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Opinion | Hunters Point is a textbook case of environmental injustice

Opinion | Hunters Point is a textbook case of environmental injustice


It hardly seems a coincidence that this fraud took place in San Francisco’s poorest neighborhood.

It's one thing to read about "environmental justice." It's another thing to see it play out before our very eyes.

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The #Dodgers are holding $1 Dodger Dog Night -- so naturally, we had a hot dog eating contest. (w/ @Megancolarossi @Elex_Michaelson @mariasearth @Dodgers)

[email protected]: “Gina, congratulations. There is no one in this country better qualified for this extraordinary office.”

Two car-theft suspects are in custody after leading Los Angeles police on a chase in the Highland Park area during which a gun battle occurred between them and the officers, authorities say. Watch @GigiGraciette's report:

Officers exchange gunfire with vehicle pursuit suspects in Highland Park

Two car-theft suspects were in custody Monday after leading Los Angeles police on a vehicle chase in the Highland Park area during which a gun battle ...

TOP STORIES ON @GDLA: A police pursuit in #HighlandPark ends w/gunfire and two ppl in custody. The state of #Texas will observe a moment of silence today to honor the victims killed in the #SantaFeShooting & the latest from #Hawaii. #FoxLA

WATCH LIVE: Gina Haspel will become the first woman to serve as director of the CIA as President Donald Trump participates in her swearing-in ceremony.

Coming up on #GDLA: @ashanti performs, @JussieSmollett talks @EmpireFOX season finale & new album, documentary director Wim Wenders talks @ThePopeMovie, @Megancolarossi's interview with #TonyaHarding, #BBMAs recap and more! WATCH LIVE:

FOX 11 | Los Angeles News | | KTTV

News, weather, traffic, entertainment and sports for the Greater Los Angeles area. Watch FOX 11 News, Good Day LA and Studio 11 LA for LA news, breaki...

Aldama Elementary School will be opened today. Vehicles must enter on Avenue 50 from Figueroa Street. Please allow extra time for your morning commute due to the remaining street closures

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15 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Warriors fans -- Join the conversation with Drew Shiller and Grant Liffmann as they break down Game 3! ...


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Chris Mullin, Tim Hardaway, and Mitch Richmond were all in the arena. It is so cool to see greatness in Street clothes attending basketball. I always stand and clap.

I love the Warriors when they play well. If they play good defense and offense they are one tough team to beat especially when they play inside Oracle Arena. Warriors will win game 4 and go up 3-1.

Warriors have won 16 straight home playoff games. Houston has a problem in game 4. The Warriors have confidence in this series. I hope they still feel threatened so Houston doesn’t win on Tuesday.

Rockets will play hard on Tuesday. It will likely be close through the first half and at halftime. If the Warriors make a third quarter run then they should win.

Klay is so calm compared to every other Warrior. He rarely gets technicals and swears like Draymond, KD, and Steph.

It was so awkward in the last few seconds when Young got a foul and someone from the rockets just placed the ball on the floor like "here you go..."

I really like Livingston when he shoots and scores well. I have the same outlook on Iguodala and West. Those three are the bench leaders.

Draymond Green is the kind of player that can score 0 points but still be one of the most important players on the floor

Let's not forget that Draymond is the ONLY player to have a triple-double with points not being one of the stats!

Warriors are one challenging team to beat inside Oracle during the playoffs. I notice how well they play at home versus on the road. They need to take advantage of being at home on Tuesday.

Steve Kerr is masterful at drawing up out of bounds plays. He knows exactly how and when to call the right play

On another note on defense, Curry is always getting bullied on the defensive end for the Warriors. Houston just loves to pick on Steph on defense.

The ref wants to give t foul to draymond. Ref night is not completed if they don't give draymond green T foul lol ✌️✌️

Warriors should get some rest and practice to be prepared for Tuesday knowing that it will not be an easy game.

Everyone knew that Curry was going to wake up the question was WHEN is he going to wake up. The Rockets woke up to a nightmare.

The Warriors can't offer Looney more than the $2.23 million option because they declined it so if a team offers more than he will probably take the pay day

How does Dray say "warriors are best in transition and then CP3 tries to say Houston is best when they get out in transition" I think Houston wants to be good in transition but that is not their game 😳

I said it some 3sss from steph and klay
Some blocks and good defence that what we needed
I was right👑😁💙💛🏀🏀🔥🔥

Do you think Steph got going when he stoped overthinking, and just went with muscle memory( for lack of a better term)

I love that Nick Young sunk those two free throws to make it Houston's worst playoff lost ever with the 41 points!

Was David West a DNP? I know looney n bell got the big minutes but surprised he didnt get in during garbaage time.

Monumental blowout statement. Can Houston recover? This may be one blowout too many. It plays with your mind.

It was a pleasure to see three of RUN TMC after a long time. Although I am a GSW fan for over 25 years, I hope to go to Oracle Arena one day to watch playoffs someday.

Lisa, I just felt like Dray was helping him not hit the floor hard. I thought Dray was trying to be nice. Kinda!

Stephen A. Smith said that Houston softened their defense, and Steph's confidence went through the roof.

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Klay hopes Riley didn’t see Steph’s potty mouth 🤬😂 ...


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Klay is exquisite 😍

Somehow I missed that.. what did Steph say?

Klay is the best, love his sense of humor and wit.

He just let out all the frustration that's been building up. When Steph plays at this level, this is what makes teams fear.

