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NJ Teen Behind Viral Eminem Cover Surprised With Music Studio

NJ Teen Behind Viral Eminem Cover Surprised With Music Studio


"Him being in a wheelchair, we never imagined that he would be able to touch souls and lives of people not just in his neighborhood, but in 200 countries," his father said.

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From forest green to desert brown, to Ocean blue; @theplanetd share an amazing two-week road trip itinerary, for the ultimate California adventure! #CatchTheWinterWave

Today we celebrated #TakeYourChildtoWorkDay at the City! Watch the video:

We're proud to announce the City of San Diego has been ranked #1 nationally for our use of data-driven solutions by @Living_Cities and @GOVERNING! One of these solutions is, where users can monitor street conditions and schedule road repair. #Equipt

Enjoy the ocean breeze and a west coast sunset along one of the world’s most famous piers, in @GoSantaMonica!
📽️: @dylan.schwartz

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It's National Pretzel Day! Stop by Wetzel's Pretzels at CityWalk Hollywood to grab a free original pretzel. 🥨😍 ...

Its National Pretzel Day! Stop by Wetzels Pretzels at CityWalk Hollywood to grab a free original pretzel. 🥨😍


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Shane Cameron Areti Comino hungry? It'll still be today when we get there if we leave now 😂


we should be here today Sarah Phillips Melinda Saunders

Shane these are yum with cheese sauce ❤️

Best pretzels!! Wish there was a WP in my area!

Eri Hernández día nacional del pretzel y no veo el mío =(

Destiny Arriaga ugh we went on the wrong day lol

Jacklyn daaamn free pretzel :(

El día nacional del Pretzel y nosotros en bs as! Jorge Holman Manuel Fungueiro

Anna I guess we need to get a pretzel 🥨

5 days left 😊

Nice pic

Niltza Nixon quiero unoooooo

Nina Murg 🙌🏻

Andres Guerrero Castellanos

Caitlin Dennison

Matthew Stregas

Markus Deutschl

Jordan Lawlor

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When was the last time you and your squad hit up CityWalk Hollywood? 🍹🍔🎶 ...


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Almost two years ago 😭 Kayla Reyna Charlene Boring

Jess Jeff Melissa. One day....


Lucy Yang u next

We were there on April 15th. We did the VIP experience and it was wonderful. The buffet lunch was incredible!

October last year

Last summer. 😎

We were there April 1st.😢missing it so much!

Le 21 mai 2017 Mériam Mlgm, le 21 mai 2017 🐿

Tomorrow ! 🤘🏼

Jasmine Contreras Rachelle Abad it’s gon be LIT😎😎😎

Next week too

Rico Flores Regine Parcero Malou Corpuz Distor mag balak na tayu sa dec new yr lang huh

Next week 😍

Karla Gtz Ximena Gutierrez 😮

Adrian VR 👀

Dominique Martino Sabrina Szalay

Cassandra Brooks

Susan Johnson Lauren Palladino

Joan Renquiffo Zuazo

Brian Hamilton

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1 day ago


Actor Luis Ángel Jaramillo, the voice behind the character of Miguel in the Latin American release of the Disney•Pixar film “Coco,” recently visited the Disneyland Resort for the first time and met up with the famed Mariachi Divas for an impromptu performance! ...


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I thought Anthony Gonzalez was the voice of Miguel in Coco.. just wondering..

He´s a great Miguel, the spanish version is wonderful.

I still don't understand why the wrong one was on the Oscars. That guy could NOT sing. This one can!

He has a great voice! I love the Spanish songs of Coco.

Disneyland while I understand that rides have long lines due to the amount of people in the park, something should be done for the families that wait in line for a long period of time and have to leave due to a young child having to use the restroom. Getting back and starting over again shouldn’t happen

Wow ...He sings really well with Mariachi .... we heard him at a candy store in Guanajuato Mexico were he is from in December .... and he said he has never been in Disney Park .... he is really humble, nice boy....we are very happy for him to finally go to a Disneyland Park ...

Orlando Chavez this would’ve been so cool to see!😭

Erica White Lauren Andersen soooooo I bet this is what the film crew was doing

Ow my kids absolutely love both the Spanish and English version. The songs are amazing my children watch this movie at least once a day they Have all the songs memorized. 🤗

Stephanie Martinez OMG you guys are amazing!!!! 😱

This movie touched my heart!!!

