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Police identify woman in suspicious Little Italy death

Police identify woman in suspicious Little Italy death


The woman appeared to have traumatic injuries, but police haven't determined the cause of those injuries.

Police Monday identified a woman found dead under suspicious circumstances over the weekend in Little Italy, though it's still not known how she sustained her fatal injuries or whether her death was a homicide.

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#MoffatFire [update] off Highway 395 and Moffat Ranch Road, north of Lone Pine is now 1,265 acres and 90% contained. Unified Command: @CALFIREBDU, @Caltrans9, and @InyoSheriff.

A gorgeous blue skies 🌞pic from Marin County via @foodguruchannel! (Clearly spring 💐 has sprung!) Thanks for sharing! #ABC7Now

#EARTHQUAKE: 3.9 magnitude quake shakes the Thousand Palms area near Palm Springs. Did you feel it?

One of those days ya just wanna bottle up and repeat again and again.
Sitting in the 70s & 80s for most this afternoon; your 4pm temps

#EARTHQUAKE: 3.1 quake shakes community of Aguanga in Riverside County, according to @USGS .

Did you feel it?

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You could say Doc Brown has been driving a hybrid for over 30 years. Happy Earth Day! ...


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But the Delorean always ran on gas, it always has. Mr Fusion powers the time circuits and the Flux capacitor.

This was a great ride at universal i miss so much

I want the BTTF ride back... :/

Is Christopher Lloyd still alive?

Passable Doc Brown, but nothing is better than the original and one and only....Chris Lloyd !

Universal, please bring back a Back To The Future attraction.

That's not Christopher Lloyd... very good impression of Doc Brown though. I was almost convinced

Bring back the Back to the Future ride..,!!

Até nisso esse filme eh bom , será q tem algum defeito ??? Yasmin

Bring back the Back to the Future ride, that was an amazing ride.

Please bring back the ride!

This cast member is great. I am always sad that the ride was replaced but am thankful you have this guy around still. Back to the Future is my absolute favorite right after Harry Potter.

Man I wish the ride hasn’t been replaced. 😭

The Honda Clarity plug in hybrid is real nice. Have a nice day.

I see the CG fire trail has improved 😂😂

B2TF ride was legendary! Sadly replaced by an ok ride 😕
Maybe they can do a rick and morty themed ride? Since b2tf would be outdated today.

Doc: "1.21 jigowatts!!!"
Marty: "What the hell is a jigowatt?" ;-)

Bring back back to the future ride ⚡️⚡️⚡️

This dude is a good doc brown

Happy Earth Day Doc Brown

Sarah Villanueva they need to bring "back to the future" back to Universal Studios!!!

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The LPGA tour is in Los Angeles, and we were lucky enough to have a couple of players visit us at the Park! Who's watching this weekend on the Golf Channel? ...


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I love vacations. How about you?


The weekend is almost here! Are you ready, kids?! ☀️🍍 ...

The weekend is almost here! Are you ready, kids?! ☀️🍍


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Lisa Adam Amanda Super is that you 😂 x

Can i just suggest steer away from imax type rides? Boring and dizzing. When you can see the machinery, it kinda kills the ilusion.

You guys should stay open until 10 on Saturdays, 9 is too early to close.

Ryan Jones take me so I can get a picture with Patrick!

Spongebob is not that tall. You liar

"The best part of a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets - secretly"

Isela Dirso te acuerdas !!!!!


Aye aye captain!!!

Jose Lopez but you don’t get excited seeing characters so I won’t bother 💁🏻‍♀️

HiVa Li necesitamos tomarte foto con tu otro yo!! 😂

Quiero ir 😩


yes bro we are

Nice pic

Oscar Vargas mira vamos a conocer a patricio y bob

Katie Watson ur buddies

Laura Prz 🙊

Mack Miller Shelby Miller

Marii Hernandez we didn't see them when we went☹

Francisco Emmanuel Canales Flores 😬

Heather Donat

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ICYMI: This year’s NHHlɐsɹǝʌᴉu∩# is going to be ‘Stranger’ than ever… ...


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Heidi Aguilar & I are going with or without you. Michael Gravance Anthony Leonard.

Sofia Cazarez hay que ir comprando los boletos 🙋🏽‍♀️ nada de taiira ri
Raaaa y de ahí al suaaamittttt diría la beibi 😌👯‍♀️👯‍♀️🤪

Ben Onofrio Michael John Mads Jolly we missed it 😭

Vanessa Gonzales, Alyssa Gonzales we have to go this year!!!!!

Erica Fyfe I wanna go!

Ekenedilinna Anosike I wanna goooooooooo

We are travelling from Australia this year to be at this horror nights. It's just that good 😍

I want to go so badly!

No way.. demigordom on screen creep me out alrdy I can't imagine in real life

Pedro VarGue para tus 15, como ves?👀

Chelsi Will Mason Montion how do we plan this??

This that show good?? Who recommends it?


Kyle what you think?

Vivian Espinosa I don't mind going!

Llévamellévamellévamellévamellévamellévame!!! 🙏🏼 Adolfo Samaniego

Jamie Zakham يلا نروح عالهالووين هيك هيك مشتركين نحنا

Soooo yeah, Holly Gonzales, you, me and chub are just gonna have to take a quick trip to universal for horror nights this Halloween 😁

Loza Santiago down to go this year?

Joshua Garza I wish we could go 🙃

Want to go back there just to be in the upside down... Tori Piotrowsky

Ozias pleeeeeaaaasssseeeeeee

Marilena Malovos, prob will sync up with season 3

Jana Stefan😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Raul we need to go!

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’What if Jurassic Park: The Ride is more successful than the movie?’ - Steven Spielberg #TBT

Relive both May 11 & 12 at the Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Celebration! ...


