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Police: Stockton Attempted Murder Suspect Turns Himself In

Police: Stockton Attempted Murder Suspect Turns Himself In


A man is facing attempted murder charges after a shooting in Stockton.

A man is facing attempted murder charges after a shooting in Stockton on Monday.

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West Coast states hit hardest by gas prices on Memorial Day weekend

San Marcos solider dies in Kosovo peacekeeping mission

Suspected under the influence driver arrested after fleeing crash scene

US lost track of 1,500 immigrant children, but says it’s not ‘legally responsible’

Soil sampling resumes May 29 on Wilshire. Work takes place weekdays, 8 pm-6 am & requires lane closures. Get details at

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2 minutes ago

Los Angeles Angels

I guess we know why Sonny is feeling Gray. 🐟🐟🐟 ...


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Mike and Albert are OUR TREASURES

What's your favorite slow cooker dessert recipe? ...


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Why couldn't you just bake that for 30 min instead of 3 hours in the crockpot?!? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Let's wish him good luck! Kevin from Carmel Valley is headed to the Scripps National Spelling Bee near Washington, D.C. this weekend. He'll compete against students from around the world. ...


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Good luck Kevin!

Californians may have to pay a tax on tap water. Do you think it would be money well spent - or just going down the drain? ...


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OMG! Every single way they can tax us and take money from us!

For what? So rich democratic liberals can live behind walled and gated communities in San Francisco living off multiple pension plans at the expense of tax payers?


Haha. They are going to figure out the amount of air the average person in California breathes and start taxing that soon. Glad I moved a few months ago.

Well I am a Liberal, but I can also say the White House does the same to me by taxing the unions.

I think this is in the upcoming elections we can vote it out. I havent read mine completely but I think I saw it. Go out and vote on it and while you are there vote to replace everyone that is running CAand running our taxes up

Water polluters should be the ones paying for water treatment!!

That’s why you should vote Republican

Stay out of our pockets Moonbeam! Let's find the money in the state's pension none of our representatives vote for that one!

gas tax, car tax, state tax, tax on phone bills, tax, tax, tax, and they wonder why people are bailing out of California.

Isn't water considered a necessity and not a luxury? Therefore un-taxable like basic foodstuffs including fruits and vegetables etc...

Ya tax something that is required for life. Talk about taxing the poor.

Get your hands out of my pocket !!!
Water is vital for existing not a luxury.

No taxation without proper representation. This is insane and illegal. Water is food and cannot be taxed.

Tap Water...before it was free, then you have to pay for it...soon it’ll be taxable like bottled water.
In the future, it will only be for people who can afford it.

So glad we are moving out of California soon! ✌🏻 our Cali 👋🏻

And where is this tax going, free medical, they keep taking from us but hard working Americans/Californians don't get anything but smaller pay checks and higher cost of living

Californians (even we Native Californians) are being taxed right out of our home state! Enough is enough already! I'm happy to read that we reportedly have an $8B budget surplus now, but it's time to ease off so ANY of us can still afford to live here. It's ridiculous! I've already been evaluating which state I'm relocating to soon... Good job Officials...You're chasing your very tax base out of state!

Well its the same when the rich get rich and the poor have to work long hours and won't be home till the day they die. So I say hell no. It should go back to the poor and We should live good lives and make.

This is ridiculous they are taking us right out of California and am 80 years old born and raised here.

Keep voting these communists. Next time they are going to confiscate our houses as it belongs to the Rodina. That ugly-face Bloomberg already said, “it is good to tax the poor”.

You know those feel good stories about how parents sacrificed so much to raise their kids?.. Well my parents deserve a medal for being able to afford raising us in California (barely). My god.

Dow the drain. We pay enough for water. It is already 3x more expensive to do anything (live, fuel up, buy necessities, etc) than anywhere else. So as usual the wonderful lie-brals in Sacramento and San Fran want to make it even harder! Guess they’ll have to turn mine off when I don’t pay the extra amount!

Moonbeam wanting more funds to support illegal immigration

Going towards government retirement

California - highest taxed State in the Union. What are they going to tax next?

Can't wait to Leave California before we get taxed to leave.

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5 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

Jaime Barria rejoins the Angels, after a brief trip back to Triple-A, to face Yanks tonight.

Game Preview: ...

Jaime Barria rejoins the Angels, after a brief trip back to Triple-A, to face Yanks tonight.

Game Preview:


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Aren't the stats great??? He is definitely a true leader for angels. Every baseball players have their own flows and ebbs. Believe in Albert, the hall of famer of Angels. Now it's time for Albert to move toward an upward spiral.

Another day of idiots calling for Scoscia's removal... When he starts going to the plate and failing to drive in runs or when he goes to the mound and gives up too many runs, gives up the lead, then I will agree.

You so-called fans are a joke day after day

Oh look, Sosh finally learned that .230>.185. Congratulations Sosh! We'll make a math genius out of you yet.

