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Returning otters to undersea world failing in their absence

Returning otters to undersea world failing in their absence


Southern sea otters, nearly wiped out by centuries of industrial-scale hunting for their fur pelts, have rebounded from as few as 50 survivors in the 1930s to more than 3,000 today, thanks to federal and state protection.

While threatened southern sea otters bob and sun in the gentle waves of this central California estuary, wildlife experts up and down the West Coast are struggling to figure out how to restore the ...

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16 minutes ago

San Francisco Giants

BCraw 💣 ...


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Chitcago fans are so classy, Crawford hits a homerun to left, and the Chitcago fan throws it back., silly

The play he made in the field was even better. A thing of beauty.

Yep and then the pitcher turns around and blows it the next half inning

Good going BCraw! Gorkys is on again today!!

Get more, go Giants!

1 hour ago

San Francisco Giants

Memorial Day Weekend threads. 🇺🇸 #SFGiants ...

Memorial Day Weekend threads. 🇺🇸 #SFGiantsImage attachmentImage attachment


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Gorkys and MAC getting hits and on base, the rest are worthless, no pop, do the Giants hitters know what a baseball looks like, just asking, because they are not seeing it, wow.

What happened to bum pitching?

Walks are the Giants pitchers downfall.

Crawdaddy to the rescue! 2-2
Plus, an unbelievable stop and throw for an out
But....3-2 now, a HR by Chi

Crawford for the tie!!! His May stats are killing!

Get memes all season at SF Giants Meme Park

Oh he is pitching at triple aa game

2 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Warriors fans -- Join the conversation with Drew Shiller and Grant Liffmann preview Game 6! ...


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Who’s coming in to GSW’s Funeral tonight? Please bring extra towels to wipe your tears for Steph, Klay, Dray, KD and the entire Warriors. EULOGIES will start at 20:00 CT . May they all Rest In Peace.

GSW will win it all the way! They have the right formula, the drives, perseverance and everything they need to be called once again "The Champions"! -- Leilani A.

Win or lose i will be a loyal authentic fan of the DubNations's GoldenstateWarriors!! Win or lose!!.. I will always be with you!!

Communicate each other, trust each other, avoid turn overs and tight defense,..lets go warriors. Figth, figth figth to defend the throne, all the way from Philippines ...........

Mcgee would help in the offensive end
Lobs would throw the rockets defense off, which can lead to open shoots to curry, klay or durant

Let’s go Warriors clamp down on defense and the turnovers and we will win I believe in u guys let’s get this W

How can the Dubs be effective if the refs keep letting the Rockets hold and hand check the whole game,just saying

I have no doubt Golden State warriors will come out on top tonight and finish the rockets off in game 7 🏀🏀

True or False: Klay Thompson will hit at least 6 triples tonight? If he does y’all fly me to game 1 of the finals?

Drew!!! Yes pass to curry! Why are they so afraid to pass to curry now? Like whyyy?? JUST PASS THE BALL TO CURRY OR THOMPSON

Hello guys game 6/ 7 is ous we believe go warriors for finals solid here 4ever Manila Philippines excited GOGO,steph,KD,klay, draymon, others ,

💙Put a 20pt. lead ahead of the Rockets in the 1st quarter....keep down the TURNOVERS...all eyes on the smart...use the time outside wisely....and we got this!!!!!💛

Hi, watching here from the Philippines.
Dubs need to increase the efficiency of shooting...Defense...Defense is also a big important...

Don’t let the 🚀 get in your head! Don’t let the referee decide the winner bc as we already know they will call most of the fouls against gs

what Jersey are they wearin later??i hope they stick with the white Home Jersey not the Town i think the slate jersey is a bad omen to us

Doing a shimmy in a game is not good, Steph did it in game 3 and lost, CP3 fired back a shimmy to Steph and got injured, Hope Steph do a Shimmy again tonight.

All I can say is best wishes to my fave players KD35, SC30,KT11,DG23,AI09 hopefully Iggy can play, lots of love from Philippines😘😘😘😘😘😘

Oh you have to drive back to SF? What about doing the show at Oracle like that time you did it with Kerrith.

