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Rep. Duncan Hunter unhands $1,000 from Tennessee vaping company

Rep. Duncan Hunter unhands $1,000 from Tennessee vaping company


The campaign for Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, raised more money than it spent in the first three months of the year, a change from recent filing periods in which spending — particularly on legal…

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Cannabis Cup and other 4/20 events smaller, but not dead, in era of legal weed

After Hoarder's Home Cleared, Rodents Seek Refuge In Neighboring Homes

6-Year-Old Goes Over The Top With Arm Wrestling Wish

Dodgers edge Marlins in Walker Buehler’s first major league start

Alexander: Let’s tap the brakes on Walker Buehler-mania for Dodgers

First pitch. 464ft. Bonds territory. Mac Williamson making a solid case for a permanent spot on that 25-man roster.

Dodgers end Wilmer Font experiment, designate right-hander for assignment

Tyler Skaggs pitches Angels past Gerrit Cole, Astros

SoCal Baseball Update: Harvard-Westlake, Yucaipa secure spots among the elite

Ducks won’t renew contract of assistant coach Trent Yawney

Free agent Antonio Gates has had no recent contact with Chargers, GM Tom Telasco says

#StevanteClark spoke with CBS13 about his weekend behind bars.

"I thought I had mental health issues, but I talked to a chaplain in there and they told me I gotta quit saying that, 'cause I don't have that."


Max Browne, once USC’s starting QB ahead of Darnold, eyes his own NFL future

Blake Wood, Parker Bridwell added to list of Angels’ injured pitchers

#StephonClark brother #StevanteClark is out of jail. Denies the charges against him. And says he’s not mentally ill “as people claim.” @6

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5 hours ago

San Francisco 49ers

New year, new look.

#FaithfulThen #FaithfulNow ...

New year, new look.

#FaithfulThen #FaithfulNowImage attachment


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I was JUST having a conversation about being 49er Faithful. I have been a fan since 1987. Been through good years and bad and I will always love the red and gold. <3

Would love to get out there to see a game one of these days.

Really hope you guys sign Reid so I don’t have to Boycott.

S. F. My roots., my football team. But living in Michigan for as many years as we have, have to cheer lions football team

Just booked our first trip from the UK, week 5 v the Cardinals. Faithful since 1984. 😀 Can't wait. x

💯!!! Thru thick & thin! Here to stay!!❤️💛

Looks like I’ll be in Kansas City in Week 3! Hopefully looking at going 3-0! Go Niners!!!

Just don't feel the same about the niners after the move to Santa Clara. Even though our future seems bright I am not motivated at all. The NFL is a set up. Niners v Sea Chickens 2014 playoff BS.

Tons of people hopped off in between though.

love the new addition

Love my Niners #FaithfulThenFaithfulForever

I still say I want shade! I want shade!

Trust me when I say that we definitely won’t be going 6-10 or lower again

Was just there yesterday went to the museum had a lot of fun hopefully I get to come back and watch a game

Lynch & Shanahan Will Turn That Place Into The House Of Winners.

hoffe das die niners in den playoffs kommen lg aus berlin


I approve this message !!

So pumped for the season!!!

Want all four as posters !!!!!

Niners rule!!!

❤❤❤ Alisa

Janis Evers

Glen Countryman

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6 hours ago

San Francisco 49ers

Listen in as linebacker Malcolm Smith shared an update on his health and talks about the 2018 49ers defense. ...


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"The linebacker" wouldnt it be nice if you actually called him by his name Malcolm Smith

Edit: they adjusted the headline and included his name, good job👍

Glad he is back will be solid depth. Time to draft the best line backer in the draft and get ready to move on from Foster.

Very exciting year for any #NINER fan!! We become a force to be reckoned with!

Put this kid in to replace Foster, the woman beater.

I forgot he was with us. He’ll definitely help the LB Corps

Great run stopper but coverage so so. Good leader tho

This guy will be good

Jirah Wilson

6 hours ago

San Francisco 49ers

GM John Lynch addressed a number of topics today with media during the annual pre-draft press conference.

Watch: ...

GM John Lynch addressed a number of topics today with media during the annual pre-draft press conference. 



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Cut Foster loose

ur cool wit my dark cosuisn they b4lr ela combo humbodlt ua nd jordan he b4l rela combo hukmbodlt and niners they b4l rela ocmbo humboldt is right on droped they left and i am agaisnt the niners and jordan and doin my own thang i really dont like either one

tell niners sister she chapple luda real combo humbodlt on everytahng i wont date u and stay out my bidness who i am wit


he droped not coolw it him still on him its ebnemy or not

8 hours ago

San Francisco 49ers

"I'm super excited to be here for the next two years."

Joe Staley talks his new contract and the 2018 season. ...