When is Scioscia fired? he has lost all managing skills

There’s to much talent on this team.. eventually they’ll make a run... it gonna happen

We need to freaking score runs . PuHOLES should bat 6th. Sosh needs to grow some cojones.

Another loss tonite!!! If you can’t beat the Yankees when they only score two runs then don’t expect to beat them when the bats heat up.

Michael Bernardin.. wait .. is Barria pitching?!?! How can this be? 😂😂

Lead off improved from .189 to .230. Baby steps

I'm trying to watch this game on mlb at bat but it is not working is anyone else having the same problem.

Why don't they give Cozart a break since he isn't producing and start Valbuena or Marte at third for awhile.

So, they’ll let one rookie pitch against New York but not Ohtani?

I'd like to see that Ohtani/Chapman duel again. Shoei wasn't far off

Hope he has Frequent Flyer Program... kid been going back and forth...

1. Simmons
2. Ohtani
3. Trout
4. Upton
5. Cozart
6. The gidp Machine
7. Valbuena
8. Calhoun
9. The new guy

Why not Marte instead of Valbuena? >.<

Angels need to stop wasting this dudes arm by sending him back down and use him properly at the big league level.

Good start. At least we scored in the first.

ShoTime & Simba should hit ahead of Pujols!!

Trout has been keeping his bats in the oven. It's working out well.

Go kole Calhoun and angels win tonight

It's really time to beat the Yankees.....

Go Mike trout and angels win tonight

Go shohei ohtani and angels win tonight

Albert pujols and angels win tonight


where can i buy one? & what are they called

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6 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

You don’t have to cheer alone.

Take your crew out to the ballgame this season! Visit to book your group tickets today! ...

You don’t have to cheer alone.

Take your crew out to the ballgame this season! Visit to book your group tickets today!


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I never cheer alone. I have Facebook Angel fans.

Can't cheer if we don't win

Sosh needs to go! Not cheering until Sosh's contract is up and not extended.

guy in front is definitely over it

Magic is in the air at #WizardingWorldHollywood. ...

Magic is in the air at #WizardingWorldHollywood.


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The "real" happiest place on earth:)

Shana Herlihy I can buy my pass now.... I'm craving some butterbeer lol

Jenny Diveley it is amazing to walk through while waiting in line! The pictures are worth getting while at the park too! HP world was so incredible! Make sure to catch the stunt shows too.

Going up this week and then the following for the opening of the DW theatre :).

My favorite place forever! 😍

My favorite place to be, I remain a huge HP fan forever and I will never forget the franchise.

Jacklyn Jonathan this is the kinda pic I wanted to take.



I wanna go...

Te veo pronto...🙈😁😂

Paty, me llevas :D

Mathieu : « vomit is in the air » ouais

Can't wait

Please pass the Butterbeer.

No. That’s smog

Harry Potter. I went here

Fantastico aunque duramos como 2 horas en subir mucha gente

I love to visit there

Valeria Vizcaya mira bocol, a ti que te gusta Harry Piuter

I miss this place Dina

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23 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels


Andrew Heaney put together a quality start, striking out five over 6.1 innings while Mike Trout launched his 16th home run of the season in the loss to the Yankees. ...


Andrew Heaney put together a quality start, striking out five over 6.1 innings while Mike Trout launched his 16th home run of the season in the loss to the Yankees.


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Sosh. Sosh. Sosh.

Sends Calhoun (who's having issues putting on his uniform correctely, let alone play the game)...

Insists on keeping Pujlos 4th in the lineup when he should be 6th or 7th... it's like watching the Titanic over and over, with Sosh as the captain, hoping we don't hit the iceberg...

Why not let Heaney finish the inning? Sure his pitch count was high but he’s still better than our bullpen.

Personally, I think Pujols should be excluded from the starting lineup. Think. After his 3.000 hits, he was almost the worst. I don't understand why he is batting fourth. Most of all, the flow of batters in his turn stops too often.
I offer my condolences to Andrew Heaney. I think he showed a very good performance. Aside from that, the failure of Ohtani's last chance to hit a home run is very unfortunate.
0 wins and 4 losses against this year's Yankees. Tomorrow and the day after. I hope you win at least once.
A good team is the balance between pitchers and batters. I hope it will happen to Angels steadily. Though I am not good at English, Thank you for reading the thoughts of one individual.

Duh Machine 😅

Angels shouda couda won.If Cozart throws to first base the moment he backhands that ball ,runner is out at first. Run doesn't score. Kole should never have been sent. Not with Judges's arm.

It tough seeing yet another game slip away because of our mediocre bullpen. Pitchers won’t always get run support, that’s just how it goes, so we need to find a way to start winning these tight games. Our offense is definitely feast or famine. Shake it off boys, go out and win tomorrow, that’s all that can be done now.