We need more passing and assist numbers. So what that means is no more missed easy layups tonight for the Warriors.

Hi Guys! Bummed that ballet recital coincides with game... maybe that’s good luck? I guys I’ll just watch your post game and find out!

Double-triple tram all rockets who would attempt shots! And GSW needs good rebounds for 2nd-3rd chance points!

I was truly wrong on Swaggy P ,oh well ,I’m hoping McGee gets some play time tonight make Rockets match up with u tonight GSW

Nervous, warriors haven't been playing 100%, they need to stop the turnovers, definitely Good Luck 🏀🏀

Warriors just let the Rockets set their defense...if rockets don’t get to set their defensive Warriors can get easssssyyyy baskets....

If u think javale doesnt fit the team then time to trade.but i think you wrong his better than looney

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3 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Warriors fans -- Monte Poole, Kerith Burke and Kelenna Azubuike are at Oracle Arena ahead of Game 6 and answering your questions NOW! ...


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I think putting Mccaw in the line up would be a blunder! He needs time to recover.

Today is game 6 Saturday it's a must-win for the Champs Steph Curry got to have a big game AKA Durant got to have a big game🏀🙏🔔🏀

Move the ball... Move a lot. / Stop turning the ball over.

Warriors need to get back to the 30 assists a game and not iso. Need curry to shoot more and keep to what brought them here

It’s all a mind game, at this point. If the Warriors lose, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Testing testing 1 2 3 we back in California Bay Area game 6 AKA KD got to have a big game AKA KD he got to get a more aggressive driving to the hole hitting his three points acting like that mvp🙏

Why does Nick Young always find himself in like the doghouse. Feel Kerr never gave him a legit chance to get comfortable with a role yet everyone criticized the bench shooting 🤷‍♂️

How come Kerr doesn't run the elevator play or even more PnR? We need to run some new offensive sets so we're not so predictable.

Now if the warriors win ..people are GNA blame it on Chris being out ..housten need to understand warriors is a way better team!

Gotta let Nick be comfortable and play his game. Not stand in the corner and maybe the ply breaks down and the ball finds him

Warriors need to play real warriors. You are the best team on NBA. No doubt about that. We will win. We have all the tools and confidence to be the CHAMPION AGAIN.

Game 6 Warriors is a must-win for us Steph Curry going to have a big game AKA KD going to have a big game driving to the court been a more aggressive hitting his 3-point shots and going back to the free throw line🙏

I haven't been able to exhale since we lost game 5 :-( I'm praying we force game 7 this is gonna hurt 💔🤢🤮

Rockets are guarding Durant the same way Warriors guarded him in 2016

Hello Monte, Kerith, and Kelenna... Any news o Iggy?

Warriors need to take games seriously finish these guys n take Celtics or Cavs seriously

9 points Warriors win is enough. We r not too greedy. Go Warriors!

If Boston Celtics would win game 7 in ECF, will the Warriors be ready?

Can someone please ask Kerr to tell the team Cut out the turnovers

“Warriors been there done that, that OKC 2016 series”.

Rick Ross and the Rockets taking the l

No holding back leave it all on the court drive to the hoop

Warriors need to play Warrior basketball!

Whats your biggest prediction for tonight

The big 3 needs to shoot the lights out!

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4 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Saturday night lineup in the Windy City. #SFGiants ...

Saturday night lineup in the Windy City. #SFGiants


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What channel is the game on?

McCutcheon isn’t worthy of the two spot. He is an automatic out on this trip. 0-11, six Ks, nothing hard on his limited contact. Bochy keeps plugging him in that spot.

William Ridgway, Margaret Gomez, John Zielinski, John Tippit, Jacqueline Milne Bucholz, Shannon Montecino & Kip Byars- Looking to snap the losing streak today, Go Giants!

Another day off for Posey. Now we give him night games after day games off.

here comes cubs first 2 on, san fran are a mockery

They really need to start turning this season around. Don't wait for Bumgarner.

