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SF district attorney joins pilot program to automatically clear eligible marijuana convictions

SF district attorney joins pilot program to automatically clear eligible marijuana convictions


Code your conviction away...for marijuana at least. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon's office has been working to dismiss misdemeanor marijuana convictions since January. Now they have partnered with Code for America which has developed software to clear eligible convictions. They say this will clear boundaries for thousands in California on health, housing, education and employment.

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon has partnered with Code for America to help automatically clear eligible marijuana-related convictions, a move he hopes will increase public safety by reducing barriers to employment and housing.

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Mama Curry is reportedly happy with her son's performance during the #Warriors' rout of the #Rockets, but not with his mouth. And Stephen Curry agrees. He told #ESPN, "She's right. I gotta do better. I can't talk like that."

Stephen Curry, amid breakout rally, fails to hold tongue: 'I blacked out'

Steph Curry's emotions erupted in step with his offense as he scored 18 of his game-high 35 points in a pivotal third quarter in which the Warriors pu...

St. Mary’s High School principal in #Stockton says classes were canceled after staff received a threatening e-mail from a 16-year-old student, who is now in police custody - @CBSSacramento

Stephen Curry came alive scoring 35 points with five 3-pointers, shooting over James Harden and the rest is history. Once the two-time MVP got his groove back, Houston was helpless. #warriors #dubnation #dubs

Stephen Curry comes alive to score 35, Warriors rout Rockets by 41

Stephen Curry shook, shimmied and screamed, letting his adoring Warriors fans and the Rockets know that Oracle Arena was his house.

Video: Swift Justice For Man Who Interferes With Bomb Squad Investigation In Milwaukee

LOOK at what’s hidden in this bougainvillea! Two tiny hummingbird babies; they hatched from eggs the size of jelly bellies. Sometimes when you look around, there’s magic right in front of you.

What did your weekend look like? #abc7now #sandiego #weekendvibes #MondayMotivaton

#breaking this just happened at #SFO. we'll have more on @abc7newsbayarea 11am.

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14 minutes ago

Los Angeles Angels

Cooler. Portable ice chest. Ice box. Cool box. Chilly bin. Esky...

Whatever you call it, come get your Angels Cooler Bag, presented by Yakult Probiotic Drink, while supplies last on June 1st: ...

Cooler. Portable ice chest. Ice box. Cool box. Chilly bin. Esky...

Whatever you call it, come get your Angels Cooler Bag, presented by Yakult Probiotic Drink, while supplies last on June 1st:


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Ice Koled Calhoun should be the ice chest vendor. LOL.

Calhoun is in that ice chest /cooler, etc.

Jessica Lomeli Ruiz
Eric James

4 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

Take two for the team! ...


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Johnny Field is a major league Rightfielder. That's his throw home. That's how difficult it is. Angel fans should be appreciative of Kole Calhoun's accurate cannon on our team. Their CF doesn't hit the cutoff man. I know we appreciate many things about Mike Trout, but appreciate that his throws can be cut off if needed.

Sosh needs to go! 26-21, 12-17 @ home, and behind the Mariners in the standings! But Sosh is the best! Right, Scioscialists???

Nice to get a win.

Look at the standing 2 teams will come out of the west and east we just have to stay in second in our division to make the playoff.

Fish, Trout is a fish.

Mike Trout just looks like he's playing little league again. His passion for the game makes him not only an incredible player, but a joy to watch.

There was a great Showtime yesterday! keep up the good work Ohtani!!!! Great job Angels!

Great game and great win Angels!

TROUT = BEAST!! Best slides since Pete Rose

Like someone is going to throw out Trout at home. No do you has even thrown him out stealing second yet. The man can motor folks

Fat Mike needs to go.

Matthew T Brock
Machado is not tagging up on this shallow fly ball. This type of play is what makes trout the best.

Robert Dickey

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17 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

Elevate and celebrate! ...


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Fat Mike needs to go.

Looks like quite a few fans came dressed as empty seats!

Way to go Martin

Erry tine


4 of our runs came from outs 😕

Great .

18 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

Shohei Ohtani put on a SHOw stopping performance today, going 7.2 IP and striking out nine while picking up his fourth win of the year! ...


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How fortunate are we, Angels fans, that at this point we're carrying two players that could arguably and potentially be two of the Greatest Players to ever play the game.

And if Simba continues to play the way he has, he'd could very well be yet another.

The pen didn't give up anything. Wow!