It was so close to win. I was shouting Go Shohei, besides all surrounding us kept booing to him. See ya tomorrow ⚾👍

okay during the off-season when the Angels were making all these moves I said to a buddy that I wasn't too thrilled about the Kinsler or cowart moves I felt they should have went after Moustakas and Gordan they already had Albert and Calhoun who struggle offensively could you imagine a lineup with Moustakas and Gordon and Trout and Upton and Otani and Simmons very deadly and we had that chance.

Our bullpen lost this game for us again.

0-4 against the team the Angels USED to own....while the Stro play on. "Catch me now i'm falling" as the GB keep increasing.

Hanley Ramirez started out the season hot. Cooled off a bit since, but let AP do his HoF victory lap on the bench, and bring in someone that can produce. Hanley is no long term solution, but could be a band aid.

Definitely he was idling today. That was just one game. Considering his clutch capabilities on bat, he deserves his batting position 4th. Now he is heading for A shining 2000 RBI and 700 home run club, which results in that Angels having a MLB and the team legend who have broken many of unique record. Lmao!

Thanks again blowpen & the no run support team to the pitcher!🙄

Atta boy Scioscia! You screwed your team once again! I'm not even gonna be mad when Trout leaves this pathetic organization because of the poor decision making by the front office

Still can't beat the big boys. Why do I bother watching when the outcome is almost certain. Yawn.

Nobody can be perfect. Don't forget he is OUR LEGEND.

Typical Angels baseball here, folks. Either a quality start wasted because the offense blows, or Angels cough up late lead because the bullpen is bullsh*t. This is getting old.

3rd one run game loss we have vs Yankees... mariners trade for a closer and where are we??? Bullpen help asap

I think the Angeles need a new manager.

Congratulations Pujols on breaking the double play record lol!! Yankees 4-0 vs Angels this season. #WhosYourDaddy

He let's them pitch to one more guy,then takes them out. Bullpen blows the game most times after that.

Anyway to get Bartolo Colon's secret recipe that could help Pujols (in his 40s)? =P

Ohtani’s face shows the way every Angels fan is feeling like right now

Its getting old watching some of the moves and no moves Scioscia makes

Team ERA of 3.66 so far this year. Ranks 11 in the league. To everyone calling for Scoscias head, maybe blame the players that can hardly ever score more than 3 runs a game. Where’s Tony Janji dumba$$ so I can school him with some stats?

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1 day ago

Los Angeles Angels

"How you doin'?" ...


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97 Pitches, pitching a 4 hitter and let's take him out. Another great move by that "Best Manager in Baseball"

See the " blow pen " is living up to their name again. Another wasted season down the tubes. Thanks Scioscia for another inept season.

Most of his home runs come with no men on base 😔


Another brilliant Scoscia move. Scoscia needs to go!

Screw this bullpen!! And get a leadoff hitter for gods sake!

I'm just glad we signed Kinsler. Garbage!

Go Yankees and Go Astros 😘

My gues is he wont be fired they will let his contract finish and let him go. Eppler should get a contract extensión and bring his own guy....

The best player in the game!

top 8th rn i'm so nervous we can get a W

Heaney is dealing and they don’t let him finish the inning? I know his pitch count was high but our bullpen is just not consistent

Sosh needs to go! He looks lost in the dugout.

That kid had on a yankee T-shirt and an Angels hat 🤷🏻‍♂️⚾️ go halos!

I wonder if 1/2-3/4 of their stadium was Angels fans. 😂😂😂

Adonis Valle , Se kedó en la Zona el pitcheo y salió ese bombonazo

Mike Just simply gave the game away...

Another loss from Scioscia and bullpen. Not the first and unfortunately more to come

One freaking run. 4 hits.

Sosh took Heaney out and took Bedrosian in...i cri

Please change your awful uniforms for Saturday’s game.

Nice homer.... Even better Yankee win. See ya angels!

When no one is on base it doesn't really do much damage.

Looking forward to a visit from Albert(o) this weekend here in Florida 🙂.

Ed Ehrig Bryce Jardine just doin what he gets paid for...

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1 day ago

Los Angeles Angels

The fans are loyal to the King. 🦁 ...

The fans are loyal to the King. 🦁


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They’re loyal until he gets into a slump.


What king? Who are you talking about? Oh burger King dude! Ya hes the best!

Fire puljois, calhoun, cozart, calhoun, 2nd baseman, maldonado, upton! Bullpen!

I hope my son Frank Bussott will have the privilege to meet you one day, you are his baseball role model, he is your fan ⚾️🦁

But the king isn’t loyal to them.. lol i tried sooo hard to get a photo

GO HALOS !!! ⚾💥💥💥😎

King mike sciosca!


What king?

That doesn't look like Zlatan

was this before the L?

Look at this 4 eyes down syndrome idiot, not simmons, hes still a few years from that!

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See the hottest summer blockbusters at Universal Cinema at CityWalk - L.A.'s ultimate movie experience! ...


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Never been to CityWalk or the Universal Cinema, it's all very new to me. I'll have to check it out.

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