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Isn't Joe the last one from the Lossed Super Bowl? The one when Gore should have run it in and they threw to Crab?

i dont wnat be cool wit 49ers know they didnt finalize as gilroy dont matter wat picture ur sayin i wont go cool wit u go humboldt

i am agaianst hima nd his sister my reply yep am aouldnt rather be coolw it either one

Hopefully they don't trade him now like they did to Kilgore!

I bet a million bucks we win a super bowl before joe is gone!!


The Joe Staleys and the Joe Thomases are so rare in the NFL. To have always played at a high level with one team their entire career. Staley rightfully deserves a ring! Funny that he mentioned Brian O'Neill... Hope the Niners draft him in the 3rd rd. Being a former TE like Staley, O'Neill has similar skill sets. Pass pro still needs work, but his mobility fits very well in Shanahan's outside zone system. Staley can serve as a great mentor, much like what Richard Sherman intends to do with Ahkello Witherspoon. Go Niners!

Joe Staley about to get that big ring!!!

I’m optimistic our O line will be much improved this year. We will need it to run Shanahan’s offense. First half of the season looks a little rough. If we can come out hot I think we can make a playoff push. Rams look scary so maybe it’ll be a wild card. I’d be happy with that for sure. Go Niners !

Super excited to keep you!

I sure hope he retires with us...even better becomes line coach😁

Well deserved contract for Staley and constant positive pillar for the organization and still playing at a very high level going into year 11-12

Dion Carolina Tay Pritchett can you copy this to the group? I cant seem to get it to work.

It's good to have a player like him to resign and protect Jimmy G blind side.

I think lynch is building the D first... we're putting up points so

He needs that ring, so he can go into the HOF with a ring

LMAO the mobile hickup is hilarious😂😂😂

Best niner player ever! He will always get my respect.

Right on.

Let's pick up Quenton Nelson now!

Awesome 👏 Class act

So glad to have Joe back

Hope we can get him a ring

Yess!Joe Staley!!


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3 days ago

Audubon California

Sometimes a Peregrine will go after a Raven or a Crow. The photographer who took this cool image said this was a raven, but we're thinking maybe a crow. Either way, the black bird is having none of this. (Great photo by Nick Chill) ...

Sometimes a Peregrine will go after a Raven or a Crow. The photographer who took this cool image said this was a raven, but were thinking maybe a crow. Either way, the black bird is having none of this. (Great photo by Nick Chill)


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I have seen crows mob the hawks at my ranch...

Yea all I ever see is crows picking on hawks, so I yell at them. This doesn't help but it makes me look like a nut so I persist!

I am thankful that the crows convinced the hawk family to move from my tree. I have a little dog. More crows this year than last is a good thing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I can observe a nesting red shoulder pair , the crows tend to ignore them

Go crow!

Rounded fan tail says raven to me

Raven beak comes out of head more

The little guy prevailed.

I think it's a crow also Ravens are bigger.

Crows suck. Just sayin'....

I have seen the ravens chase & attack even the eagles away from their nests. this dual continues just about every day if look up in the sky. ravens are the smartest birds around, can mimmick human sounds like a parrot in captivity.

Crows have a crescent. Wavens have a wedge.

It has the shaggy beard of a raven

Could be immature raven

i see scenes like this quite often here in the South Bay.

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4 days ago

Audubon California

What's the first bird you saw today? Perhaps it was a Hooded Oriole. (photo by Teddy Llovet) ...

Whats the first bird you saw today? Perhaps it was a Hooded Oriole. (photo by Teddy Llovet)


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Yes! It was a Hooded Oriole. And a Nuttall's Woodpecker.

Rock Pigeons, circling over traffic - Garden Grove, CA

Hummingbird 💜

Nope, just my old friend Allen Hummingbird!😁

Yes I did. Soooo beautiful

Black Phoebe!

Costa’s Hummingbird, today and every day.

I saw my first hooded oriole yesterday. Today, the first bird I noticed was an extremely loud Orange Crowned Warbler which has been singing at SDSU for days now.


Yes, we have Hooded Orioles. They are beautiful.

Somebody flipped me off in traffic this morning does that count?

Cassin's Kingbird in my yard in Claremont, CA.

Western Oriole ?


I don't know about Orioles but a Starling almost flew into me trying to get to the cat food I left outside.

Great way to start your day bird watching#LOVE2EARTH everyday!

Blue jay

Crows, Calabasas

Lots of Elegant Terns :)

Band tailed pigeon. They crack me up. 😊 Placerville

We've just moved. Now I see Robins every morning and all day long. Robins are really a rare sight in the SF Bay Area where we used to live. We used to see them from Spring to Fall. No more...

All I ever see is Egrets and occasionally a great heron.

Golden-crowned Sparrow. Only one among the White-crowned Sparrows. Cottonwood, Calif.

Egrets flying to their rookery a few blocks from me!


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