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2 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

‪Important Dodger Dog happenings on the set of Good Day L.A. this morning. ‬

‪Tonight is $1 Dodger Dog Night at Dodger Stadium! Get tickets at‬ ...

‪Important Dodger Dog happenings on the set of Good Day L.A. this morning. ‬

‪Tonight is $1 Dodger Dog Night at Dodger Stadium! Get tickets at‬


Comment on Facebook these guys get bobble heads and I don’t because I’m like 3 minutes in before game starts?

Are the veggie dogs $1?

Why, that's cheap at half the price!

See you at the game!

Annette Banuelos Stephanie Fuentes Najera Debbie Fuentes

Jerry Golden

3 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

#Dodgers win four in a row and sweep the Nationals! #LADetermined ...


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Amazing how the fan base turns around when they win a few games. I am sure a lot of these “supporters” are the same ones that were calling for management to be fired last week. They were on hiatus all of last year and probably got burned out during the playoffs. Maybe it was in their plans to start off slow so it doesn’t happen again.

Win 60, lose 60, it’s the other 42 that count. Let’s get it done! Last year’s 104 was great. I think this year 92 should win the division. I’d like to see the Dodgers be strong all year, but especially in October.

Starting to come around since the "walking wounded" have returned... now if Kersh comes back, and, BTW: does anyone have a great treatment for BLISTERS? Contact R Hill, care of L.A. Dodgers...

Where are ALL my Dodger hypocrites, bandwagoners and wannabe fans ,now praising the Dodgers, smfh

Is it me or did these bats come to life about the time Turner returned?

Last season the Dynamic Duo was Seager and Bellinger....this season, Kemp and Puig??
Go Dodgers! 💙⚾️

From a long time dodger fan.. I do think we need to make a move of some sort whether it is another bat in the lineup or an ace

Have to win every series now until the all star break our goal should to be within 4 in the division and wild card come trade deadline
And go get Britton, Hand , Hammels or Machado

Now we are getting somewhere!! Let’s Go Blue 💙⚾️

Les hacía falta Turner, Puig, y que Bellinger despertara... hasta Maeda por fin lanza strikes!! 😱😱 y mi Jansen ahora sí puede ser lo que es... cerrador!!
Dodgers are back!! 💪🏻💪🏻

The Galloping Ginger has returned.....

Let’s face it guys we need another solid starter because Hill might be done and I’m not sure Wood can do what he did last year. I’m thinking another ace but an actual one not Darvish.

The season is 162 regular season games. This team is quietly only 5 games out of first place right now. Let’s all just take a moment and exhale.

I don’t really know if I am more excited that this team is finally showing some life or that Arizona is sucking so bad! Either way I really am enjoying it.


Cool. Now They have same number of wins as the Padres! It only took a four game win streak to accomplish that goal

All I had to do was drop Puig from my fantasy team aaaaaand now he's turning it on.

The series against Colorado will prove the true awesomeness of Dodger baseball. The Nats have a lot of injuries. Go Dodgers!

If we get 2 out of every 3 for the next 5 weeks, we'll be in fantastic shape.

We were there for the Saturday night and Sunday games... So proud of the BLUE! 🎉💙⚾️🙌🏽

Turners back... it shows how much of a leader he is on the team. I LOVE THIS TEAM

Win or lose Always a Dodger fan here!!

Go Blue! So glad we’re playing with a healthier roster. 💙⚾️💙

It seems like we are a totally different team Red is healthy. He’s definitely the spark of this team.

Just keep sweeping, just keep sweeping, just keep sweeping, sweeping...

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20 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

"My dad, Chase." 😂

Spectrum SportsNet LA
"After my first at-bat my dad Chase told me to use his bat, and I did, and first pitch I hit a homer."

Kike Hernández chats with Alanna Rizzo following the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-2 win against the Washington Nationals. ...


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I live in the Philly area. The three jerseys I see most often for individual athletes are Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons of the Sixers...and #26 Chase Utley of the Phillies. Utley is still beloved here (and hated by Mets fans).

Kiké killing another interview. He should be in the booth when he decides to hang them up.

Afterwards, taylor and barnes asked Hernandez' "dad" if he had any spares they could use...

Jennifer Zuniga my dad, chase (Utley 😂) that's why Utley was smiling! He never smiles lol

Is he standing on the box again?