Stephanie Nicole This is what they were filming on cars!!!

Awe! That's awesome!!
The movie & soundtrack is awesome!!! 😃💛🎶💀🌼

Nathan Gob we should’ve been there!!! *cries in Spanish* 😭

Lizzette Jaramillo the actor that does Miguel in Spanish has your same last name! Your niece was right!

I loved the Movie " Coco " , This is Awesome 😊

Natalie Gonzalez this makes me soooo happyyyyy

ADina Ortiz I guess it’s better than nothing.

Aviana Ramos omg he's so adorable!❤️

Lou Collazo Fotos great song from a great movie, with some great musicians

How come we can’t find any coco toys?

We love the Mariachi Divas!!!

OH MY GOOOOSH *cries in spanish* Vanessa Figueroa

Casey Boyle what the heck in the world

Susana Espinoza look its miguel and the mariachi girls we saw that one day

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Enter if you dare! ☠️⚰️ ...

Enter if you dare! ☠️⚰️


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This is what happens when you enter. Yes, I’m the one in the blue shirt 😂 this was from 2012 or 2013. Hope Universal Studios gets a good laugh

ONly negative thing about this's too short of a ride :(

My favorite ride, tied with Harry Potter's Forbidden Journey.

Love the ride but I wish Universal would upgrade the the theming on the exterior. I mean, look at Universal Studios Singapore. It's like walking back 5000 years into ancient Egypts with temples, statues, gardens, oasis. And here in Hollywood we have a repurposed soundstage and two small statues.

Only rode it once (and I have passes) and I rode it during HHN. It did the ride forwards, then the same ride backwards, which is why I never rode again. Backwards makes me sick, I can’t even ride Amtrak in a backward seat. My question: does it always go backwards or was that just for HHN??

Quel souvenir cette j'avais su que c'était ça je ne l'aurais pas faite...n'est ce pas Matt Levrero Diers Alex sympa de n'avoir rien dit...mais bon c'était bien quand même malgré tout 😂😂😂

Most underrated ride at the park! Please don't ever replace this ride Universal!

Caution, this ride is insane, I was glad that my glasses did not go flying. Seriously, it's a great fun thrill but be careful folks :)

I think it’s time for this to get a retheme, I think you could pull off a cool fast and the furious redo or back to the future

Me with my twin taking the dare with a sense of humor I'm in the front with my arms crossed and tongue out, my twin is on the left, reason behind our expressions is because we thought we should look goofy yet stupid for the camera 😂

Took it on yesterday! First time visitor from Australia, loved your Park was awesome! Can’t wait to come back!

RyanHocroft 2 weeks and our VIP pass will nicely slide us straight to the front of the line 😍😍😍😍

Been on the one in Orlando, FL many times. My pictures always show me with my eyes closed and my mouth open 🤣

I love this ride because the bad guy wins. Most themed rides have something bad happen but in the end you escape and prevail. This ride ends with Imhotep stealing your soul 😂😂

Natalie Owen Dan Galley - do it!! haha remember to put your stuff in a locker - we got to the queue and forgot that no bags couldnt be taken on with us. lockers first or wear cloths with loads of zipped pockets. ;-) <3

Rode it when I was in Florida last year. I thought I was going to back out, but my dad told me to conquer my fear of scary rides. Got on it, shut my eyes for a second and thought that I was going to die. Turns out that I didn't, and I survived the whole time and realized that it was fun.

Such a great ride, very short. Definitely needs some more tracks added on. I love roller coasters a lot and this attraction is so much fun.

One of my favourite rides ever. As soon as I'm done with the upper lot I rush straight down to do this a couple times to start with

Love this ride ,been twice thanks to my brother,once when my son and I visited and the second when my daughter and I visited

Last time I was there they closed the single riders line because they trying to avoid longer lines... sad part I was literally alone haha

När vi lura in dig och Lily, berg och dalbana i mörker baklänges 😂🤣 Kommer du ihåg eller blev du traumatiserad 🤪 Liv Hahlin

Simone Santos Patricia Bretas vejam a foto do comentário, o menino de azul parece ter gostado do brinquedo igual a Clara kkkk

Orpaz Tzfania Batel Pessach
חחחחח כמה פעמים עשינו את זה? הפסקתי לספור אחרי 20...
העניין הוא שאני לא זוכרת איפה בתאל היתה בכל זה...

