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Sacramento Kings Move Up To Pick No. 2 In NBA Draft Lottery

Sacramento Kings Move Up To Pick No. 2 In NBA Draft Lottery


The Kings turned to last year's draft pick for a little more luck with this year's lottery, and it paid off.

It's the first time in years that the Sacramento Kings have benefited from the NBA Draft Lottery results.

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58 minutes ago

NBC 7 San Diego

The latest details of an officer-involved shooting in La Mesa ...


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Why wasn't the girl in school and why was she by herself?

The school doesnt start until 9am so she was probably on her way to school I would assume

O taken to the hospital. Nope he is not black.

She was walking alone to school?

Glad the girl is safe and the police dropped the POS!

When does the good weather return?

Is the girl OK???

Why was that girl targeted did she know the man or it was random

Good job la mesa pd!
A crazy machete man?
Not in our neighborhood!

BTW Parkway Middle is in secure campus mode right now

Hoping this is not terrorism, such as the knife attacks in Europe

Was the girl walking to Parkway Middle School?

Near school! Any lock down at schools by this???

Any input from the Subway employee(s)?

Good - as long as the girl and the officers are ok.

Machetes? Really? Wow! It's getting like Mad Max out here these days.

Was someone chasing the person?

They did what had to be done! Good for them !!!

Roll that body cam footage!!!

This is a fairly safe neighborhood

Was the suspect caught

Is that Fletcher Parkway?

Was the man related to her?

oh my god what is our world coming too

Will it be cloudy all day?

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5 months ago

Teaching Artist Support Collaborative (TASC) of California

Hope this makes you as happy as it makes us...

O segredo da Expressividade é Sentir a Música.....é estabelecer um elo entre a melodia e sua emoção ...

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