Back to stranding RISP again, geez

seen better 5 year old hitters

0 out man on 2nd scores 0 wat a disgrace

Bum in sac town tonight

I wonder how few runs we will score tonight?

Go Astros

Win win win win

Let's go Giants...we can win this!

Good luck tonight

Come on guys, win one!!!

No Posey of course.

Go Giants!!


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5 hours ago

Los Angeles Rams

"I can’t let you have it for free, Robert! I gotta make you work!"

Mic'd Up: Inside #LARams OTAs with CBs coach Aubrey Pleasnt! ...


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Anyone has any info or hear anymore on the signing of Jamial Weaver's???

Our year! Our town!

Now that’s how you coach.

Put that coach on the team

Dodge Cave this guy can coach

Chase Way I like this guy!

Barbara Bootsie Richardson oh oh

Jesse Sabolis nothing for free

Miss this.

Garrett Reid ooooo baby

Gregor Mainzär

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1 day ago

San Francisco Giants

Gorkys Hernández extended his hitting streak to seven games (.385/10-for-26) and has three homers in his last six games.

Gorkys está en FUEGO. ...


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OK guys I have been a loyal fan since 69' and believe me I feel very blessed for the 3 series rings, more than you will ever know. These last few years have been more than frustrating seeing some of Bruce's moves. He irritates the H out of me and this division is there for the taking this year. If we go on a 6 or 7 game losing streak, I feel he needs to go. Personally I would have loved to see him gone before last year. Just my thoughts on how things are going.~~~~this is my husbands views....we don't share the same view on this. = )

The rest of the team es Frio!❄☃️🌨

Shame that the bullpen isn’t.

Congrats Gorkey, knew you could get there! I can see your determination! Also, HOLLAND, you were great today. Keep up the good work!!!

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So glad to see Gorky s coming into his own. Always knew it was in you. Derek Holland, just keep on getting better!

All that doesn't Matter if we keep Losing !

5 runs total during 3 game losing streak is absolutely terrible

Way to go Gorkys!!! Keep those hits coming!⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

Outhomering Posey by a lot with same batting average. Hmm...

I can't help but think the June Swoon is a little early this year. Hopefully they will get it over with a little early as well!

He is our heroe today

Another junk player

Travis Allen all the way!

Ohhh now I get it.what a bunch of no nothing on

Gorkys está caliente! ;-)

English please...

Suey Ciotta DeGuzman LOOK IT'S MVP GORKYS AGAIN!!!!


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1 day ago

Los Angeles Rams

Week one of OTAs in the books!

Check out photos from Day 3 📸 » ...

Week one of OTAs in the books! 

Check out photos from Day 3 📸 »


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And two bad injuries too boot. Enough already!

Coach bones!!!!!!



Let’s go!!



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First baseman get no credit. Belt made that pick look alot easier than it was..

That's all Good! But we have to start Hitting the Ball! Let's go Giants !

As expected another 2 hit garbage game. Can we please start our rebuild already

Ahhh there it is. That’s the Giants bullpen I remember

Still lost. Plays like that are nice. But if we can’t score runs, those plays become overshadowed.

Yup that’s Longoria with another erro

All of B-Craw's gloves are gold. That's why he doesn't need one so many times.

You do realize this whole division is weak and no one is running away with it

Gorkys is on fire. Playing good d hitting .295 and with 5 bombs. Hitting .400 since middle of last year. I just wish we were getting more from Smardzjia, and Andrew Suarez. Blach and Stratton pitching decent just bring the E.R.A. down. We in the thick of it. #Go Giants.

People saying wait till Bumgarner comes back then we'll win if he gives up two runs maybe three he'lll lose because our offense stinks

That was an awesome play! Oh by the way, we lost to another team that is better than we are.