Of course he’s mad coming out... you have to give it to the worst Bullpen in the league ... just those pitches alone that were thrown were trash by the pen... all out of the zone and bouncing ... not effective pitches at all.... just let the starters go 8... let them win and lose there games ...

Man!!! I’m a die hard angels fan...but for Sergio Romo to do what he did is makes me wonder what he might be like if they let him throw more than. Just 2 innings

I would really like to see Ohtani go a full 9 innings and really test him!

You might want to wait a few years before you call a guy that has less than 100 at bats and 7 starts one of the best players to ever play the game. And no way is Simba in the discussion.

I’d be more than a little nervous if I were Shohei. After another great outing he may be sent down with the same reasoning that was used after Barria’s last great outing , “It’s tough,” Manager Mike Scioscia said. “I don’t think anyone, when they are performing well, expects (to go down). There’s a difference between getting to the big leagues and making some footprints. Right now Jaime is starting to make some footprints, but he’s not quite there”.
And yet Bedrosian still has a spot on the roster.

Love the continuity cultivated on this team.....

Why did Romo started back to back games, but only pitching 1 inning?

Ohtani is hands down best
player in baseball we just need a good manager

So, the Angels finally win one after dropping the last 5. Let me guess...Gatorade shower?

One of the few consistent starters the Angels have but one man does not a team make!

I love Ohtani's passion. You can see it when he got called to the dug out and in every dugout reaction. Easily the top pitcher in the Angel's roster.

Ohtani doing exactly what an ACE is supposed to do.. end losing streaks

We needed that win. Find a closer and we could have a special yr..we should have 3 to 4 on the all star team

An idea: with our relievers not performing well...maybe Sho Time can be used as a reliever...and we could have won all the games our relievers lost..

I would have loved it if Tampa bay were playing my angels when we were there. Antonique McGee

Pretty embarrassing that Angel hitters can't hit Romo 2 days in a row

Hallelujah! On to Toronto where we always play well,and New York,where we once upon a time played well.

Good to see Scioscia didn't blow this game.

Congrats to you guys for a great win. Love you

I'm glad to see some consistency from one of the Angels players. Obtani is one. It just seems year after year we get the same results. Inconsistent pitching and the Angels hitting goes into a slump. But just not a slump, they go into the abyss and it doesn't matter the players they pick up every year?? I know all the excuses like "It's a 162 game season and teams will have slumps from time to time". I would agree with that logic if this didn't happen so often. Maybe Mike Scioscia's time has come. I like Mike S. but it just seems he's not getting the best out of his players anymore?? What's the difference between the Yankee Organization and the Angel's. The Yankee's expect to win championships and the Angel's are looking to get to the post season. The Yankee's will move players and coaches to get it done. They are less likely to worry about the marketing aspect of each player. Championships sell tickets and merchandise for them. What's the difference between a great baseball player and a superstar?? A bases clearing double to take the lead. Come on Angels you can do much better than this. No excuses step up your game.

Mikey manufactured two runs.

Down the stretch Ohtani much more valuable as an every 5 day starter. One or three wins could determine first vs wildcard

Ohtani doesnt look pleased being called off....everytime some point in the 7th he gets called off.....

Not bad after getting blown away game after game

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19 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels


Shohei Ohtani dazzles once again going 7.2 IP while striking out nine batters as he picks up his fourth win of the season! Martín Maldonado launched his second home run of the year while Mike Trout logged his ninth and 10th stolen bases. ...


Shohei Ohtani dazzles once again going 7.2 IP while striking out nine batters as he picks up his fourth win of the season! Martín Maldonado launched his second home run of the year while Mike Trout logged his ninth and 10th stolen bases.


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Watch all the Scioscialists and Kumbaya Club fans rejoice over the Angels beating the Rays today. Hey Scioscialists and Kumbaya Club fans, winning 1 out of 4 against the Rays is still trash! LOL.

Congratulations on Ohtani's fourth win of the Major League season.
I hope Ohtani will make 10 wins and 10 home runs this season.
And I think it's a good thing Angels team has stopped their long defeat march. It was not an easy game. I hope today's game was the turning point before Angels team left for away games next week. Personally, the decision to exclude pujols was very good. A good team is the balance between pitchers and batters. I hope it will happen to Angels steadily. Though I am not good at English, Thank you for reading the thoughts of one individual.

Enough with the Ohtani fluff, there is other players on the team that have already proven themselves in the Big Leagues.