HATS OFF TO Dodger Dad #Utley

Some Dodger fan named Tim Trummell predicted the entire series...Like a psychic. .Trip out.

Are the Dodgers on TV yet?

You've caught a great wave Dodgers...just keep on riding it!!!!!!! I see light at the end of the tunnel but it won't be easy...

Good job POPS!!! (Chase)!!!

FATHER KNOWS BEST. Just got to get them ALL to listen!!!

I watched most of the Dodgers game today.

I love everything about this

Dodgers on the rise and dbags in free fall in the standings 😀

Aweseome!!! You guys are the best!!! LOL!! Always make me chuckle!! :)

Forever the Chase and Dodgers. Go Blue!

Always listen to dad!!! 💙

Yay!! I was the 1000th like!! 😂😂😂


Alicia lmao! My Dad Chase!

Wow that's cool

Hahaha that's awesome

Love it !!! lol 😂💙⚾️💙⚾️😂

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22 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

💣💣💣 ...


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Jason Stevens Yasss



Los dodgers an vuelto cuidado dbcks


Georgie & Raymond
Another W 🏆


Destiny Jones ✋🏼😁

This looks like last years team. A collective effort with the bats with risp today. #GoBlue!

Cody Fingerson

Alex Ortega

Tim Barcellos

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1 day ago

Los Angeles Lakers

#NBACombine ☑️ ...

#NBACombine ☑️Image attachment


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We don’t have any draft picks

Funny how some people only see the negative but forget about how they drafted Kuzma and Hart in the first round. Zo had an up and down season and yes Tatum is ballin, but they drafted not 1,2,but three Lottery talented players in last years draft.

Who Else see KB coaching the Lakers in the Future??

Keep Kuzma, Ingram, Randall, Pope and ditch the reality TV star. His father is ruining his life, and those of his brothers, and is FAR too much of a distraction in Lonzo's life.
Keep IT and GP2 and search for veteran to trade Ball for.

Even if Jason Tatum ended up being chosen by the Lakers his game wouldn't flourish like what he's been doing for the Celts since the Lakers already have a plethora of PF- Randle, Ingram, kuzma in fact threes a crowd! Maybe the scouting report.missed on Donovan Mitchell instead of the overhyped Lonzo Ball

Hello!!👄😍😘 if you on bored come join my private room!💞💞 check my profil!👄😍😘♥

I trust Magic Johnson 100% but Rob Lowe has me nervous

Kobe said keep the young core and develop them.

I’m a diehard Laker fan and Luke has my full support. We got this.

Look confident

This Summer would be nice! 😀
1. Lonzo

Draft a shooting guard, get a veteran wing player to backup Josh Hart and let KCP go. Not enough separation to pay Him $19mill a season.

Geez! Don’t pick anyone! Bring in a top tier veteran player!

We made great strides this year think how many more games. We would have won without these injuries that happened. Throw in if we shot better FTs, 3 more wins. Guys were are not far from a playoff spot. Sign Randle plz, a one trick piney that can't be stopped. Every team needs muscle and he's a beast. No need to trade everybody is becoming a FA. Why deplete current squad when we have pieces already. If we would have had CP3 this year, playoff spot. We can play with anybody. We have beaten everybody, now we just have to do it consistently. A.D. would look great in purple and gold.

They need a good leader to guide them to championship

Lakers need to become a more attractive destination for FAs. We can't just rely on the past. Big city teams just don't have the same value anymore, Chicago, New York, LA, no excuse to have none of those franchises in the playoffs

If they can keep the core and find a way to trade Deng Contract, it will be nice. Lonzo got potential, but he need to step is man up attitude to tell his father to stay out of Lakers.

Looking forward to see what happens this offseason!!

Tatum's a sharp shooter that we should of looked @ closer but wasn't chosen cuz plays the 3 like BI so we drafted Zo as needed point! C everyone's point in terms of best player @ 2 spot! Tatum or Mitchell! Move on 👍

Please don’t pick another dud.

A will wait till the end the LA may come back for championship

Hope we could draft at 25&47
Players like trevon duval , donte divicenzo , Grayson Allen. And Moritz wagner

How many prospects are we going to trade for LeBron?

Don't worry about the combine just get Paul George

be wise this time go for the talent not for the name.

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