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Recycling Industry Reeling From Tough New China Standards

Recycling Industry Reeling From Tough New China Standards


A warning for consumers: if you're not careful, what you toss in the recycling bin could end up in a landfill instead.

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3 hours ago

CBS47 Fresno


9 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

Turn your lazy Sunday into a Family Sunday! Join us in the Gate 5 Courtyard for games, prizes and more during our first Yakult Family Sunday of the season on June 3rd:

P.S. The 1st 10,000 fans ages 3-13 will receive a Youth Trout Jersey, while supplies last! ...

Turn your lazy Sunday into a Family Sunday! Join us in the Gate 5 Courtyard for games, prizes and more during our first Yakult Family Sunday of the season on June 3rd:

P.S. The 1st 10,000 fans ages 3-13 will receive a Youth Trout Jersey, while supplies last!


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Sell the team Arte Morono
And fire Fat Mike

Fat Mike needs to go.

Scott Will

Raymond G. Limon III lol

Oscar Ortega Joana Benitez I should take Gaby and bubu to get the free jersey

9 hours ago

CBS47 Fresno

Fresno Police searching for missing 8 year old juvenile.

Police say he left his house after getting mad at his mom today at 1:30 pm. He is considered at risk due to his age.

Isaac Daniel Mejia Ortega
Hispanic Male

He is 4 ft tall, 65 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. Wearing a white t- shirt, dark blue shorts, and black and blue water shoes. He is missing from Area of Dorothy and Bardell in Fresno, CA.

If located, please call the Fresno Police Dept at 621-7000. ...

Fresno Police searching for missing 8 year old juvenile. 

Police say he left his house after getting mad at his mom today at 1:30 pm. He is considered at risk due to his age. 

Isaac Daniel Mejia Ortega
Hispanic Male 

He is 4 ft tall, 65 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. Wearing a white t- shirt, dark blue shorts, and black and blue water shoes. He is missing from Area of Dorothy and Bardell in Fresno, CA. 

If located, please call the Fresno Police Dept at 621-7000.


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UPDATE: The child has been found, per the Fresno Police Department.

This little boy needs to be disciplined. I would not tolerate this behavior the problem here is that they spoiled him and now they have no control over him.

Probably got picked up by the ICE kiddie bus

Why do I continue reading the comment section of posts? None of you know anything about this boy; his background, his history,,,nothing. Yet you make flippant judgemental comments as if you do. Anyway, carry on...

Have they found him yet i hope he is just hiding at a friend's house and goes home soon prayer for him to return home safe

Let's just skip the internet super parenting and just share it so he can get home.

He’s only 8 years old! People, just take a minute to think about what this child’s parents are going through and if sharing this post can help find him, then just share and quit judging!!!

Your not telling us where he was last seen so we all can look for him.

I can't believe most of you people. You don't know this kid or his mom. He's no angel. Yes he's out of control. Yes he's in counseling. Yes he's on meds (although I don't think they're the right ones). If you can't be supportive then don't bother commenting. If it was your kid you wouldn't want people talking like this about you so y'all need to just stop.

Keep your negative comments to yourselves. What matter is that we share the post in hopes that someone has seen him. Don't speculate what's wrong in his life and home, and if you do know what goes on in his home, do you really want to be that person who blasts it on social media. Don't past judgement less thee be judge. I'm sure we all have skeltons in our closet, and if you don't kuddos to you. Just pray that this child is safe.

All about parenting! If he's abuse by either parent then take the child and go to a safe place! If not get your kid in line!!! That's the 2 choices!! I was a single parent. Tuff Love a MUST!! My daughter ditched school I took control!! She has a Masters Degree!! Parents TAKE CONTROL!!! It's EASY!!

My mom cracked the whip growing up; but yet hello I was a kid teenager etc & ran away a time or two. I just hope he is found Safe!! Too many Judgemental know it alls that don't have a clue @the family🤔

Hoping they find him soon, Ummmmm but 8 years old got mad at his mom and left the house?? Something don’t feel right and I’m just gonna keep my comments to myself

Go home baby Isaac
Your family is worried 😪

Hope he is found safe and sound Dawn. I know its been a struggle for you and you are doing all you can by addressing his mental/behavioral health issues.
Be sure you check all the places he could possibly be.