Thank you Klay Thompson for saying what you say about Curry that was wrong to say that but he had h i s moment last night

This is my F !?#ing house - Curry

It is f'ing house. Go Warriors.

dont do that in your home kids...

Klay is funny

Houston Rockets has major issues with Curry,now and Warriors.

Rick Jones Robert Jones this was pretty funny

Kim 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

ooh. the nose Klay 🌸🌸🌸

Warriors are back in business. 41 points is not bad.

Ja ja ja,,,


put him on timeout, Ayesha.

Kagwapo oys

I think he said this is my freakin house!!!not f**kin🙂🙂


I love smiling Klay

forever Klay Thompson 😍😍😍💜

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16 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Good things come in 👌s. ...

Good things come in 👌s.


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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13

Mr.curry you made that floor hot to nite thank you warriors

Great game Stephen Curry! Go Warriors!

#BackInTheBay 🌊🌉

Warriors in 5

Ang baba ng score di ako bilib

19 hours ago

Los Angeles Rams

Phase ✌️ is a wrap. OTAs begin tomorrow! ...


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Goff needs to hit the weights. Shoulders narrow as hell 🏋️

Not for AD they don’t 🙄


No Donald

Let's dig

Stay healthy


22 hours ago

California State Parks

Happy #SnapshotSunday! Show off your camera and selfie skills and reply with your best weekend photos! We want to see how and where you #InventYourAdventure

Photo: Leo Carrillo State Park ...

Happy #SnapshotSunday! Show off your camera and selfie skills and reply with your best weekend photos! We want to see how and where you #InventYourAdventure

Photo: Leo Carrillo State Park


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Bolsa Chica State Beach 😎

1 day ago

Los Angeles Rams

2018 #LARams Rookies

First week: ✅ ...

2018 #LARams Rookies

First week: ✅


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Not the most impressive bunch I've seen!

The 2018 Los Angeles Rams Rookie Class will provide great depth to the already stacked roster. Drafting is only one half of the equation, the other is developing these rookies and the Rams great coaching staff will provide the opportunity for some of these rookies to have an impact this season. Best of luck to all. This Rams Season has high expectations and the Rams will Deliver.

All I know is come Aug 18 our first preseason game vs the raiders WE need everyone to show up....NO RAIDERS TAKEOVER NO RAIDERS TAKEOVER NO RAIDERS TAKEOVER AUG 18 SHOW UP THIS IS OUR HOUSE RAMS HOUSE HORNS UP THANK YOU. ......


My boys. Come on August!

Luis Pérez 🤘

2 days ago

Los Angeles Rams

He'll be lining up with Aaron Donald.
Which means more one-on-ones.

And more Ndamukong Suh DOMINANCE. #NFLTop100 ...


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I can't wait to see Donald, brockers, and suh line up together!

Rams Defense is going to Tear up the stat numbers !

If he plays to his potential and keeps his big head in the game, this will be the scariest defensive line in a long, long time.

If the Rams linebackers develop, the defense could be scary good this year.

im excited for this bro Samoan Joe Saipale

"Mama, there goes that man!"

love this combo, disruptive as h3ll


Rams D will be insane this year! Offense Too! Can't Wait!

Boy oh Boy....Sounds good to me.....

Phil Olson

Chevy Green

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2 days ago

California State Parks

340 miles of coastline.
970 miles of lake and river frontage.
15,000 campsites.
4,500 miles of trails.
& you.

#LiveTheParksLife and choose from over 100 statewide #CAStateParks job openings near you at ...


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I'm so glad the state parks has a K9 unit now. Same with the Coast Guard. K9's are awesome and with the human partners a team that is invincible. I'm a little prejudice because my brother and his K9 sheriff partner worked in California. <3

Love our state parks and the people who maintain, preserve and care for them...our unsung heroes

Hating the new ReserveCalifornia site.

Really like I want to go to a State Park and get attacked by a K9 . That is horrible marketing no wonder ca state parks are looking for a new ceo

They need a new digital director as well.

That is wonderful that they have a K-9 unit!

Hating the police state propaganda as well!

And a migraine trying to reserve a camping spot on the same weekend with my friends.

3 days ago

California State Parks

Happy Friday!

In this week's issue of the #CAStateParks Weekly Digest, you can discover:

- What makes Tule Elk State Natural Reserve so special
- What has Ed Z'Bear from Ed Z'Berg Sugar Pine Point State Park so excited
- Job Opportunities to #LiveTheParksLife with us
...and much more!

to read and to have it delivered every week to your inbox. ...

Happy Friday!

In this weeks issue of the #CAStateParks Weekly Digest, you can discover: 

- What makes Tule Elk State Natural Reserve so special
- What has Ed ZBear from Ed ZBerg Sugar Pine Point State Park  so excited
- Job Opportunities to #LiveTheParksLife with us
...and much more!

to read and to have it delivered every week to your inbox.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Happy Friday

I was stationed at Concord Naval Weapons Station in the 80's. The Tule Elk are magnificent animals.

I loved being able to ride my horse amongst the Tule Elk. Magical!

3 days ago

California State Parks

We are proud to partner with the California Indian Heritage Center Foundation for the 41st Annual Gathering of Annual Elders at the State Indian Museum on Saturday, June 2, from 10-3.

This event and the museum honors Native Americans and their understanding and use of natural resources. Visitors can learn about today’s native people – where they live and how they make California their home in the 21st century. Native Americans are not just part of past history, but they continue to be an important and vital part of what makes California diverse and whole.

Full details on this amazing event can be found at: ...


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