If it wasn't for the Brandon's & Pablo's abilities, the team would be a bust right now! There are a couple of pitchers they should dump or send back to AA, they are not helping the team as they are

Fittingly it was Crawford and Belt on either end of that play, the only highlight from yesterday. They have been carrying this team, and are the only reason they're close to .500. Obviously the starting pitching without Bum and Cueto is subpar, but there's also the floundering of Cutch and Longoria around the .240 mark, and Buster's total lack of offensive punch. His power numbers have dramatically declined the last few years, and now Gorkys is out-homering him 5 to 2 despite having way fewer plate appearances. And of course his backup, Hundley, also has 5 jacks and has driven in a bunch of runs although not in the lineup nearly as much. It's interesting how the media has largely ignored the fact that Buster is now a glorified singles hitter (although still a great defensive catcher) who drives in far fewer runs than he used to, although he comes up with guys on base a lot. This has been a big problem that the Giants seem reluctant to address.

When Sabean let Omar Vizquel go, I thought I would never forgive him for it--and then I saw Crawford perform...

Love it when Baez has to go sit back down on the bench. 😀

Baez diving into first base what a flog

Lici your boy Baez is good, but I think BCraw has him beat.

No glove needed for the Human Highlight Reel. And nice dig Belt! He needs a gold glove to match the rest of the infield.

Belt you very seldom, if ever, fumble the ball and drop it at first base. You should be the one to wear the Golden Glove.

This gold glover doesn’t even needs a glove. Great play!

Love the Crawford-Belt combination, but those catches Crawford makes would not be good if BELT was not there to catch them. Belt makes a lot of Crawfords catches and throws look good. Belt just quietly does his job and keeps setting records that nobody looks up.

The best ever! Makes the most ridiculous plays look easy & not flinch because he does this daily. Not like most players who make difficult plays look harder than they really are & then celebrate like they’re amazed they pulled it off.

That's 5-6-3 if you're scoring at home.

Giants need to get a much better song played after a win. Something to get revved up about. Something about winning and celebrating. The dirge they have used for so many years is tired and boring.......come on, guys, enough is enough. Just hearing the Cubs' fight song after their win today, has prompted me to write this.

No wonder his jersey is always sold out smh

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Not even close!

Cubs score a run but Williamson prevents a run with this throw to Posey. ...


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That was so funny when Crawford missed the short hop and fell down and did a couple of flip flops on the ground. Yet, you didn't show it but once. But that magnificent throw to first base you played about three or four times. Don't you know that we have seen the guy throw to first base many times and that's his job. Boy you have that camera on him all the time ...#35..even with his back to us and pointing his finger. Is he that much better than the others!!!

Hmmm very interesting Eric...Sounding just like an owner of a team..That's what they always

Pretty funny watching the third-base coach. That moment when he suddenly stops windmilling and you can imagine him thinking, "Oh...I may have f--ked up here just a little bit." 🤣

Man, I sure don't want to see Buster get hurt, but that give up by the runner is just embarrassing.

Time to trade pence for some pitching

5 years ago today, we got married during a San Francisco Giants game in the Tonny Bennet suite

June Swoon in late May?? Can't wait for MadBum, Johnny C, Little Joe and the Hunter to come back, ready to rock. We still have a shot at the Western crown!!

Poor base running

Nice arm Mac!

Welcome back, Mac!!

Grab some pine, meat!

Unwatchable starting pitching rotation, all minor leaguers, shame on the Giants, $10 Beers, $40 to Park, with not much of a chance to compete with this rotation

Pretty bad when a base running blooper becomes our game highlight

HOL:LAND, you pitched a real good game!! Gorky good to see you at the plate with the HR and good hits!. I have been on vacation last week and missed three games, but good to see the improvement!!

"Don't hurt me..."

How long will it take Posey to get to 20 RBI'S? Number 3 in the batting order needs to be more productive.

Bad coaching. Look at 3B coach.

Travis Allen all the way!

That was fantastic

Williamson is a ray of hope, but it doesn't appear we can beat any of the teams that have hope for the season.

Garin is in now coughing up more runs for the Sox

Don’t slide or anything. Lolligagger

Destroyed the cubs and helped the cardinals

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