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Prosecutors say Durst murdered his best friend to cover his tracks for killing another woman: His wife.

Prosecutors say Durst murdered his best friend to cover his tracks for killing another woman: His wife.


A preliminary hearing to determine whether Durst will stand trial in his best friend's murder begins today.

As Los Angeles County prosecutors pieced together their murder case against Robert Durst — the eccentric New York real estate scion accused of murdering his best friend Susan Berman in 2000 — they followed a path that led to the opposite coast and decades into the past.

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1 week ago

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Last year, Gabby, 13, began to feel pain in her left knee. A month later, she was walking with a noticeable limp. After a visit to their local pediatrician, Gabby’s mom received a call to let them know to head to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles immediately. It was here at CHLA where they found out the result of her pain: aggressive, metastatic, osteosarcoma or also known as bone cancer.

Since her diagnosis, Gabby has spent many days in the hospital receiving chemotherapy or treatments to help the side effects of chemotherapy. There were many bad days with pain and nausea, but a therapy dog visit changed that around.

“The dog jumped up on her bed and in that second, all her pain and nausea was forgotten about,” says Kristi, Gabby’s mom. “All she was focused on was the dog.”

Gabby has always been a huge dog lover and to be able to receive this kind of comfort from the Amerman Family Foundation Dog Therapy Program makes a big impact while she’s in the hospital. For instance, Camper, a Golden Retriever, was present when Gabby’s nerve blocks needed to be removed; She barely flinched.

Gabby has met 38 out of 125 therapy dogs since she started her journey here at CHLA. That number grew to 81 when Gabby participated in our Dog Therapy Appreciation Day this past Wednesday. There were 43 dogs present with their owners to help celebrate three consecutive years of therapy dogs on duty every day at CHLA.

“On average, we have five dogs a day visiting and an average of 1,155 patients get a personalized one-on-one therapy dog encounter every month,” says Kate Buhrmaster, program manager of the Dog Therapy Program.

The work that our fur and human volunteers put in each day at CHLA is unmeasurable. Thank you to all of Dog Therapy for providing joy, comfort and distraction for families and patients like Gabby!

To learn more about the program, visit ...


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Going to get my two dogs trained through Pet Partners. I already started the volunteer process. I think this would be a great area to volunteer at CHLA. I have seen first hand through my daughter Sarah, the joy it brings when a dog comes and visits.
This is a pic of Penny the English Bulldog.

Jozeline Galilea 2 years cancer free 🙏💕

Joseph 💙. (cancer free)

The therapy dogs at CHLA are priceless!! Truly brought sunshine to our son's treatment stays. He battled osteosarcoma as well. Prayers on their way for you Gabby!!!!

Blondie 💕
His handler said that he stopped at my daughter’s door. My daughter was missing her dog at the time. The visit with Simba made her day.

Our poodle Milo met Gabby last week at Dog Therapy Appreciation Day! So happy to be one of her 81!🐩🐩❤️

Blondie paid her a visit as well.

That's awesome. My son has 40 dog cards from his stay. He got out of there healthy and hopefully it's only check ups for life and no return of the tumor. God bless chla

🙏 for Gabby and all the children at CHLA! Therapy dogs are the best! ❤️

I am absolutely in tears. Thank you to these wonderful people and dogs and help in countless ways. Continued prayers for Gabby and her wonderful family.

That’s the best thing !
When my daughter was been treat ar CHLA the dogs made her day brighter!!
Priceless ❤️

Thank god for all the dogs and their people - so special. 😍🐶🐕🐩😍 <3 you Gabby

Amazing!! I love it !! These dogs are really special!! So much compassion ❤❤

The dogs really made the older folks really happy. We were so happy when they made their rounds 😁

Gabby, you look adorable with all your fur babies.💗💗💗🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

My son is going through cancer we are at Children's Hospital of Atlanta every time when he see the therapy dogs he has a smile.

What an AMAZING program! How wonderful that they chose Gabby! I absolutely love this!

The love and warmth a pet can bring is truly a blessing and miraculous. Love to you , Gaby ❤️❤️

I know our Annabel loves these dogs visits😊 Thank you so much!

that is awesome my brother had a therapy dog that visited hospitals

A really great program! My son loved it. Thank you.

What a wonderful wonderful place. My son spent a week here when he was a baby. 💗 I wish I lived closer to volunteer

That's wonderful!!!

Completely wonderful.

