champions.

So...stay away from Twitter. It’s depressing! 🙄 And don’t listen to tv shows either. They will say Warriors are finished.

Really had my fingers crossed on Draymonds late 3 - then airball and turnover on seconds ... comp comp - Draymond's effort was exceptional today and is showing good control with his body.

It still shocks me that Pelicans series was the only sweep..Wow...just spectacular. Every team is bringing their ‘A’ game

Draymond played with energy tonight. I had a feeling they could end it with a win but the Spurs pulled it out at the end and the Warriors didn’t have a fight back spirit.

Come on man are you kidding me? The Spurs played great defense and made a lot of shots they missed in the first three games.

Pelicans gonna be so fresh and warriors tired, or does it balance out since KD, Dray and Klay missed a lot of games in regular season

Agreed. More time for Steph. Missed the game today, but will watch after I fly back from Idaho! What happened besides turnovers?

I enjoyed the brawl. It's Finals you fight hard or die....Period No excuses. My team bangs consistently we hot the nxt 1. Watch

I'm a spurs fan. Hurts knowing umur team can't win, but nothing hurts more than my team given a pity win, rather lose a streak.

If Steph isn’t healthy by Game 6 or 7, will Shaun Livingston fill in for Curry for the remainder of the first round?

Money seems to always matter. What if the Warriors played for money and lost just for a game 7? That would be AWFUL.

This is a tough loss but does not matter much. I will always be supportive no matter the turnout of the game

Refs so effin petty when it comes to our dubs. Petty @$$$ refs. Werk my dayum nerves. Just goes to show. We can never catch a break

I like that the warriors are having to get in a prison yard battle early in the playoffs. That was a brutal game.

Warriors shouldn’t be mad after this loss and shouldn’t be that worried but they do need to slow the turnovers.

Theory: deliberately extending the series cause curry isn't ready yet

Pelicans unexpected sweep of blazers

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4 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Dubs will have another chance to get it done Tuesday. ...

Dubs will have another chance to get it done Tuesday.


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If Curry don’t play against New Orleans this team have no chance.

The Warriors lost on purpose to give their secret weapon - Steph Curry more recovery time. Just thinking about the possibilities.

Started off waay too slow! Come on Warriors! Let’s do this back at home

Spurs playing physical, why Zaza and Bell on bench put them in

Warrior need to finish this series at home

Win at home!

Somehow i knew this would happen

now they can win this round at home.

Get them Tuesday

God bless you warriors, 🙏💪


5 hours ago

The Oakland Raiders

On this date in 1995, we drafted Napoleon Kaufman in the first round.

He took us back in time to one of his favorite Silver & Black memories. #OnceARaiderAlwaysARaider ...


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Awesome RB,2nd behind Bo. I still wear 2 of his jerseys today. His dad was a great veteran who served our military. Honor to have met his father before in Lompoc..

Man, I remember watching that game when Ken Norton Jr. destroyed his knee. Still one of the worst sports injuries I've ever seen.

My second favorite Rb

My 3rd favorite RB ever behind Payton a Bo Jackson

I was at that game Nap!

I saw him in KC during the Y2K at the teams hotel, he was a dick..a team official tried to get him to stop and say hi to us and he just rushed by

The Lord gave him a gift in more then one way. I loved the way you played sir and respect your decision to follow the Lord

Played against him in Pop Warner. He played for Lompoc, I played for Ventura Packers...couldn’t catch him then either. Lol

He was a Baaaaad Man, especially against those Denver Broncos.

A Bench pressing machine!

One of my all time favorites. Pastor Kaufman

I always thought he could have been one of the greatest ever, but he cut it way to short. Should of given him the ball more too.

Probably my favorite Raider growing up, outside of Bo Jackson. He was smooth.

I still have his signed jersey I thought he was going to be next Barry sanders

Bless You, Pastor.


Mike Sneesby Rod Dibona Brian Hill. He will always be one of my fav’s and I remember that game like it was yesterday

The origional Beast mode, killed it at Washington and wish he played longer in the NFL

Him and Wheatley were a good 1 and 2 punch.

Never made sense to me how Harvey Williams kept starting over him.

Thank you for beating the Bronc-hoes on that day😁😁

He was a beast!

Went to his last game at the Apple cup when he was senior!

Great guy and coach. He was my son Drake’s coach.


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8 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Warriors fans -- Join the conversation with Drew Shiller and Grant Liffmann as they answer your questions before Game 4 vs. the Spurs. ...


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Papa, Saint and Kelenna are way better than Kenny, Shaq and Chuckles. Shaq and Chuckles get incoherent sometimes. And when Clark Kellogg joined the March Madness team with them, he even made Kenny look bad. Clark is good.

don't give Grant TOO much grief about saying Tonight...the players were doing it after last weekend's day game as well

Do you think the Warriors are going to keep the same lineup going against the Pelicans? What impact do you think Ian Clark is going to have in this series against his former team?

If KD, Steph, Klay and DayDay all play at their best, you get 25-30 points from the Splash Triplets and a triple double from DayDay. And nobody can touch them. But how often has it happened?

Is there a site where I can watch warriors game later. Where I’m at there’s a breaking news and really not showing bucks game so I think they won’t show warriors game either. TIA.