Pray that he is safe. He is a little boy not a criminal. Someone could have lured him away.

I will post this so we can help find him. I feel the same way if that was my chikd. You people are so rude and judgemental. He needs to go hone where he belongs .

I don't think spankings going to do any good

Someone gonna get it when they get home. You know he is on the block somewhere with his little buddies

And there's no room to think TWICE.

He is so young to be running away...the parents have to tell him the world is a crazy place and that there are bad things that can happen..this is pretty sad😔😔

I ran away at 7 or 8 too. I had a dad and I got whipped with a belt. This has nothing to do with any of these things. Kids get mad and run. He’s a kid doing kid things. I hope he’s found safe.

I bet if you lit his ass on fire he would not do it again.

Thank God!!!! His parents must have been sick with worry!!!

I pray he makes it home safe. So many sickos out there🙇🙏

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11 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

#HaloRecap: Andrelton Simmons' solo home run is not enough as the Angels drop today's series finale to the Yankees: ...

#HaloRecap: Andrelton Simmons solo home run is not enough as the Angels drop todays series finale to the Yankees:


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Wish you fake fans would switch to cheering for the Dodgers, yer pathetic... Scoscia had nothing to do with that loss...

Why is Sosh so afraid to pitch Ohtani against top teams? If he's gonna get beat, let him learn to face adversity and come back stronger next outing.

NO hitting today, especially Calhoun he needs to go back to Salt Lake city ! What's he hitting .156 % your outfielders are supposed to hit & drive in Runs !

I remember a while back that Howie Kendrick was struggling and he got sent down to AAA, and when he got recalled he went on a tear. Why not send Calhoun down to work on some things and then bring him back once he’s figured it out?! He’s had two months to figure it out and still nothing. The majors is not a good place to figure things out.

Another headline of Angel Homerun combined with a loss...a broken record with this team. Fire Scioscia!

All I hear is how bad Kole Calhoun is yes he’s having an off year. He’s still one of my all time favorite Angel. I also hear people say things about other players and manager. You guys will never say anything about your beloved Mike Trout. He can’t hit with men on base. He can’t hit against elite pitchers and they say he’s the best in baseball. There I said it.

I hate to say it but Garrett Richards needs to go down to Triple-A

Michael, Gibby, and Tony!!

You can come out now.... they lost!

All our talent with a all star roster and we keep losing. 💩🖕🏽

Mike Scioscias fault for starting mike trout after a 5 for 5 game he looked exhausted out there

I look at it this way... The Yankees are being proclaimed a top team this year... we have struggled and yet they only have 4 more wins than we do right now

Boy,Trout came down to earth fast......just kidding. Please don't crucify and or lynch me..LOL

How was the batting result of Ohtani ?

Richards is the #5 pitcher on this team. He sure isn't an ace. He's throwing away millions of dollars he could have earned this coming winter. If he keeps this nonsense up the best deal he get is a one year deal for league minimum with incentives.

Would have loved to see your lineup with upton and pujols not in it. Marte? Briceno? Get real. With nobody on base a batting order doesn’t matter. Holding ny to 3 runs when the starter goes 2 innings...impressive. The offense has to pick it up period. We make buns look like aces.

Good game Angels.
I hope yankees and angels can play again in october. Good luck!

Our bullpen actually did good 2day to keep them in the game but the bats didn’t show up today🤦‍♂️

Aaannndddd back to scoring 1 run and 4 hits a game...

Sciosia's seat has to be piping hot by now as the Mariners are pulling away in the 2nd wild card (about to be 3.5 up). Things need to change in Anaheim..

Wish ohtani was pitching today rather than Richards.

Held them to 3 runs & couldn’t get the win! Yankees are beatable but apparently we can’t beat them🙄

Being a fan of this team is so frustrating lol

11 runs yesterday only 1 today ain’t enough

How can we beat them one day and lose the next.