Love the dogs at CHLA!

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The Child Life team are good at a lot of things. Most of all, they’re good at letting kids be kids.
Help us celebrate all the important work they do in the comments below.


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They are also great at reminding parents to be parents. When Pierce was diagnosed with Leukemia, I forgot how to be a mom. I forgot how to play. The entire 4th floor child life staff reminded me everyday how to be the mom I wanted to be.

Omg Maggie & Jessica !! You guys help make 5 east the amazing unit it is! Always making such an impact in the lives of the patients and families (& nurses) Love you both lots!

Child life is so important and I can’t even explain how much we love these two lady’s ! It’s nice to have people beside myself and husband for Kaylin to feel like she can trust and talk with...and these ladies have helped not only her but us parents during difficult times !! ❤️

They saved my 3 year olds life when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor ♥️. They are truly the best.

This is a wonderful ad that makes me so sad that I’m not still practicing as a CCLS. Thank you for your efforts - as misunderstood and under-appreciated as they may be, I hope you never forget how much YOU matter to the families.

Child life AMANDA and NURSE. JOY are the best God bless them we love you

These people are GREAT ! ! ! No matter the problem they are on it..Our Grand Daughter Indomitable Iris -our Tiny Warrior's Battle with Biliary ,she is 2 years and 7 months now coming up on ONE year post Liver Transplant from a living donor her Aunt Tiana. Back when I started donating Platelets, I am now at over 35 gallons I never knew it would some day come back to save our Grand Daughters life. Keep up all the great work you do. (iris says thanks also).

Jackie on the 6th floor is the most amazing person. She made my daughter's stay so much easier. I'm not sure what we would of done without her. From helping with IV, blood draws,meds to explaining what it was gonna be like when she had her 5 hour MRI and how it would to be to put to sleep. I owe her. She has the best heart.

CHLA wouldn’t be the same without its incredible, compassionate Child Life team. Thank you!

Child Life team members are superheroes! Every. Single. Hour. We Love them❤️

We are so blessed to have Maggie and Jessica and all the Child Life Staff !!! Thank you for always helping our patients, families and us as well !!!!

Thx for all you do!

Love child life

Every staff member at CHLA is truly passionate about their work - God Bless

The child life team helped get my son through difficult times

These people are great! Always making such an impact the lives of patients.

What a blessing to be a part of this team, go Haley......

Thank God for CHOC! Truly amazing! 🙏🏻

We love Giovanna and Traci from the Infusion Center!

They're Truly Amazing

Hay que orar por todos ellos yo le pido a Dios que un dia me lleve a esos lugar para hacer obra espuritual porque la material esta realizando un gran trabajo

They’re amazing god blessed the’all.


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Join us Saturday night...confirmed watch parties at Hooters of Costa Mesa and BUFFALO WILD WINGS in Burbank!! 5:40 pdt tipoff!!! ...

Join us Saturday night...confirmed watch parties at Hooters of Costa Mesa and BUFFALO WILD WINGS in Burbank!!  5:40 pdt tipoff!!!

THE VALLEY LOCATION HAS MOVED TO THE STAND...located at 5780 Canoga Ave. Still free parking with validation.this is for tonight only. ...

1 month ago

Southern California Gator Club

Be there tonight as the GATORS tip-off on the Road to the Big Dance... Join us at Hooters of Costa Mesa and at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse for watch events tonight... 6:57 pm tip-off. GO GATORS!! Beat the Bonnies! #thisneedsabetterhashtag #gatorbasketball #marchmadness #socalgatorsTime to dance 🔜

#MarchMadness #OneTeam 🐊🏀 ...

Be there tonight as the GATORS tip-off on the Road to the Big Dance...  Join us at Hooters of Costa Mesa and at BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse for watch events tonight... 6:57 pm tip-off.  GO GATORS!! Beat the Bonnies! #thisneedsabetterhashtag #gatorbasketball #marchmadness #socalgators

1 month ago

Southern California Gator Club


Florida Gators
Let's hear it once more for Florida Gators Track & Field and Cross Country - National Champs! #GoGators 🏆🏆🏆🏆 ...

The SCGC needs a new home in the SFV...ideally convenient to the SFV, Burbank, DTLA and points north... must be willing to open for 9am games, have the SEC Network, be a partner with the club through discounts/incentives/specials, be family friendly and have good parking. Suggestions? Please contact Julee Snitzer Levine. ...

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