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Pizza Al Fresco: Domino's Will Deliver To Beaches, Parks

Pizza Al Fresco: Domino's Will Deliver To Beaches, Parks


The pizza chain said Monday that its drivers can meet customers at U.S. beaches, parks and landmarks to hand over pizza, cheesy bread and other food on its menu.

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"Lock your homes, there's a prowler in the neighborhood." In 1979, Walnut Creek residents locked their doors and closed their windows afraid that the "East Area Rapist" would make them his next victims. #GoldenStateKiller

FROM THE ARCHIVE: 'Golden State Killer' investigation moves to Walnut Creek in 1979

The 'Golden State Killer' case may have just been solved in 2018, but if these videos from our archive show any indication of the terror he inflicted ...

This veteran wants the peace of knowing he can choose a doctor's life-ending prescription.

But that's not an option where he lives.

Someone on Reddit started a thread critical of having to pay for @sacbee_news. After two days of our team working dawn to dusk on the #EastAreaRapist story, I responded.

Sacramento is getting a lot of nation wide news... • r/Sacramento

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Unlucky 7

Vegas Golden Knights roll San Jose Sharks in playoff semifinal opener

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30 minutes ago

Fox 11 Los Angeles

Marvel this! There is Avengers Infinity War Fanticipation across the nation! But there’s no SPOILERS in our interviews with the cast! Just innocent, sweet, and SOUR fun from MCU’s finest! #InfinityWar ...


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Such fun and memorable interviews!!

55 minutes ago

Fox 11 Los Angeles

Three men are suing the Balboa Inn and the hotel's restaurant claiming they were denied service and called a gay slur and forcefully removed from the Newport Beach property. ...


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Buy that man a beer!!! 😂

Guy guys are alright. But I have seen some pretty rude ones

You cant possible be serious... I dont give a rat-a—- what kind of ID a customer hands you or how rude that customer is. your not the freaking Gestapo. You don’t order a person out. You ask nicely. Then you go procedures through to escort the unruly person out... ‘gonna count the days until this jk of stablishment closes doors. Shame.....

Come if you start kissing and touching your testicles each other there is reason for people get mad

they where thrown out of the bar for other reasons but it seems like there trying to use a excuse hate crime.

Boycott that place...

Oh theeee😂

Bet they dont have a transgender bathroom, lol

Tony Delfin

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Evander Kane got a game misconduct for this cross-check. ...


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Sharks lost their composure tonight....keep it up and they'll get swept for sure!

I’ll always support my team but he deserves a suspension.

Good. Stop gooning it up, we're not the Ducks... tho we played like it tonight.

3 hours ago

The Daily Californian

Daily Cal Media sat down with Margaret Cho to discuss her performance at Front Row as well as race and identity in media. ...

Come check out Santa Clara Monster Jam! Saturday April 28th at Levi's Stadium! ...

4 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Raiders fans -- Scott Bair and Fallon Smith are breaking down the Kolton Miller draft pick and Martavis Bryant trade right NOW! ...


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Martavis Bryant saved day 1 for Reggie and Co

It will work out I am fine with it.

The Patriots were going to pick up Colton at 22, and if they thought that highly of him, then give the Raiders a break for picking him up at 15.

Sorry to see you go fellow Smith!!😢 Good luck in your future endeavors. I was hoping we would get another Smith in Roquan. Hopefully we go Defense from here on out.

Some teams don’t Draft well and we are one of them. We can’t win a shoot out every game. Prayers for quality picks in later rounds.

Dont know if kolton will protect Carr all that well. No second effort and no heart. Plays soft, weak punch. Drafted way to high.

Look someone needs to get fired for today's garbage how Tom Cable was ever allowed back and have any influence on this pick

Any chance raiders move back into the first round? Still a few top talent defensive players available

Scott are you hearing anything when it comes to names on the defensive side the Raiders may be interested in?

There were rumors that Mack could have been traded. What’s your take and what do we need to do to lock him up?

Funny Darrell everything you said is complete opposite of what real NFL scouts and coaches said lol

Is Gruden aware that you have to play defense as well in the NFL? Pretty curious

Michael Miller...Dallas just drafted Vander esch

What defensive players are still undrafted that can help us.

Now we just need Connor cook to take job from Derek happyfeet Carr n were set

We need defensive players right now Mack needs help

There is a method to the Madness let's go Raiders

Think we'll go Vanderesch in the second round?

Where will Seth Roberts end up after the Bryant trade?

Who do you see is take in the 2nd round?

Who cares dont waste your time Scott

Seth Roberts will be cut tonight hopefully

What top LBs are left in the 2nd round ?

Chubb to the Broncos!!! Look out Carr!!

Freddy Dionisio Jr......yep...he sure can.

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