After yesterday's fluke game you had guys declaring their love for sosh. Yeah let's ignore the fact that sosh is the most overrated manager and should have been replaced seasons ago!

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12 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

The lion in you never retreats. 🦁 ...


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We must find this fake fan & make him turn in his Angels gear + ban him from Angel Stadium if he’s a local. Btw Simba is an absolute beast! He’s super underrated, best trade we’ve made in a long time, thankful for what he brings to this team.

This guy throws back Simmons homer. Traitor. Take that hat and shirt off now.

Not much hitting today Calhoun is a terrible hitter, he needs to back to Salt Lake City !!!

Good job Andrelton. Everyone else was out to lunch!

Fat mike should have pitch hit Young

What a day for Trout. 5-5, HR, 3 doubles, scored 3 runs & had 4 RBI. that’s a good week for a lot of players

Unfortunately, no Lions on the Angels team. 1 run...way to go boys...tremendous effort..pffft.

What's up with Richards, I thought he was suppose to be the Ace of the staff.


Shameful... disrespectful to Angels fans everywhere

One freaking run

Wow we scored a run.


Kevin Valdez Richie A Miranda Jose M Miranda

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16 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

Among all the career highs last night, Mike Trout also hit a milestone. 600 RBI and counting! ...


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Albert Pujols is soon going to reach 2000. I do n't understand why several fans of the Angels blame Albert. Lmao!

The "Best Player in Baseball" !!!

He'd probably have more RBIs if he wasn't batting 2nd!!!

When Richards is Pitching always have the bullpen warming up in the first or second inning because we all know how he can't get passed the fifth inning without giving up tons of walks or runs

He had a great game. I like the holiday tops, should adopt them

what the team thinks to do with valbuena?, I do not see it producing offensively...

It's Mike Trout so I gotta ask....600 career RBI's or 600 this season?

What A Difference A Day Makes

Fat Mike needs to go.




Spencer Bihm


Barry Migliorini

home run'

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17 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

Garrett Richards, aka the Birthday Boy, squares off with Masahiro Tanaka in today's series finale.

Game Preview: ...

Garrett Richards, aka the Birthday Boy, squares off with Masahiro Tanaka in todays series finale.

Game Preview:


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Thank goodness Richards stepped up and pitched deep into this game and pitching with precise control like any "ace" would in an important game. Seriously though, way to fall flat on your face Richards no one falls quite like you...

Savage lineup with hitters at .227, .182, .157, and .151 ... now that sounds successful

Ohtani needs to homer off Tanaka... Yankee fans are sooo annoying when they boo him at every at-bat....

I feel so bad for Garrett on his birthday. What a terrible outing. Come on let's score some runs and get that win for Garrett.

Some idiot on the radio said Ohtani asked out of pitching against the Yankees, I think an LA radio announcer... Ohtani has way too much pride. That announcer is a clueless hack

Is Upton day to day? Hoping he’s available to PH today, he may be needed cause the bottom of the lineup is questionable! 🤔

Richards look like poo ! No enthusiasm I just wonder if he's hurt ? He is NOT our star Pitcher henis just a avg Pitcher that throws hard and has Control problems like today's game.

I knew that Soch was going to bench his new catcher after his great game.

Wow... actually no complaints (for once) of the lineup. 1st properly set lineup of the year! Good job Sosh!

Albert needs to be batting no higher than 5th or 6th

Why can't we play Marte in left?

4 ! EXCELLENT Ohtani !
Beat NY !
We proud of both of you Ohtani and Tanaka ! From JPN

Ohtanisan should be pitching today...

Now just keep Johnson out of the game and you’ll be fine.

Go shohei ohtani and angels win today

Calhoun = worst hitter in baseball.
Kinsler *hold my beer.

I’m about tired of the Richards experiment. Too many walks and can’t get past 5 innings on his good days. Maybe a stint in Salt Lake City will do him some good

I really wish we still had Cron.