Gibby I love your fantastically educating comments day after day on this page. Is your sole purpose in life to rip on this team no matter the result?!

1 out of 4 against a second to last place team.

All good news! Glad to see the Angels are stealing bases. Personally I’d love to see more running, sac bunting and hit and running. We can’t always lay up for the long ball. Go Halos!

4-7 in the home stand. That is not even close to be good. Need to get on track at home, if the Angels are going stay in contention

Fire Fat Mike for not allowing Shohei to throw a perfect game.

Every Sunday Ohtani-Sempai stops the bleeding. The bats have gone cold, hopefully they get back on track or else it's another 500 season and no playoffs.

Ohtani is not only the best player in baseball he is very intelligent- anyone else for making him our player/manager and rid of Scioscia ?

God bless him😇😇🙏💝

It's about time -- but a 4-7 home stand is unacceptable.

Ohtani to the rescue!

During Spring Training a newsman asked me how I felt about Ohtani. I said wait until he gets use to MLB. I felt after seeing some of the things he was doing that he would be an asset to the Angels and he has been, he's batting over 300 and is 4 and 1 pitching. Hopefully this will continue through the rest of the year can't wait until Spring Training again to see him Trout.

Fascinating, Mr. Ohtani. A wonderful player every time he plays. Fits right in here in Anaheim. Let’s get after it again on Tuesday🇺🇸

Congrats Sho on your fourth win! Congrats Trout on your amazing runs!! We want more of this! Go Sho! Go Trout! Go Angels!!!

Way to go Angels team!

I like to be optimistic 4/7 is more than half 🤣 but we need the w's

Vaya vaya...hasta qué volvimos a la senda del triunfo mis Angel's!!!!!

Oh happy days! When your team wins it is much, much better. Even the Knight won today.

Nice win

Congrats 🎉

Finally broke the five game losing streak.😁

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19 hours ago

Los Angeles Angels

💲The price was right for the Angels on this SHOwcase Showdown!💲
The Ohtani package included 7.2 IP, 9 K's and a W! #ShoTime


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Congratulations on Ohtani's fourth win of the Major League season.
I hope Ohtani will make 10 wins and 10 home runs this season.

If only we had 3 more of him

Congratulations Angels for winning one game out of a 4 game series. LOL

Chalk this win up to the best player in baseball - Ohtani

Wonderful!!大谷選手4勝目おめでとうございます✨MLBに行ってから最長の7回途中までマウンドに立ったんですね😊嬉しいです!!連敗もストップ✨大谷選手の力投に心打たれました。本当に良かった😆Thank you Sohei Ohtani!! I will continue to believe in you and support you from Japan!!

At least we salvaged 1 win against the Rays. Happy to see this nightmare of a home stand come to an end. Back out on the road.

I love this team but it's time for a change and Mike Scioscia needs to go they need to go a different direction.

Duffy had no chance with that 98 on the corner and that last pitch to Cron... good news with day off tomorrow, Ohtani wont miss a day at yhe plate.
Also how good is Trout, this guy even slumps better than moat people hit...

Ohtani is great ..but Angels needs to fire Mike Scioscia ..the most overrated manager in history of sports ....What has he done for the team lately is the list of managers of champion teams since 2002 and they are no longer with the teams Jack Mckeon (florida 2003) ...Terry Francona Red Sox 2004 and 2007 Ozzie Guillen (2005 white sox) Charlie Manuel (2008 Phillies) Joe Girardi NY 2009 John Farrell Red sox 2013 Ned Yost KC 2015

About freaking time. Great job by Ohtani-sama!

BTW have u seen him hit 🙂 Can’t wait to see him at this year’s All Star home run derby. He’ll likely get picked as a pitcher, then win the home run contest? Amazing.

Congrats Ohtani 4th. Win. Could not believe Mike Scioscia let him pitch 110. Road trip next. Go Angels. 😇

Haha SHOwcase SHOdown, I like it!!!! Congrats, Angels! We need SHO!!!! ❤️😃⚾️

Otani was struggling with his command, and bullpen didn't look so sharp... Lucky TB was today's opponent. Offense did good small baseball. Many challenges are to be fixed but I am happy about the win anyway.

We needed this one badly. Glad we got it!!!

He is really turning out to be the real deal.

Way to go Shohei Ohtani😇

Love the intensity out there and that he only left the bullpen 4 outs to get.

We need to get him on a 5 man rotation mind set so he can pitch more.

I have to call him Otani sama instead of Otani San. Thank you very much. I could spend happy Sunday.