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Rumor has it that Jurassic Park The Ride in Hollywood will be changed to Jurassic world. If so, I’ve already created blue prints as to how it can be done. Message me for more details, Universal.

this ride needs upgrades and updates badly because it puts that Fast and Furious crap to shame.....Gyrospheres, Indominus rex, Spinosaur, running raptors to follow alongside trams, maybe even realistic glowing holographic images in darker areas and so on.....yay! :-)

Yes, this ride needs to be charged., its outdated like Toontown at Disneyland.

Brianna Carreira almost!!!

I was there when they were building it and was excited, but still haven't been back to ride it :(

What If You Created More Space For The Roller Coaster Track's. ?

Rey Angulo I need that hat!!!!

I Would Of Done That As Apposed To The Parking Lot Structure ?

needs seat blowers to give the effect there are bugs on you like the bugs life show in 4-D

Those 90’s shades tho! And that ball cap #StyleIcon

Sorry that's not possible

STEVEN SPIELBERG....The Man...The Myth... The LEGEND!

needs more interaction. the spitters should actually spit water at you.

James Weathers James! You need to come out may 12th to universal studios for this event. I’m going. It’s 69 I think.

One of my favorite movies of all time

Happy anniversary Jurassic Park

Eric Deshawn Lerma wish we were going!

Hello Spielberg...

Kristopher Bock i need to go and get that tshirt buddy


Kam Diana call in we doing something!!

Andrew Perucho can we get matching hats or nah?

Lana Sparrow

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5 days ago

California's Great America

This Sunday: Passholders can bring up to 4 friends for just $19.99 each!

Save time and grab your Season Pass Bring-a-Friend tickets online: ...

This Sunday: Passholders can bring up to 4 friends for just $19.99 each!

Save time and grab your Season Pass Bring-a-Friend tickets online:


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What about Saturday? Bring a friend is the same as everyone pays kids prices?

the demon one of my favorite ride at great america I miss being there

Victor Alfonso Figueroa Minjares recuerdas esto ponchin jajajajaja

Giovanni Medina

Orin Winslow

2 weeks ago

California's Great America

Another big milestone was reached this morning on the #RailBlazer construction site. Two of the coaster's ride vehicles were put on the track!

Get unlimited rides on the west coast's first single-rail coaster when it opens later this spring: ...


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Keith Davis Rich Herling Brad Barnes we were just discussing this!

What did this replace

The Grizzly needs to be shut down. It's old and takes forever to get on and off.

Grizzly has to go! It needs to be replaced by a Hybrid Steel roller coaster. Great America needs to stay competitive with the other parks of it wants people to keep coming back.

James Glen Mcbride bro it’s the ride

We are going this weekend. When will this ride be opened. We are pass holders.

I hooked up some of the controls last weekend. This ride looks sick. It has a straight down 100 foot drop.

Tyler we have to go!

Another rollercoaster... looks like we have to go back once it's finished Brennan

Wooden handrail, was that standard or did you request it specifically for theming purposes?

Soon we hope

I seen this last week I n Wednesday it looks awesome

This roller coaster replaced invertigo

Was there yesterday, had a blast! Excited for the new coaster!

I can hardly wait

WOW, we can't wait to ride this!

Melissa Walker look

Sam Molakides i wanna go!!!

Tayra Martinez esta horrible ayer lo mire jejje

Isaac Lo i want to go so bad


Joanna and Jay I think this is where Invertigo was

Karolyn ChauNhu NguyenY NguyenAngelica NguyenClare NguyenMichelle Chang

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2 weeks ago

California's Great America

Don't miss the last days of Backyard Bands and BBQ this Saturday and Sunday! We're grilling up an early taste of summer with special menu items, live music, local brews, and lawn games all weekend long. ...


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Tobias Bergren let’s go back 💕

Mandy Curry aka big britney

🏵 CH BOT TEAM 😃 California's Great America 🏵
👈😺👉 HABIB-KHAAN,ML <3 Habib Khaan 👈😺👉

Get your smile ready. 😁 We're open daily through April 8!
Everyone Pays Kids Price online for a limited time:

Get your smile ready. 😁 Were open daily through April 8!
Everyone Pays Kids Price online for a limited time:


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stress no more

Kayla Gomez, Summer Richey, Melissa Allen,Frances Dowse-Moore, Esha Ann

All's quiet at the front gate today—but we'll be open for visits tomorrow! Plan your Great America visit Wednesday–Sunday this week for amazing #springbreak fun! ...

Alls quiet at the front gate today—but well be open for visits tomorrow! Plan your Great America visit Wednesday–Sunday this week for amazing #springbreak fun!


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When does rail blazer open?

So, we bought passes online, but do we need to pick up our passes before we can use the meal or drink plans? Also, I can’t find a list of places that take the drink pass. Do they work at every food place? Same as meal pass?

Santa Clara’s schools Spring break is this week. Missed opportunity 😞

Jael Hernandez let us know when its being a friends day well go then since I'm skipping my pass this year lol

I won't be going through those gates until Rail Blazer opens. We are patiently waiting.

Adriana Chavez you and Isabel should go this weekend

I have 2 work.

Melissa Walker

Desiree Yo

More than 100 positions open now for the 2018 season. Learn more and apply today at ...


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Is the website down? I was trying to look up season pass info. Website is not working

Jobs k re onga

Alex Mohr Cody Bishop

Tanner Compani

Nolanda Tep

8 years ago

California Screamin'

When was this opened? ...


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Are you feeling alright?

who else gets San Diego ?

Valuable Post

More stuff on California please like if you agree

Awesome very interesting I <3California


Worlds best California fan right here

2003, I went on this in 2003

posts about are why I love facebook

It opened in 2001.

January 8, 2001

It opened February 8, 2001, the same day as California Adventure.

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