Ohtani🇯🇵 vs 🇯🇵Tanaka !
Can’t wait to watch them!!

Go kole Calhoun and angels win today

I think it's time to send Richards down , too many walks and pitches.

Neither pitcher can throw in the strike zone today. I wonder which lineup is swinging at everything? 🤔

do you think Ohtani really just wanted to hit against Tanaka? i understand if its really a workload thing but it'd be interesting to think the Angels gave him that choice.

Go Mike trout and angels win today

Happy Birthday Garrett Richards. May God fill you with His many blessings.

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18 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

That wasn't a dream Jose, that was your Major league debut! ...


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He won't stay up he has to much offense for Mike S , when he gets traded maybe they can throw MS in the package....

#10JoseBriceno Congrats rook! Played big on the big stage. Impressive. I know he slept with a smile last night.

#10Briceno & #51JamieBarria made a great rookie tangent against the pin stripes who are doing pretty decent right now...#51Barria showed ALOT of poise. I was impressed with him as well..

&Regardless of what ppl say, I love Scioscia. No one says anything when he makes the right decisions but everyones a hall of fame 'hindsight manager' when he doesn't.
Support your team and we'd probably do better at home..


This guy is going to be special! I see a young yadier molina 🙂

Judge may eventually hit more HR's then Mikey, but Mikey will rarely get CS! GO ANGELS!

The angels won a game!!!!!!!!

What debut ! Welcome to the Angels, dude !

Going going Gone ! "Maddie Poppe's" new hit single, & Mike Trout's Bomb ! Love em both ...

Someone needs to teach the rook how to slide 😂. The pranks are coming

北七外野手去撞牆 幹


He came out throwing haymakers!

Against the Yankees. Hats off

Poor decision ...

How great!

Julie Winkle

SB Nick

Slaven Tomasi his debut!!!

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"I want them to understand it takes hard work to be great."

Oakland native Gary Payton stopped by to give our rookies some advice. ...


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MAN! Bring in Romanoski!!!

Gary Payton was great? News to me.

Someone please show me GP saying he’s a 49er fan

Whatever he's a niner fan. Who did this?

Much as I love GP. All he had to say was 3 forgotten words. “Commitment. To. Excellence.” .....Or, “Just. Win. Baby.”

It doesn't matter who you are or what profession you are in, starting the right way means listening and paying attention to what you're told. It's good to see the rookies showing that they want to learn and get better from the start.

Old Skyline classmate dropping knowledge to the up and coming stars of tomorrow. It's good to see, and I hope it has a lasting impact.

GP!!!! #TheGlove #Respek!!!!

Oakland native but a niner fan. go figure

Everyone calling him a 9ers fan I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and guess he’s a Sports fan.

The Glove is from Oakland.

Hated him as a sonic but like him now for support, even if he was a 9er fan...

GP, The Glove, The Great guy he is, met him in LA n he's hilarious!

Town bizz

GP! The Glove ! Double O G

He's a niners fan though

Good for him. As sounds like a great guy

Jordan JayDee this is hella cool 👌👌


Erica Pease

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2 days ago

The Oakland Raiders

"I pride myself on being able to do everything."

Get to know CB Leon Hall. ...


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He was nice 8-9 years ago hopefully he has something left in the tank

Oakland raiders 4 life

He just turned 58 years old

Having guys like this on the roster is awesome. He knows he can ill afford to slack or fail. Younger players think they are untouchable. This raiders team is a perfect mix of vets and young players.

Idk care bout age it's bout Can You Still Play!

Picked off ! I wanna hear those words more

Just do “everything” you can in improving the secondary, that’d be a nice start.

⚾🏈🏀BAY AREA fans rep your TEAMS @ALL WE TALK IS SPORTS...Facebooks up and coming sports page.

Love that Leon Hall and Mo Hurst get to play on the same defense.

I forgot we signed this guy too! We solid.

#DreamTeam! As I knock on wood 😂😂🤷‍♂️

Go Gruden

This is the guy I was talking about Emmanuel Rios

Micah Seabrook


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