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More Than 5,000 PG&E Customers Without Power in Berkeley

More Than 5,000 PG&E Customers Without Power in Berkeley


PG&E received reports about a loud noise heard when the outage started in Berkeley, but the cause of the outage that left over 5,000 people without power Wednesday morning has not been determined.

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Satellite imagery from two different space agencies shows the extent of #Kilauea’s sprawling lava flows:

[email protected] says several people detained in connection with a reported stabbing in Dolores Park. Police say a man had injuries that were likely made with a sharp object. The victim's injuries are not life-threatening. #BreakingNews

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1 hour ago

CBS Los Angeles

A CHP officer pulls a motorcycle rider over the hard way, and a vigil is held for a young man taken too soon by gun violence. ...


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Nice..........a 12 pack of coronas to that CHP officer......👍👍👍👍👍

The biker should have pulled over.

Im.for cops but this was way to far by this chp smh I've never seen a cop hit a biker to pull him over smh. Justice for the biker and hold the cop accountable.

Good chp did that
Should off just pulled over
But decided to make a scene

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


No pos wow

Man shut up he was running for it she said trying to pull over

awesome comments sympathizing attempted murder over a speeding ticket

Thuan Van Tran

Should have pulled over..


10 points chp

dont run from poolliiicceee

That's attempted murder
Edit:: and I support Leo's

These bikers all look like illegals. Call ICE and Deport.

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2 hours ago

CBS Los Angeles

The current Republican assemblyman from Huntington Beach is toeing the Trump party line, promising to end in his first 100 days as governor the state's sanctuary status, implement voter ID requirements and put an end to California's high-speed rail project. The president, however, is backing John Cox in the race for governor. Dave Bryan reports. ...


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another scumbag who wants to destroy our state...

The right man for the job. Travis Allen

Travis Allen ftw!

He says take back the state ?..
From whom lol..
It's time we take back our Hermosa estado back

Who cares what you guys think. He has a huge following, you just choose not to show it.

VOTE Villaraigosa ...
VOTE Antonio
It's time these gringos get some oppression back

He won't get the Latino vote though 🤣😂

Dude doesn’t have a chance.

Typical, hateful, bigoted HB garbage.


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