Everytime I try this ride, I always feel like my head gonna get hit into something because it's too dark. Lol

Ella Lawrence Vanessa Noble where I wondered why everyone was screaming when my tickly spider thing wasn't working! Haha

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2 days ago


Congratulations to the American Idol Top 10! 🎶You just made it to the Top 10 - what are you doing now? Going to Disneyland, of course! ...

Congratulations to the American Idol Top 10! 🎶


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I do think that Mara Justine should have been there in place of the wannabe "Selena Quintanilla" Michelle Susette

This show is way past its expiration date 🤢

Ava and catie need to go!

This show is still on the air???

Let them go to Disney World. We don’t need them at Disneyland.

Nobody is watching this

Go Ada, Michelle ya she should not have made the top ten. I thought Mara out sang her. Cade he will be a Rock star. I love Catie.

Who cares no one remembers the winner same this the voice who cares

What a talented group of singers, even the ones that didn't make it!

then don't watch....easy

Did not agree with some of the choices. Where's Mara and Marcio?

I gave up watching weeks ago. It's just another political agenda

It's a popularity show.

Mara should b there too she is a fantastic artist!

Haven't watched this show in years lol

Just stopped watching it's all PC stuff not talent

Oh Brother lol talk about sell out lol

Some one met Jurnee there 😊😊

When will they be going??

Shannon Katy perry is wearing our ears!



See ya there!

Kelsy Williams Katy and I are twins ❤

STILL don’t care

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Get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to enjoy Universal Studios Hollywood from a child's point of view. ...


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Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding. Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

Universal Studios Hollywood is such an unbelievable movie magic theme park. I'm a major movie goer and it's so awesome to go behind the scenes at how movies are made.

Shannon C I loved going with, Bruce and the kids. We gotta go back SOON


J Anthony Santana Iñiguez ☺️ mira

Ernistine Rahui Carroll

Connor Henderson

Who doesn’t love a sunset over Hogwarts castle? ...

Who doesn’t love a sunset over Hogwarts castle?


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Or a cloudy night!

Trish Franklin, can you see the Dark Mark symbol in the clouds....

With a centered full moon.

Tyler Cantu Heather Cantu we would of seen this sunset but we left to catch the sunset at Santa Monica Pier ..

I love all.and movie product too.

Ann we are going here like a week after you settle now they right? Haha

Opening day

Can't wait to go back


Lily Crisostomo yea we have our passes lets go

Beautiful! #Universal Studios Hollywood is already heaven on earth!

Grant, Ethan I would give anything to be back there ❤️ xx

I want to be there so badly. I will never get to go now. But it is & was my dream to go one day. :(

Such a gorgeous day turned into a wonderful evening. I'm loving it.

This must’ve been taken the same night we went to Griffith!

Justin Dunn hopefully we get a view like this

Oh boy, 3 more days til we get there. Grandkids are so excited to see Harry Potter.

Vicky Beden wrong park but hyped

I prefer a sunset over the Atoll!

Samantha Brittany well now we have to go back

Belinda Keane did you take this photo!!!!!

Cori Ah Mu Petryce Ah Mu You guys have to go here one day!!

Denis hay que regresar !!!

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Thanks to everybody who attended our audition in Cape Town.

It was a very large crowd and so with the people from Joburg, we are going to have a BIG team coming to Hollywood very soon!

Thank You...... Dankie Almal .........Ngiyabonga ...


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what about Johannesburg guys

So when are the callbacks?

What about Eastern Cape? We also wanna come to hollywood

biggest Las Vegas attractions fan

😢😢😢i didn't late😢😢


we are also grateful for the opportunity

Gostaria que um dia foce uma estrela na hoolywood

Yuricah Ernesto Mas outras pessoas amigos do facebook

when are u coming back to jamaica>?



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Dancers - this is the standard if you want to come to Hollywood !!

Andreas Knudsen

love the post


So you think you can dance ? ...


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Andreas Knudsen

loving the page

12 months ago

Hollywood Dreams California

Thank You to the People of Johannesburg !!

Thanks to all the wonderful people who attended our audition in Johannesburg. It was a huge crowd. Here are just a few of the great performers who attended ....

Special thanks to the 9.00am group for being so patient with the roadworks out the front of the hotel - but luckily for us all everything was finished before the noon and groups arrived. ...


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When are you coming back again

Its too early to say for sure but it will probably be a similar time in 2018

When u in cape town?

did people succeed in auditions

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