Time for a new win streak!! Way to go #Shotime

Can't seem to play well at home! Glad we got at least 1

We don't need starting pitching. We need to start hitting.

Such an impressive player! Its definitely #ShoTime

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6 days ago


Tune in for our live stream of “Together Forever” fireworks on May 15 beginning at 9:25 p.m. PST!

“Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular” is part of the first-ever Pixar Fest celebration, going on now through September 3 at the Disneyland Resort. ...


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My boyfriend and I just booked our tickets to Disneyland for when we come over in July from Australia!!! This just made me even more excited for us to relive our childhood trips to Disneyland <3

i hope its not like the last time they live streamed something and so many people were on that it didnt play well

I’m so happy you’re showing this! I haven’t been to Disneyland in 4 years, which is a lifetime for me! Haven’t been able to afford it. I get to see it this way! Thanks!

Australia mike and sully- goosebumps watchg- my ex hubby and I took out kids together with adjoining room and it was magical for them and is- treasured memories

Watching live from Maple Ridge BC CANADA....16 days till we will be in the park and can watch this from the foot of the castle!!!! Beyond ready and excited!!! 👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀

I loved this show and so did my little one! But it is so crowded! If you don’t get a spot about an hour and a half or an hour before, you’re probably not gonna get a spot 😩 and

I used to have an annual pass and live only 20 min away. I used to go just to see the fireworks sometimes! It’s a magical place!

I miss the fireworks. I watched them every night when we stayed at a Disney resort! 😊 can't wait to go back!

Disneyland is and will forever be my happy place. No matter how many times I go or see the same thing Its always like the first time!

I hate seeing this I hate everything about Disneyland I’m at dialysis patient that cannot move and you put this on so I could sulk and not watch any of this crap live

Got to see this last month and it was amazing. Nothing beats seeng it in person. Disney magic at it's finest.

I love Disneyland so much!!! I go every year. Fireworks are amazing. Watchn from Vallejo, CA!!! The Bay Area. Would love to meet them ALL....💕🏰

I was just there a week and a half ago and the fireworks did NOT do this but the light show on Main Street was awesome!

I have been twice to Disneyland and twice to Disney World loved them both would love to go back but it’s a long way from Australia 🇦🇺

Downtown Disney is tearing down the ESPN Zone and the Rainforrest Cafe they are closing in a couple of weeks.

I will be going to Disney Land in Paris in October can’t wait, been to California and Walt Disney World

I can see them from my backyard... literally.

Gaby Cebrián Daniela Pérez Laurita Rivera mañana harán transmisión en vivo para together forever el del castillo que no vimos bien. Que sale Coco

This will be gone by the time I go to disneyland again happy they are doing this

Will be there for my bday in a few weeks.

Naüdia Sarah Randy Adam here’s a chance to see what we missed ... it won’t be quite the same as being there, but still ...

Me and my family was there 2 weeks ago and loved it!!! Planning to go back next year!!!! So excited!!!

How can I get a job as a Disneyland report

I asked to be notified of when this happened on Tuesday -_- I just got the notification two days late hahah how??

I’ve seen it 5 nights in a row now once again

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1 week ago


Our last hope for the galaxy. Your chance to meet Rey is here
at Disneyland Resort! #StarWarsIsHere


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Took our daughter to see Rey on Friday.

I wonder if they let you do a selfie with Rey

Me-Ray-Sue you mean. Gee we need some women who are not afraid to look like Gia or Aphrodite back in Disney films.

My girlfriend and I will be there Monday and Tuesday. We’ll be wearing our Star Wars shirts Monday. Hers says “I love you” & mine says “I know”, with Han and Leia’s silhouette.

Madeline Lee I did a double take I totally thought that was you until I realized this is a Disney video 😂

We did, it was cool!

Kristy Dunn josh might be interested in this

Met her, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Chewbacca and Kylo Ren. Just missed Boba Fett.

I totally want to meet Rey on my next visit to Disneyland, one of my favorites Star Wars characters. I really hope she's there for Star Wars meet and greets.

Linda West might be some info here for you

Omg I hope she's still around when we go Ellyse Andrew would LOVE seeing her

Benjamin Taylor I hope Rey will still be there when we go cause we missed Kylo last time 😩

Foreshadow? Is Episode IX called “The Last Hope?”