How blessed are we to have Cook running the point with Steph out? It’s been a long time since I have yelled “NOOOO” when our back up point pulls up from behind the arc

Masx Kellerman not giving any love....need to quiet him down

New Orleans is better without are the kings...Drew or False--- the Warriors have someone who can handle the brow one on one?

Let’s go guys!!! If I can’t watch I’ll get my warrior notifications. (From the app) Good to see ya!!! Also check in with you guys afterwards.

hello... I wanna say 😊good luck to warriors squad.... For game 4... ..focus. defense and list turnovers.. Drive the ball into the rim fast... Goidluck... Waiting for curry back ☝️☝️☝️

Dubs better match up than Portland and should allow Steph to rest even longer. Be nice to have him back to sweep Houston thou :)

I put ALL my Money on GSW. Draymond you have to keep your composure. You know what LBJ did in 2016 with that B.S. flagrant foul.

You know what i saw a few games I came to see. J. MCGee was doing 3's at warm up and was shooting 80%. I think Kerr should let him do some! Hehehe

Going to have a big dinner for my hubby and the game. Today is his b-day and were watching the Warriors what fun today will be!! #DubNation

No one is talking about Warriors struggling anymore, but now they are saying how weak Spurs are, so still not getting that credit

Let's finish out the series with the spurs. Don't look ahead, don't want to hex it even though will probably broom it!

Warriors winning by 6 tonight because that will be the number of championships the franchise will have at the end of this season.

Who do the warriors want to avoid in the conference finals and play off finals? Also, thoughts against the wolves?

After season over trade for Anthony Davis for draymond green, Andre and maybe draft pick or Looney?

I think this is the first time in a long time that the playoffs both West and East are much more competitive.


Draymond missing layups turnovers klay bricks i hate that come on its time to grind. We bring out Nick young i knew we were doomed

NBA playoff pool for player is puny. $20 total for all teams all players. Estimate is players on champ team get $220,000.

Zaza, will be needed for the next round.

Who will the Ws throw at Anthony Davis?

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8 hours ago

The Oakland Raiders

It's the Beast's birthday.

Join us in wishing Marshawn a happy 32nd, #RaiderNation. ...


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All these so called "raiders fans" hating on Lynch, that's fine you're entitled to your opinion, so in my opinion y'all should go root for another team


Go back to Seattle, loser.

Don't need him...!!! .he does nothing but disrupt the team...we need players not a bunch of LIberal polictal.protesters...

Like him as a player. Love him as a person. Happy Birthday from the Raider Nation.

Happy Birthday Beast Mode... Bring the SB trophy back to your home town Oakland...


Im not a Gruden fan but if Marshawn was a cancer, he wouldnt be still on the team.

Happy C-Day Beast mode!!! Let's get it done b4 our Raiders dip to sin city, get 1 more for the Town!!! From Long beach to Oakland get em cuzz!!!

Happy Level Up Day Marshawn!!! Celebrate your journey!!! May each day overflow with PEACE, JOY, LOVE & BLESSINGS!!! KEEP GIVIN THEM BEASTMODE!!! #ELEVATEHIGH

Happy Birthday from across the pond and the UK Raider Nation!

Marshawn ~
☆•**•¸¸•**•☆•**• Happy 😎Birthday •**•☆•**•¸¸•**•☆

From 303/720 Colorado 🤘🏼

Happy birthday Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode

Happy Birthday Marshawn have a Blessed Life Young Man

Happy birthday marshawn we share birthday today is also my birthday

Happy Birthday Marshawn From South Central L.A Raiders Nation

Act right with Gruden's this Raider Nation over. Earn it.

Happy Birthday Marshawn. Have a great day!

Happy BDay Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch‼️
Today Is A Good Day‼️
Go Raaaiiidddeerrsss‼️
Just Win 👶🏽 ‼️ Waaa‼️

Happy Birthday Marshawn! Best of wishes and hope you are the best RB in the NFL.

Have a blessed bday,,, beast mode all day everyday #onlyonenation

Happy birthday Marshawn! Glad to have you in Oakland!

Happy Birthday to you Marshawn enjoy your bless day. Go Raiders. 😘❤️🏈🎉🎂🎈🍺🍺

Happy birthday Marshawn nothing but love and respect from me

Happy Birthday Marshawn - keep keepin it real

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1 week ago

California Almonds

Try snack prepping this weekend! It can be as easy as combining some of your favorite fruits or veggies in a mason jar with a healthy serving of almond butter! #OwnYourEveryday ...

Try snack prepping this weekend! It can be as easy as combining some of your favorite fruits or veggies in a mason jar with a healthy serving of almond butter! #OwnYourEveryday

1 week ago

California Almonds

The time has come for YOU to pick the 2018 perfect-portion almond snack tin. Visit to vote for your favorite design. The snack tin with the most votes on April 19th by 5:00 P.M. PST will be declared this year's winner. ...


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Can I order one?

2 weeks ago

California Almonds

Check out our Instagram page @CaliforniaAlmonds and watch our stories as Victoria Arlen takes over. She's giving us a sneak peek at what it takes to #OwnYourEveryday. ...


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Not impressed. Not even remotely funny.


She’s pretty cute tho

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