True princess and warrior and I love you with hugs and kisses sincerely your fan Elizabeth

It was cool meeting her but it was a bit awkward

Met her, charming

I like star wars

Dan Gilmore you really need to go apply to be Luke

Declan take me!!!!
Jess when we go I have to meet her. I love her!

Brody Good let’s go, who needs a house anyways 😂

John Wallstrum so when we go to Disneyland, we’re gonna meet Rey, just prepare yourself now

Payton Brown that’s it.... we are going NOW!!

Ralph your dream come true LOL.

Chad Kostecka please can we go?! So cool

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2 weeks ago


Captain of the First Order and her troops march at a galaxy not so far away. They’re here for a limited time at #Disneyland. #StarWarsIsHere ...


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Saw her yesterday, brought everyone to a stop to watch

Lol when we went to Hollywood studios.

The pictures look very awesome, wish I was celebrating the Star Wars event.

Traffic in Tomorrowland stopped and watched to see her. It was awesome

Saw The March of the First Order last Sunday at Disneyland and felt like I got jipped in that they used probably about half the amount of Storm Troopers that Disney Hollywood Studios does. But its the same show none the less, glad they're doing the show.

DISNEY WORLD PLEASE. My daughter and I would both LOVE to actually meet Phasma.

i always loved disneyland resort it's closer to us

We saw them on Monday! Brought all of Tomorrowland to a standstill! So cool!!!

Gemalene Sunga lets find her sunday!!

I thought this was exclusive for Disney’s Hollywood Studios!!! Saw them last year!!!

I wonder why it states limited time???

Love that song they play as they march. So epic!!

Aira Tesorero OH NOOOO THEY BROUGHT BACK HYPERSPACE MOUNTAIN (the Star Wars version of space mtn) BUT NOT JUNE ;((((

Hi , want to go on holiday in april , is Star Wars land open ? Tx

March of the First Order at Hollywood Studios a Stormtrooper was an inch right in front of me it was awesome

Does she remove her helmet?

I will be waiting for you Star Wars Land!!

Working there to build it

Dana Micheal Saliba remember star wars ! Ade kanat raw3a 😢

How about a Phasma meet and greet??

Frank Carrasco lets all go again

Loved it!

I want a picture with her.

Ryan and Kristina

I want to go! !!

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2 weeks ago


Who’s the Sulley to your Mike? Tag them in the comments, and then come check out the Pixar Play Parade during Pixar Fest! #FriendshipGoal #FriendshipAndBeyond ...


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It’s Mike lol. But he doesn’t want to go because all the cool Pixar Fest merchandise is out. No alien popcorn buckets or cups. No Sully popcorn buckets. No Woody’s boots. So why go.

Judith Tina Jennifer Ann Irene can we do an adults only trip, please! 😝😍 #friendshipgoals

Lauren Morrison I am not friends with Mel on face book but the Disney Pixar Fest is on when they are there . The boys will love it as it is more about all the Disney Pixar characters which her boys grew up with.
Can you tag her... they have special light parade and a special day parade to. Instead of tinker bell flying in front of the castle at night it is Buz!

Annie Naylor You would be my Mike! I’m sure you might disagree but given my options of my besties that leaves you. Although Apryl is a close second. Mollie And I are way too much Sully personalities!

Nikki Baca... babe u got to come at least one time with me this year!! We would have such a time!! Save them tips lol 😘😘

Thank you Disney for honoring Firefighters and all their hard work. We had a great day♡♡♡ Schwartz Family

Audrianna you my Mike! Yes, I get to be Sully. ❤️❤️

Jordan = Sulley, Sam= Mike

Brooke Koutch growing up we were always together

Breliz Robelo could be you but you refuse

Elise Morrison I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have youuuuuu

It was fantastic! We saw it twice. Our first trip to Disneyland as a family. We had such a magical time. Fireworks were fantastic! We loved it all.

Sully= Lexi Rosko Mike= Emily Smith I think you two are gunna get along great lol


Kayla Jenkins I’m def sulley and you’re my mike ❤️

Julez Joseph I think it might be the other way around for us...the Mike to my Sully😘

Tanya M. Losey-Bennett, we will have to add this to our list of friendship goals!

Jennifer're my Mike though.

Andrew Petersen. Only I’m the Sulley to your Mike.

Vicky you didn't file your paperwork Wazowski 💙💚💜

Jennifer Dutra Baleva
Thsts the tshirt

Katrina Humphries. I know who my Mike is!!!💙😂

Faith Dalton I don't know which ones we are but it still works 💞💞💞

Zachary Farmer your the sulley to my mike

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